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1. There is a saying that, if wealth is lost noting is lost, if character is lost something is lost, if health is lost everything is lost so take care of your health.

2. Good food, good job, good sleep can keep man healthy.

3. A person needs 6-8 hrs of sleep a day & must drink at least 6 liters of water per day.

4. Walking at least 2-4 KMS per day in fresh air keeps one healthy, where by deposited fats are utilized.

5. Today’s busy schedules of life makes one restless. So in weekends & holidays go for outing, visit nearby locations, cultivate some good hobbies, entertain yourself & your family. All these activities refresh your mind & body.

6. Get rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking, addiction to tea, coffee. You can't leave all at once, reduce them gradually.

7. Use greens, fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses, in your food. Let they be part of your diet.

8. Do not over eat, nor sleep with empty stomach. 2 healthy meals are sufficient. In the good nutritious food instead of fatty oily foods.

9. Early to bed early to rise is a good policy. When you wake up arise with a new good hope, make a good beginning so that you will have a good day. Before going to bed think of your dear ones, fruitful days or good things. Keep yourself tension free.

10. Drink a glass of lime water without sugar to empty stomach everyday in the morning. It is very good for health which makes to lose excess fats.

11. There are 4 steps to live longer. Four easy steps. Exercise regularly Lowers blood pressure by 10 points in as little as three to four weeks of exercise. - Raises HDL and lowers LDL. - Boosts insulin sensitivity in high risk women as well without weight loss. - Stimulates bone growth. Eat fruits and vegetables - Provides fiber and minerals that help bring down Blood pressure. - Helps lower LDL cholesterol by replacing foods high in saturated fat. - Is linked to higher bone density, possibly due to higher in take of potassium and other nutrients. Lose extra pounds - Lowers BP and reduces the risk of developing hypertension. - Increased HDL while reducing LDL and total cholesterol. - Can reverse pre-diabetes, in some cases with as little as a 5% loss of body weight. Don’t smoke Prevent exposures to smoking’s damaging health effects, such as; - Temporarily increased BP in the body. - Narrowing of blood vessels, this increases the risk of higher heart attacks and strokes. - Increased blood sugar. - Diminished bone mineral density.

12. Do not drink tea or coffee before you go to bed it is ideal to drink a cup of hot milk instead of that.

13. While you feel asleep do not forcibly try to sleep. Hear light music or keep reading good literature.

14. Keep a fixed timing for your sleep daily.

15. Let there be a gap of two hours between your meals and sleep timings.

16. It is very dangerous to cultivate the habit of taking sleeping pills.

17. Loosen your muscles and body by active life style and exercise. By this type of life leading keeps one healthy and can get sound sleep.

18. Continuous use of vehicles is not good. Prefer brisk walk both in the morning and evenings instead of using vehicles for short distances.

19. In summer wear loose and cotton clothes. Drink enough water fruit juices instead of soft drinks. Take more curds, butter milk in your food. Drinking tender coconut water is too good in summer.

20. In summer take bath two times per day. After bath use light fragrance powder to keep yourself free from odour. Those that have oily skin wash face at least 4-5 times a day, with soft soap or Bengal gram flour.

21. Avoid wandering in hot sun if it is compulsory for you to go then use scarf, sunscreen lotions. After returning to homes firstly wash your face and wipe of with a soft towel.

22. If your eyes have burning sensations put 2 drops of rose water in your eyes or soak cotton pads in cucumber juice or rose water and lay them on your eyes, relax for some time. You will get cooling effect.

23. In winter skin becomes dry loses moisture, so daily apply cold cream over night or use moisturizers.

24. Weekly once or 3 days once apply cream (milk top) and massage your face and body, leave for half an hour and take bath which leaves your skin soft and smooth.

25. In winter wear synthetic, warm clothes.

Vastu Content: Check this Northwest Facing House Vastu this link explains how about Northwest facing house and some remedies to come out from the hurdles.

26. If you feel with light symptoms of common cold and cough, in a vessel of boiling water drop 1 Tblsp of Vicks vaporous and inhale that steam for 5 minutes. Do this two times a day you will soon get rid of cold.

27. Adopt any one method for your health purpose such as walking, yogasanas, visiting health club or exercises or go to gym regularly. Through which you can maintain your health, body weight.

28. No one looks good if they are fat. So apply any one of the above for your weight reduction. Fat body weakens general health.

29. Do not try to reduce body weight fast, apply a slow plan with better results.

30. Plan a perfect diet chart which must indulge low caloric and healthy food, reduce stuffed and oily foods, sweets, chats, and non veg.

31. For effective weight reduction take a glass of hot water daily in the morning with a Tablespoon of honey ad half lime to empty stomach.

32. For weight increase do not over eat. Over eating does not increase your weight even if you eat less it should be food of your liking.

33. Eat a seasonal fruit daily at least one as each and every fruit is rich with one or other nutrition, vitamins.

34. House wife or female head of the family should keep a close view on every body’s health in the family. Who ever prepares food should plan the food chart daily perfectly. Daily heavy items should not be prepared and force every one to eat.

35. Those who have the problem of BP, Cholesterol, Thyroid, and Diabetes should take care of their health. They should go for blood test at regular intervals as prescribed by their Physician or concerned doctor. See that the prescribed levels are at normal levels.

36. Go far fasting at least 15 days once or monthly once which gives rest to your digestive system. But during fasting do take fruit juices.

37. Do not sleep more in the after noon’s as the humidity in the noon is not suitable for sleeping it leads to health problems, deposits fats more.

38. One can get relaxed for half an hour after long hours or work, but sleeping for long hours in the afternoon is a bad habit.

39. Too much of TV viewing is also not good, watch TV with a distance of at least 8 to 10 ft difference from eyes.

40. Watch news channels, discovery, educative channels instead of daily serials, vulgar channels.

41. Do take good uses of TV or mobiles or it may be Internet try to draw good uses in stead of missing them.

42. Along with your routine work keeping concentration over your health is also an important fact. Do not neglect your health.

43. Develop good hobbies such as reading, singing, dancing, writing, painting etc., in the field of your interest. Through which you can forget your sorrows and live happily. Hobbies can create miracles in one’s life.

44. Every day prepare a time table in your mind for the work to be done next day by you. So that you need not waste precious time, do not forget ay of your work.

45. Keep a close vigil over your body weight.

46. As elders say good & hygienic food is itself like a medicine. For good digestion consume more cumin seeds & ginger in your diet.

47. Tender coconut water has good medicinal values it is good for loose motions & for general weakness.

48. Those that have the habit of smoking better leave it, if you can’t do at once gradually go on reducing from 1 to half a cigar with regular standard intervals. Reduce the habit day by day.

49. Apply coconut oil at least weekly once to your hairs as nourishment is important for your hair.

50. Early morning’s sun ray’s can provide with vitamin D, so go for walking during that time you can even get fresh air.

This East facing house vastu link has good amount of tips, if there is any fault in East facing homes, we can know about their defects and can able to  find the remedies here.

51. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. They are the assets of the nation. So care your children provide them with all facilities they need. Keep them under your control teach them with good morals & manners.

52. Tell your child a moral story daily. Educate them about great persons & personalities; tell them to cultivate hobbies, games.

53. “An idle mind is a devil’s work shop” never make your kid to lie idle indulge them in one or other activity.

54. Children are always stubborn to take medicines. Do not thrash them harshly instead treat them smoothly win their confidence and then try to give them medicine.

55. For mild headaches, throat infections, cold & cough apply eucalyptus oil to get relief.

56. One should have proper food at the same time go to toilet once daily, to avoid constipation. Breathing exercises practiced daily can keep away constipation.

57. Practice drinking a glass of butter mild daily after your dinner 1 hour before going to bed which improves digestion. Even eating a banana in the night is also good for health.

58. A mixture of powdered cardamom with 2 spoons of honey is good for common cold and cough.

59. Tulasi (Basil) leaves have good medicinal values. A mixture of a spoon of tea and the juice of Tulasi leaf, with a little honey is also good cure for cold.

60. When you have vomiting sensation keep a small bit of rock salt in your mouth and chew it Or keep a piece of betel nut in your mouth. This can be mostly used when you feel so in journeys, especially in ghat sections.

61. T is bad habit to see TV OR eat in lying down position. Also t is not healthy to sleep during day time.

62. Every day in the morning eat 8-10 fresh curry leaves which is very rich in iron it also makes your strong, along with that increases blood formation capacity in the body, also adds to skin’s charm.

63. Daily take a Amla (Indian gooseberry) for leading a long life.

64. Everyone including children must at 2 almonds a day which will helps to strengthen the bones improves memory power in the children, teeth, bones. So to provide carrot mainly.

65. These health hints are copied from www.SubhaVaastu.com website.

65. Vitamin A is very essential for children and elder ones. It is essential for the development of the children, teeth, bones. So to provide carrot mainly.

66. Some house hold remedies for common health problems – your kitchen is good medical shop so search for most remedies in your kitchen.

67. When you suffer from headache apply garlic juice over your forehead or wet ginger juice to the fore head.

68. Drink a cup of warm milk before you go to bed you can add a little honey to it to control headache, do some eye exercises regularly to control headache permanently.

69. To get rid of giddiness drink lemon juice it controls giddiness immediately. Use cumin seeds, pepper, lemon, Fenugreek in your food regularly to keep giddiness.

70. To get relief from joint pain mix castor oil and lemon juice in equal quantity and apply over portion where you have pain.

71. Daily take a table spoon of fenugreek seeds in Luke warm water daily to empty stomach.

72. Oil massages can give relief from joint pains, weekly once massage should be done to give relaxation to the muscles.

73. Prefer green vegetables, reduce oily food eat dry fruits like Badam (almond) dates, dry grapes, prefer soft an d sober food, your food should be rich n proteins and vitamins rather than fats.

74. Whenever you feel toothache, take one clove grind it, make paste, and put it on gums. It will reduce your toothache.

75. Apply clove oil on gums. It relief’s pain. It helps to reduce tooth ache.

We provided some remedies on Southeast facing house vastu

76. Apply pepper paste to the place where you have tooth ache.

77. Use garlic and peeper in your daily food to control cough and cold.

78. To avoid continuous cough keep a clove in your mouth.

79. Make a drink of orange juice and little honey and salt to control cough.

80. When you have continuous irritation in the throat morning and night before you go to bed drink a glass of hot water with ¼ tsp turmeric and little salt to it. Drink it when it hot only by continuing this for two days your throat infection will be gone.

81. To sore throat, gargle with salt water. Keep the throat moist by using a vaporizer and sucking on hard candy or fruit juice ice cubes.

82. To get instant relief from cold, add ½ tsp turmeric powder to a glass of hot milk and drink it.

83. Grind little ginger with 3 pepper corns 2 cloves to fine powder and boil it in water and drink that water for relief from cold.

84. To prevent from chest pain control oily foods and deep fried items, heavy calorie foods don’t neglect this take doctors advice Use ginger and garlic, fenugreek more in your food.

85. Drink hot water to avoid throat pain.

86. Rasam  made of garlic and pepper is very good for relief on throat, South Indian many variety of rasam are very good for many health problems even digestive disorders.

87. For good digestion consume cumin seeds, Mint leaves ginger in your food.

88. When you feel stomach cramps take a table spoon of fenugreek seeds two times a day to control motions.

89. If our food has not bee digested completely and your are feeling uneasy take on table spoon of mustard seeds n water and swallow them.

90. Apple a day keeps the doctor away is the old saying drinking apple juice helps in good digestion.

91. To avoid hyper acidity avid over spicy foods and oily foods, fix a time for intake of food regularly.

92. Consume more cumin seeds, mint leaves and butter milk, bananas, boiled vegetables dates almonds in your diet.

93. Instead of tea and coffee try to drink milk, when you have too much of heart burn a cup of vanilla ice-cream can make relief form heart burn.

94. One tsp of mint juice with equal quantity honey and lemon juice can help in curing indigestion.

95. To avoid fatigue be positive in your thinking always, avoid heavy foods, non-veg. Drink fresh fruit juices.

96. To prevent burning sensation in palms and foot do oil massage to them, sometimes apply butter or oil to them and massage gently which brings softness and cooling sensation.

97. The burning sensation causes due to excess body heat to control over this drink tender coconut water daily that especially in summer.

98. Take cucumber juice mix it with butter milk and drink to reduce heat, drinking only butter milk is good for digestion and controlling body heat.

99. Vomiting is caused due to contamination of food or water as water from body is lost you feels De-hydrated to control this drink fruit juices.

100. Drink only liquids when you have such vomiting sensations you can even add little glucose powder to get instant energy, even lemon juice works.

101. To keep diabetes in control avoid rice increase dhal, wheat, ragi, pulses, vegetables in your diet to get stamina and keep body over control.

102. Daily if you consume 1 table spoon of fenugreek to empty stomach it controls sugar, decreases joint pains, keeps heart problems away.

103. Consume more bitter gourd; greens avoid sugar, sweets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beetroot completely.

104. Jamboo and papaya fruits are very good to those who have diabetes; they can even take 2 slices of apple a day rather than consuming items with sugar or jaggery.

105. Banana is very good for digestion it also helps for those who face problem of piles and indigestion.

106. Cucumber, onions, lemon juice, drumsticks, cumin seeds, buttermilk help for those who face the problem of piles.

107. Avoid those items which increase body heat such as garlic, spicy items, pickles, more chilies.

108. Apply coconut oil when you have pain to the piles area to reduce strain.

109. All the health tips are been for immediate remedy but when your is severe and you are suffering more you must consult your doctor do not neglect any of the health problems, solve them when they are very small don’t allow them to grow up so that you have to suffer later.

110. Doctor is like the god who treats us never shy in disclosing your problems to the doctor without knowing your problem completely the doctor cannot guide or diagnose you clearly.

111. Provide necessary oils to the skin you must massage your body at least week or fifteen days once to get soft skin.

112. Apply lemon juice for your skin weekly once to have healthy skin.

113. To keep skin health good always keep your body clean and tidy, for more tips for beautiful skin see our skin section.

114. If you get any skin allergy or problem consult your skin specialist and get rid of the problem immediately do not allow it to spread.

115. Keep separate soap, towel, combs, and napkins to avoid skin problems as they spread easily. Daily to your bathing water add 2 table spoons of dettol to your water to prevent infections, especially you must be care full with children regarding skin problems.

116. To get good sleep at night try to drink a hot cup of milk, avoid spicy and heavy food during night.

117. Keep a gap of 2 hours at least for sleeping and taking food, do not watch tension scenes, horror movies or completely romantic movies before you go to sleep, even do not read such books, prefer light music and complete silent environment.

118. To control blood pressure keep yourself cool minded and never get excited, keep a balanced diet.

119. Control salt and more chilies in food to control BP, pickles should be avoided

120. When any one faces jaundice they must avoid all kind of spicy, oily, heavy, non vegetarian foods, they must take only light food as prescribed by the physician consume more butter milk and tender coconut water. Simple and balanced food is helpful.

121. Mix turmeric in butter milk and drink to control jaundice.

122. Mash banana and add little honey, lemon juice and mix it properly and have it avoids jaundice.

123. Jamboo fruits are helpful to cure jaundice, prefer liquid diet.

124. Those who are suffering from asthma must daily take a glass of hot water to empty stomach, which keeps their respiration fee.

125. Drumstick and its leaves, spinach leaves, garlic juice, vegetables fresh fruits are all helpful to cure asthma.

126. Many people suffer from urinary problems and burning sensations in urine such people must keep control over the body heat Drink more water.

127. Drink more butter milk, citrus fruit juices, tender coconut water, lemon juice most of the fruit juices water melon, tomato and cucumber and help this problem.

128. Keep yourself hygiene and clean to avoid the urinary track problems, if possible wash the personal parts of the body with a mug of hot water by adding 1 tablespoon of ditto to it.

129. Radish and banana are helpful for the urinary problems.

130. If your get wounds in mouth ulcers chew dry scrapped coconut with poppy seeds daily two times to get rid of them, consume body cooling items, add curds to your diet.

131. To keep a good digestive system keep regular good food habits, with limited quantity which should consist quality, with essential work and exercise to the body.

132. Daily night eating a banana with keep a good digestive system, add cumin seeds, mustard, butter milk, Ajwan, greens, fruits in your diet.

133. Our Indian spices all have good medicinal quantities consumption of such spices in limited quantity in your diet will keep you healthy.

134. After consuming raw onions, garlic bad smell comes from the mouth to avoid it eat a cardamom after the meals.

135. To keep control over eye problems daily eat a carrot, fresh fruits are also good; with regular eye exercises you can maintain eye problems.

136. Daily forcibly wash your eyes with cold water which makes a good exercise to the eyes, with that good sleep of at least 6-8 hours is essential.

137. Some people face many sexual problems to overcome such problems physical fitness and good nervous system matters.

138. To improve sexual power drink a cup of milk mixed with honey, cardamom powder and mixed with honey, cardamom powder and sugar to develop interest.

139. Consumption of radish, drumsticks, garlic, onions, dry fruits all help to overcome the sexual problems, such as early ejaculation, dis interest in sex, low stamina, lack of strength in sperms. Lack of nervous strength leads to such problems.

140. Consumption of sugar cane, honey, fresh fruits, banana, cow ghee, and garlic, green leaves, and tender coconut water improves the quality of the sperms.

141. To get relief from neck pain, back pain hot oil massage works excellently, balanced diet, regular exercise, and minimum work all can keep you far away from such muscular aches.

142. Take dry ginger powder mix equal quantity sugar and ghee mix well and take to empty stomach daily to control (pitta) Excess heat of body leading to giddiness and rashes on the body.

143. Control tea coffee, fridge items, and oily foods during this condition.

144. To control small pimples caused on neck and back in summer and summer wounds after bathing use prickly heat powders, keep yourself clean and tidy more sweat creates such more pimples. Use Neem soap and gram flour to control them.

145. Apply coconut milk or cumin paste mixed with coconut milk to the wounds which will control them.

146. Keep your body cool; consume such products that control body heat.

147. To clear blocked nose put a drop of mustard oil in the nose to clear.

148. For tonsils apply eucalyptus oil or 1 teaspoon of chunna and 1stp of ginger juice on the throat.

149. Ladies suffer from menstrual stomach pain during that time drink Luke warm water with a pinch of Asafoetida in it.

150. When you have a heavy tight stomach and feel uneasy then drink soda or a cup of hot water with little ghee in it, which makes our inconvenience free and sets up the motion.

151. Massage mustard oil to the feet for 5-10 minutes and pour two mugs of water over it will make your feet soft this must be done daily after the bath.

152. Ginger paste applied on the head when you suffer from head ache makes you to relive earlier.

153. Apply sandal wood paste over prickly heat to get relief from them.

154. Press little turmeric powder to the place where you suffer tooth ache to get relief.

155. For burns immediately keep the burnt portion in water and later apply curds or honey over it.

156. For bleeding gums boil some guava leaves in water and gargle that water 3-4 times a day.

157. For good digestion take one teaspoon of ajwain powder mixed with a pinch of black salt added to a glass of dilute butter milk twice a day.

158. To control loose motions and cramps during motions take a table spoon of fenugreek seeds twice a day along with that completely.

159. To get relief from cold take a pinch of black pepper in the night.

160. If you cut your finger in kitchen apply and blood starts flowing press with a pinch of turmeric over the cut for 5 minutes to stop blood.

161. To control heart burn take a balanced diet consisting of salads and lots of vegetables.

162. Take juice of one lemon in a glass of tomato juice mixed with a spoon of honey, twice a day to reduce heart burn.

163. For good digestion chew aniseed (saunf) soaked in lemon juice after every meal.

164. Control drinking tea & coffee drink milk instead of them to control hyper acidity.

165. For controlling head ache take apple with little salt applied over it for one week every morning to empty stomach.

166. To avoid constipation consume at least one apple a day.

167. Tomato juice is good for all liver problems.

168. Beetroot is very good blood purifier it develops hemoglobin in few days consumption of beetroot daily is very good for anemic patients.

169. Cucumber juice improves urine flow and throws out unwanted toxins from the body helps in digestion also.

170. Apple juice taken in the early morning improves appetite and prevents intestinal infections.

171. According to Dr. B.Venkat rao panchatantras for a god health are;

a. Meals twice a day.
b. Daily 8-10 glasses of water.
c. One hour of exercise or yogasana.
d. Prayer for two times a day.
e. Fasting once in a week.

172. Eye care – Eyes are the very important for us we can understand it when you close your eyes and spend 5 minutes. Then you can understand what the importance of eyes is. So take care of the eyes.

173. While reading the books keep the book 1 ½ Feet away from the eyes.

174. Daily throw water to your eyes forcibly it provides good exercise to your eyes.

175. While you work for long hours in reading or with your computer or watch TV for long hours give little bit relaxation to your eyes with simple eye exercises, Daily doing this exercises can keep your eyes in good condition. All you have to do is hold a pencil or pen in hand sit straightly hold the pencil right straight to the eyes stare for 2 minutes, now take the pencil to right hand and turn your eye lids to the right side stare for 2 minutes and continue it with the left, next upwards and downwards this is a complete eye exercise.

176. If your are suffering from eye sight and wearing glasses you must go to the eye specialist at least yearly once and verify your number of the glasses.

177. Eat carrots, fresh vegetables, fruits for good eye vision. At least sleep of 6-7 hours is essential.

178. IN summer season when you suffer from eye irritation drop 2 drops of rose water in the eyes for cooling effect.

179. For tired eyes keep cucumber or potato slices over the eyes and sleep for 10 minutes.

180. Cotton pads soaked in butter milk put over the eyes for 10 minutes helps in cooing the eyes.

181. To remove the dark circles below the eyes rub raw milk leave for 10 minutes and wipe off with moist cotton do this daily.

182. Apply lime juice or honey daily to remove of dark circles, or an almond must be made paste using milk and apply this paste daily below the eyes to remove the dark circles.

183. Use branded mascaras, eyeliners and kajaal for caring your eyes and use the eye shadows suitable to your dress or sari.

184. Those that use lens must be careful about their usage and cleaning according to the instructions.

185. The grace of the eyes can be added only when ladies shape up their Eye brows properly it should neither be thick nor thin and should they should be shaped up properly with an expert in parlor by the threading method.

186. Do not try to pluck the extra hairs under the eye brow with plucker it is a bad habit and even painful the best is to go for threading.

187. Never study or works in darkness please do the work in sufficient lighting as you might be spoiling your eyes.

188. Never view solar eclipse with direct eyes, when your wander to dust and sun you must wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

189. For the good growth of eyebrow thickness apply olive oil daily over the eyebrows.

190. For efficient working of the nerves of the eyes lightly massage with our thumb first around the eyes and below the eyes and next massage with little finger it provides good exercise to the eyes

Stay Tuned for more hints . . . we are planning to introduce almost above 1000 health hints. Shortly you may browse from here. Have a Great Time.

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The main entrance is considered the "mouth of a body" where energy enters your home. According to Vastu, having a bright and welcoming entrance attracts good fortune, health, and prosperity. You can enhance this area by placing a beautiful nameplate, using bright lights, and incorporating green plants near the entrance. This not only makes the entrance more appealing but also supports the flow of positive energy into your home.The front door should be free from dust. If you notice any dust on it, please clean it right away. This entrance is like a welcoming door for Goddess Lakshmi. For More Daily Vastu Tips : Daily Vastu Tips

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