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Vastu for Car Parking | Shed | Garage :

Vastu Shastra for Car Parking | Garage | Shed : The student learns one fourth from the teacher, one fourth he learns by his own wisdom, one fourth he learns with the passage of time, one fourth he learns from his classmates. Astrologically, fourth house of the horoscope represent your residence, living place, and vehicles. A vehicle should be housed properly for its better efficiency and long life. A car garage is best in the Southeast or Northwest of your plot. A car parked in the Northwest is best. Please note that, there are some rules/condition that customarily governs behavior as per vastu shastra once you fixed these two places for car parking.

Vastu Shastra and Car Parking Placement

Some families are maintaining limousine, particularly for them the Southwest is suitable, where the biggest cars and not regular usage vehicles are best suitable or kept towards Southwest. Many people are interested to  maintain luxury cars, some are usually rounding outside and some are contentedly keeping the cars, permanently at garage. If garage is in the West of Northwest, there will be lot of traveling. Car remains in the garage for a very short time. A car parked in the southeast requires minor repair work. The floor level of the garage should be sloping towards north or east direction. The Car shed should not touch the main building as well as the compound wall.

There should be a minimum space of 2 feet to 3 feet ( if its not possible then atleast arrange sixteen inches space ) wide all around the garage. A person should be able to circumambulate it on foot without any hindrance. This gap will ensure free movement of light and air all around the living premises and garage. Never park your car exactly in the northeast. Northeast is the entry point of heavenly forces. A car garage in the northeast will obstruct these forces. Parking in the northeast is suitable in the basement area only. Southwest is full of tamas energy. The car will not come out of the garage from this direction. It may be out of order. Its components may get jammed with the passage of time. Always park your car by keeping its face towards north or east. These are the cool directions. Your car’s engine will never get overheated provided it is in the front portion. Infrared rays coming from south and west directions may cause fire hazard if car is parked facing these directions.

The gate of garage should be in the north or east direction. It’s height should be less than the height of main gate of the compound wall. The gate leaves should open fully without any hindrance. White, yellow and other light colours are the best for painting the walls of your garage. No waste material or inflammable material should be stored in the garage. The path in front of the garage should be all clear for car’s movement. Portico for car parking. If you don’t have sufficient space for a garage; construct portico for parking the car. It can be constructed in the north or east of northeast in the plots facing north or east directions. This portico should not touch the main building. Erect pillars independent from the main building with cantilever roof. Keep the face of your car towards north or east direction. North facing car is auspicious for businessmen while east facing car is good for politicians, administrators and government officers. Other principles of car parking are same as described in the garage.

Can we park our car above the underground tank placed at Northeast corner of the house :

Now a days we don't have place to provide every thing to our dream house. Entrance is good at Northeast, car shed or car parking is good at Southwest part of the house. Now coming to the point, we don't have such space for parking and entrance. So we have to compromise. Many residents are placing the car parking at Northeast corner, and there may be water storage sump or well or bore may be planned for water sources. Now how to deal with it.Simple, just place the car and forget the other issues. Very simple, or you particularly requires the answer then don't buy the car or don't dig the sump. Compromise on one thing or don't plan for two things.

Why we should not park the vehicles on water storage sumps ?

Water is the life. We should not spoil it with mud or dust. It is used for drinking purpose or food preparation or cleaning purposes. So water always should be purified. If we park the vehicles on Water storage sumps, what happens, the dust may fall into sump, then it may harm your health. Now we are closed the sumps with tight lid or we packed with steel plates with bars. There may be no chance for dropping the dust. One more important thing is we are purifying the water and then only consuming it for drinking purposes or food preparations.

Can we park the car in Northeast corner ?

Now we are in 21st century. Every body may not have spacious areas to built their dream houses. Based on limits of area we are planning and constructing every thing. Car garage is best suitable at Southwest. This may be suitable for only West and South facing entrance houses. But for North and East facing houses Southwest garage may not be possible, because of space problem, if residents have more area, then the first preference car shed is Southwest corner. North and East facing house owners may adjust garage at Southeast or Northwest areas only. In some areas lack of space, now many residents parking their car at Northeast corner. Now you may observe in many cities for Northeast car parking homes. Is this wrong. As per vastu, this may be wrong, because car is a heavy weight article, we should not place the heavy weights towards Northeast areas. Due to space, except this area we may not provide other place for car parking. In case, it is better to dig one round shaped water storage sump towards Northeast corner.

In the above para, we clearly describe that Northeast portion is not good for car parking and now a days many residents are planning for car parking at Northeast areas only. For those who have large area for house construction then don't plan Northeast area for car parking.
Vastu Car shed

Car parking is best suitable at Southwest area :

Southwest area is the best suitable place for car parking.
Vaastu Car Garage

Is car garage touch the Southwest corner wall / touching the southwest wall is any danger :

Please check the Southwest corner, the car garage is touched the Southwest walls, (South and West ), is there any wrong here. No problem. But this garage should not touch main house.
Vasthu Car Placeement

Car garage should not touch the North wall, when it was planned towards Northwest area. Car shed should not touch the East wall, when it was planned towards Southeast area. Anyway it is strongly recommended that better to approach one expert vastu consultant before constructing the car garage. If any thing wrong happens residents may fall in troubles.

Is Northeast Car shed or garage is good ?

Northeast area is not at all suitable for Car shed. Please note that this rule is applies to some constructions. In western countries the car garage towards Northeast is very common.

The shastra has to be explained based on "desakalamana paristhithuladrustya". Car parking is different and car shed is different. Please keep it in mind.

Vaasthu Cars park lot

Is big size windows are good in a house?

Which link provides East facing house plans?

Which direction home is best as per my Jathaka/horoscope?

Some houses having more spacious backyard, is it good or bad?

I found one house having swimming pool towards Southeast, is it good to buy?

Is door sill is compulsory when we plan for a good looking door for my house?

My friend insisted me that Northeast extended plot is good to buy, is it correct?

I am poor in English language, can I get other languages vastu shastra literature?

Is pooja room at first floor/upstairs is good or we have to do perform only at ground floor?

I need to place elevator/lift in my house/home, as per vastu which is best suitable accommodate place?

Review on our Vasthu Shastra Website SubhaVaastu.com :

"Myname is Rama Moorthy Prasad working as a Supervisor in one American corporation situated in Nigeria country, for my vastu shastra requirements I contacted Mr. Suresh Vastu consultancy for my home vastu consultancy., more than 20 months ago when I was making my new home at my native place (Chittoor Dist) and contacted him for best of vaastu suggestion's and guidance , as per my request he came to our place when construction work was going on and given all his recommendations. One of my cousin is practicing as a Civil Engineer, he was also presented on Mr.Sureshji visit and my cousin noted all of his recommendations and we implemented without any second thought, Sureshji observation on all the civil works and surroundings are greatly appreciated, he never compromises on vastu shastra, he never left even a small bit of work and reaching to all corners of the property for verification, he rounded the property twice for double check of any corrections. Now after staying in our new home for nearly 20 months I can say confidently that we are getting all desired results, I was noticed most of the guests when they enter in to our home expressing that they feel calm and pleasant climate and good vibrations. Now again I am contacting him for my second purchase in Tirupati. All of my family members are fully happy and thankful to his services - Rama Moorthy Prasad - Nigeria - (Kuppam) Chittoor District - India.
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+3 #8 North-east garageAnuu 2016-03-22 02:01
Hi, we live in New Jersey(USA) and planning to build a house. According to the house plan the garage is in North-East corner of the house for an east facing house because tht is the only option we have as we enter the kitchen from the garage as tht is how the plans are usually are. So I can't move the gate to any other direction. Can u plz tell me is thr any remedy or option we have. And is it really bad to have a barge in north-east.
+3 #7 vastu remedy for north if the colour of home is red.raju s thakur 2015-06-03 10:31
sir, pl guide for cures as per vastushastra if exterior paint of a north facing home,whole ground plus first floor is red and its a old house and if due to financial constraints its not possible to color the whole home. what changes or cures can help in increasing the earning even though the anti element is present. regards raju s thakur.
0 #6 kindly guide meJayasree v 2015-03-18 13:26
My house is north facing.Kitchen is in southeast direction.Now i am constructing a workarea in the eastern side of the house.no gap is left in between main building and the new construction.co nstructed 6feet bricks and rest wiremesh. roof is aluminium sheet. Purpose of the space is for cleaning utensils, washing machine etc. Is it advisable?
+1 #5 kitchen vaastushenbagadevi 2014-11-25 08:57
Sir I am confused with the colour of granite to be laid as stove platform.you cleared the doubt when I feel helpless.thank you. Thank you so much.....
+1 #4 Use of Steel for ConcretingShanavas 2014-09-28 08:37
Can you please give me the ratio of steel, metal and sand to be used for concreting?
+1 #3 Car park entrancesajith.k 2014-09-10 10:52
My house plot is East facing,So I have designed my car park on southeast side,,In this case where I can design entrance of plot & car porch?If I design north east side main gate,then car will cross the yard,space will loose,,Where is the exact place in main entrance?
+9 #2 Car Parking IssuesBenjamin 2014-05-04 11:09
hi, your writings establishes that we should not construct the garage towards northeast, if so what about western countries construction system, how to manage this issue without getting any negative impacts to people. appreciate your hardship
+5 #1 Vastu For Car ParkingJacinto 2014-04-02 10:11
My brother recommended I may like this blog. He was once entirely right. This put up truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for thius info! Thank you!

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