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Vastu Effects
Vastu Effects, Defects or Dosh and some Solutions -


Vastu Shastra Effects : makes no distinction. It is universal as the rays of the Sun. It is popularly promised. Just as the shadow follows the individual, so also Vasthu results shadows the construction. In some cases, there is quick effect; in some others, delayed effect. Much depends on environment. It is just like air, though not visible, its existence cannot be similarly works, in the case of Vaasthu also same will be happen. It is the influence of Vaasthu is all pervading, more so on the dwellers. Here we will discuss about issues and parihara or savarana or remedies.

Vastu Shastra Effects

Vaasthu is consultant doctor for all the construction business.Many people of this kind had not following the vastu advice of right person. Because of that there was much criticism of vastu. We can have incredible benefits, if you follow a right vastu expert. Apart from earning crores of rupees in this matter, the house holders can obtain peace of life. From the very beginning we have been in touch with so called rich people & noticed lack of peace of mind, so the importance of peace of mind is unlimited. The influence of vastu is no doubt the peace of mind for the house holders. Those who are suffering from in health, wealth, debts, quarrels, court cases, property loss, misunderstandings, facing troubles at family life, disputes, frustration and tension and they look forward towards peace. The people who have frustration & negative outlook will crave for present vastu…… The ultimate answer is vastu. Those who follow “vastu” on basis of construction will attain their desired goals & perfect happiness. The detrimental effects or evils of vaastu takes place increasing of new debts, in addition to the old ones, lifelong debts, depression, suicide, attempting suicide, tensions, mental depression, unnecessary quarrels, differences between wife and husband, no development in children education, determination of health conditions so and so forth. Unhealthy among children, loss of child or curse of child of born the child will be handicapped, diseases, improper business, loss of interest on the capital amount, lack of mental peace of mind, partners misunderstandings, deadly diseases, ill-health, cancer, AIDS, paralysis, heart-diseases, blood less problems , fear- complex, becoming sanyasis ( Rushis ), mentally retorted, tasking law in to one’s own hands, committing faults, craving for sensual desires, unnecessary quarrels among wife and husbands, suspicious, angry moods, unnecessary quarrels among the family members and with outsiders, hatred, plan to kill each other. Thefts, fire complex, sudden accidents, skin diseases, unemployment, not having good opportunities to serve in foreign countries etc.

With regard to daughters : Love affairs, finally back to the mother houses as a result burden to the parents. Problems at mother-in-law houses & squeezing parent’s in terms of money & other things. All these happening may be set right with vaastu shastra. Believe or not, those things happened in my experience cannot be expressed totally. The immoral happening can’t be expressed in writing. But following vaastu can easily replace in positively in future with hesitation. The "vaastu" it is god’s gifted science, is really expressing our thanks to the Almighty for replacing faults. We also thankful to the learned scholars in vastu for giving remedies. Let this stream of vasthu will be helpful to the forth coming generations to lead peaceful life. Whether you believe or not vasthu stands for construction of houses to live happy life this is our intense & desire.

Many are still trying to get one information, "is vastu works or not" for them, this is a simple example to prove many things. In this compound wall, there are only two houses, 1 and 2. The main entrance for the compound wall is exactly center of the boundary wall. Many vastu consultants now accepting that Northeast doors are good, for both houses Northeast doors are fixed. Unfortunately the main entrance door came towards Center of the boundary wall. 1 house residents enjoy the life, on the same way 2 house residents looses many things including peace. Why. Wrong placement of door influences many negative energies to the 2 number house. Here we are not discussing about the surroundings, we are only discussing about inside the compound wall premises area. The simple correction for this problem is make the compound wall entrance door should go to the Northeast exactly opposite to the main door of 2 number house. Both frames of South should come under one line. Then 2 no house residents enjoy line.

Vaastu Shastra Effects and solutions

If the property was investigated by a best vastu consultant then most of the problems may come solve. If you are happy with your property, there is no need to show your property with any vastu expert. If you are feeling inconvenience and facing any kind of troubles in your life continuously then there is a need to show your property with expert vaastu shastra consultant. Have you observed the above image, without knowledge the number 2 house residents may be feel inconvenience with their positions/situations. Please note that TIME is important here, if the residents were resides there only for 6 months or one year, we should not say that they are in troubles, the inhabitants should be there atleast more than one year and to know the full effects of the house we can easily assess when they were resides there for atleast more than three years. Then we can easily evaluate their position in this house. In the above image both houses seems to be same, only the difference is main entrance gate to the compound wall. No: 2 owners may feel troubles in the future, No : 1 house owners enjoys good life.

Some says that vastu never works, for them here is an example, if one family resides in this house more than 3 years then they will tell every thing about their experiences in that house whether they faced good or bad results. Here the house was constructed exactly on Northeast corner and main entrance gate is towards Southwest-south and a Water well is towards Southwest part. Now check the residents position in this house. For your kind information check the below image. Now compare the results of both properties.

Southwest Water well

Now observe the below image :

Almost same qualities as said above, but changes the directions of each part of the property, now the house came towards Southwest part and Water well came towards Northeast-east, main entrance gate came towards Northeast-east. Now check the above house and this house results. If a resident lives here for more than 3 years, he enjoys the life with peace and prosperity. In the above house they felt lots of troubles. This is the effects of vastu shastra. Changes in construction may changes one's life.

Northeast water source

Now observe this image :

Here one house is having North road, northeast is truncated for this property. On the same way Northwest was increased. This house owners faces lots of troubles. Now check the below image.

Northeast cut

Now check this below image :

This is North road property. Here the house is having northeast extension. Check this house results and the above house results, this house residents will enjoy the life, the above owners will get troubles. This is the effects of Vastu shastra.

Northeast cut

Now observe this image :

This is having Northeast street focus, (please click this link for street focuses ), this orients good results to the house inhabitants. Now observe the below image.

Northeast street focus and effects

Now observe this image :

This road is hitting from Southwest to the house, in the above image a road is hitting to the corner of the house, in this image also road hitting one corner of the house, but here the residents got bitter results, that is the effects of vastu shastra, we discussed many things in next pages, click the learn more links or left side menu.

Southwest street focus and its effects

Now observe this image :

Observe the position of the residents of this house and below house. This house is having extension towards Northeast corner. This is good.

Northeast extension

Now observe this image :

Observe the position of the residents in this house, this house is having Southeast extension. This is not good.

southeast extension

There are lots of differences in houses either shape, construction, style, shape, road formation, street effects, street focus effects, up and downs, water bodies, mountains, surroundings effects etc. We cannot say all the houses giving same results to the inhabitants. Different houses and different results. Before buying a plot or constructing a house, its better to approach one expert vastu consultant and obtain his guidance and then only decide to buy or start the construction.

Wait 10 seconds here to see the changes in this image.

House placement in the compound wall is too important, that many people forget and construct their houses where they require to do. This is the key point to select the right place for construction. You may observe the results of whom they are presently living in the wrong house placements. Now observe one by one.

1. The compound wall area. 2. The house was constructed at Southeast corner of the compound wall, this is bad. 3. House is towards Northwest its wrong. 4. House is towards Northeast corner, this is utterly failure. 5. House came towards Southwest corner, this is auspicious placement. Take right decision and Plan the placement and enjoy peace and happiness in your dream house.

House Placement in a Compound wall

Some body is going to super market and purchasing some items, when they taken one item, first they will check the company / brand name and manufacturing date, expiry date, how to use that item, price etc and later they will enquire with co-buyers or shop keeper, very good, this is right method, please think now, for a small item you are maintaining such standards and concentrating interest. Why you are not giving weight when you are selecting the site, you are living there for 100 years. Simply buying it with one quacks help, what it mean ?. Please develop good knowledge in vastu shastra and careful when buying the properties, first check with one expert vastu consultant nearby you and take him to that site and get his recommendations. Without experts advise don't buy the land. Your decision may rewrite your loving kids fortune. Becareful.

Please check what will happens when a door is towards Southwest of a property. Don't select such type properties. Generally corner door properties are not auspicious. Recently we observed one house at New Delhi, which was recommended by one local vastu pandit, after joining in this house the residents lost their money and lost complete health and particularly they lost confidence, all happens only within one year. Do you know the cost of the property, entire property cost, with modifications, painting work, fixtures comes to above 5 crores of rupees. Unfortunately they approached one half knowledge vastu pandit and lost entire their savings and health. If they approached one expert in this field, what did they earn or lost. Why people are so curious and serious on vastu consultancy fee. Why residents are so interested to search only for a cheap vastu consultancy services provided by half knowledge persons, its only because of living in present erratic vastu constructions, no intelligent resident never approach quacks, they always looks only for an expert. That is why some stands as a leader in the society, some become looser with their wrong decisions.

Southwest Door

By getting knowledge from vastu books and vastu websites, some residents are eager to take decisions their own and loosing their hard earned money. Its their fate. Once you want to buy one item, you are looking for the brand/company/standard on the same way try to approach only one Best vastu consultant, this decision may bless you and your kids with lots of happiness in the future. Thanks a lot to Kushal sir, for his permission to publish his experience with half knowledge vastu person.

What happens if one property is hitting by road from Southwest corner and it touches the house towards Southwest-south part. Just observe your nearby houses and note the results. This is bad one.

Southwest Street focus to house

Street focus properties should be selected only with the help of one expert vastu consultant. Don't take any decision without experts advise. Experts save your life, money, hardship, progeny.

Observe the position of this property owners/residents. This is Northwest-north extending property. This is not good property, require alterations to this property.

Northwest-north extension

Observe another house :

This is southeast extension house having two roads, one may said to be East road and another may said to be South road, exactly these roads are not called like that, but for our understanding purpose we are calling like so. This house is having corner extension towards Southeast, this is not good property. You may observe the results of such properties nearby you.

Southeast extension plot

There are many properties surrounded by our property, observe one by one, we may note some important points. In India, we may get the results of such properties, but in other countries we cannot get the data of facts.

In this image, find the staircase towards Northeast corner, this is not good one. Becareful when going to buy the properties. You may observe what happens in this house.

Please note that time is too important for vastu results, one has occupied this house for only two months, he may not get any bad results, on the same way if that person was been in this house for more than one year, or two years, then he understand the negative results of the house.

Northeast staircase

If a property does not have good vastu, residents may felt bad health, financial crisis, enemity, instability etc. Live only in a vastu live property and enjoy your life.

Observe what happens to the main house residents position. We should not construct any thing towards Northeast, it is nothing but Northeast close. Separate structures towards Northeast is dangerous.

Don't forget about the time frame for results.

Northeast blockage

Observe this placement of Bed :

Now the bed is towards Southwest part of the house, and resident is using this bed. This is the perfect placement of bed at house. Now check the below image.

Southwest bedroom

Check this placement of bed :

Here bed is towards Northeast of the house, check what happens to the resident having sleep at this point.

Please note that we are discussing about elder/bread winner/ parents of the family only, we are not discussing about others occupying this bedroom or bed towards Northeast.

We may easily observe the changes in our life, health and many other things when we occupy Southwest part in the house and Northeast. That is vastu.

Northeast bedroom

Observe one street focus on a property :

You may observe the virtues and vices of some street focuses. Here one property is having Northwest street focus, you may observe the results, and compare the results of the below house, then you may understand the effects of the vastu shastra.

Street focus on a property

If you may find both above two houses nearby you, please observe the results of the both houses. The above Northwest focus residents/firm may not enjoy their life. But this Northeast street focus residents will enjoy their life and can achieve their goals without pains. These simple examples are more enough to understand the vastu power.

Northeast street focus

Observe the below images :

This house is very near to the West boundary, and it has more open space towards East direction at compound premises. This gives pleasant atmosphere to the residents. Observe these houses and below homes for the vastu effects.

West house

This house occupied East direction, due to this West has more open space in the compound premises, it may create many issues. You may observe the same at many places. Already we told that time is important, that means, how many years the residents were lived in the property is important for example, if any body came and occupied this house for only 1 month, it may not be possible to say that they were victims or not.

East constructed home

Observe the three roads property here :

You may just observe the three roads here, East, South and West roads. There is no North road for this house. Now you may pleased to observe the below image for more clarification and what exactly our meaning here is.

three roads

Now this house is having three roads i.e., East, North and West roads. You may just observe the results of the both houses. This is auspicious house and the above one is not like that.

Combination of North and East blesses with success and coordination of South and West may not have such power to bless with positive relation.

3 roads house

Now some directional difference in the below images :

Here also house is having 3 roads i.e., North, West and South roads, we may not expect good results in this property, in some cases if there is vacant space is observed towards East direction then bad results may be gradually down or this house may have supports with good luck. Even if the house is male sight and more open sight towards East direction the same said some previous phenomenon may be observed.

North west and south roads

Here this house is also having three roads i.e., North, East and South directional roads. This house may blesses the inhabitants. This is said to be the good house.

If the residents planned to built a good vastu home here, they will be blessed with excellent results. That is why we urge every body to show your properties only with experts.

north east and south roads

Now check this swimming pool placement :

This content is particularly not written for other countries like USA, UK, Australia. Discussion on this present swimming pool placement is in Indian land only.

Southwest swimming pool may be not providing good results to the residents. Becareful when you are planning to construct swimming pool towards Southwest, South or West parts.

Southwest swimming pool

Now observe the swimming pool towards Northeast, this is auspicious, even North and East swimming pools also providing good results to the residents.

By seeing both images you may check the results and decide whether vastu is working or not. Vastu Shastra is a science which works at every where (according to law of spreading some changes observed in other countries and some rules are different based on the constructions there)

Northeast swimming pool

Perfect planning always makes people successful. Be a leader, vaasthu shastra helps you to save your life, money, chances, security, job, progeny etc. Don't blame vaastu shastra, vasthu always works, results depends only on your selection of vaastu consultant and alterations done by you as per recommended by the expert pandit.

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Construction of pial are good at house or not ?

My friend wants to buy a factory which have Southwest Street Focus, is it good idea ?

My brother just register a property which have Southwest West Road shula, is it good ?

My brother find a property which have Northwest-north Street focus, can he join that house ?

Some vastu experts says that West Street Focus homes are not good, require help to understand ?

Is Northwest Street Focus house is good to buy, where can I get good information on this subject ?

We just find a factory plot which have Northwest-west Street focus, can we buy it ?

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Rental home no proper tenon , remedy
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between eeshanya & agneya we have a balcony door to that door street focus is there is it beneficial.that door is slightly towards agneya itself.
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sir please tell me the effect if house has 3 side road .
in north east and south...
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Sir my new home completed but in my home South-West Corner cut with staircase & Staircase Door in South-west South Side
Please Help me & How can I Slove This Problem
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I want expert adv on the placement of objects in the house. can You adv
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Road is hitting from Southwest to the house,But there is a empty plot betwwen my appt and road,will it consider as road hitting.
+5 #1 Vasthu.Balaji 2014-02-08 18:52
Sir i am planning to buy a plot of 70ftx50ft with 2 sides road-east facing road of 30 width and south facing 40ft width road & towards north east corner at east,one road of 30ft wide is hitting (veedhi shoola) that is at the east face of the plot there is a road parallel and perpendicular 30ft road at northeast corner hitting at east face &out of 50ft lenght of the plot 30ft is hit by road i.e.more than 50% of the length. Request for ur comments. Thanking u

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