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Surrounding, Neighborhood or Environmental Vastu

Surrounding Vastu or Neighborhood Vaastu Environmental Vasthu or Outside Vaasthu : -

Surroundings Vastu Shastra : Its very hard to meet this subject but you are well aware that we are always facing challenges with all your wishes and blessings. Thank you for your heartful patronage in helping this free concept vastu website. Vaastu is a name given to a balanced proportion of Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth for human beings. So vastu and environment are closely related or almost one and same, they cannot be separated from each another.

Surroundings Vastu Shastra

If a property vasthu based on these five elements (Panchabhoothas) is correctly balanced, the atmosphere will also be in a correct shape. If that balance is wrong, environment too cannot remain unaffected. Hence one should first try to understand what is vaasthu and environment power on its surroundings. After that only one will have develop knowledge on surroundings of one property. In this section we discuss several points.

The influence of external surroundings over construction can best be called as neighborhood vaastu.

This is not yet another science. This is a part and parcel of the same subject. There is a great importance attached to neighborhood vasthu. At times even when construction is fully vastu compliant if neighborhood vastu is malevolent the results may not be positive. In several cases I have observed the malevolent effects of neighborhood vastu on houses otherwise vaasthu compliant.

The influence of the external surroundings beyond one’s compound wall can be called as neighbourhood vastu shastra. In a word every place has a vaastu influence on the neighboring areas. In case neighborhood vastu is malevolent and our home is also not vasthu compliant the evil effects take rather far less time to show up. In case, however, when the neighborhood vaasthu is malevolent and our house is fully vastu compliant it may even be possible that the house would withstand or even prevent the malevolent effects for a longer period. At times it is possible to overcome them also.

Before we proceed further let us dwell a while on the basic five elements. The combined effect of the amalgam of all these five elements in appropriate measure is vastu and neighborhood vastu shastra.

If both neighborhood and our own construction are vaastu compliant it could as well be a great fortune. It is for this reason a vasthu scholar should take a holistic view of the picture. Neglecting the neighbourhood vastu may as well lead to disaster. For clear study of neighbourhood day time is the best period. For this reason Vaasthu is best studied during day time only. I relate in this regard an experience of mine that took place in Kurnool.

I studied a house in Kurnool district some time ago to be precise on first of December 2005, the house had Northwest Street thrust. The resident was living in the house for two years. After studying the house fully, I recommended him to change the residence immediately, if possible even on the same day. He was stunned, it is believed some vastu consultant has stated that the house was fully vastu compliant and thus was surprised hearing me say otherwise. As the home was rented one the land lord would not agree for any changes. Not withstanding this I made my firm recommendation and left the premises. The resident was fuming on my statement. On 17th December of same year an incidence had happened. The elder brother (whose house had southeast street thrust) of the above person as also southwest defect was murdered. As ill luck would have it the case fell on the younger brother having Northwest Street thrust whose house I visited. He had to undergo jail term for four months incur huge losses in his enterprise etc. No doubt this has enhanced my status but alas! At what cost.

1. Streets

2. Street Focus

3. Neighborhood Up and downs

4. Vacant places and their effects

5. Sumps

6. Mountains or hilly areas

7. Apartments and their effects to our living property

8. Canals, water ponds etc.

9. Storage tanks etc

10. Properties in between skyscrapers

11. Adjoining vacant property to our property

12. Cellphone Towers and Electric polls.

13. Directional Effects

14. Political Leaders, rowdies, Hooligans and their influences on our property.

15. Encroachments.

16. Water Flow directions.

17. Shadows of Temples and bigger constructions on our properties.

Service to human being is nothing but Service to God. Sarve Jana Sukhinobavanthu.

Work is going this page, you will get more information on this page very soon.

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Reviews on our Vasthu Shastra Website :

I am Ramesh, belongs to Hanvada Village in Mahabubnagar Dist, we bought a old house in the year 2001 which was north side of our house, after we bought that house we faced a lot of problems... my brother left home, my father felt sick finally he got paralysis, we faced drastic and miserable issues, infact we were unable to buy medicines for my father on those days, there was no one to help us, we are almost orphans in that area, economical conditions totally dried, the final stage of my sorrow days are, we did not have money to buy grains for daily consuming food in my home. We bought that house from an Brahmin Family, after completion of the consideration and when we joined the property, most of the villagers said like, there is some devil in that house and it creates all these miserable things to my family. One day I met with one of my friend Mr.Sailu, (who is having good interaction with Suresh Garu), he told me about vasthu, after he visited my house, he suggests me that it is better to call Suresh garu to find a solution to solve all of my problems, after getting recommendations from Suresh garu, according to that we can get resolve all these problems, and he assures that Suresh garu is an expert in Parisarala Vasthu (Neighborhood vastu). One fine day we called subhavaastu Suresh garu, as per our request he visited our village and after keen observation, he delivered very small and simple changes to that property which we can able to do them by getting a small loan for the corrections. The corrections are like this, plating trees in West side as it is completely open land, in Southeast-east we have veedipotu he suggested to build a strong rock wall, we closed the dump in South direction, we separated the Northwest-north, and planted some grown trees (transported from other area) in that place, and he suggested to build rounded sump in the North East, and removal of steps in Northeast by placing a new door towards Northeast-east in same place, we done with all the changes as said by Sidanthi garu. We saw the changes within an year, my brother reached home, my father recovered, we started earning, we were able to get benefits in our business. Siddanthi garu is just like a God for us he has given us the hope to live, I am very much thank full to Siddanthi garu and as well Mr.Sailu. After that me and Sailu both were recommended many of our friends and family people all around almost 60 in number, but they have not done the changes as per his recommendations, there are only 4 family's who have done all the changes with great impression and faith and dedication, the astonished thing and unbelievable fact is that, we only 4 families got the results our of 60 families, after knowing this fact, we double confirmed that, who done the changes as per vastu consultant directions, they only got success, others are now asking us for revisit of vasthu consultant for confirming the changes, many house owners forgetted the recommendations which are recommended by Suresh sir. The list of the four are myself, Sailu, Sudhakar and my father-in-low are among out of 60 families. My father-in-low is a Government employee and he is an teacher working in Mahaboobnagar, their family members are facing number of troubles which some of them may not solvable and due to insecure in home and his two son's are not able to get succeed in their professions, they are in search of job's always. After visit by Suresh garu, they have taken note all of the suggestions and they done all of them within a span of 3 days. After 6 month's elder son got new job in MNC company and getting Rs. 50,000/- per month, now our father-in-law is feeling comfort in his present life, we are very much thank full to Sidanthi Garu, I feel myself as he is sakshath Parama Shiva, he brought the success and light in our life, we may find many Vastu consultants in the society, most of them do visit for the money, but Sidanthi garu believe in humanity and he has a specific thought of doing services to mankind by way of introducing this vastu website, he made our life fulfill, I am proud to sending this review on his vastu consultancy services and his responsibility on people, now he is having a sound followers in our village, when ever he visits our village, the crowd of nearly 100 to 150 people gathered and welcoming him to their streets, previously I am a ordinary person, now I am a trader, gas dealer, money lender, having required bank balance and particularly having a sound confidence on future. I am requesting all the visitors, please do the corrections if you called Vaasthu Consultant otherwise no need to call any body. Without doing corrections we cannot get relief or relax. I pray God to bless him and his family with Health and wealth - Ramesh - Hanwada - Mahaboobnagar - Andhra Pradesh - India.

I was living with my family in our old house at Nagpur. We are having one open plot opposite to this old house. After getting job, we were thinking to build house at Nagpur either on existing house or on opposite plot or at any other location if both plots are not good. It was heard that vastushastra is important for building home but we were not aware of it. So I started browsing internet, reading books for  becoming familiar with vastushastra. Within few days I became aware of few basic principles but become confused about many other things, there were many contradictions as Maya vastushastra, Vishwakarma vastushastra, fengshui, pyramids, yantras. Then I searched many websites which were run by highly qualified persons (as indicated in their websites-in their profiles), soon I realized that different persons are following different principles of vastu, fengshui, pyramids etc. and become confused who is right & who is wrong. Out of them, I felt Subhavaastu website of Shri Suresh Sir is with excellent information without any registration and hassle free browsing. After getting stepped into the site I felt the site is having information for which i was looking. I sent my home plan to Shri Suresh sir and he enquired about the consultancy. I decided to have his consultancy. On one fixed day he came to Nagpur, and visited our house. he looked old house thoroughly and surrounding area and opposite plot and then suggested us to build a house after demolishing the old house. He draw a house plan with our family members asking our need for house. His knowledge on vastu shastra is superb and even for a small doubt also his clarification is excellent. His observation on properties was nothing but magnifying our current situations. Based on his suggestions, we family members discussed and we came to the decision to construct the house there. During the construction of house, whenever I called him for any clarification he patiently listened my query and replied silently & thoroughly with designs. This is most remarkable thing I found in him. If you ask certain query, he will give reply with sketches, diagrams etc. After the completion of house warming ceremony, in the next year, we felt peace and attraction in that house. Most of my relatives and friends told me that we built a good home. I am proposing Suresh Sir's consultancy to most of my friends who are interested to build their dream house. Internet means we may never have faith on some people who run websites and doing practices, but here I am proud to say that his consultancy is fully secured and responsible. His attitude with our family members is also nice. All his moments filled our hearts with trust. No doubt his consultancy raises confidence. We can easily understand his genuine consultancy if we have any previous experiences with quacks or so called vastu business consultants. For all my properties, I will select only Shri Suresh Sir for future concerns. I have great trust on his consultancy and words. He is one of the best consultants in India. His website may bring cheers in to many of the families. The vaastu knowledge which published in many pages in his website is highly appreciated. His guidance to the public is remarkable and sound. Particularly his knowledge on surroundings of the properties are said to be the best of his mile stone experimentation. Whenever you require vastu pandit then think about this website. I am recommending everybody that if you want peace in your life then think about Suresh Sir and his website and his consultancy. I feel great by delivering this review on him & his consultancy. Giridhar - Nagpur-Maharashtra-India.

Write your review on Vaasthu Shastra Website :

Write a Review on our website. Or you may write your Opinions or suggestions. If your review is useful for the society we will publish it at our website and your name stands life long here. You may modify your review at any time, for example if you would like to change the city, country of living place etc, along with this, you may ask us for change of your name, if you don't like to publish your original name. We respect your privacy, many visitors wrote their reviews on our website, you may check this link  Click this link to read some of the reviews from our website visitors and clients. Thanks in Advance.

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0 #1 any vastu effectnarasimha rao 2014-04-09 11:23
Dear sir,
we are staying in a duplex house (north facing)for last 13 years with happiness & good peace. while constructing vastu consultation taken & made accordingly.
recently our on east side of our house they have made a car parking shed leaving only 6 inches gap of the compound wll on north-west side - which is north -east side of our house.

do we have any negative effect on us and any remedies please kindly suggest

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No doubt, the Northeast-east street focus is excellent, but some times this may gives only negative results, its only because of the main entrance door to the property may not be opposite to this street focus and it may be towards Northeast and very nearer to the North, due to this it may not attract the Street focus beneficial results. One should select the property only with the help of expert vastu consultant, otherwise he may be the looser.

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