We are planning to publish Vaastu websites in all Indian Official Languages. India is a land of selfless people who are ever ready to pick up causes for social service. Through this message we request you to lend a hand for the successful completion of this project in terms of finances. We humbly take this opportunity to mention that our services to military personnel, all Indian government offices and freedom fighters have always been free. Don't chop the trees in the name of Vaastu as they are the heavenly elements. Trees form the basis for the potential development of a property, provide us a sense of security, in addition to helping us prosper in several ways such as education, peace, money.

Vastu for Sites | Vastu Shastra for Vacant Lands :

Vastu for Sites | Plots | Piece of Land | Vacant Areas | Ground : For our happy living purpose and our children future, we have to buy one site/plot/house or home, generally these sites may be bought for our dream home construction or for  investment purpose. Due to residents financial position many inhabitants may buy only one plot in their life time. So its always better to implement practice of vastu shastra before buying the plot or site for house construction. We should be cautious and vigilant in the selection of the plots / sites. This chapter deals and interstitialin detail with the shape or size of the plots or sites and their impression results of the occupants.

Vastu Shastra Sites from www.subhavaastu.com

This link explains the sites which are compatible or incompatibility with vastu principles, we tried our level best to publish the vastu knowledge in this link. We should not forget that our dream houses are to be built there and we are going to live there for years together with our loving family members, if we missed to follow vaastu shastra principles, then we may miss some thing.There is a proverb in Tamil and Telugu that says, “The construction of a house and celebration of a marriage will give a lot of experience that one never forgets in his life. It is to be understood that RAJA YOGA or Luck of the house, begins with the selection of Plots / Sites. A good selected plot makes the house construction an easy task and the whole work will be completed in time. If we decide a plot on the advice of a vaastu specialist, the major portion of work is completed.

Vastu News: Andhra Pradesh was divided into two regions, one is known as Telangana and another one is called as Seemandhra (Rayalaseema and Kostha Andhra), however this state name remains same and known as Andhra Pradesh. Telangana First Chief Minister is Sri. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) and Andhra Pradesh First Chief Minister is Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu. The fortunate factor is that no roaming charges for cell phones in both states. If Telangana user may visited Seemandhra area he might make use of the mobile phone without roaming charges. If Seemandhra person visits Telangana, he might use his mobile phone without roaming charges. Because of the Government Policy, thanks to the Government. Now coming to the point the shapes of Telangana and Seemandhra are now more interested for the discussion, a few vastu pandits are saying that Seemandhra has increased/extended towards Northeast and Telangana looses Northeast. Let us check both positions in future within 5 to 10 years. Which state will gain and which state will have more powerful. Is vastu works for the states also?, does these both states has barriers or compound walls. Is vastu works on shapes on the Maps also ?, generally vastu requires boundaries or barrier, let's examine what's going to occur within long term say about 5 to 10 years of period. The fact is that, vastu always requires barrier or walks or moments. If a state come richer and more shine then the controller or Chief Minister home and offices and other ministry council body members properties should be built according to vastu shastra, then there is a great hopes of positivity to their respected states.

A good vaasthu plot brings the laborer, the supervisor or Engineer and the expected finance, at the appropriate time and an assurance of early completion. This also fetches good FORTUNES to the occupants of the house / building definitely. One could see (in their area), many plots with half constructions. Further works are delayed there for months together. Even though the OWNER has sufficient money, the construction works will not be at the expected speed. Wastage of money also becomes inevitable in the construction of houses due to FAULTY or BAD PLOTS. Hence, the selection of PLOT / SITE is more CRUCIAL but it will be an easy task if we follow the rules, given in this chapter. Now we are discussing about some polygon plots :

Square Plots
Rectangular Shape
Circle Shaped Plots
Oval Shaped Plots
Triangular Plots
Angle Shaped
Pentagon Shape
Hexagon Shape
Heptagon Shape
Octagon Shape
Nonagon Shape
Decagon Shape
Undecagon Shape
Dodecagon Shape
Gomukhi or Cow faced Plots
Sher Mukhi or Singh Mukhar or Vyagramukhi
Sun and Moon
Cart Shaped
Double Cart Shape
T Shaped Plots
Reverse T Shaped
Semi Circle Shaped
Bow Shaped
Mridanga Shaped Plots
Hand fan type Plots
Star Shaped
Kakmukhi (Crow shaped) Plots
Pathra Beeda or Damarukh Plots
Vardhaka or Virudham Plots.

Square Plots:

If the four sides are equal like a square, it is called a square plot. These plots are called as CHADUSTAKONA PLOTS. This is best suited for any construction. These plots have maximum magnetic and Cosmic Energy. There plots bring happiness, riches and health to the occupants.

This site / plot is in square shape, if you buy this plot, a strong advice to you is immediately consult one experienced vaastu consultant to have a good plan for future development. If you know Vaastu shastra then it’s your interest to act as you like. At this plot the doors must fitted at right place according to vaastu shastra. If doors are not correctly erected at right place then the plot may not provides the residents happiness and prosperous..

Vaastu Shastra square plot


These plots are also called ‘AYUDHA’ plots. This brings more fortunes and riches to the occupants. But, the length should be in the proper ratio of 2:1 to width. If the length is more than twice the width, then plots are not auspicious, as there will be imbalance of Cosmic Energy in the plot.

This is the rectangular shaped plot. The main entrance is important to this plot. If the main entrance is not at correct place according to vaastu shastra, then the residents may be in trouble, they may always looking for others help. Better to consult one experienced vastu consultant before buying the plot. This is the right and perfect way of selecting the plot. Many residents now selecting the plots by knowing half knowledge vasthu and getting into troubles.

Vastu Shastra site

Rectangular shape sites are good sites, no worries at all. But the entrance should be according to vastu principles, we must check the surroundings vastu before buying the sites. It is important aspect in vaastu Shastra. The South direction of this site has to be occupied by others, if not plant trees there to minimize the negativity from South direction. We are investing our hard earned money on properties so it is always better to have one best expert vastu consultant advise before taking any decision. Consultants fee is very very smaller than what we invest on the properties. The intelligent and wise people always have the consultancy before buying the properties. This is the right and correct system. Two things we should not forget before buying the property. 1. Vastu Consultation. 2. After this process then take one legal adviser note before buying the property, check all legal issues before signing the documents. This is also too important for future security. There is some other plots which may be called "oblong" ones, here the measurements are too vary.

The land which has many qualities in different areas, states, countries. We are accustomed to live with one area, we may called it as attachment or love on that area or people who loved there. Some times we never leave some areas, because of attachments or affection on that area or people. Some may easily leave some areas immediately, they may vex with the situations there. Anyway peace is great to have the life with satisfaction. We have divided the sites into four categories.

1. First Grade / Quality Sites (The most excellent sites)

2. Second Grade / Quality Sites. (Good Sites)

3. Third Grade / Quality Sites. (Average Sites)

4. Fourth Grade / Quality Sites. (Not good sites or Bad sites)

We will discuss each and every site here. There after you may decides to occupy the site nearby you. We are publishing the vastu content matter here, it may helps to find the good properties in your localities, but it is strongly recommends you to approach one expert vastu consultant and then only take the decision to buy or leave the property. Don't point on any body after buying the properties. No body in our circles are wontedly creating losses to others. Every body requires others benefits. Only some people may have crooked mentality. We must go very far to them by through some money on them.

Which site is good to have :

Generally residents have great doubt that which site is good for them. As per astrological some body interested to have East and North facing properties, some body may be interested on South and West properties. Even many astrologers are saying after checking the Jathaka | Horoscope | Astrological Sheet | Raasi Chart | celestial map | astrological chart | star-chart | astro-chart | sky-map | cosmogram | radical chart | vita sphere | chart wheel | radix or some body says chart. We have discussed clearly about the sites and directions and residents horoscopes here . Now coming to the point, all directions are good. If you are particularly looking for a Plot / Site then search for a good site with vastu principles. If the site / plot is not good according to vastu principles then don't buy it even your horoscope says that direction plot / site is good.

Square Sites / Plots :

Earlier we discussed about the sites. The square plot / site is good. Square site means a plot / site which all the directions are equal and at an angle of 90 degrees is considered to be the auspicious site / plot. Olden literature also saying that the heavenly Vastu Purusha may be best suits or fits in this plots and all of his body parts are perfectly fits and that site leads to all round success and prosperity and leads good health of residents.

We did not seen many shaped plots shown below, to be frank we don't have experience with some plots published below, recently we observed one house in Hyderabad which is almost a diamond in style,  construction and look. We will be more happy if we get residents experience in that property, so that we will recommend to others if they feel more comfort in that property.

Square Plot / Site :

This is 90 degrees plot, there is only South and West walls for your understanding purpose. The corner that is Southwest is 90 degrees. Now check the below image.

Vastu for Sites

All corners are 90 degrees.

This plot / site is having 90 degrees in all corners/ angles. Each and all corner shows with corner border and 90 degrees. Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast all corners are 90 degrees site. No extensions or no depressions on any corner. This is perfectly called as a square plot. Generally this plot / site leads to all around health and wealth.

90 degrees sites

Rectangular Plots / Sites :

Generally the plots / sites in which the opposite sides or other sides may be equal and the corners or angles are 90 degrees are also considered to be the auspicious properties. In rectangular plots / sites there is two types, one is East - West rectangular and North - South rectangular plots / sites. The ideal proportion of the site of length and breadth is 1:2. In some rectangular plots there is a vary in proportion, or very narrow rectangular plots are not said to be the good ones. Just like they may be like a train bogie's or stretched corridors. There is male rectangular sites and female rectangular sites are there. If the East - West length is more than North - South this could be called as Male sites / male rectangular sites / plots. So when you would like to select the rectangular shape property, then take care to see that the length has a North - South spread and the breadth has a n East - West spread. In other words the East and West directions should be longer than the North and South directions. Male sites or rectangular sites means the East - West measurement is more than the measurement of North - South directions.

See this North-South directions measurements are more than the East - West directions, this is called as female site or female rectangular site. We may clearly observe the difference between the measurements of all directions.

Rectangular sites North-South

Now see the another rectangular site :

This rectangular site / plot measurements, East-West measurements are more than North-South measurements. This is called as Male site. This is auspicious site / plot.

Rectangular property East and West

 Circular Sites / Plots :

Round shared or Circular sites / plots are not auspicious for residential purposes. One should not construct the house in this round shared plot. Please note that in some areas the constructions are not giving bad results though the circular shape is there, it is because there may not be constructed compound wall. If compound wall constructed to this site, then good or bad results starts. When there is a compound wall, then this site is not at all suitable for the residential means.

vastu circular sites/plots

Now observe the compound wall and site :

Now observe the round shaped compound wall, this property is not good for residential constructions. Circular or round shaped constructions may be good for commercial properties or constructions, provided if the construction is also round shaped, then it may be auspicious. Round shaped plots or round shaped constructions are not auspicious as there is a loss of Northeast corner. Latest sayings and modern vastu experts are also opinion the same. We can find such round shaped constructions like playing stadiums, Parliament House etc. Here we should observe one thing, is the construction is also round shaped or square or rectangular shaped then good results may be expected. If the construction is also round shaped then growth of wealth and knowledge observed. At any cost rectangular or round shaped should not be constructed here.

Round shaped or Circular shaped plot or site

Oval Shape Plots / Sites :

These oval shaped properties may be good for religious structures. We have not find such exactly oval shaped properties in our researches. Through only books we thought that such properties may harmful and brings losses. Any way house construction in this oval shaped compound premises is not at all good.

Oval Shaped property house home

Triangular Sites / Plots :

This is triangular plots, there are some more triangular plots, check below. Rectangular shape towards North direction. Construction in this plot may leads to many tensions, fire accidents, disputes, defame to the residents, particularly losses and progeny lost, loss of successors, disciples etc. Generally this property attracts negative energies on the site or residents. Equilateral Triangular and non Equilateral triangular shapes are also there.

Rectangular shaped sites, plots, houses,

Another directional Triangular Site / Plot :

Observe the difference from the above one. This is also a triangular shape plot, but pointer is towards East. Just like there is another two more triangular shaped plots.

Or we may not treat the head and tail of such triangular properties here. All three corners may be head or tail.

East facing rectangular shaped plot

Another Triangular Shape :

This Triangular plot head is pointing towards South direction.

Or we may not treat the head and tail of such triangular properties here. All three corners may be head or tail.

South shaped rectangular shaped property

Another triangular plot :

This is also one Triangular shaped plot, faces towards West side.

Or we may not treat the head and tail of such triangular properties here. All three corners may be head or tail.

West direction rectangular plot

Angle Shape :

This angle shaped plot is known or called as angular Shaped site. Which provides mixed results to the residents.

Angle shaped Plot, site

Pentagon Shaped :

This is pentagon Shape property. This will have 5 sides.

Pentagon Shape

Hexagonal Plot :

This plot / site is called as Hexagonal site / plot. Rarely we can find such type of plots. Six corners and all corner sizes are equal. Some says this plot may renders good results, but as we heard that this plot is not giving good results, but we did not have any experiences with such plots or sites. Please note that this is the subject which shows the plots and their shape names and it is for the purpose of knowing information. This is having 6 sides.

Hexagonal plot or site

Heptagon Shaped :

This is Heptagon shaped, 7 sides plot.

Heptagon Shape

Octagonal Shape :

This plot is also having six shapes or corners, which is called as Octagonal shape plot / site. This is total 8 sides property.

Octagonal Shaped plots sites

Nonagon Shape :

This is nonagon Shape, it has total 9 sides.

Octagonal Shaped plots sites

Decagon Shape :

This is decagon Shape, it has total 10 sides.

Decagon Shape

Undecagon Shape :

This is Undecagon Shape, it has total 11 sides.

Undecagon Shape

Dodecagon Shape :

This is Dodecagon Shape, it has total 12 sides.

Undecagon Shape

Gomukhi or Cow faced Plots :

General sayings said that this plots are good for residential houses. But it is not good for commercial complexes or constructions. It is said to be the front portion is narrow and rear shape is broad. Here the road is towards North. Then it is said to be Gomukhi plot or site. If the road is came towards South then it is said to be Shermukhi. Let we will discuss below. Or the front shape is wider than the rear shape. See below. Some says that this is Visambag plots and not suitable for any construction.

Gomukhi sites, cow mukhi

Sher Mukhi or Singh Mukhar or Vyagramukhi :

This shape of land is called Shermukhi or Singh Mukhi or Shermukhakar or vyagramukhi plots/sites or Lion shaped plot or site. Plots which are broad in front and narrow in rear or back side called as Sher mukhi. Sayings said that these plots are good for commercial purposes and not suitable for residential houses. This is just opposite to the Gowmukhi sites/ plots, that you may compare with the above image. Some says that this is also called as Tabla Plot, it seems to be the shape is like that style.

Shermukhi or Singh mukhakar plots or sites

There is a prolonged public disagreement or controversy with the linkage of Trapezium shaped with Gomukhi, some body says its only for Shermukhi, major opiniend that this trapezium shaped belongs to cow shape or gomukhi.  (Require your expert opinion here, please contact us)

Sun and Moon Plots :

In some places the plots may be two types, one part is very light and another part is heavier. The site is diagonally divided equally into two parts, one part is said to be Northeast and another part is said to be Southwest part. The Northeast part is Sun portion and Southwest part is Moon portion. The Sun portion is lower and shines and Moon part portion is dark and heavier. Generally these properties are not seen. But just like these plots we can find the sites which have elevated towards Southwest and depression towards Northeast sides. This site is not a familiar in society, many people does not know about this Sun and Moon site. Very rarely this word is used.

Sun and Moon sites or Plots

Cart Shaped Plots :

This is called as cart shaped plot / site. Which is not giving good results to the residents. We have some experiences with this type of properties, but those are not sharp one as shown in this image. Below is the plot. which is T shaped plot.

Cart Shaped plots or sites

Double Cart Plot / Site :

This is double cart shaped plot, or reserved plot. This is not auspicious plot. Some body says that reverse "H" shaped plot.

Double cart or reserved cart sites

"T" Shaped Property :

This is "T" shaped plot or site. This is not auspicious plot. Residents may not expect good results from this property or House.

T shaped property | plot | site

Reverse "T" Shape Plots :

This is reserve "T" shaped site or plot. Which always gives painful results to the residents. Some times this property may bless with unbelievable good results to the inhabitants and finally made them as a looser with negative results.

Reverse T shaped plot or sites

Semi Circle Shaped Plot :

This is semi circle or half circle land / site / plot.

Half circle or Semi circle land, site,plot

Bow Shaped Plot :

Bow shaped plot / site. This site may not develop good relation with others.

Bow Shaped Plot, site

Mridanga Shaped Plot or Site :

This is mridanga shaped plot.

Mridanga Shaped Plot, site

Hand fan Shaped :

This is looks to be hand fan shaped style. Already we discussed about the direction of the site or plot, if the tile is facing towards a direction, we can easily predict the results of a site. If this tile came towards down this may be called as a flag shaped land. Some may ask the question that they are interested to buy a plot like hand fan shaped, shall we fix that they are searching for this same diagram shaped property, no, there are lots of other style in this only one hand fan shaped property. Now check the below image.

Handfan Shaped Plots

Observe this Image :

Some body asked question that, sir, ours is a hand fan plot, where to place the kitchen, bedroom etc, to answer their question, we should require some more information, check the image herewith, plot is hand fan shaped, where is the tail and head and which direction is the head etc, its very important to explain, then only others will understand.

How many shaped or styles now. Now we are discussing only directional plots, if we check the skewed properties, then they may also filled with another eight or ??

Different Shaped Plots

Star Shaped Property :

This is Star shaped property. These are very rare properties. But some where some property owners are interested to build the properties like this shape.

Star Shaped plot

Kakmukhi (Crow shaped) Plots :

This is said to be Kakmukhi Shaped plot. This may be also called as Crow shaped plot. Some body have their opinion that, this property is good and residents will be more prosperous. But the shape of the tile and direction is too important to decide the results.

Star Shaped plot

Damarukh or Pathra Beeda Shape :

These sites are called as Damarukh or Pathra beeda sites. Broad sides are equal and lengthy sides are curved as shown in the image.

Pathra beeda or Damarukh

Capsule or Vardhaka Shape :

This is called as Vardhaka or Virudham or Capsule shaped property.

Vardhaka Shape or Capsule


Its a two pairs of parallel sides and a simple quadrilateral parallelogram, as per Euclidean Geometry. It has equal length and has opposite perspective facings. We may found these types of structures or plots in some areas. Based on the direction, the results may be vary. Some times its very difficult, even to the experts to understand the exact structure which are to be defined as Parallelogram properties. Anyway the residents should be very careful before starting the construction. Inhabitants has to invite only experts in this field and obtain the right evaluation for happy and peaceful future. Many experts come across this king structures and warn landlords to have the spectrum thought.


Require corrections to the link and more addition may took to this link, shortly many more changes may  appear here. We come across with many irregular shaped properties, we will update with latest information soon in your favorite Vastu Shastra Website. Please note that the square or the rectangular sites are the auspicious when compare with many other sites. In general we may easily understands that in Square shaped plots Panchabhoothas are occupied in perfect ratio, and it becomes stable when placed or constructed on ground. It may easily offers a counter force against seismic forces. Irregular shape constructions or properties may result of uneven distribution of forces thereby leading to damage the property.

So we urge the public, before going to buy the land or property, better to approach one best vastu shastra expert consultant nearby you, he will guide you with best recommendations after visiting the property.

Where can we find the best vastu shastra consultants in India?

What are the vastu effects, can you please explain atleast one or two with images?

I am very curious to know about vastu tips, where can I get them in this vastu website?

Which flat is good in an East facing apartment, I have many doubts on facing of the flats?

Due to lack of space we planned to buy a flat in an apartment, is vastu works even for arpts?

Would like to arrange Elevator/lift at my residence as per vastu, inform best accommodate places?

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0 #16 West face plotsai 2016-06-28 18:27
can you clarify me if the plot direction is west face can we built a house to east face and arrange Main Door entrance towards east direction.
please inform to me.
Thanks and Regards
+2 #15 south west cornersai 2016-06-28 17:15
i am having a open plot with south west corner
size South:36 North : 36 and east:50 west :50 and no road hitings.
this is an ECO-Plot means for platation purpose is it good to me holding the plot for long term basis.
i purchased this plot only to save nature with planting purpose. please give me your advice.
and also say to me is female plots holding by male is good for long term basis for investment purpose.

thanks and regerds
0 #14 PlotMageshvaran v 2016-06-27 08:04
Dear sir

my plot size is 32 x 60 east facing. 32 is facing east. from north of east, 23 feet of my plot there is a street focus. DTCP approved property. street focus road is not used yet.

can i build my home here. kindly suggest.

0 #13 wants ur advice for my house which i bought north faced, 30 feet by 24 feet(shermukhi}pawanprashar 2016-05-16 02:57
pls advice me, i want to do ist floor construction, i bought constructed house, which is north faced front 30feet by 24feet, nd 70feet by 70 feet, main enterance is divided into two part (main gate cover20 feet nd 2nd is shop of 10 feet has dirrerent door, now i wan to know this is still shermukhi ? pls suggest us without demolition,some upayee.
+1 #12 ResidentSuresh Menon 2016-03-09 12:11
Dear Sir,
Can I go-ahead and buy a west facing plot for construction of a house, with west measuring 39 Ft. x East 41 Ft., North and South measuring 60 Ft each, in a layout in Bangalore.
Thanks & Best Regards
+1 #11 L shape houseAmbuja 2016-02-08 15:38
Sir I am ambuja we want to know whether we can construct a house from left land to top right east facing is road. So devamulay is empty we want north east facing as main door. It is actually 30*40 site we occupied only left site of site.
+1 #10 diamond shapesup 2015-12-24 18:18
We have NA plot of 3 guntha. Having diamond shape. Is preferable to buy this plot?
+1 #9 which type o my plotrobbie 2015-11-10 11:41
Front 25ft mid 39ft n last 35 ft
0 #8 Triangular plotB.Sathyanarayan 2015-10-17 16:17
The plot is 90 degrees on south east. 60 degrees on North and south. The plot tilted 15 degrees towards southwest. I want to buy this for some good cause. Please help.
+6 #7 Right angled triangle landvaibhav 2015-03-27 11:43
Hello sir, I am having right angled triangle piece of land on which I want to make home for my self and 5 cousins. I am unable to decide how to should I cut a pot and make house.
+10 #6 office planekata 2014-11-03 08:36
which direction best in terrace (1st Floor) Adv.office
+17 #5 cornerss of flatBodla Arivand 2014-10-14 19:13
I am showing interest in a flat (apartment)havi ng 6corners.flat is east facing.is it advisable?
+18 #4 Require Lucky Vasthu Placements for Housesdhanuka mano 2014-09-07 14:33
Sir- I am retired Journalist. .I shall appreciate if you could emailme how to select the best position to builta house on a square plot or a rectangular plotof land facing East or north? tku mano dhanuka
+16 #3 South faced Not exact Gomukhi PlotSelvaraj ST 2014-07-11 05:05
South=20+road, East=30+stright ,North=32+slope & West= 42+slope. Please advise me to start construction this odd type south facing site. (The front side is narrow and the rear is wider the northwest angle is acute and this area is more than the southwest area)
+14 #2 upayeसीताराम 2014-07-03 09:33
मेरे मकान में हैं तीन दरवाजे एक ही सीध में,अंतिम दरवाजे पर स्टोर है बीच वाले कमरे में ज्यादातर समय बीताता है,पहले दरवाजे से घुसते ही दाई ओर रसोई है हमारी आर्थिक हालात ठीक नहीं है हमारा घर शेर मुखी हे उपाय बताये
-5 #1 require house planSoma Sekhar Reddy 2014-02-07 15:22
I just seen your website, will send you my plot measurements, make a drawing and send it to my address through courier to my home another one to my office, also send one soft copy to my email along with your written books soft copies. My requirement is 5 bedrooms with attached toilets, two common toilets, one dining room, kitchen (compulsory requires island at kitchen), front and back two balconies, elevator position, car garage, swimming pool at back yard or at top floor. One home theater at top floor. plan for one or two guest bedrooms at top floor. hello, plans should be in autocad and in pdf format, compulsory requires 3d images with front elevation pictures, expecting every thing below 48 hours, as we dont have time to extend further more. when will be bhoomi pooja performed. are u looking for any payment for this services, respond immediately.

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The website Subhavaastu.com is very informative.Sureshji, the founder of this website is according to me a great ¨human who has vast knowledge in vastushastra and his kindness to his clients are appreciated. He listens to his clients problems patiently and gives the appropriate remedies. His main motto is good service and he responses as quick as possible. I spoke to Sureshji as a stranger only, but after one phone call itself , I started feeling that he is a caring well wisher for whoever asks his help. He is a genuine person. He doesn't force you to spend money in the name of vasthushastra, he explains clearly where the problem is and tries to give very easy changes to have a peaceful life. Sathya Priya - Switzerland.

We are tech professionals and working in USA. After a year long search we brought the house. After buying the house I started looking into vaastu consultant who can help me evaluating the house. I came across Subhavaastu website which has lot of vaastu information. I contacted Mr.Suresh and requested him to help with our house vastu. It has been a great pleasure working with him. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. I am typically not interested to deliver the reviews. But after working with Mr. Suresh I decided to share my experience. Mr. Suresh has great expertise in providing vaastu consultation to USA property. He is always available through email and phone l to answer questions. I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Please take vaastu advise before buying the house. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house vaastu - Padma - Boston - USA.

I have consulted SubhaVaastu (Suresh Gaaru) during December 2014 during the process of buying a house in Texas, USA. I have occupied the house for one year now, and feel like dropping a review regarding my experience during the entire process. I am very much satisfied with the kind of service I received from Subhavaastu. He is very knowledgeable about vaastu and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. He was very much accessible over phone (perhaps more than 10 times for one house plan!) and the price is very much reasonable especially compared with the cost of the house. I noticed his burning desire to help me in making informed decisions on certain things. I have seen some people pretending to know Vaastu and misguiding those who come for help by saying only what we want to hear. SubhaVaastu is definitely not that one. Finally, I am strong believer of leaving certain things to experts in those subjects. I have been in US for more than 13 years and have seen people doing their own vaastu (by reading website articles) trying to save few dollars. Please don’t do that. You would end up in causing more damage. I highly recommend you to engage SubhaVaastu in your next project - Satish - Dallas - TX - USA.


India, by nature, is a peace loving country. It, since time immemorial, had no evil eye on any other nation. This land given birth to many great personalities like Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam etc. The birth of Rama, Krishna and Buddha are legendary but infact it was proved. This has been the place where Dharma- Virtue - has been well protected and in fact nourished. When in distress great personalities like Hazarath Nizamuddin and in recent years His Holiness Dalai Lama have taken refuge here to serve humanity. In spite of this URI incident (18 soldiers were killed ) has happened the psyche of India is shaken. The country is taking all necessary steps to prevent/pre empt such situations. Huge sums of money are being spent in acquiring modern equipment and weaponry. While constructing new premises or modifying existing one's kindly consult us so that correct scientific principles conducive to the requirements are met with. We from SubhaVaastu urge the Government of India to consult us in this regard. Vaastu is science (not engineering) of construction lives with harmony. It helps harmonising various natural forces that are prevalent in nature so that a conducive environment is available to take appropriate decisions at all times. This science is both for residential as well as office buildings, already many buildings were constructing for Army officers, we are ready to serve with free vastu consultancy to enable officers to get success in their ventures. We request media and other agencies to take up this matter with government to help achieve the objective service to our nation India. For more information on Free Vastu Consultancy Services to Military here is the link.

Almost 10 Vastu house Plans were published at this link.

120 days FREE services to Chennai People Successfully completed Chennai Rains

People in Kollam faced a terrible fire accident, by seeing their unexplainable painful sufferings we thought to serve them total free vastu consultation Kollam Fire Accident

There is a lot of gender bias in our society when we have a girl child. It is more awful when more than 2 daughters are successively born in a family. Many poor families are unable to seek our advice for want of ability to pay the fee. Hence we have decided to give free vastu consultancy to such families where there are more than two daughters successively. This is our contribution in fighting the gender bias in our society. Kindly send us adequate proof with your request for free vastu consultancy services. This window is open upto 2nd October 2016 i.e., Gandhi Jayanthi, (it was extended upto Diwali due to residents requests.) we don't encourage any bais towards caste community religion or region either, for vastu science is applicable irrespective of caste, religion, region etc. Further you may communicate this free service information to your friends and relatives. This itself is a service to society by you. We are greatful for your co-operation in this behalf.

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Days are changing, people does not have patience, many were sitting before FaceBook and Twitter and paying attention to foreign websites. Most of them forgotten our/their cultures, traditions, methods, systems. Just passing time by observing videos, after observing many changes in our society we thought to introduce most attractive devotional wallpapers. Let us check Devotional Wallpapers

SubhaVastu Wallpapers

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Kitchen is one of the important places in our home. It is here that our health is decided. Hence keeping it clean is essential. Don't keep in the kitchen any other material except those that are used for cooking. particularly broomsticks, mops etc. Infact it is the best to enter the kitchen after your basic morning activities are completed. The best place for kitchen in the home is Southeast. Next best place is Northwest. Best to see that all your morning activities including bathing putting on clean cloths is done before entering the kitchen. Wherever the Kitchen is positioned see that while cooking you face East, where it is not possible for the stove to be in the East and it may be in any other direction technically speaking it is violation of basic vastu principles, however whenever such situations arise stand facing East in the kitchen pray and do the cooking. This may reduce the evil effects of wrong positioning of the stove. Prayerful mood while cooking is the auspicious thought and its good for your family members. For more Vastu Tips : http://www.subhavaastu.com/daily-vaastu-tips.html

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