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West direction of a home is depressed and has a water well or water sump then the residents may face severe health disorders, ill-health or some times loss of progeny, financially backward etc. To cover all of these problems, then just fill that depressed part and elevated with heavy rocks or stones or atleast dump it with mud. Click here for more Daily Vastu Shastra Tips

Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom | Master Bedrooms:

Vastu Shastra tips for Bedroom (Master Bedroom) : - In olden days we enjoyed our life with all of our elders in a very big house or it may be called as joint families, but now a days our life has been restricted to very small rooms(Apartment or Flats) we accustomed for all these changes in our life, good or bad we don't know, but the thing seems to be most of the people are selecting only an apartment flat for their living, why we are selecting flats, some reasons are like security, we cannot built the home, cheaper price when compare with independent homes, in olden days we may not met with hi tech thieves, but now a days every thing is hi-tech, cheating is also hi-tech. We need security, that may be the reason we are choosing or selecting the apartment flats life. In olden days ladies are only house wife and doing domestic works, but now both husband and wife has to work, otherwise saving may not be possible. Now most of the people are suffering with heavy expenditures and lesser income. Expenditure is gradually increasing day by day. Our life style also changed, we are selecting the branded items, most of the times we are visiting shopping malls for each and every domestic items and buying the unnecessary items from there and scratching the credit card and suffering with bankers pressures. Many people now saying that buying the not requiring goods in the shopping malls instead of required goods.

Now coming to bed room place, it plays crucial and vital role in Vastu Shastra. Most expert vastu shastra consultants are compulsory check the bedroom, some vastu pandits may take atleast 5 to 10 minutes only in bedroom to observe each and every part and particularly location of the bedroom, they may not be wrong, because bedroom is the most important place in vastu shastra.

1. In our Indian vastu shastra our scholars given much importance to this part as every human being is spending atleast 6 to 9 hours in this room. The main concept in our website is quality tips for a wonderful and peaceful living. Bed room is having its significance so that we wrote nearly 270 pages book only on bedroom vastu, it was published in Telugu language only, we have plans to release in English and Hindi also, shortly you may see them at this website.

2. Bed room is not meant for discussions, enjoy with your life partner at bedroom, don't discuss the other things at bed room., if the vastu at bed room is good, you will enjoy the real sensual life and have a great rest at bed room without disturbances and mental tensions. If the vastu at bedroom is not good then you are think about all the bloody things and unnecessary issues and forgetting the family life entertainment.

3. Extending the Northeast portion or eshan (Ishan or Northeast) at bed room is most important point and we have shown many images in SubhaVaastu.com, after so many experiments finally we discovered some extraordinary excellent powerful bedrooms., if any one construct bed rooms, they may get such support from us with a minor service charges. Before getting the bedroom plans, its better to have a complete vastu consultation from an vastu expert, its an ideal thought and wise decision. Only bedroom may not support the inhabitants, they has to have complete home with vastu principles, then they will have a good life.

4. Generally bed room is placed or constructed at Southwest (Nairuthis) corner of the house and most of the vastu consultants are saying this info only, so the Nairuthi (Southwest) outside of the house should not have defects, otherwise the residents of that bedroom may face some problems and troubles. Surroundings plays a vital role in vastu shastra that we should not forget.

Almost bed came into Southwest part in the bedroom, more space towards North and East, by applying more space for these two directions, automatically Northeast will be more than all other directions, less space towards Southwest, South and West directions. this is the concept and intelligent method. We take rest approximately 7 to 8 hours here, (some may sleep 12 hours also) vastu counts on time. calculate the time where you are generally stays in your house. Generally most of time in a home would be at bedroom. Lots of secrets in vastu shastra. We will publish most of them here. Yes you may inform all these vastu secrets to your friends, no objection from us.
More information on Bedroom For more information Click here
bedroom tips SubhaVaastu

6. It is best to have the bedrooms in the South, South-West and West. The first preferrence is Southwest. At no cost should the bed room be built in the North-East. East and North bedrooms are only for kids. Bread winner should not make the East or North bedroom as his own bedroom. It is not good for the house owner’s health and the financial well being to have his bed room in the North-East, East or North. Some times the residents of that bed room may be facing lots of difficulties with others, mostly financial, health, sufferings from unnecessary expenditures etc.

7. People sleeping in South-East bedrooms may suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety and short temper.

8. The owner sleeping in North-West bed rooms suffers instability.

9. It is best for the house owner to sleep in the Southwest room and in case not possible in the South-west room and then arrangement can be made in the South or West room as their bedroom.

10. Direction for the head to be placed while sleeping :

If the head is towards the South then, with sound sleep and lesser tensions, the health improves.

If the head is towards the East, then improvement in knowledge.

If the head is towards the West, then ill health.

If the head is towards the North, then bad dreams, ill health and disturbed sleep (Many doctors also opinioned the same when people sleep keeping their head towards North direction.)

11. Place the cupboard in the bedroom at South, West or Southwest(Nairuthi). The first preferrence is Southwest part. Now a days we don't have such space to keep the cupboards in bedroom as the room is very smaller in size, at this moment, inhabitants may arrange the cup boards towards northwest or Southeast, but it should be ideally shown by with one vastu specialist.

12. Place the Bed at Southwest (Nairuthi) leaving some place at South, West and Southwest corners as shown at the above picture, the next best place is place the bed at South direction, the third best place is West direction. If the bed is placed at east side then ill-health observes, misunderstandings, male candidate has to face unnecessary words from his wife or with others., if the bed is placed at Agneya corner (Southeast) then has to experience the tension life, if the bed is placed at North then financial problems, ill-health, misunderstanding between family members, doubtful nature., if the bed is placed at Vayavya (northwest) corner, many troubles has to face.

13. Square and rectangular shaped bedrooms are the best, so construct according to this method, the unsystematic typed bedrooms may not be fulfilled the residents needs. Care has to take on bed room construction because a place to unwind, let your hair down and put up your feet-all very casual and private activities. For all the time spent and the intimacy it demands,a bedroom takes very careful and detailed planning. Not because it is the most personal room in a house but because it is a room WHERE YOU DREAM and your dreams has come true.

14. The bed room is always observed very clean, the basic principle of not breaking up a room into little bits is equally applicable to the floor.This is why a room with a wall-to- wall carpet looks much bigger than a one with rugs scattered all over. However, given the Indian climatic conditions, maintaining carpets and rugs requires a huge effort and can only be risked in air conditioned and dust free environment. The latest option is laminate flooring and it does seem to have a lot of advantages,while also being aesthetically appealing and free from the hassles of ordinary wooden flooring. It should be noted that the same flooring sweeping through several rooms gives a better, more spacious effect.

15. In this image the bed at bedroom is at Nairuthi (Southwest) corner, you may plan to keep one stool or teapoy towards East and North to place mini articles like phone, bed lamp etc, towards East or North side may also place one study table, that can be use to write letters, read books etc., the East side may be Television, the items should not touch the walls, if you kept these towards North or East, if you plan the same towards South or West then they may touch the walls too. Observe some space towards South and West direction to the bed. You may use the Northeast-east door or Northeast-north door. You may fix the TV (with or without TV Stand) towards North or East as shown in this image. Here shown two doors and two TV's placement, this is for your kind information. Use only one door, regarding TV if you have more money then place 3 also..
More information on Bedroom For more information Click here

vasthu bed room

16. The bedroom of the head of the family should be in the South-west corner of the west side. If there are more than one floor, the head of the family should have a bed room on the upper storey in the south-west corner of the west direction. This room is also good for adult married children. But under no condition it should be a bedroom of the younger children. There are clashes and unnecessary quarrels in the house. A bedroom in the South direction can also be tolerated. If you have more space or you have a bigger house, then you may plan every thing by discussing with one expert vastu consultant.

17. While sleeping, make sure that everyone sleeps with his or her head pointing towards the South direction, so legs will come towards North direciton. Keeping head towards North direction should be completely avoided, as it acts as a source of nightmares and disturbed sleep.

18. Avoid placing the divine idols in the bedroom., and also divine photo frames.

19. As a part of Vastu guidelines for bedroom, if you want to have a bookshelf in your bedroom, then West or Southwest corner is apt for this purpose or even South direction is also good place to keep the book shelf.

20. The beds should be of good quality wood. They should be solid and must not be shaky. The mattress should provide good support to the body while resting. Box beds are ideally not recommended, but due to paucity of space in houses these days, getting rid of box beds is easier said than done. Make sure you De-clutter and sort out things kept in the box-beds from time to time. Shoes and chappals should not be kept under a bed try to keep the area under the bed, as clean as possible. Your bedroom should be a place where you can totally get relaxed. Keep objects that remind you of unfinished tasks out of the room, or at least out of sight. A bedroom should be aesthetically designed with soothing colors and pictures. Have pleasant pictures associated with happy memories around you. The foot of the bed should not directly face the door of the room. The bed should not be placed under a beam. The Southwest area of the bedroom should not be kept empty. Keep heavy furniture or an almira here. Not recommending to keep your temple at bedrooms, if you are living in only one room, then you may place temple towards Northeast only, single rooms are common in many cities now a days for example we found such rooms in Sharjah, Dubai, Mumbai etc.

21. Avoid fixing doors in the Southwest of the bedroom, otherwise you will suffer with ill health, sudden damage to your sovereignty, weak in finance, disturbed life with no peace etc.

22. The main bedroom should be on the Southwest part of the home. If there is an upper story or first floor in the house, the master bedroom mey be on this upper floor and that to in the Southwest corner. Adult married children can also use this room. Younger children, however, should not use it because that will cause trouble in the household. Please note that this Southwest bedroom is good for the bread winners.

23. Bedrooms on the Northeast part/direcion/side of the house will also cause trouble.

24.Bedroom walls may be painted a light rose, dark blue, dark green, gray, etc, there is no specific rule for the painting of this room, if you feels that you likes some colors then you may go with that colours. Some authorities say that the walls should not be painted white or a light yellow. The door should be set in the east, west or north, and should ideally be one door not two doors. Nothing wrong happens if that room door is having two planks.

25. One should sleep in his own house with his head facing South or East. If one is staying in some others house, or while traveling, he may sleep with his head at facing West but the first preferrence may always goes to South or East direction only. One should never sleep with his head facing North.

Benefits if you keep your head towards South direction : Your head to the South means positive magnetic energy comes from the North direction, the blood in our body contains iron, making your body magnetic with the positive polarity in your head. When you sleep with your head to the North direction while sleeping, these two positive polarities repel each other, disrupting the flow of bold and affecting your sleep and health that is why even many researchers and doctors also not recommending to sleep towards North direction.

26. Upon rising from bed/ get up from bed, the right foot should be placed on the floor first. If one is interested to study in the bedroom, then facing towards East direction may be good. The wardrobe may be located on the Northwest or Southwest side of the bedroom. TV is good towards East or North direction. Room Heaters are good at Southeast and air conditioners may be located in the South or West directions, so cooling spreads entire room easily.

27. At night it is advisable to keep a light burning / switch on the light at entire night. Pitch dark bedrooms are not good and not recommended the entire dark at bedrooms. Mild lighting is recommended. We are not recommending the red colour. Generally we are recommending white, blue, green etc. The bulb should not directly on to your eyes, it should be placed not to disturb your sleep. If the light exactly opposite to your eyes, though your eyes were closed, but your eye ball will catch that light lighting and you may not have easily dropped into sleep.

28. The bed room flooring should be higher than all the other rooms flooring, so that the owner of the house will enjoy the standard, please note that if this room should only be towards Southwest.

29. The main entrance to the bedroom will always be at Northeast corner either towards East or North sides. Some where we observed the Northwest or Southeast entrance doors, that would be wrong entrances.

30. If the bed room door is not possible to fix at Northeast corner, (generally Southwest bedrooms, Northeast side door is recommended) then fix at towards East or North directions only.

31. Try not to sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners. Sharp corners act as energy spears and create stress in the nervous system. There is not serenity in a room that has sharp corners except by softening them by placing plants in front of them. You can also try moving your bed away from direct alignment with them.

See this picture, there is one iron safe, keep this type of heavy items at Southwest corner of the bedroom, and better to keep on the small Chapta (constructed with solid rocks). The door should be openable towards North or second best is East. The back of this iron safe should be towards South, the next best is West side i.e., the door has to opens towards East direction.

More information on Bedroom Click this link for more information on Bedrooms, placement of weight items etc.

Safe vastu

These wood almirah or cup board may be kept at Southeast or Northwest sides at bedrooms, if already the heavier almirah was occupied towards Southwest. The doors of this type almirahs may be openable towards East or South. If the almirah placed at Southeast corner then the door may be openable towards North or West sides. These type of almira's should be kept on the general flooring only. Please note that if you have any iron safe towards Southwest direction then this wooden almira may be placed towards above recommended areas, if you don't have iron safe towards Southwest direction, then this almira may be placed at Southwest corner or direction. Don't forget this tip. Shortly we will upload some more best vastu shastra tips for bedroom.

More information on Bedroom Where to keep the head, cot in a bedroom, where to keep the Almira and many more things, we spent thousands of rupees only on this Bedroom link. Don't forget to visit this link. Please click on this.

Bedroom safe vaastu

34. Windows are good towards Southeast-south or Northwest-west at Southwest Master Bedroom.

35. Floor level may be elevated than all other rooms floor level, if the master bedroom is towards Southwest direction.

36. If the master bedroom is towards North, East or Northeast and there is no chance to change this bedroom to any other directions, then floor level may be depressed on all other parts of the home. Please note that what ever you are going to do, it should be done only after getting suggestions from one expert vastu consultant, otherwise you may loose many things. Vastu experts personal visit is required for your future happiness.

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Total how many sites are there, what are their names and importance?

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In our bedroom two single cots are good or double cot is good for a couple?

If I keep mini refrigerator in my bedroom, is it effect in anyway?

My friend told me that even doctors are also saying that North direction facing sleep is not good?

I wish to discover one thing regarding my personal children bed room Vaastu Shastra Ideas?

I purchased one land for Nursing home/hospital, is it necessary to follow vastu principles?

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+2 #4 Question regarding bedroomSeema 2014-05-30 08:30
Hi, my kitchen is in southwest and master bedroom in north west , other bedroom is in south east.. I want to know that if I change the the kitchen to south east nd other bedroom to southwest in my 5th floor flat will it be ok... Because the fourth floor person kitchen will be in south west and above his kitchen my bedroom so it will effect or not...please answer me....thank you.
-4 #3 Master Bedroom vaastuAshwini 2014-05-07 12:42
I have read that M. bedroom should be in South west. We are planning to buy an apartment which has master bedroom in North west direction of the house. And Adjacent to it (South West) is guest bedroom. So please let me know if its ok to have Master bedroom in North west direction, what are ill effects and remedies to get rid of those. And since guest room is in South-west, mostly no one will stay in that room. Is it ok to be kept vacant?
+3 #2 Mr.Raj Gupta 2014-04-24 07:17
Dear sir, highly inspired by your site. i have a query please, and please try to sort this out. I have bought a new flat and the master bedroom is North-west side, means the direction of head is towards North and legs on south side. west is attached Almirah+window+ door to balcony and east is bathroom cum toilet. other rooms, lift n stairs are also on west side. Can you please suggest, what kind of arrangements we should do to make the bedroom perfect. We can't change the bed position but can do anything on the front wall (south). Additionally our entrance is from North to south. Space on corner front is available n empty. what should we put for growth and happiness there. highly regards and looking forward for your reply...
+3 #1 questionhasini 2014-03-24 18:38
I am staying in a single room with my husband. I m arranging in that kitchen southeast n bedroom in north east direction cupboard in towards east direction at west side. My husband has started business. He is hardworking getting quiry from customer side but not getting final order. Is there any problem in our home. Could you please help out from this situations and what precautions we have to take.

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This is Saritha from North Carolina. I got your reference from the subhavaastu.com , thank you for providing such basic vaastu information it really educated us briefly about vaastu concepts. I would like to inform this website to all of my known Indian contacts in USA. After browsing this website I feel that this is the best vastu consultancy website and seen uncountable links which have strategic and enormous information. Dhanyavad Sureshji.

We are Software Professionals in USA, Initially to buy a home we searched internet, sent floor plans to India, then one of my friend suggested subhavaastu.com site, I was very impressed going through the site, lot of information was provided, I contacted immediately Suresh garu for consultation. Being so busy he always responds to my emails and phone calls, clarified my doubts, He is so expert in giving consultation to USA properties. I feel him like a family member very frank, genuine and most of all patience. He do have immense knowledge in abroad properties, Indian properties by default. Anyone can give guidance, but he gives consultation with practicality not just some text book guidelines. He knows in and out how the structure, layout works and will give simple alterations, genuine Consultation. I have to salute to the tremendous work and efforts he puts in subhavaastu.com site.
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It's very generous of you Mr. Suresh that you have placed all the books about vastu on your web page totally free. But they are in Indian Language? Is there possibility that these books will be written in English. Your web site is great. Thank you - Sasa - Zagreb - Croatia.

Thank you very much for your response. I have gone through your website. Honestly , not seen a website like this one. Amazingly informational. The one who shares such great deal of information is the one who is the guru and with this hope I am wanting to seek advise from you. Hoping to get in touch with you on your return from Oman Country - Stuti - USA.

Thank you very much for your response. I have gone through your website. Honestly , not seen a website like this one. Amazingly informational. The one who shares such great deal of information is the one who is the guru and with this hope I am wanting to seek advise from you. Hoping to get in touch with you on your return from Oman Country - Stuti - USA.

Dear Mr Suresh, I have been reading articles from your Website this evening (16th July 2010) and Sir you are a Legend !! What you have disclosed in your Website is nothing short of amazing and it shows what a powerful human being you are to share your knowledge of Vaastu Shastra so openly with the people of this world. God bless you Sir - unfortunately we do not have enough people like you in this world. Best wishes, always - Raveen Bhairo - Australia.

I had gone through several books written by Shri Sureshji on Vastu shastra. I saw the utilitarian information contained in the books. Though not being a computer buff one day I chanced upon the Subhavaastu.com website containing so much information that I was afraid to open and browse even. When I had nothing else to do I opened this website and gone through. From being a vaastu shastra consultant I became an admirer after browsing this website. The information contained is so very exhaustive that I felt that I knew nothing till I surfed this website. I was amazed at the details of such small things as nails and hinges even. I was equally amazed that in the zeal to be exhaustive he might have missed the comprehensiveness of the subject itself. This compelled me to go through further more. The more I read the more I got fascinated. The website has not ignored any detail in vastu. At the same time it has not omitted any topic either. It is both expansive and comprehensive too. I also find that the website is constantly updated. A thing I am not used to. I chanced upon meeting Sureshji once in Bangalore city. I saw him busy updating website. The contents of website were those that we had been discussing the morning before. His logic was that he found the discussion interesting and educative and this should not go away with him, if the same is available in the website many people would benefit by it. Truly admirable way of living. I felt thrilled that our discussions did not degenerate into coffee shop gossip. I was glad to know the discipline to which he had submitted himself. Perhaps I felt this was his tribute to the vasthu science itself.Shorn off commercial interest the website purely deals with vastu subject. A person with elementary knowledge and an interest to know more can easily get what he needs to do or not do in his design/construction venture, so as to derive maximum advantage. A person with average intelligence can come to reasonably sensible conclusions and firm up his mind to the problems facing him with reference to his own house, office etc. While this is true one cannot ignore the knowledge that may be available with him beyond what could be contained in the website upto that point. It is for this reason that every time he advocates consulting a competent vaasthu scholar, even when the answer is simple and apparently visible too. I believe this website makes one a knowledgeable student so that he has got an opportunity to learn more. I have no hesitation in recommending this website to one and all even though I am also practicing vasthu consultant for I believe that spread of knowledge is the foremost duty of any person and that this website does this job admirably. My job would be easier when a knowledgeable person comes to me for solutions - Ram K Chetluru - Vaasthu Consultant - New Delhi.

I am really very much impressed with Suresh garu for his valuable vastu guidance. Generally I never believe any vastu consultant, there are many vastu consultants but most of them are all commercial vaastu consultants. But Suresh garu really a nice person who doesn't think in commercial angle. Also he answers all your questions with patience. Subject wise, he is having very good knowledge on vastu and he doesn't treat it as the religious, he says it is a science, which is true as per my knowledge and experience. To say there are lot of things about the site and Suresh garu. I know no body reads my feedback if it is lengthy. In short he is superb and one stop solution for all your vastu related questions and inquiries - Mannem Janardhan - New York - United States of America.

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