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Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen | Stove at Southeast | Sink

Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen | Fire | Agni | Agneya :

Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen, Hearth, Fire, Vantillu : A place of ladies personal world, experiments, tastes, happy to ladies, some times sorrow to gents. There is no ambiance in the home more loved and lived in by all the members of the family, the best of the family, the best place to savor the pleasure of being together with all the tastes, memories and daily habits of the family. These are feelings which need a suitable ambiance, where the warmth of wood combines with the strong character of the stony materials, such as marble and granite of table tops and the counter may be with glass also.

1. Kitchen should always placed at Southeast (Agneya)corner of the house.

2. The second best place for the kitchen is Northwest (Vayavya) corner of the house.

3.Observe this plan where the kitchen has to be placed in the house.

Ok, have u seen this image, now you are aware by seeing the above plan and now you know where the kitchen has to be placed at house.Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen

4. At kitchen the hob also has a central position with a canopy formed by its hood which destroys odors and fills the ambiance with light at the same time. The electrical appliances are carefully concealed beneath the worktop.

5. Olden days our elders constructed two or three houses, but in our period one house built is a climax of the interesting movie, built the house with all amenities like the marked personalities of those modern and innovative kitchen brings into the home the soothing atmosphere of colorful (colourful) and lively activity. There are as many as four colours which gladden the eye and communicate a note of joyful serenity of the ambiance which they furnish, creating together a happy scene.

6. Feel king at your house, you are maharaja of your house a kitchen layout should be customized to the specific requirements and needs of the users. Hence, it is important to ascertain the individual preferences overall lifestyle and eating habits of the direct users, built the kitchen with your own style and requirements.

7.The kitchen should be in the south-east portion of the house. The door of the kitchen should be in the north, east or north-east direction opening clockwise. The lady should face east while cooking, for it brings good health to family members. If the lady faces west while cooking it may lead to health problems to ladies; while cooking with the face towards south may lead to financial problems in the family.

You may place the dining table at this place shown in this image. Observe the water sink at kitchen, Gas stove, marble platform. Door is came towards Northeast-north direction. This is good position Kitchen.

8. The above picture is the layout of kitchen at house.You can place the dining table as shown above.

9. You can place all food articles at west side of the kitchen.

10. The flooring level of the kitchen is equal to the remaining house flooring.

11. The sink at kitchen placed at Ishan corner.

12. The women folk should be facing the East while doing their cooking. This is good for health.

13. There should be abundant use of green in the kitchen. For example green granite for flooring or green pictures. This helps improve the appetite of the family members and also promotes peace and harmony in the house.

14. If possible, the cooking gas and the washing sink should not be kept very close to each other. The logic being fire and water are not comfortable close to each other.

15.The cooking stove should not be visible to the naked eyes from the outside. Hence always shield the kitchen from the outsiders.

16.There should be no leaking taps in the kitchen. This affects the money flow, and actually water should not be waste at any place including kitchen.

17. Shelves for the storage for grains at south,west and southwest sides only.

18. In Vastu Shastra its strictly prohibited that do not construct toilets and pooja-room next to one another.

19. The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main door, try max for this tip, if not maintain one curtain always hanging to the kitchen door.

20. Kitchen should not be placed at northeast corner of the house, if kitchen is at the North - East direction, it would curtail peace and mutual love in the family, and heavy expenditure occurs, might quarrels at home etc.

21.vastu for kitchen takes into consideration various things, which where properly placed, pave way for safety in the kitchen. Some of the essential determinants considered are: proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets etc, if everything is according to vastu, the inmates live happily and enjoy the peace at home.

22.Better no shelf should be placed above the cooking platform.

23.Refrigerator can be placed on the northwest corner in the kitchen or southwest corner.

24.While constructing the kitchen, make adequate provision for cross ventilation for good health, and fresh breeze . While cooking items smoke will be automatically go away and we will safe by this cross ventilation.

25.Kitchen (or dining room) is the best place to have your daily meals; but never face South while having your meals it creates stomach disorders, indigestion and other related problems.

26.. If the kitchen is adjoining to a bedroom, the wall between them should be thicker than other walls.

27.Cooking Gas/Range should be in the south-east part of the kitchen.

28.Exhaust fan should be installed on the eastern wall in the south-east corner.

29. Drinking water may be placed in the north-east; water filter will be installed in the north east, if required, or it may be placed at northwest corner.

30. Better to get suggestions from the vastu expert while constructing the house. The theoretical matter cannot renders satisfied vastu experiment in our house. By reading books of vastu we know only the important things that may be the essential factors, but general folks cannot find the serious things (vastu defects).

Please observe the Stove (Burners) and sink at this image, black colour is the stove platform at kitchen and white mark+red dots are the stove, and sky blue is the water sink, the stove and sink are changing places,. every step is not a wrong, but maximum try to avoid the sink to place to reach the southeast position. In this moving gif file the sink finally came and occupied the southeast corner,this is not good. Try to place the water sink at northeast corner of the kitchen. In kitchen we have to cook by facing towards east direction only, at this moment the sink should always been keep to the left hand side, it should not crossed to right hand side i.e, sink is towards south wall and the stove after to the water sink. "D" stands for Doors to the kitchen you can place the door at northeast corner towards north side or northwest corner towards west side. these two places are best for fixing the door.Have any doubts please clarify by giving email to us. Contact by clicking here ..Thank You for understanding and have a nice day.Vastu Shastra For Kitchen Stove Burners from

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+1 #2 @regarding kitchenSrividya 2014-09-03 05:16
What to do if kitchen is in the southwest side.we are in apartment.any alteration that can be made
-1 #1 kitchen slabparimala 2014-03-14 11:37
Can the kitchen slab can touch the wall or to be kept away from the wall as per vaastu rules. If so, how much space is required.

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