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West direction of a home is depressed and has a water well or water sump then the residents may face severe health disorders, ill-health or some times loss of progeny, financially backward etc. To cover all of these problems, then just fill that depressed part and elevated with heavy rocks or stones or atleast dump it with mud. Click here for more Daily Vastu Shastra Tips

Flats and Vastu Shastra :

Vastu Shastra for Apartment Flats : We have some keen observation on construction of flats, generally flats means nothing but group of houses, whether they are belongs to one building it’s called as Apartment, whether some houses are at group they may be called as Gated Community. Construction of flats as per Vastu is not a easy thing. The number of flats are in one complex, common wall for adjacent flats placement of kitchen and bathrooms make things more difficult. The following principles should be followed for the benefit to the flat owners. Vastu is applies to everybody and every construction.

Vastu Shastra For Flat

Which flat is good to buy as per vastu shastra ?

Which place is better for Kitchen ?

How to select the flat in a apartment ?

Read our articles below. Also read articles on Apartments here

The population increases day by day and the accommodation is shrinking. So apartments have started coming up. Apartments are mushrooming. Even if farmhouses come up on houses tomorrow it will be no wonder. In this background, vasthu science alone makes a house or apartment eligible to dwell. Today apartments are sprouting everywhere and they are publishing that their vaastu is 100% perfect. But it carefully observed you find them totally lacking in vaastu. Some people express the doubt that an apartment is high above the ground and so what is the need of vastu for it. In fact it is on the ground or above it stands on the ground. Only earth is solid and stationary among the five elements. The remaining four spread over the entire place. So vaasthu is important for an apartment also.

The new word Condos has arrived now. Condominium or Condo is just like a House tenure where some area or specified part of the construction area is individually better owned by the legal owner and they may access to many facilities like heating system, hallways, exterior areas, elevators is executed under legal rights associated with individual ownership and controlled by that association of owners of the properties. This is supposed to be said to be just like apartment type.Many people in India does not know about flats in other countries, but we seen many flats and their vastu in different countries like UAE (United Arab Emirates) cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah. In Oman also we seen many flats in Muscat. Singapore also more developed in concentrating apartment flats. In United States of America, London, Australia, Switzerland, Malaysia etc we seen virtual finding of many flats

Vaastu Shastra Flats

Observe the open space, this comes under Surroundings vastu, beware before buying the flats when there is open space in and around of the apartments. It is most effective in terms of Vaasthu Shastra either with good or bad indications and results to the residents. Observe the open space towards which direction, which side and how much effective to the residing apartment and flat. Approximate measurement is also to be considered when evaluating the open spaces. Almost this open space is towards Southwest direction to this white apartments, which is very near right side here. This same open space is towards South direction to the apartment which is not painted and shown with bricks.

Vasthu Shastra Flats

Observe the above image, this is another apartment, but this apartment is also shown in the above image, now we are discussing on the open space to which direction. This open space is towards Southeast to this apartment flat. So the South flat owners and Southeast corner flat residents should be cautious before buying the flats. If any other construction may be came in this open space, then the force which is good or bad will be eliminated.

Now see the pleasant apartment flats images :

Vaasthu Shastra Flats

This is an apartment flats, we have to observe the greenery, look, feel, richness and calm feeling, we experience all these feelings just by observing the image, what about the original site visit or real experience. I clearly mentioned every time that if the property is looks good and well maintained and best color appearance and attraction you will get free vastu power benefits.

Look and Feel is important for getting positive power effects on the properties. Well we will observe some more images below.

Apartment Flat Balcony

Observe the pleasant atmosphere here. Wife and husband will happily sits and can read or have the fresh grains coffee, oh, what a feeling it is.

Walk way

Your thoughts may first goes to where is this apartment flat area and where is this park and what price it is. That is the power of nature. Many people criticized me that I am always suggesting to plant trees to the residents, after observing this above image what would you feel, greenery / trees always gives us power, strength, peace, good ideas, knowledge, education, security etc.

Kitchen in Flats

Many residents asking a doubt that sink which is used in kitchen to clean the utensils is towards South or Southwest or West side or Southeast sides. Originally the sink which water flows below the floor level is effecting on the residents. If the same was above the floor level it never gives any bad effect to the residents, please note that if there is a platform to the entire Kitchen except door space, then this sink may create very little or very very small issues placed on its fixation point. At that time you may fix it towards North, East or the more best place of Northeast. Now apartment culture develops, many builders may not hear all these simple and silly reasons, they won't like to follow all these principles. So better to check the important points like main entrance door, bedroom placement, kitchen placement, toilets and Living room, family room placements etc.

Living room is good towards Northeast or North or East sides, in this below living room, there is a big window towards Northeast-north, but these residents failed to have one window towards Northeast-east, which is wrong idea. Northeast-east window is auspicious one. Don't forget to fix one big window here. You are well aware that this is Vastu gyan (knowledge) service oriented sharing website. Inform this link to your friends, atleast they may fix the door when they may be in planning of constructing their dream home.

Living room in Flat

Let us observe one typical apartment floor flats plan here, please first check the directions of this below file :

Apartment flats

Let us discuss about the flats here :

Fat No : 1 : - One Mr. Sairam has to buy one flat in this apartment, because this apartment is the only one very very near to his office, at any cost he has to buy one flat here. He contacted one vaastu pandit and he has guided like this. The vastu pandit has given guidance to my visitor that to buy flat no: 1 here is the only one which will have no bad effects. Let us discuss on his comments over this plan. Mr. Sairam approached me for the second opinion. Let us first discuss on the vasthu pandit recommendations on this apartment flats.

The said Vast Pandit has recommended these points ( His Report ) :

No: 1 flat is having East face and Kitchen is towards Northwest (Southeast is the first preferred place and Northwest is the second preferred ). It is good to have this flat. Master Bedroom is towards Southwest area which is perfectly suits for the vaastu principles. Balcony is towards North, which is good.

No:2 flat is having Staircase towards Northeast, so it is not good, it is having South passage.

No :3 flat entrance is West entrance, so it is not good.

No:4 is also West facing and it is having little corridor focus (Just like street focus).

No:5 is having the Stair case towards Northeast, (even long distance staircase is also not good)

No:6 flat is having passage hitting, and MORE OVER the flat is having Northeast corner loss. so it is not good one.

His final decision is Flat no:1 is the best among all the above flats, if it fails the 3 number flat is second best flat because it is having North and East open spaces.

Later Mr. Sairam approached us for second opinion.

We recommends him to buy the Flat No :6. You may ask one question here, if Northeast cut is there, then the property is not giving good results. Northeast cut property is not giving good results, but if there is no passage or if that property is West or South property then it won't give good results, but this property is having a clear passage towards Northeast to this flat and it leads upto LIFT, so every time they used to walk on this passage only, then this Northeast cut is not coming into consideration and it won't have such extreme negative force power on this flat. Second option is flat no: 5, which is North facing and more utilization of Northeast in the name of Lift. Third option is flat no: 4 which is having Northwest-west passage hitting. Flat No: 3 , this flat is having bedrooms towards Northeast and Southeast, the main entrance door is towards Southwest-west. In the name of Utility and Balcony Northwest-north was increased, which may curse residents with instability and no peace of life. Usage may be more here to the Utility and balcony area, we cannot stop to use these areas, so correction to this areas is not so easy while this is an apartment flat and getting permissions from the association is also headache. Northeast bedroom and Southwest bedroom, both are not recommends to the resident who is the bread winner of the family. The main entrance is also Southwest-west, corrections is not possible as said by Mr.Sairam. Flat Numbers 1,2,3 is having Northeast cut if you say that Flat no: 6 is having Northeast cut. All these flat numbers 1,2,3 have Northeast bedrooms, and 1 and 2 flats having Southeast-east entrance which is not auspicious main entrance doors. 3 flat is having Southwest-west main entrance door, so I cancelled all these three flats, remaining is 4, 5, 6 flats. Flat No: 4 is also having bedroom towards Northeast, so this gone into only third option, if he fails to bid for 6 and 5 number flats. Out of all the above flats the 6 number flat is better. The second best one is flat number 5. Builder is not accepted for any corrections here that already Mr.Sairam confirmed. This flat number 6 is having two bedrooms towards Southwest and South, the third bedroom is towards Northwest part. We have only one option as request by Mr. Sairam that I have to pick only one flat here, there is no other option for him to leave to other apartments, so we recommends him to buy only flat no 6. The second best option is flat no: 5. If there is no option we have to search for the best among the entire flats. Already we insisted Mr.Sairam to find other apartments to buy, but he strongly decided to buy one flat here only. It is his compulsory choice. No other way for him to go for other properties. Based on his demand I selected the flat no: 6. For flat no 5 is also having Northeast bedroom, but the entrance door is towards North and covering Northeast also. This recommendation is based only on map sent by Mr. Sairam, but we strongly informed him about the surroundings of the flat. That is why I always informed to all the visitors to get vaasthu shastra consultancy services only from best expert vastu consultant nearby their properties. Observing the property on paper is different and personal visit is different. We may not expect atleast 50% results over paper plans observations, we may not know what about the surroundings of the flats. So it is strongly recommends to all the visitors it is better to approach only one expert vaastu pandit before buying the properties.

Now apartment culture came into existence, in olden days we all live only in independent houses, those days are different, but now a days due to space availability and construction issues, many people are now likes only apartment flats, its because of price and construction problems.

North, South, East, West flats


Which flat is good as per vastu shastra and why, what are the reasons. Now comment on this flats shown above, we will publish your name and city and your comments on this flat. For your guidance we have clearly mentioned 1,2,3,4 numbers in circles. You may write your comments to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vastu flats living room dining room

Please note that cleaning and appearance is important for any property. Now we will check some apartment flats.

Furniture setting in Apartment Flat

Good lighting and ventilation is important for happy living and health. Air has to free flow to inside, so bigger windows are recommended for apartment flats. The main concept of this construction is good ventilation, air, lighting. Most of the builders are providing such facilities upto 2006 and 2009, after that boom came and most of the builders are not check these qualities. Many requires only money, not facilities to the inhabitants.

cracks to walls flats

See the painting shading and cracks to the walls, it has to be immediately rectified and properly maintain.

Water leakages

Here also paint shaded. It has to be properly repainted. This happens due to wet in walls or leakages at toilets or outlets.

smart look

Every thing should be well maintained here. Smart look and attraction.

Shoe rack at flats

Shoe rack is also designed and planned, with this shoe rack in built in walls, will help us to maintain clean.

Again check some more images of smart look.

Sofa set and furniture settings

Impressive color is properly planned here, that to well maintained property. This all helps to get more positive powers into the property.

Sitting place and Balcony trees

Observe the bigger size of windows, this may not be said to be windows, almost the entire wall is fixed with windows, so there is no wall towards Northeast of this property, the balcony is also extended here. How is this looks.

1. The side should be four sided, square or rectangular in shape, with southwest angle to be 90 degrees.

2. North, east or north east roads would be good with two gates, one in east and other one is at north. Besides northeast, southwest or north- west blocks are also good.

3. Ground levels should be sloping towards northeast and the ground levels in South west should be higher than all other sides.

4. An open well or a bore well should essentially be dug in Northeast before the commencement of the construction.

5. More open space should be left in east and north compared to west and south.

6. Balconies should be on the north, east or north- east directions preferably.

7. Kitchen should be placed in southeast ( Agneya )or north west but never in Northeast ( Eshan )

8. Pent houses should be planned in Southwest on the terrace.

9. Staircases should be on the south, west or south west directions and it should never be on north and east directions because the larger head room on north east is not acceptable.

10. Main entrance to the flat should be from Northeast towards East or North, Southeast towards South, Northwest towards Wests with proper observations you can place the main door at East, South, West, North side also.

11. Cellar should be kept under the northern or eastern portion of the complex and not on the southern and western side.

12. North -east cellar can be used for parking of vehicles.

13. Open area in the north -east should be used for lawns, bore wells and sumps.

14. Open areas in the north- east can also be used for temporary parking.

Street Focus or passage hitting :

Don’t forget about street focus to your flat, some one is having one doubt that the passage at apartment is not the street focus, please note that the passage at apartment is also to be considered as Street Focus. Avoid the street Focus for your flat. The following are the good and bad street focuses for your flats, by reading this articles please select the good flat according to vastu shastra.

15. Eshan (Northeast) street focus is very good for the flat. But most of cases it cannot arises at apartments. If you got this type off Eshan Street focus then don’t waste the time, just pick that flat without delay. See this link for more info on eshan (Northeast) street focus.

16. Easteshan
(East-northeast) street focus flat is very good, don’t late by selecting this type of flat. Its always good flat.

17. East Street focus is also good but you must see some precautionary things before selecting this east street focus hitter flat.

18. Don’t select the Eastagneya (Southeast-east) street focus hitting plot, as its very dangerous street focus.

19. Agneya (Southeast) treet Focus is very dangerous, don’t select this type of flat.

20. Southagneya (Southeast-east) street focus flat is also good. You can select this flat.

21. South Street Focus is sometimes good and sometimes bad; please get one suggestion from one experienced vastu consultant before selecting this type of street focus flat.

22. Don’t select the flat which is having southwest street focus towards south, as its very dangerous street focus.

23. Don’t select the flat which is having southwest street focus as it is totally danger for the residents.

24. Don’t select the flat which is having southwest street focus towards west.

25. West Street focus flat is sometimes good and sometimes bad; please get a suggestion from one experienced vastu consultant before selecting this type of street focus flat.

26. Northwest towards West side street focus flat is good. You can pick this flat.

27. Vayavya (Northwest) street focus flat is most dangerous, don’t select this type of flat.

28. Northwest towards north side street focus flat is not at all good for general living also.

29. North Street focus is also good but you must see some precautionary things before selecting this North street focus hitter flat.

30. Northeashan (North-northeast) street focus flat is very good, select this type of flat.

For your information herewith observe one example for street focus Flat.

The Following Flash File is for your knowledge on Street Focus at Flats, Kindly observe there are 4 flats at one apartment, Flat No:1 is having Bad Southwest Street Focus towards West side. If the south west street focus hits the flat, the flat color changes (this is only for your information) to red, means danger. where as one East Eashan Street Focus hits Flat No: 4, This street Focus is very good, if the east eshan street focus touches the flat number 4 there are some stars blinking (this is for your understanding purpose drawn).

Some one is having doubt that how one flat is having street focus at apartments, how it is possible, for them here is my answer, there are passages at apartments, passage means way, way means small street, street means there must be focus (Thrust) for it. Take your own time and think twice to get correct idea on it. Or need full confirmation kindly verify some apartments and enquire the people who are facing street focus, they will definitely inform you the good or bad effects of their houses. Calculate the street and its thrust.(focus) power. It is an unending story. Shortly we will upload some more content and images here. What is your questions, we will do send answers on it and on the same way we will publish the same at this link.

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Portico and its placements according to Vaasthu, what effects it gives to residents?

Krishna Das Guptha a local Vastu known person told about Desktop God's Icons, what is it?

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0 #9 Street focus for apartmentSathish 2014-12-03 03:04
Hi I have query regarding street focus for apartments, I am planning to buy 3rd floor west facing apartment which has NortWest North street focus for the apartment that is road is being visible from the window of the apartment being purchased. Is it good or can anyone suggest we have to consider the street focus or not.
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Please suggest me how to buy a flat on which floor and how the vasu should be for double bed room
+5 #7 south-west entrancevasudha 2014-09-08 17:50
Helli sir,
We have seen a flat, it is having entrance west facing towards south that is west nairuthi, please suggest is it good to have the entrance in west nairuthi direction.

Vasudha s
+4 #6 MrAmit8274 2014-08-23 13:33
I want to buy a flat in a building but building is on T point ... As t point is not good for house .. Is it also not good for builder apartment as we'll
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I want to buy a flat would like to know what should be the lucky floor according to vastu ,504 or 604 .my date of birth is 15/08/1969 and my husbands 3/08/1966 both of us or leo .Please guide me. Thank u
+4 #3 Flat Entrance in EastsouthPrasad Arjunwadkar 2014-03-30 18:04
I m facing lot of problem from my kitchen room is in middle of north afcing and toilet is east faceing. there is a door opposit to my entrance my entrance is agneya. balcony door comes at sooth west please ttell me what to do i m very confused there is any way.
+5 #2 Flats | Vaastu Shastra Apartment Flat Tips | Condos | CondominiumLieselotte 2014-03-18 20:25
Thanks for finally writing about >Flats | Vaastu Shastra Apartment Flat
Tips | Condos | Condominium
+4 #1 Flat south westrajiv dutta 2014-02-16 13:24
I am purchasing a flat in which their is a balcony in southwest direction of drawing room but later on they cover it and include in drawing room , so that space of balcony comes inside the drawing room in southwest direction . Tell us what is the best use of that space .

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