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Site Selection For Constructing a Factory or Industry as per Vastu

Factory Site section Tips

Site selection to factoryWould have to take into consideration several factors depending on the size of the enterprise. It is best to remember that an industry is a conglomeration of many individual houses.

For the employees working there would depend for their livelihood on this establishment. To save all the investments of the management and employees life the site has to be selected sensibly.

Care has to be taken when dealing with site selection, this is the most important in procuring good results from that structure. Once the site was selected then plan to construct a factory building with proper guidance from an Expert vastu specialist. As such examine the following carefully before finalizing the site.

1. Topography

Ensure that the site would not be inundated during the rainy season for several industries have come to grief on this account. The place so selected should be at a fairly higher level so that no stormwater or nearby river lets would overflow on to this site.

This observation is important. The level of the proposed site should be such that it is far above the highest flood level recorded in the past 70 to 80 years for with the changing climatic conditions there may be heavier rains causing greater damage.

The surface levels should be uniform and gradually raising so that flash floods could be handled effectively. Ensure that within the chooser area there are no ditches which may attract a large amount of subsoil waters during flood seasons thus spoiling the plan.

The topography of the site should be such that the highest features of the surface of the soil should be towards South, Southwest and West directions and lowest surface levels should be towards North, Northeast and East levels.

Within the proposed site there may not be any significant ditches which may attract subsoil water. During the site examination don't forget to take competent technical personnel for soil investigation and examination etc and a expert vastu consultant to advise you even in the beginning itself.

This will avoid future complications. As we advise elsewhere let a Vastu expert be involved from the very beginning itself.

If the site is not considered from the Vaasthu point of view the possibility of enterprise facing unforeseen troubles is far greater leading to even premature closure of the same for unknown reasons.

We say the reasons are unknown because the paucity of funds when required though attributed to external factors, is indeed the result of poor Vasthu compliance.

The fund insufficiency is generally attributed to debt installments is not adhered to, thus leading to the liabilities increased in the balance sheet to the extent that the extent the liabilities increase beyond the assets of the factory leading to even insolvency. A simple Vaastu compliance would have saved you from this situation.

2. Communication and Accessibility

Study the available means of communication to reach the site. At this stage, the following questions should be answered.

a. Is there proper road connectivity meeting your requirements.

b. Is the railhead easily accessible? For the inaccessibility of a railway station would cause difficulties in getting the raw materials to the site as also outgoing finished goods traffic. The rail head is an essential feature for the personal too.

c. Availability of water as per your requirement. It is quite possible that naturally available quantum of water is not adequate and you may have to go for bore wells.

The quantity of water that can be pumped up by the bore wells should also be evaluated before the site is confirmed for industry development. Examine the quality of water and its suitability both for industrial and domestic consumption.

d. What are the facilities available for wastewater disposal? Bulk of the wastewater may be reused after treatment and yet quite a large quantity would have to be disposed of. There should be a suitable drainage system to take this extra load. We have seen industries suffering for want of suitable drainage in the area resulting in water logging for most of the time.

If the drainage is not properly conceived even in the beginning the land so chosen would become muddy and slushy thus preventing natural drainage. The possibility of water table raising thus causing dampness and wetness to the industrial structures would make the industry sick.

e. Convenient accessibility to raw materials, intermediates, consumables, special economic zones, etc is important to observe. While all of these things can be ordered and delivered at site easy accessibility of these markets would help reduce your hunting the same.

Supply chain management is far easier if these are already taken into account. These days there are dedicated special economic zones. If your requirement of inputs is predominantly meant from such sources ensure easy connectivity to these areas.

f. Availability of uninterrupted power supply (Electricity Supply) and water etc. This needs no explanation.

We are aware that you already know these above points. Use this as a checklist for you to tick off even in the beginning.

Selecting a Site For Factory Construction

Site selection for constructing a Factory / Industry: Having considered all the points indicated above the actual site selection would depend on Vastu comparability of the site. Kindly be advised that merely technical acceptability or mere vastu acceptability would be sufficient for you. Both these aspects have to be factored together in finalizing the site.

Technical consideration for vastu compliance:

1. The area selected should be a regular shape such as rectangular or square. Other shapes such as semi-circular, triangular, trapezium ( For more info on these shapes of sites please check this vastu for sites link) sites are not acceptable.

2. Ensure that West, Southwest, and South of the site is at a higher level than the rest of the plot.

3. See that main entrance to the site is possible from the exalted points alone.

4. It is needless to emphasize that bore well ground level water tanks water bodies etc are towards North, Northeast and East directions only.

5. Any heavy trees should only be towards South, Southwest, and West, if such heavy trees are towards North, Northeast, and East most of the ignorant Vastu Shastra consultants would advise you to cut the trees.

This is not a sound solution, because trees are organic entities and snuffing life out of them is like killing life. The right solution is to plant more shade-giving trees towards South, Southwest, and West. This compensates presence of trees towards North, Northeast and East.

The greater the number of trees, greater is harmony in the plant. The greener the area the greater is the prosperity. For green in its various shades such as dark green, olive green, lime green, light green, etc is an auspicious omen to an enterprise.

6. The industry would be needing a large quantum of water. Mere bore wells may be adequate. Check supply of water from nearby lakes, rivers, water bodies, etc on a continuous basis. Such water bodies towards East, Northeast or North directions.

If North you may have to create an artificial receptacle for large quantum of water at the Northeast of your site and draw your requirement from there.

7. The entrepreneur must understand that an industry is a conglomerate of several houses. Symbolic location of high ranges towards South, Southwest and West and water bodies towards North, Northeast, and East is not adequate.

In deed the water bodies should be large enough to accommodate the needs of all the industry. The higher or larger the industrial enterprise in terms of space occupation, the greater should be the source of water for the same.

Many vastu consultants advise that construction of properties having river or lakes towards North or East direction is a prosperous site. Indeed it is true, however, if the construction is very small the prosperity will be insignificant.

The greater the construction the higher will be the prosperity. Having said this as an industry is a large entity a large water body towards East, Northeast or North is essential for the prosperous substance of the industry.

8. If however, you get a plot confirming to the following geometry don't hesitate to invest in that immediately.

9. Many times it so happens that after the start of the construction of the factory or while the factory is running there are opportunities to acquire additional land.

Many people advise you to acquire extra area towards East, North, and Northeast. Kindly understand principles of vastu applications are confined to a geographic entity. When you acquire additional land the geography of the plot changes consequently your practical application of vastu principles would undergo a change. We explain the phenomenon by a simple sketch.

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Factory Northeast Street focusObserve in "A" the sketch that there is a Northern Northeast Street Thrust, excellent phenomena. Gate is at Northeast-north another good feature. Bore well is in Northeast, also a good feature. Generally this is a standard feature.

East extension to factoryBy extending the factory towards East abnormally at a later date the total geography or the face of the plot got changed. What was a benevolent NNE street thrust has became adverse Northern Northwest Street Thrust. Bore which was NNE area has now come into NNW area another malevolent effect. The gate which was benevolent in NNE (North Northeast) has come to NNW (North Northwest) and malevolent. The complete factory is in Southwest direction.

Many people say it is good. INFACT IT IS NOT. Bulk of the movements of the factory occurring in the Southwest direction of the plot is giving its evil effects. many people failed to recognize this. Here we have shown with dotted lines the exact middle portion of the entire compound premises.

It is best to understand that vastu principles are applied to a site when the shape of the site changes the advice would accordingly undergo modification.

Some points are explained in the above two sketches. There are several more points and an exhaustive and comprehensive explanation would be out of place at this point for the change of face of the site on acquisition of land on all other sides and situations would have to be evaluated specific to the area alone. It is here that the role of vastu consultant comes into play.

Exceptions: We have stated above plots should be square or rectangular in shape. However there are a few exceptions. The following are the exceptions shown where such sites are acceptable. In addition to this we have shown some type of sites which are NOT acceptable. This is not an exhaustive treatise always consultant a vastu consultant.

NorthNortheast extension factoryIn this site there are five corners as opposed to standard four corners only. North northeast is extended. This is a very good and acceptable site. NNE extension bestows greater prosperity.

East Northeast extended industry siteHere East Northeast is extended this is also equally good and acceptable. Infact such extensions if available are extremely beneficial.

Trapezium siteThis is a trapezium site where East and West directions are parallel, North is extended. This site has got great potential and then acceptable. In this plot the North line has shifted towards North itself thus causing Northeast extension.

Some people say cross extension plots are not good, but it is an exception.

East cross extension to a factoryThis plot is similar to the above except that East line is shifted more towards East equally acceptable.

North and East cross extension sitesThis is another site where no two sides are parallel. East side and North side both are extended towards Northeast. This is an excellent plot in every way. If such properties are available for you, don't loose them for they are precious.

Avoid the following irregularities in any direction :

round corner plotHere all corners are rounded, not acceptable. However an expert vastu consultant can advice you suitably. As this plot is liable for correction.

Northeast cut factory sitesThis plot is definitely not acceptable as Northeast is cut off. If you are prepared to forgo sum area this plot also can be made acceptable.

round shaped sitesIn no case such plots are advisable. Exceptions are for utilitarian requirements such as Parks, road circles etc. Such places are not meant for factories. It is near impossible to make them vastu compliant for industries or factories.

It is not possible to exhaustively explain acceptability or otherwise of the plots/sites for industries and factories etc. For more information go through this link Vastu for Sites

Street Focus or Road Thrust: One of the discoveries in vastu and significant one at that is street focuses or road thrusts. Typical street focuses are shown in the following sketch.

Road thrust on the plotThis is a factory site where road is striking the plot on East Southeast side. This is called Eastern Southeast Street Thrust or road focus. A road thrust like this gives very adverse results in the factory administration. Some of the situations that may arise would be leading to financial problems. In addition incompatibility in the higher echelons of the organization are possible. Accidents in particular fire or electrical cannot be ruled out. It is quite possible that important decisions taken in the organization would often go wrong and against the interest of the factory.

Constant administrative problems leading to strikes, layoffs are possible.

For comprehensive discussion visit this Street Focus Link.

East Northeast road focus on the plotIn this image the street is striking from East Northeast side of the site. This type of street focus is one of the more benign incidents and it is called as Eastern Northeast Street Focus. If there is such a street focus there is every possibility that everything that is good is achieved with least worry. There will be name and fame for the products of the company and growth of the same both horizontally and vertically is indicated. This may be one of the ideal sites for industry or a factory.

As told in vastu the street focuses are varied and many. Some are benign and some are malign. These road thrusts would have to be taken into consideration while selecting a site. If the site is very large an expert vastu consultant can even create a suitable environment to occur for a benign street thrust thus aiding the prosperity of the enterprise.

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