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We are planning to prepare Vastu websites in All Indian Languages, please serve and support us. There are many service oriented people in our society, we request them please come and serve to complete this project. Please note that our services to Military personal are free, our other free Vastu Consultancy services applies to Tree Lovers, all Indian Government Offices and Freedom Fighters. Dont cut the trees in the name of Vastu, trees are the heavenly elements, which provides property a potential development, security feeling, education, peace, money and also trees welcomes Heavenly Elements.
ShubhVastu Shastra Free Tips for House, Home Shop and Factory

Vastu Shastra Tips for Selection of Plot:

Vastu Shastra Tips : We are presenting valuable Vastu tips or vasthu guidelines for your information, at first no one find that these vastu tips may be valuable, but if we done any mistake in selecting the plot or house, then only we know the value of these valuable vastu tips. It is strongly recommended that don’t execute these vastu shastra tips without having a suggestion from an best expert vastu consultant, these vastu tips are only for your information, idea and knowledge on Indian vastu shastra. Vaasthu tips may be elaborately developed in coming days. Tips and techniques on Vastu for Home, Vastu for Office, Vastu for House, Vastu for Factory etc may also be available in this section.

Tips for Selecting a plot :

First avoid of buying Black clay soil areas, if so or otherwise the foundations will be so weak and the construction cannot stand long time. If the structure disturbs or cracks developed to the walls then vastu / positive power cannot works, please always remember this vastu tip. Once again I am informing you if the construction is NOT healthy vastu cannot works. If any body approaching Vaastu Pandit (Pundit) for each and every property purchases, he will be the winner in future. Approaching Vasthu expert is not a mistake, he takes only one time fee, but residents will enjoy the Vaasthu positive power and they enjoy the peace and fruits of vastu shastra blessings lifelong. It is better, search for one expert vastu shastra pundit and request him to visit your interested property, only with his guidance there after take the decision to buy or leave that property and search for another one, this is the perfect procedure.

If there is no ground water first avoid buying that plot.

The following plots are inauspicious:

1. Oval type plots
2. Triangular plots
3. Unshaped plots which are cut at Eshan ( North-east) corner.
4. Round shaped plots.
5. Polygonal plots.
6. Rounded north-east corner plots.
7. Plots which is having raising (increasing) at Agneya (Southeast) corner.
8. Plots which is increasing at vayavya(northwest) corner.
9. Heavy raising at southwest corner plots.
10. Heavy digs at southwest corners.
11. South to North at west side higher than the south to north at east side plots.
12. More slope from north to south side plots or sites.
13. More slope from east to west side plots.
14. Heavy digs at south side plots.
15. Heavy sump at west side plots.
16. Mountains at north side plots.
17. Heavy rocks at east side plots.
18. Heavy mountain stones at Eshan side plots.
19. River at south side plots.
20. River at west side plots.
21. River at southwest side plots.
22. Heavy buildings or apartments at north side plots.
23. Heavy buildings at east side plots.
24. Heavy buildings at Eshan side plots.
25. Two sides i.e., either north & south sides or east & west sides apartment plots.
26. Slope from Eshan to Southwest (Nairuthi) corner plots.

27. More open space at south side than north side plot.
28. More open space at west side than east side plot

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Reviews on Website :

Your vastu tips are very useful for me. Thanking you sir - Manikandan - Trichy - Tamilnadu - India.

Hi my name is Sandeep Kumar Paramman from Germany, I seen this website as I got one email from my friend working as senior development officer in Government Services, State of Assam, India. This website is a wonder, just by seeing the images I understood the position of situations. I was noticed that many websites doing great business, but here what I known fact is that service is the main motive of this website, I contacted Mr. Suresh Panditji, his guidance brings me confidence and improvement in my profession. I appreciate every one make this website as one of India's best and service oriented website. God Bless When ever I came back to my beloved mother land India, I will definitely meet Sureshji. Thought is every ones property but amendment is the main structural key for the dream - Santosh P Kumar - Potsdam - Germany.

I read Subhavaastu book and i got impressed with the content and immediately i called Mr.Suresh requesting him to look my flat and luckily he came to see my flat and gave very good suggestions. Mr.Suresh is a genius and he spends more than enough time to understand our problems and he never rushed during his visit to my flat. He gave excellent suggestions and also explained clearly why those changes are required and he made sure that we wrote all those on paper. He is very open and never hides anything , i don't think anybody in this world will write a book like subhavaastu very clearly explaining each and every point with examples and plans.We require people like Mr.Suresh who has got very good subject and experience in Vaastu. I recommend everyone who wants to know about Vaastu for their properties, first call Mr.Suresh and talk to him once , you will know about him very well. If you want Vaastu, we need only genuine people like Mr.Suresh of subhavaastu website - Babu Sudhir - Bangalore - Karnataka - India.

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No doubt, the Northeast-east street focus is excellent, but some times this may gives only negative results, its only because of the main entrance door to the property may not be opposite to this street focus and it may be towards Northeast and very nearer to the North, due to this it may not attract the Street focus beneficial results. One should select the property only with the help of expert vastu consultant, otherwise he may be the looser.

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