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Vastu Tip of the Day

When Northwest is higher than the Northeast then it sounds good luck with flow of money and it indicates success in many things, but it should not be lower than Southwest, as it leads to unluck to the residents and indicates a bad omen. Better to manage with corrections to the floor heights in a property. Check the floor raised portions with water pipe levels and take appropriate alterations. Click here for more Daily Vastu Shastra Tips

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Normally almost daily we are updating this vastu shastra consultancy website with new content, along with we are updating "Vastu Shastra Tip of the Day", these tips are very different. You are most welcome to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, reviews with us. (www.SubhaVaastu.com)Do you have any ideas on Vasthu shastra website development, come and share with us, we respect your genuine thoughts, based on worth of your thoughts we will develop them and publish in our Vaasthu website with your name and living city/town/place. Good thoughts are always supported by intelligent people.

Our aim is, the best Vaastu Shastra Tips has to be published here. Reliable Vaastu shastra services may reach to the society with our efforts but without your blessings and support it may never comes true. We respect our website visitors. You are treated as a Guide, Supporter, King and God here.  These vastu shastra tips are only for your kind information purpose, we urge you, not to follow any of our tips, because the surroundings vastu is too important before finalizing the recommendations. There are very fine matters that come into play in every case, it is for this reason that you must consult a competent vastu consultant for proper evaluation before going to do any alterations by reading vastu tips from this website or other websites or getting information from vastu books.

Vastu Tip Of The Day :

1. Published on  31.March.2012: - Who is continuously thinking on Vasthu of their respected homes, horoscope, astrology or numerology and waiting for the results, they may not get good results in time and they may loose confidence on their works and finally they sustain some losses, so do the vastu corrections and forget it, Vaasthu will bless you. Always approach one expert vaasthu consultant for bright and secured future. Please note that TREES plays a supportive role in development. Don't cut the trees in the name of Vaastu Shastra.

2. . 02.April.2012 : - Entire vastu for the house is different and the bedroom Vaastu structure is different, it should not disturbed, it has to be clearly or keenly observed and should be built according to vastu principles. Northeast should be perfect or extended in bedroom.

3. . 04.04.2012 : - Buyers please cautious while buying the properties, we have to check all the directions before buying property whether it is good to buy., first observe Northeast and East directions, these two directions should not be disturbed at any cost. Please note this point while buying the properties.

4. . 06.04.2012 : - Northeast increase is good, generally residents constructing the East or North walls extending towards Northeast and the gates are also equivalent with this walls, if it is so, then the gates seeing the Southeast or Northwest. This is wrong. The gates must maintained with 90 degrees.

5. . 08.04.2012 : - If one blocks Northeast (Ishan) causes to restricts the inflow of the God Blessings. It leads to tension, quarrel and insufficient growth of the inhabitants, some times it leads to miserable disorders especially to children. So Northeast is the Key for Development and just like an Heart to Human Body.

6.  .10.04.2012 : - Some says that their house is perfect Vastu, but getting bad results, if so, they must observe the surroundings or walks in the house, many vaasthu consultants forgetting the walks way in the house, it is as much as equal to the heart of a body, observe our walks in the house. Southeast-Northwest walks are heavy then quarrels, misunderstandings, debts rising, other disorders may happen even though house is as per vaastu.

7. . 13.04.2012 : - If your house is diagonal and not getting good results in that house even it was built according to Vasthu principles, then do one simple thing, first find out the Northeast corner and put one Water pot there and regularly use water from it only, it should not be heavy or very small one, medium is good.

8.  .  19.04.2012 : Master Bedroom at Southwest ensures success as the best and Bedroom at South is a safe sail for life earnest, bedroom at West enriches its own kingdom of user. Northeast bedroom for breadwinner never brings adoration.

9.  .  22.04.2012 : If the solid Dias located in the northern part of the house are more elevated such a feather causes gain expenditure, mental agony and indebtedness. Planned against to above direction blesses with good health and more money earning chances.

10.  .  24.04.2012 : There should not be a sloping projection towards South as it causes ill effects. However if such a sloping terrace becomes inevitable, a sloping projection towards North must be constructed with a greater gradient or slope, and it may be more lengthy than South projection.

11.  .  27.04.2012 : If the main entrance of a house faces East and if the construction starts right on the boundaries in East and North, leaving vacant space in West and South, in that house wife and husband may became rivals and children would generally become Sick and repulsive or disgusting.

12.  .  30.04.2012 : Depression in Southwest or existence of wells or pits would subject the residents to heavy financial crisis, chronic diseases, and agitated minds. If the same at factories or any other commercial properties, it may cause too much financial difficulties, that leads to closure of such firms with painful situations.

13.  .  04.05.2012 : Locating a sump or well or borewell contiguous to the house, even in Northeast, is not advisable. It should be constructed or located only in the Northeastern portion of the whole site. Sump should not touch the Northeast wall of the house. It damages the structure.

14.  .  05.May.2012 : Good number of doors and windows must be provided to a house in northeast. When the room in southwest is provided with windows, then the room in northeast must be provided with windows sufficiently more than that the number of windows in Southwest. This is good method. Always good air has to come into house properly, plan accordingly for sufficient air flow.

15.  .  11.05.2012 : If the main entrance of a house faces South and it the house is constructed right on the Southern and Western boundaries, leaving vacant space in East and North, with a well or borewell in Northeast, along with low lying space in East and North than in West and South respective, the inhabitants or residents of such house would enjoy alround prosperity.

16.  .  13.05.2012 : One should not sit under the beam, fixing false ceiling is an easy remedy. It has the added advantage of improving the decor of concerned property, looks good and on the same way it fixes the bad effects of the said beam. If there is no possibility in doing false ceiling then change the sitting position.

17.  .  15.05.2012 : Require to buy a plot, then avoid sites near Factories or Industries, Cinema Halls, Schools and Hospitals as these are high traffic areas and constant traffic flowing and heavy noise levels are disturbing and obstructing concentration and creating air pollution. Peace and good climate is important for house residents development. Anyway these locations are good for commercial establishments.

18.  .  18.05.2012 : Depositing mountain rock stones and heavy material, Iron bars, organic manure etc keeps alround prosperity and happiness to the said premises residents. More vacant space may also left towards North than the South brings cheers and extreme satisfaction to the inhabitants.

19.  .  22.05.2012 : Encourage the residents who wish to construct heavy tall buildings towards South, West or Southwest to your properties. It is auspicious change. Financial growth, good health, positive thinking, overpower on your enemies, clearing all debts, respect in society etc. Be cautious if there is a road formation in middle of two properties.

20.  .  24.05.2012 : While constructing the building foundation or plinth the process should start from Southwest to Southeast followed by Southwest to Northwest and from Southeast to Northeast and should be concluded by Northwest to Northeast, and exactly opposite when you start digging land for House Pillars.

21.  .  27.05.2012 : Many East and North facing home residents are doing wrong thing by keeping heavy weight furniture at their Northeast corner room. Place only light weight furniture at Northeast and Heavy weight furniture towards West, Southwest and South directions.

22.  .  29.05.2012 : In some houses Kitchen may be towards Northeast and residents may not remove it and it may compulsory at that direction, to avoid this squabble, dig one round shaped sump towards exact Northeast of that room to minimize bad effects of Northeast kitchen.

23.  .  31.05.2012 : Walks are too important as per vastu shastra. That is why doors has to be placed accordingly to extract good results. Doors means almost walks. Be cautious while attaching the Southeast, Northwest, Southwest with your walks. Better to reach Northeast many times in a day to extract max good results.

Due to Oman and UAE countries trips we have not uploaded vastu tips of the day in time. Thanks for best understanding.

24.  .  17.June.2012 : For your factories, keep more vacant space towards North and East. South should not exceed the limit of space of the North direction. Same way West side should also not exceeds East direction.

25.  .  21.06.2012 : All southeast corner plots are not bad. When the South road passing towards East is considered to be too danger. If there is no south road passing and East road is running towards South direction that plot considered to be good one.

26.  .  24.06.2012 : If females in a respective house are always happy and feels secure and the same house may be good in cleaning and maintaining with good colours, having greenery, in that house males will get success. If the same house is according to vasthu principles then males will be leaders in their respective field.

Due to Singapore Trip the vaastu tips were not published in between these days.

27.  .  28.06.2012 : Natural slope towards North, East and Northeast is considered to be the best plot. If there is a river, lake, tank, pond in such directions, then you may buy it. Becareful when buying any plot without expert vaasthu consultant advise.

28.  .  03.July.2012 :If you are getting a site or a place that may be the extension towards Northwest-north, don't accept if it is available on free of cost. Don't loose the place if it is double the cost towards Northeast of your present living house.

29.  .  07.07.2012 : Water source is good at Northeastern parts. Put one drinking water pot at Northeastern area and that to placed at directly on the floor, not on any platform. The water pot may not be touch the East or Northern walls. In case the pot is likely to be proposed to put at South, West or Southwest parts then a solid platform may be built.

30.  .  14.07.2012 : Many visitors asking how to get good results in a house as per vastu principles. Along with vastu rules, some techniques are, good contacts with family members, ladies should be happy in the house, house CLEANING, good flooring, bright colours, attractive colors in the house, peace, good furniture, Dhyan, respect to elders, timely pooja to God in the house and hard work etc all these principles may change one's life.

31.  .  18.07.2012 : Vishnu Vallabha (Basil Plant) is must in every house. It is an aromatic plant and it known for its medicinal values. Many deceases can be cured, breeze passing from Basil plant increases the longevity of the residents. Now non Hindus also now growing Basil plants in many houses in India because of its importance. Plant Basil immediately, if it does not have at your house.

32.  .  23.07.2012 : Oven, continuous Fire, Kitchen should not be placed towards Northeast, it may exhausts all the riches like vapour and renders the male members impotent, and reduces them to the stage of destitute ( or Bikari). Arranging kitchen in Northeast is nothing but self immolation. It may create many problems. The best place for Kitchen is Southeast or Northwest.

33.  .  24.07.2012 : When structural cracks developed to the walls in a property, it may be a sign of negative powers development in the property. The general cracks to the walls are different and structural cracks are different. Avoid structural cracks to your house walls. Immediate care has to be taken when such cracks found to the house walls. Standard structure means positive powers increasing in that property.

34.  .  29.07.2012 : Slanting projections towards North including Northeast or less elevation towards North floor level is a sign of Good health and wealth. Northern vacant space portion is more than that of South open space in any property may become all-round prosperity and sound in finance.

35.  .  01.Aug.2012 : The staircase steps landing point, built inside the house towards West or South or outside in line with the house, towards Northwest and Southeast, should be towards West or South. There is no danger if the landing point is outside the line of the Residence.

36.  .  07.08.2012 : Generally the iron Almirah is keeping towards at Southwest part of the master bedroom which is towards Southwest. This is common and most of the vastu consultants are also recommending. Please note that keep only the Almira without having the big mirror for that. Otherwise it may create some problems. You may read more info at Southwest vaastu link.

37.  .  09.08.2012 : Acquisition of North or East properties are excellent, but some times it is too dangerious act, if you have Northeast-east focus, then you should not buy the North property. If you have the Northeast-north street focus, you should not buy the East property. Logical point, beware of plot extensions.

38.  .  12.08.2012 : Invisible Southeast or Northwest extensions may be in our house due to small constructions, "toilets under staircase", if you have any toilets or store rooms under staircase, then plan for a small iron pillar towards Northeast corner. It minimizes the bad effects of this invisible wrong extensions.

Due to busy schedules these tips page was not updated in these days.

39.  .  21.08.2012 : Is your husband or elder son is returning late to home, then check the West direction, if the open space is more than East open space, they may reach home late or may spends time with friends and may be reach home late. Alter the West direction then the problem solves.

40.  .  27.08.2012 : If the Eastern portion is more elevated then all other parts of the house, the head of the family would suffer from poverty and loosing attraction, name and fame in the society, and their progeny would suffer from chronic illness or they may become mentally retarded.

41.  .  02.09.2012 : Now a days many vasthu shastra consultants says that extension of North and East is good. Vastu is a ocean, we should think logically some times, if there is a Northeast-east street focus to one plot, then North extension is not at all suggested. On the same way, if there is a Northeast-north street focus to any plot, then East extension is not good. Please keep it in mind before extending your properties.

42.  .  05.09.2012 : If there is any room structure under staircase at Northwest corner, generally it projects the Northwest-north which is not good and prohibited. Under exigency a wall or pillar may be constructed towards Northeast-north in line with the building, but North open space should be exceed the space at South direction.

43.  .  08.09.2012 : Other than the North and Northeast all the directions may be lower, for example, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, the bread winner may lose his life partner, wealth, cattle loss and at last finally he lost his own life. He suffers lot of health issues also, mentally he struggled very much and all of other family members are also directly or indirectly suffers.

44.  .  09.09.2012 : Many visitors are asking that how to build the compound wall . . . digging for basement of compound wall should be started at Northeast and completed at Southwest. Construction of wall should be started at Southwest and build towards Northeast. The same procedure is to be followed while laying the slab for the roof. This is simple procedure but welcoming positive powers to the construction.

45.  .  11.09.2012 : The irregularity in Northwest i.e., either closing or extension may leads to vagabonds, lunatics, and some times to commit suicides may also happen in such constructions, to prevent all these, extend the Northeast including North direction part or remove the Northwest irregularity or extension etc.

46.  .  13.09.2012 : When a Pole or Tree is opposite to the exactly main entrance, generally it may obstruct the flow of divine powers into house. If the same pole or tree are located at the other side of the road then they may not cause any problem. Nothing to worry about it, otherwise change the main entrance door or change the pole to some other place.

47.  .  19.09.2012 : In a Kitchen the stove should be kept on a seat or platform, but not on the floor, it is our duty to invite Agni Maharaj the fire God, with due respect to our House. It is preferable for the one who cooks, to light the stove after taking bath with a Namaskar to Agni Dev. The first part of the food should be offered to Agni Dev and get his blessings.

48.  .  21.09.2012 : If the House constructed in Northern block occupies the entire plot, leaving no vacant space in the East direction and if there is North road and that home faces towards North direction, the same house may be constructed as per vastu shastra principles, it provides with good results and please make sure that there should not be no vacant space towards West direction. If East is having some open space then this house yields all good results to the residents.

49.  .  24.09.2012 : A house main entrance faces towards West direction and if the East and North directions vacant spaces are more then the West and South Directions, if the surroundings of the North and East does not have any structures, if the Kitchen may be towards the Southeast and there may be a well equipped water body sump towards Northeast and if the land towards Southwest may be elevated, if the South and West compound walls are elevated than the North and East direction compound walls, such house is the den of intelligence people and the residents are respects the law and Wealth is the address of such property.

50.  .  30.09.2012 : Extension of Northeast is good, if you construct a room towards Northeast direction may provides good results, if you missed to create a door from main house to this Northeast extension room, then it may be miserable. A minor mistake may turn the entire life so trouble.

51.  .  04.10.2012 : Foyer is not compulsory to a property, it is an optional depending on your requirement, placement, arrangement. You may plan for the Foyer irrespective of the property facing to the direction. In case of East and North, Anteroom is best suitable towards Northeast corner. For West facing property Northwest or West and for South facing properties Southeast or South direction.

52.  .  07.10.2012 : A sump in Brahmastan would ruin the lineage. On the other hand a mound or a platform in the Brahmastan would ensure that you would not succeed in any endeavor of yours. On the other hand you would surely fail. Hence it is best to leave it at the floor level.

Due to hectic busy schedules, the vaastu tip of the day section was not updated.

53.  .  21.10.2012 : Window towards South is good for North facing and East facing house may have window at West may be considered as auspicious. Free flow of Air is always recommended for any property.

54.  .  25.10.2012 : The pit, where Sankustapana rite has been performed, must be fenced and should be kept clean for atleast three days.

55.  .  04.11.2012 : House without vasthu shastra principles is just like a dishonoured cheque, house with perfect vastu shastra recommendations is like cash on hand.

56.  .  07.11.2012 : Having more open West space, the problem may be minimize with round shaped structure towards Southwest corner. Its floor level should be more elevated than on the entire land.

57.  .  13.11.2012 : Northwest irregularities i.e., Northwest closing or extension may leads to lunatics, vagabonds or sometimes it may lead to commit suicide or always getting suicidal tendency thoughts.

58.  .  22.11.2012 : When extending the site of a house it must observe the septic tank position, doors, gates. Every thing has to change according to extension measurements.

59.  .  27.11.2012 : Regarding your office, whether the entrance may be towards any direction, but try to arrange one door towards East or Northeast-east. This ensures an inflow of new ideas, name and fame and success, trust among your clients.

60.  .  29.11.2012 : Generally Northwest makes the inhabitants insolvent or heavy debts, remove Northwest extension, make sure that no wells or pits or septic tanks etc at Northwest.

61.  .  30.11.2012 : If not practicable of filling the pit or tank or well or canal towards Southwest corner, ignore such plot and search for other beneficial one.

61.  .  07.12.2012 : Should not buy the additional yards from the existing house towards Northwest, West, Southeast, South and Southwest parts, without expert vastu pundit don't buy the North and East yards also, which may leads to Northeast cut.

62.  .  08.12.2012 : Leaving two or three feet distance from the Compound wall and start constructing the house, if there is a water body or canal towards the Southern lateral side of the said house.

63.  .  11.12.2012 : No religion, no caste, no creed, try to plant a Basil Plant at your house, it possesses thymol, a curative of skin diseases. Basil is used in the treatment of leprosy and even snake bites. It keeps off the mosquitoes, extract cures all kinds of fevers.

64.  .  14.12.2012 : If there is a door towards Southeast-south, then Northeast-north door is must, instead of door, placing the window is not compensate. On the same way, if there is a Northwest-west door is fixed then Northeast-east door is must, fixing window may not be compensate. Please note that fixing the both South and West doors to an house is not recommended.

65.  .  18.12.2012 : If the dais in the Northern portion are less elevated than that of the plinth level of the house, such a house brings name, fame, good health and prosperity to residents, please ensure that these dais should not be solid one's.

66.  .  21.12.2012 : In the Southwest bedroom, ample space should be provided towards East and North directions. If surroundings are supporting to main property then bed may be placed nearer to the South wall, otherwise appropriate space should be provided.

67.  .  25.12.2012 : If there is excess open space is on the West side more than East side, then plant the entire area with Trees. Fruit Trees, Eucalyptus, Medicinal, herbal, big bushes, aromatic plants are recommended to plant in this entire area to reduce the negative force.

68.  .  30.12.2012 : Locating a well or bore well contiguous to the house, even in Northeast, is not recommended. Please note that it should be located only in the Northeastern portion of the entire site. Most of the expert vastu consultants are also doing this mistake.

69.  .  01.01.2013 : The slant projection towards South should be more elevated than that of North. R.C.C. construction should posses two or three feet balconies in North as well as East, invariably to provide vacant space in East and North on the first floor. There need not be any compulsory of balcony in South and West directions.

70.  .  04.01.2013 : Northwest corner is very sensitive, if there are any irregularities at this corner for example closing the Northwest corner or extension then it may leads to lunatics, vagabonds and some times it may be a chance for committing for suicide, so be careful when deal with Northwest direction.

71.  .  06.01.2013 : If neighboring vaastu has ill-effects, it is recommending that finish the total compound wall before starting any other inside structural activity. The South and West compound walls should be constructed with mountain rocks or stones, with proper height of atleast 6 feet or 2 meters.

Due to Dimapur, Nagaland state Trip, this section was not updated in time.

72.  .  12.01.2013 : Projections or balconies slanting towards the Southeast may create many tensions to the residents. Be aware of such fact and take the appropriate action.

73.  .  16.01.2012 : If the East Direction area is elevated and West direction area is depressed then the residents became poor and gradually they lost their money and properties and lost confidence.

74.  .  17.01.2013 : If floor elevation towards North and Northwest direction areas and floor lower levels towards South and Southwest areas may be leads to loss of good character to males and there may be a chance of arrest or imprisonment also appears.

Due to Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Dehradun, New Delhi, Jalandhar, Amirtsar vastu consultancy programmes we have not updated this page.

75.  .  31.01.2013 : If your house is having verandah towards East side and you would like to construct a room there, then the best placement is Southeast, don't construct the room at Northeast.

76.  .  03.02.2013 : If you are running a Hotel, there should be more open space towards East and North directions and the dining tables should be very very near to the South and West parts, if this system is not possible then leave a wide space passages towards North and East parts.

77.  .  08.02.2013 : The best suitable place for toilets is Northwest, but it should not touch the compound in North direction, ( This is not applies to Apartment flats). The pit or Septic tank should be located only in North Direction.

78.  .  09.02.2013 : Now a days many people are doing corrections or buying properties after reading some vastu books or reading content from some websites. Intelligent, educated, responsible people never do like this. Please approach one expert vastu consultant before buying properties or starting construction. In the interest of public safety we published this, as a tip here.

79.  .  14.02.2013 : To overcome ill effects, raise the Southern part compound wall height, than the one in  Northern part.

80.  .  17.02.2013 : Construction of toilets/bathrooms towards Southeast is advisable, but Septic tank or Cesspool should be constructed towards East or North directions only.

81.  .  19.02.2013 : Northeast truncated plots are not auspicious for happy life. Northeast ensures the continuation of lineage through able male progeny. If Northeast is cut off there may not be no male children in the family, even though abundant wealth prevails.

82.  .  21.02.2013 : Southwest is almost responsible for behavior, mortality, strength  and attitude, it should not vacant and keep heavy goods to have good life.

83.  .  22.02.2013 : If there is any pits, water sump, water body towards Northwest, please close it, it may create many problems and related even financial also.

84.  .  24.02.2013 : Truncate the extension part of the Southwest-west, otherwise it creates many issues like unlawful earnings, misbehavior, ill health, loss of money etc.

85.  .  01.03.2013 : Physics says every item, particle has a center of gravity. All the energy of an object is centered at this point, Brahmasthan floor should not be depressed, its floor should be equal with other parts of the property.

86.  .  05.03.2013 : Don't buy the Northwest-north street focus properties, this road thrust may raise mental stress, losses and confusion, wasteful journeys are prominent, to save from this a small construction may be done towards Northwest-north direction not touching the main property and doors from outside only.

87.  .  11.03.2013 : The internal staircase should be avoided towards Northeast and Southwest parts of the house.

88.  .  14.03.2013 : If one likes to construct Hearth outside, then the Southeast corner is perfect place without touching the East boundary wall, please ensure that there should be gap in between main house and hearth. Then it provides excellent results.

89. . 18.03.2013 : In any room keeping refrigerator towards Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest brings cheers to the residents. Don't keep fridge towards East, Northeast, North directions.

90. . 21.03.2013 : In case of Skewed properties, if the main door is towards Northwest, at any cost don't plan for another door towards Southeast direction.

Due to tight schedules we were not updated in these days.

91. . 01.04.2013 : In diagonal properties the Northwest and Southeast open space should be equal.

92. . 07.04.2013 : Nothing wrong happens when crow, lapwing, owl enters into house, these are inventions of perturbed mind, don't loose your money in the name of Yantra's and Poojas and shanthi homas.

93. . 25.04.2013 : Cupboards to South walls should continue upto Southwest part, should not leave the Southwest part, this is wrong, it should be continued upto Southwest or should touch the West wall.

94. . 07.05.2013 : Northeast water sump is good, this is very common and basic point in Vastu Shastra, the top i.e., above the ground level part of this sump should not be square of rectangular, round shaped is recommended, otherwise one of the corner angle will hit the house.

95. . 12.05.2013 : Should Apartment facing be taken into consideration or particular living flat must be to taken into consideration . . . some inhabitants are  raising these doubts. The answer is where you are living, take that into consideration, so your "Flat facing direction" has to be the answer.

96. . 19.05.2013 : Except Northeast corner, you may fix the electrical boards (main switch / meter) in any direction, Southeast and Northwest were generally good to place Electricity supply boards.

Due to busy schedules we could not updated this page.

97. . 12.07.2013 : The main door of the house facing to North, East, West, South directions may not harm to the residents, but in no case the pillar of the entrance gate should not fall into center of the main door.

98. . 19.07.2013 : For Southwest room in a house maximum two doors are permitted, three doors and four doors are not recommended.

99. . 28.07.2013 : Southeast Kitchen is excellent, make sure that more space towards West than East part in this room is good, when this room is having Northeast-north door.

100. . 01.08.2013 : The slanting projection towards South direction should be more elevated than that of North direction. This yields good results to the residents.

Vastu tips are almost regularly updated as per our convenience. In this link we published 100 moderate vastu tips, we have created all these vastu tips, so you may not find in any where, if so, they may be copied our vastu tips and published, otherwise its highly impossible to create these vasthu tips. If you want to check further tips after this 100 number, then click here

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Thank you very much for your response. I have gone through your website. Honestly , not seen a website like this one. Amazingly informational. The one who shares such great deal of information is the one who is the guru and with this hope I am wanting to seek advise from you. Hoping to get in touch with you on your return from Oman Country - Stuti - USA.

Dear Mr Suresh, I have been reading articles from your Website this evening (16th July 2010) and Sir you are a Legend !! What you have disclosed in your Website is nothing short of amazing and it shows what a powerful human being you are to share your knowledge of Vaastu Shastra so openly with the people of this world. God bless you Sir - unfortunately we do not have enough people like you in this world. Best wishes, always - Raveen Bhairo - Australia.

I had gone through several books written by Shri Sureshji on Vastu shastra. I saw the utilitarian information contained in the books. Though not being a computer buff one day I chanced upon the Subhavaastu.com website containing so much information that I was afraid to open and browse even. When I had nothing else to do I opened this website and gone through. From being a vaastu shastra consultant I became an admirer after browsing this website. The information contained is so very exhaustive that I felt that I knew nothing till I surfed this website. I was amazed at the details of such small things as nails and hinges even. I was equally amazed that in the zeal to be exhaustive he might have missed the comprehensiveness of the subject itself. This compelled me to go through further more. The more I read the more I got fascinated. The website has not ignored any detail in vastu. At the same time it has not omitted any topic either. It is both expansive and comprehensive too. I also find that the website is constantly updated. A thing I am not used to. I chanced upon meeting Sureshji once in Bangalore city. I saw him busy updating website. The contents of website were those that we had been discussing the morning before. His logic was that he found the discussion interesting and educative and this should not go away with him, if the same is available in the website many people would benefit by it. Truly admirable way of living. I felt thrilled that our discussions did not degenerate into coffee shop gossip. I was glad to know the discipline to which he had submitted himself. Perhaps I felt this was his tribute to the vasthu science itself.Shorn off commercial interest the website purely deals with vastu subject. A person with elementary knowledge and an interest to know more can easily get what he needs to do or not do in his design/construction venture, so as to derive maximum advantage. A person with average intelligence can come to reasonably sensible conclusions and firm up his mind to the problems facing him with reference to his own house, office etc. While this is true one cannot ignore the knowledge that may be available with him beyond what could be contained in the website upto that point. It is for this reason that every time he advocates consulting a competent vaasthu scholar, even when the answer is simple and apparently visible too. I believe this website makes one a knowledgeable student so that he has got an opportunity to learn more. I have no hesitation in recommending this website to one and all even though I am also practicing vasthu consultant for I believe that spread of knowledge is the foremost duty of any person and that this website does this job admirably. My job would be easier when a knowledgeable person comes to me for solutions - Ram K Chetluru - Vaasthu Consultant - New Delhi.

I am really very much impressed with Suresh garu for his valuable vastu guidance. Generally I never believe any vastu consultant, there are many vastu consultants but most of them are all commercial vaastu consultants. But Suresh garu really a nice person who doesn't think in commercial angle. Also he answers all your questions with patience. Subject wise, he is having very good knowledge on vastu and he doesn't treat it as the religious, he says it is a science, which is true as per my knowledge and experience. To say there are lot of things about the site and Suresh garu. I know no body reads my feedback if it is lengthy. In short he is superb and one stop solution for all your vastu related questions and inquiries - Mannem Janardhan - New York - United States of America.

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