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Vastu for Master Bedroom :

Vastu Shastra for Master Bedroom : Vastu Shastra says that it is best to have the Master bedrooms in the South, Southwest (Nairuthi) and West directions. Northeast ( Ishan ) corner Bedroom may not be used by the elder of the house. Honestly speaking generally the Northeast cornered bedroom is not good, so don't plan the Northeast bedroom at your home, and it may not be used as a master bedroom, maximum try to avoid placing the bed rooms at East or North Directions If the elder of the house is using the Northeast corner bedroom it may affect on his health and or his financial matters. Please note that this rule may not be applies all the times or for all the homes. Some times if there is heavy open space towards Northeast and good focus is arrives from Northeast then owner may has his bedroom at Northeast, anyway better to show that room to one expert vastu consultant and then only decides to occupy it. Any room which you are using should be snuggery then it will be more energetic to have cozy results.

People sleeping in Southeast (Agneya) towards East side bedrooms suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety and short temper. The owner sleeping in Northwest (Vayavya) bed rooms suffers instability, financial losses, unnecessary headaches from his working areas i.e., his office, shop, lodge or hotels , factories etc.

It is best for the house owner to sleep in the Southwest room and in case not possible in the South bed room or West bed room, if the owner has occupied at these southwest corner bedroom, or south bedroom, or at west bedroom then his position will raise day by day, his works will go smooth, his words has some attraction, he has capability in maintaining his family members or his staff. His financial position will also be risen at peak level. vaasthu for bedroom Vastu Shastra is most important for us, as because we spare max time in a day at this bedroom. While at house construction its better to consult one experienced vasthu consultant then every thing will go smooth. Please remind one thing vaastu consultants can cheat you, but vaasthu shastra cannot. (Sleeping positions are discussed in detail in next pages, don't miss to visit learn more pages). Master bedroom is best suitable at Southwest. The owner has to occupy the Master bed room.

Which is the best place for Bedroom and Master bedroom in a house : -

Prior to know this information, first we have to learn that how many directions in a house.

1. East Direction

2. Southeast Direction

3. South Direction

4. Southwest Direction

5. West Direction

6. Northwest Direction

7. North Direction

8. Northeast Direction

Shortly we will discuss about Master Bedroom in Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast corners or directions.

in every house, home, residence, flat, villa, there must be these eight directions. Apart that there is a place at center or Brahmasthan (we should not construct the bedroom at Brahmasthan).

Bedroom is different and master bedroom is different, generally the owner of the property or head of the house may occupied the master bedroom. Others may occupied remaining bedrooms. Here first we will learn where is the best place for bedroom in a house.

After wake up from the bed some opens their eyes and looking their hands first and chanting mantra. Some will look on their particular interested God, Some look at the mirror, some look at their family members, some looks others photos and feels that the entire day will runs with all good things. Some elders says that after wake up from bed, we have to see Lord Balaji, who is Kaliyuga Daivam, Smiling children face, green natural scenaries or water falls. First observe with some practicals and settle with the one which gives you more good on the entire day. Please note that one is settled in a good vastu house, he will get all good things generally. Anyway we respect people thoughts, but putting some facts may change their life style.

Master Bedroom in Southwest Direction : -

In this image there are 4 colours and four parts., each portion represents a part of the house. Here the Southwest portion place is best suitable for master bedroom.

Please note that in some cases the master bedroom at Southwest portion is giving bad results, how ?

Bedroom portions placement in a house

Vaastu Shastra is a ocean, no body is a master in this science, except God., we are the human beings and searching for several key answers for some problems. Still there are some expert vastu consultants researching on this Indian Vaasthu Shastra science. We respect them. We are also researching several parts of Indian Vaastu Shastra science.

Master Bedroom in West Direction : -

Apart from Southwest portion in a house, there is also another good direction for master bedroom. West portion or direction is good for master bedroom.

Some times the west portion master bedroom may gives bad results to the residents. How it is possible ?

Master bedroom in West direction

Master Bedroom in South Direction :

Apart from Southwest portion in a house, there is also another good direction for master bedroom. South portion or direction is good for master bedroom.

Some times the South portion master bedroom may render bad results to the residents. How it is possible ?

South Master Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Master Bedroom in North Direction : -

North bedroom is generally not recommended for bread winner of the family, but it may be Ok for other family members, like younger children etc. If there is southwest and Soth bedrooms are already there then no need to worry about North bedroom, your family members may use this room. If a property does not have Southwest or South or West bedrooms and having only North bedroom, then we have to think on this erratic placements. If there is hevier open space towards North then this North bedroom also blesses inhabitants, this vastu is filled with logic not magic. Before concluding for a final point one should check every thing. That is why most of the Vastu experts never likes to prefer phone consultation. Because there are many things what we have to observe and then only has to take the decisions. 

South Master Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Master Bedroom in South Direction : -

East bedroom is not good for bread winner of the family, but it may be not bad for other family members, like younger children or kids etc. If one house is having bedroom at East portion, don't take it as serious, but that house must have Southwest bedroom or West bedroom, without Southwest bedroom or West bedroom, the bread winner may not occupy the East portion bedroom.

Some times the East portion master bedroom may render good results to the residents. How it is possible ?

South Master Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Master Bedroom in South Direction : -

Northeast bedroom is not good for bread winner of the family, but it may be not bad for other family members, like younger children or kids etc. If one house is having bedroom at northeast portion, don't take it as serious, but that house must have Southwest bedroom, without Southwest bedroom, the bread winner may not occupy the Northeast portion bedroom.

Some times the Northeast portion master bedroom may render good results to the residents. How it is possible ?

Please note that this Northeast direction bedrooms are appearing heavily in West entrance houses or secondly South facing houses.

South Master Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Direction for the head to be placed while sleeping (Bed Cot Positions) : -

1. If the head is towards the South then, Sound sleep and lesser tensions, health improves.
2. If the head is towards the East, then improvement in knowledge, good for kids or children or employees.
3. If the head is towards the West, it may create ill health.
4. If the head is towards the North, then bad dreams, ill health and disturbed sleep.
5. The cupboard in the room’s to be placed at West direction.
6. The bed in the room is at Southwest corner.
7. The dressing table in the room’s Southeast or Northwest corner (with some conditions)
8. The cupboard in the room may be at South or west or southwest portions.
9. Place the bed or bed cot at South, West or Southwest.
10. The cooler at the room is towards southeast or northwest direction, if not possible then place it at north or east directions but it should not touch the wall at these directions.
11.The flooring should be higher than the remaining house flooring (if the bedroom is at southwest portion)
12.Bath room should be at southeast corner or northwest corner, with some care (with some conditions) it may be placed at Nairuthi (Southwest) also.

Many visitors desired greater clarity with examples for bedroom and position of bed and the like in several situations. Here is shown at tripical bedroom in a regular plot with bed in the southeast corner. The points to be observed here are :

1. Greater load on the Southeast side of the bedroom when compare to Southwest
2. One has to bare the consequences of this anomaly, these are :

A. Incompatibility among the household members. B.Quarrels and troublesome relations with neighbors leading to poor reputation in the community.

C. Getting unnecessarily bad name for no fault of residents.

D. Slow financial death or financially ruined. E. Huge possibility of developing tendencies towards short cuts in life in matters of law, finances and the like leading to further downfall in the society.

E. Developing illegitimate relations either in financial matters or sensual relations.


Vastu Bedroom

Here the bed is towards to Ishan (Northeast) corner, this is not at all good. Don't sleep in this position. This position called to be the worst bed position, we should not sleep at Northeastcorners. Every thing is against to the residents in this placement.

Observe some other bed positions at next page, click the below next page button "Get more info Bedroom Vastu"

Vaastu Bedroom

Which is the best place for wall clock at Bedroom.

Wall Clock at Bedroom :

In a bedroom hanging of wall clock may be suitable towards East side. If its not possible then choose the North direction. Why this East and North directions are good and recommended for wall clock hanging, that means, at mornings generally residents requires to know the timings then they will first check the wall clock area, if the wall clock is towards East side, then they will first seen the EAST direction, this is simple logic. Some says that hanging of wall clock towards East and North are not recommended as its having some weight and better to hang towards South or West directions. Here the results are important not the weight measurement. How much weight the wall clock does have, if we thought/compare about this simple thing then we will get the solution easily. When you get up from bed first see the East direction, this is good.

Wallclock at Bedroom

Which wall shall I hang the Air conditioner / AC in my master bedroom ?

Air Condition Placement :

For the Air condition (A/C) machine particularly for the split machine its better to have West or South direction. If its window A/C, then we should have to think on it. Because we have to check where exactly the window was placed and this window AC is fixed etc things has to be decided then only we have finalize the placement of window AC. Please note that this wall clock and AC machines are very simple fixtures, if the property is according to Vastu then these are not plays any important role. Otherwise we should check every thing about their placements.

Air condition Placement

Dear visitors, if you have any doubts, raise here, we will answer with images, it helps every body inclues you.

Some body are looking how to arrange the TV, Fridge, AC machine, Washing machine, iron safe etc, unfortunately they are not looking about the house structure. Observe the house here, it has Northwest-north increased and main entrance door is also there. If the property is like this way, then first residents has to correct the major mistakes in the house, but some body are looking only very small things in the house and forgetted about the major mistakes in the house, finally these people are commenting that vastu is not works.

Arranging the movable properties as per vastu is good, but first we should check the home vastu then we have to come for this small things.

wrong house construction

Hope you understand this small logic. Follow the exact principles and stand as a leader in the society. Don't approach quacks in the market.

Question from our website Visitor: I have a one storey house, first floor has four bedrooms(two of these are in Northeast and Southeast of house and other two are Northwest and Southwest. The bathroom is in the West of house. The stairs start from East and leads to West of house. The kitchen on the ground floor is Northwest and my living room on ground floor Southeast. Additional to this is the verandah which is in the West wall direction of whole house. My question is that my husband and myself sleep in the Southeast  bedroom as its a large bedroom. My son and his wife sleeps in the Northeast bedroom as this is another large bedroom. My unmarried/student daughter who sleeps in Southwest bedroom as this is a small bedroom. Also an extra room in the Northwest is a small bedroom. Please advise me of who should sleep where and how we can make vastu style adjustments. The sun can be view from the front of the house in the summer but in the winter the sun has moved towards the Southeast direction of house. Lots of arguments and problems are being faced in house with people and partners! I am concerned about health, happiness and education/job prospects - Thank you - Kavitha - Coventry - United Kingdom ?

Constructions in India is different and other countries are purely different. In India now a days most of the people are looking for vastu principles or vasthu constructions, but in other countries, people generally may not looking for the vastu principled house or other properties. They are looking only for the facilitation, air, light and look. Generally Indians who knows vastu may not accepts Western style or Eastern countries styles, now a days most of the Indians are looking for Vastu structures. 

You have total four bedrooms at 4 corners. Southwest, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast. Here the Southwest and Northwest bedrooms are smaller and Southeast and Northeast bedrooms are bigger. Based on the space availability you have occupied the Southeast and your son occupied the Northeast b/r. Here we did not get one point from you, that who is the bread winner in your family. Elder is different and bread winner is different. If you are the bread winner, it is better to occupy the Southwest b/r, and your son will occupy the Southeast and your daughter has to occupy the Northwest b/r. The Northeast b/r has to be kept always open, or has to provide only for the guests who are visiting your property a while in a year. If all these is not possible then ask your daughter to change b/r from Southwest to Northwest. You may use the Southwest b/r as your sitting room for reading or some other works. Southwest room is  most recommended for the elders in the home.

In your ground floor, Kitchen is the Northwest part and you kept the Southeast as your living room or it may be your house living room, the whole West is the verandah or veranda, is it possible to make a small partition at Southwest part at ground floor, if so, better to occupy that room as your personal living room. What about Northeast part of ground floor. It was not mentioned in your email. The second best option (may not be possible for you, but we are publishing here for your kind information purpose) is that you may make another b/r at Southwest Ground floor for your son and you may use the Southwest first floor b/r as yours. Then every thing will be under control and all will feel happy in that house, it is better to show your property with one expert vastu pandit, he will recommend you the best solutions.

Where should we keep the mirror in bedroom ?

In bedroom where should we keep the Iron Almira ?

Which side we have to keep our head while sleeping ?

Where exactly we have to place the beds in our bedroom ?

How much space we have to provide in each direction in bedroom ?



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0 #19 SW guest room in my houseTanishq 2016-06-04 03:15
Sir ,I have purchased a flat where the master bed room has it's bathroom in NE corner and the bed placed in the North ,the balcony of the master bed room opens in Nw and this room is occupied by my father in law the bread winner of the family.We are going through financial crisis presently.Also the guest room lies in the SW with a bathroom in the SW corner .My Nephew is coming to stay here for doing some course of six months and will stay in the guest room .We have shifted here about 4 months back.Kindly guide me the solution.
+2 #18 RemedyParag P 2016-05-15 12:50
I am staying in a rented flat and master bedroom is in North East direction. Another bedroom is in East direction. What is the remedy. Since the carpet area is less please suggest. Thanks
-2 #17 MsPat 2016-04-09 12:30
We have got bed in north east direction. Cannot change the bed as one side cupboards and one side door. Is there any remedy to lessen the effect
-2 #16 MsMeenakshi 2016-03-23 18:15
Hello Sir,

We have just shifted to a rented axcommodation and notice that our bedroom is in the north east corner. please confirm this will not affect us as this is not our own house. If yes and has impact, request your advice on remedy if any.

+2 #15 south east bed roomswami 2016-03-12 17:30
hi sir, could u please advice and clear my doubt we are constructing a new room in south east direction. my doubt is the entrance of the south east room should not be in that direction or the room itself should not be in the direction for a bread winner. if so what is the remedy for the same ... please advice us
0 #14 bedroomjasbir singh 2016-03-09 03:44
Dear sir the door of my in west so i want to knw what is the right position for sleeping.means in which position
i keep my bed in the bedroom
+1 #13 bathroom in brahmasthanMark dev 2016-01-31 09:54
Hello sir, we r living in australia and cant change naything.
My house enterence is east facing, northeast living room, southwest bedroom we r using, southeast bedroom for guest, northwest kitchen, bathroom in brahmasthan. Does vastu affects here?? If yes can u suggest some remedy. We r puting raw salt in bathroom though.
0 #12 House Vastukrishnangopal 2015-06-28 14:14
I am constructing , house. I want you to review my plan and suggest , is it as per vastu or not. How do I contact you .
What is the charge applicable, Regards KrishnanGopal
+2 #11 5 corners in a roomriya gautam 2015-05-14 13:13
hey dear, plzs suggest me that a bedroom with five corner is bad from the point of vastu. and is it so.. what to do to neglect the effects
+5 #10 Master Bedroom problemS Agrawal 2015-05-13 07:36
Dear Sir, i have an independent house of 15*50 with west facing in which my bedroom in the last on east side as u can understand that on three wall north east & south. as per your suggestion south west position is not possible for me and i m not in position to restructure it please guide me. i sleep by my head on east side and legs by west but i didnt get proper sleep i hear various types of voice like bengals, or sound of any lady i am unable to understand whats going on with me i have purchased this house recently in feb. 2015 and contractor said its made as per vastu. please guide me
0 #9 SW BED WINDOW AT WEST SIDE VERY BIG 6×7 feetSaeed Bashir 2015-05-07 19:54
RESPECTED sir, My flat is NE ENTRANCE and bedroom at SW,window at west side of bed room size 6×7 feet big window out word flowerbeds and full grill want know that peoblum of my bed room,my flat one bhk and SE PORTION CUT,bath and wc in E modal,KITCHEN in west midal cooking face to word NORTH,PLEASE ASK SOME REMEDY CORECTION.THANK YOU.
+1 #8 bedroom vastu tipNeharika 2015-03-22 17:29
Hi. I hv recently started believing a lot in vaastu. Just completed one year of marriage. Last one year was full of tensions n bad days. We both fought like hell over petty issues. Earlier we had bed in west directioN and our bed faced the TV which is in east side. Our master bedroom is in southwest direction. Now we have changed our bed side. It is in south direction. But the problem is just behind our head we have our window AC. Window is also in south. Please suggest how to go ahead. Coz if we change the position of bed again to west we will face TV again. Can't change position as we hv limited choice as we stay in govt. Quarter
0 #7 bedroom vastu tipNeharika 2015-03-22 17:19
Dear Sir, I have recently started believing a lot in vastu shastra. And as per the tips I have even set my bedroom.
I hv just completed one year of my marriage. Last one year was full of tension in my life including frequent quarrels between me and my husband. Since we stay in govt. Quarter so are left with very few choices to set bedroom as per vaastu tips. Our bedroom is quite small. With two windows. One on northwest corner n other on south. Door is in northeast corner. Tv on east. Almirah on southeast. Bed in southwest as space is limited. We are now kpng head towards south. But since our AC is fitted in southwest window. It is just positioned behind our head. I m really worried since if we change the bed position in west our bed will directly face the TV. We can't change TV position. Please help. Since the day we kept our head in south direction we r not fighting too. I m too confused.plz help.
0 #6 bed roomhemant kubal 2015-03-08 14:54
it best but if it is in marathi it will be reach so many those who have no more money to pay for vastu conultant
+3 #5 HOUSE VAASTUAbhaly kumar AS 2014-07-03 02:32
Is a book available at your end in english
from Shuba Vaastu
+8 #4 Remedies for vastu doshpankaj mittal 2014-06-09 05:09
Dear Suresh bhai, I am having constant health related issue. After reading on internet, i got to know that a bedroom in the SouthEast direction of the house creates problems . Our bedroom is exactly in the Southeast. We have 2 other bedrooms which are in the southwest and northeast directions. I cannot get my bedroom changed. Could you please suggest some remedies which can be done to rectify this dosh. Would be really thankful to you. Thanks
+3 #3 master bad room windowvikas kumar gupta 2014-04-25 17:38
I have built window in south east direction ,because without this room was not having proper light on that room.
So pl lest me is it right.
+8 #2 Bedroom problemShaili 2014-01-28 12:41
Dear Suresh bhai, I am married for 3 years now and am having constant quarrels with my husband even after we having a love marriage. After reading on internet, i got to know that a bedroom in the SouthEast direction of the house creates problems between the couple. Our bedroom is exactly in the Southeast. We have 2 other bedrooms which are in the southwest and northwest directions. I cannot get my bedroom changed. Could you please sujjest some remedies which can be done to rectify this dhosa. Would be really thankful to you. Thanks Shaili
+2 #1 study tablekarth 2014-01-23 11:14
Ma study table is facing north west..is it gud? I don't have any more spaces to move it

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