We are planning to publish Vaastu websites in all Indian Official Languages. India is a land of selfless people who are ever ready to pick up causes for social service. Through this message we request you to lend a hand for the successful completion of this project in terms of finances. We humbly take this opportunity to mention that our services to military personnel, all Indian government offices and freedom fighters have always been free. Don't chop the trees in the name of Vaastu as they are the heavenly elements. Trees form the basis for the potential development of a property, provide us a sense of security, in addition to helping us prosper in several ways such as education, peace, money.

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Surroundings Vastu Shastra : Surrounding vastu, Neighborhood Vastu, Environmental Vastu, Outside vastu etc the meaning may be same in terms of vastu.Its very hard to meet this subject but you are aware that we are always facing challenges and got success with all your wishes and blessings. Thank you for your heartful patronage in helping this free concept vastu website. Vaastu is a name given to a balanced proportion of Air, Water, Fire, Sky and Earth for human beings. So vastu and environment are closely related or almost one and the same, they may not be separated from each another.

Surroundings Vastu Shastra
Even now we come across instances where renowned scientists attribute their success to God. I remember one such Dr. Ajay (North India), a Heart specialist, who seldom attributes any thing to God, and thus sincerely believes in one’s own efforts, is a competent doctor who has earned handsomely by his dedicated service. In case of one patient he had an opportunity to discuss with a Vastu consultant. In the end the eminent doctor admitted that any good thing happens only with God’s grace. It does not however mean that when we are unwell, we should not consult a doctor. We should do our duty and leave fate to do its duty. This doctor had no belief in Vastu shastra. Yet his wife could prevail upon him to consult a vastu scholar while building their own house. After a lengthy discussion, he was convinced of the scientific temper of the vastu scholar. His secretary could not believe that even though very busy the doctor invested over two hours in his discussions with the vastu scholar.
From events like this it is clear that even non believers could be convinced of the efficacy of this science. It affects one and all irrespective of their beliefs or otherwise. Many people doubt whether this science has any utilitarian value at all. For them I only say this much. Following this science one will have a harmonious life and progress in one’s endeavors. For even very rich people often suffer unhappiness in life and are victims of several problems, often difficult to solve. They would pathetically plead for mental happiness. If only such people live in a vastu compliant home certainly harmony and mental happiness would be part of their lives. We often see children becoming vagabonds and wasting their time and resources. Some times they do feel their shortcomings and look for proper avenues in life. In such situations if their house is vastu compliant they would try to apply themselves in a positive way and even come out of the rut. A vastu compliant home bestows progress in one’s endeavors. Before we proceed further let us dwell a while on the basic five elements. The combined effect of the amalgam of all these five elements in appropriate measure is vastu and neighborhood vastu shastra. 
If both neighborhood and our own construction are vaastu compliant it could as well be a great fortune. It is for this reason a vasthu scholar should take a holistic view of the picture. Neglecting the neighborhood vastu may as well lead to disaster. For clear study of neighborhood day time is the best period. For this reason Vaasthu is best studied during day time only. I relate in this regard an experience of mine that took place in Kurnool. 

We studied a house in Kurnool district some time ago to be precise on first of December 2005, the house had Northwest Street thrust. The resident was living in the house for two years. After studying the house fully, I recommended him to change the residence immediately, if possible even on the same day. He was stunned, it is believed some vastu consultant has stated that the house was fully vastu compliant and thus was surprised hearing me say otherwise. As the home was rented one the land lord would not agree for any changes. Not withstanding this I made my firm recommendation and left the premises. The resident was fuming on my statement. On 17th December of same year an incidence had happened. The elder brother (whose house had southeast street thrust) of the above person as also southwest defect was murdered. As ill luck would have it the case fell on the younger brother having Northwest Street thrust whose house I visited. He had to undergo jail term for four months incur huge losses in his enterprise etc. No doubt this has enhanced my status but alas! At what cost. This Northwest street focus is also powerful cause for the negative results.

Surroundings Street Focus

When coming to buy properties should observe every part and position of the structure, style of the property and surrounding effects on a specific construction, streets, street focuses, water canals, water ponds, water bodies effects on properties then only one has to come for the decision why this property came for the sale or on what reasons we has to buy the property. If we may not keenly observe every thing then most of the things will be tohubohu there and finally thought that "Vastu is not works", from starting we urge every one that approach only one expert vastu consultant, he will justify. If one may approach quacks then your position may always chaos. Why should we take chances, though there is availability of experts in our society.

Water canals effects

While we are discussing about vastu consultancy with experts, many experts have opinioned that many residents followed such a way, this has to be noticed to every inhabitant and vastu consultant too. In USA if one family is visiting one restaurant for a weekend dinner, it may cost about 125 USD to 150 USD, they never check for this prices and will had their delight dinner and enjoying it with their family members or friends. If the same family visiting India and moving to some places for sight seeing, they spent 85 USD to 160 USD for one night stay at Five star hotels, they require luxury stay. For our surprise the same family requires to spent very few dollars for vastu. The flabbergast info is the same family members will search for vastu information on vastu books and vastu websites and taking decision to buy or leave, or they may consult a dead cheaper price so called vastu specialist and taking their decisions after paying 5 or 6 USD, yes its true to believe, they are looking for deadly cheaper price vastu consultancy services. For one night stay this family members spending 160 USD and for one night dinner they spends 150 USD, see how much they wants to pay for life long comfortable stay in a property, they require wonderful results property with deadliest cheap price consultancy, do you feel that they are illiterate, most of them got Gold medals, distinction rank, first class, software engineers, even doctors and business persona. How residents are respecting this vastu consultancy services. How it was come down to 5 USD or 6 USD, it was happens only because of some pseudo vastu specialists. Pseudo's wants to kill the consultancy, most of them are trying to blame other consultants and require to expect benefits. If they want to do some favor to the residents then why don't they provide FREE VASTU CONSULTATION, instead of taking 5 or 6 USD. How can residents expecting skillful and magnificent consultancy services from cheaper prices. The expert vastu consultant never come down from their vastu consultation prices, they may be ready to provide free consultation, but they won't come down what they are looking for a evaluation price. Hardly most of them may provide only some reasonable discount based on honest requests or for an trusted cause. That is why they are called as "Vastu experts". Most probably "vastu experts" never hunt for vastu consultation, they never check for new clients. Clients alone come straight to these experts and taking suggestions. Its of their "capability". Usually bums are always enquiring about other vastu consultants fee structure and asking "how much", "how much" from the residents who already taken consultancy from other experts. Endsville information is the intelligent residents can easily grasp these cheaper techniques and they never approach them. That is why they are called intelligent. If a resident plans to take vastu consultation then reading this matter may useful for them. They can easily understand bums mentality and can able to avoid them, a simple tip for dwellers. Keep these dissemblers far from you. Don't access them even when you are in urgent need of taking decisions. You will be the looser then. The experts always act dignified, they never use cheap words, they never ask about other vastu consultant fees again and again, they respect other vastu pandits, they are honest, they may be mostly pricey, magnificently noble and courtly, having incredible qualities. Due to some of the pseudo's collecting cheaper costs, many residents in society treated this vastu shastra consultancy as low-cost one. Make this science as a noble and stand it long time in future, don't spoil the diplomacy of this royal profession. Make it live for some more years on this planet. Don't make others rib-tickling with your cheap actions. Many times we clearly mentioned that no body is the master in this field, except GOD. We are all doing our best to the residents/society for comfortable stay. Thank you for your best understanding and co-operation.

1. Streets

2. Street Focus

3. Neighborhood Up and downs

4. Vacant places and their effects

5. Sumps

6. Mountains or hilly areas

7. Apartments and their effects to our living property

8. Canals, water ponds etc.

9. Storage tanks etc

10. Properties in between skyscrapers

11. Adjoining vacant property to our property

12. Cellphone Towers and Electric polls.

13. Directional Effects

14. Political Leaders, rowdies, Hooligans and their influences on our property.

15. Encroachments.

16. Water Flow directions.

17. Shadows of Temples and bigger constructions on our properties.

Service to human being is nothing but Service to God. Sarve Jana Sukhinobavanthu.

Observe this tree here, it is most important information in our future articles, we are developing this web page with latest and fresh content, please be wait for some time. Later we wil discuss every thing about this tree plantation, how trees are supporting humans from negative impacts etc.

Tree supporting

What is Panchaboothas or Five Elements?

Who is Vastu Purusha and What is vasthu purusha Mandala?

Which is the best place for dining room as per Vasthu Shastra?

Is windows in a home plays any important role in Vaastu Shastra?

Some body is selling one plot very near to my house, which is Northwest, is it good to buy?

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+4 #6 vidi potu t roadkaripe balraju 2015-09-14 09:29
guru gariki padabivandanalu guru garu madi nizamabad nenu uttaram mukham saite konnanu uttaram face 47 daksanm 37 e w 60fet naku t road unndi turupu nundi padamar rod60fet road uttarana 40fet rodlo 30fet vayuvy disha natagulu tunnadi est anukuni kaluva dakshnamunundi uttarani parutunndi daya chesi naku di gurinchi vivaramga telupa galru mi pada padmalaku namaskristu me bal raju
+6 #5 veedhi soolaveeru 2015-01-26 11:09
hi sir my house is north facing width is 40 length is 70 means 40x70 front of house is big road and opposite road is hits my house means veedhi soola from NE(eshanyam)aft er 5feet veedhi soola starts up to 20 and remaining 15 no veedhi soola i.e NW.and east side is also road is there this house flat is good oor not its good pls give me ho to construct that means two houses are road face is good or one is front and one back. means main door is NW in this type no veedhi
soola for main door...pls give me suggesion.
+7 #4 Remedy for SchoolDipak Gajjar 2014-09-25 13:10
I m planning to buy a flat in 4-story Apt. But there is a Playhouse for children adjacent to our Apt on south direction. The flat is on the 1st floor & completely as per Vastu. Is there any remedy for it ?
Please advise.
+9 #3 Temple attached to plotNEEL 2014-05-10 06:38
Is there any impact if temple is attached with a plot/house?
+10 #2 Vastu PlanR.Venkatesh Babu 2014-04-28 10:36
Dear Sir,
I am planning to construct house in my site 30 X 40 sq ft ( south - north 30ft
and north to east 40ft ) road on west.

Please suggest me the correct direction
with vastu. Ground floor with parking, 1st floor for self occupence, 2rd and 3rd if possible for rent.
My birth date : 01.04.1967 as per record.

Looking forward your best suggestions.

Venkatesh babu
+11 #1 any vastu effectnarasimha rao 2014-04-09 11:23
Dear sir,
we are staying in a duplex house (north facing)for last 13 years with happiness & good peace. while constructing vastu consultation taken & made accordingly.
recently our on east side of our house they have made a car parking shed leaving only 6 inches gap of the compound wll on north-west side - which is north -east side of our house.

do we have any negative effect on us and any remedies please kindly suggest

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We stay in USA, I was initially Searching Google for some vastu help,one of my friend recommended subhavaastu.com website. Very useful information indeed, I found lot of good and valuable information, as got more motivated I contacted Suresh garu through phone. First I would like to mention he is a such a wonderful person, talking to him is like reading different knowledgeable books, he is a mobile Library always with a patience, a kind heart. He being so busy attended my each and every call immediate response to emails and clarified all my doubts. Especially I am amazed with his knowledge in vasthu with USA properties,its easy for some vastu specialist to tell vasthu with standard guides, but Suresh garu tells vasthu according to the place and country. My sincere suggestion for all the people who are wandering for a good Vaastu person or site, www.subhavaastu.com contact Suresh garu take his consultancy - Sarvani - Massachusetts - USA.

Our recent interactions with SubhaVaastu and Sureshji have not only been insightful but also extremely educational. Having a home is a matter of great virtue - having the home Vaastu compliant ensures that the investment and the future of the family in the home is secure and ensures progress. Having gone through the website gave us a tremendous amount of insights on bring about improvements to enhance positive energy and ultimately ring in progress. In the US, most home builders do not consider Vaastu and hence most occupants/ home owners are unaware of the benefits. In my dealings with Sureshji and the website, I have found insights and resources that can be helpful for almost everyone in the US. I highly recommend Subhavaastu and Sureshji to the broader NRI community. I wish SubhaVaastu and Sureshji the very best. Regards - Sneha - Florida - USA.


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