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Vastu for Industry :

Vastu for Industry : If the factory is facing some serious troubles then think once about bad street focuses, generally the bad street focuses spoils factory life. For example if one factory is facing troubles with Government new policies or Government employees or troubles faced by Goondas, hooligans, rowdies, political leaders then there might be one bad street focus may hit the factory i.e., Agneya (Southeast) Street Focus, if Agneya street focus hits one factory, then

Vastu for Industry

there might be bad troubles occurs, and head burnt problems should be faced, and there may be possibility of fire problems, thefts, sudden accidents may be happens in factory premises, accidents means not only road accidents, labor strikes, power shocks or machinery accidents, not only Agneya (Southeast) street focus, but there may be some other serious vaasthu defects may burnt the owners stability. This is only for your kind information. If lockout may also happens when bad road thrusts are hitting the factory or industry premises. Temporary work stoppage or denial of employment during a labor dispute initiated by the management of a company, all these comes under accidents, sudden or surprise happenings.

If a factory or Industry is according to the rules of Vaastu then the factory makes good developments and achieves fame and profits. If a factory or industry is not according to the rules of vaastu, then the factory closes down or comes down to the level of closure due to financial crises or any such reason. Hence before constructing a factory or an Industry it is necessary to make sure it is according to the rules of vastu. If the industry has a sheet roof or any other kind of roof, then it should be slanting from the West to East or from South to North. All the rainwater and used water of the industry should go out either from the East, North or from the North-East (Ishan corner).

Industries should be in such a manner that the production should increase and so the movement of finished goods. If they violate the principles of vastu, that can lead to less production, no sale, problem with labour or any hazardous risk. Vastu for factory, industry, factories,industries are not for the profit, but these will give bread to so many families.

Some Tips For The Factories:

  1. The Southern and Western compound walls are built higher and thicker than the Eastern wall or the Eastern compound wall. More space is left towards the North and the East than towards the South and West. The space left towards the South and West is higher than the space left towards the North and East.
  2. The underground water storage (sump) is in the North-East in North.
  3. Most of the major construction should take place in the southwest portion of the plot.
  4. The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level.
  5. There should be more of open space on the northern and eastern sides.
  6. The ideal place for storing the raw material lies in the western portion and for the finished goods, the apt place is the one lying on the northwest side.
  7. The directions recommended for the placement of doors are: northeast or east or northwest.
  8. If you wish to maintain a nice lawn, then north and east portions of the plot are appropriate.
  9. The ideal location for constructing administrative area is northwest or southeast side.
  10. For staff quarters, the right place is the one lying in southeast or northwest zone.
  11. Proper location of the industry regarding roads.
  12. The location of the beams
  13. The location of the basement
  14. The direction of the Entrance
  15. The direction & placement of the windows
  16. The direction & placement of the heavy machines

We are working on these links, at any time these links will dump with tons of factories content. As per our promise we have completed these Street Focus links.

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