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Numerous individuals are looking for money for their livelihood. Unfortunately some inhabitants put up for auction due to their business misfortunes or wrong calculations, in this scenario if we found we may discovered that a play was controlled by Northwest that makes residents insolvent. These things may attract the antagonism home that  Northern Northwest is extended, water sumps or water pits at this location, floor elevation than the Southwest direction, even closure of this Northwest direction may also plays game and further high lower floor levels at Southwest parts or high moments from Northwest and Southeastern directions may also leads to bankruptcy. So one has to be cautious with this directions when dealing with money mattes. For more Daily Vastu Tips click this link : Daily Vaastu Tips

Vastu for Water Storage Sump Bore Well | Vastu Source | Body :

Where exactly we have to dig the Water bore well in our house, Which place is suitable for the source, most of the doubts may have answered here.

A Water Bore Well or water sump or Water Tank or Pit (Water Body or Water source) should be dug (we will also discuss about earth wire pit or earth wire well)after performing proper pooja's. Deep wells are considered good. The water available in a deep well will be pure and rich in minerals. The slow moving water body or fountain in front of the house is very auspicious. It is a vastu principle that well should be in the North east of every house. That may be eastern north east or northern Northeast. Utmost caution should be shown in regard to well or bore well. The shape of the well can be a square or round below the ground, but it should be round on surface. If it is a square, one of the four angles will cause a thrust to the house. The shape of the platform of the well should be less elevated than the plinth level of the house and ground level of the area in Southwest. The platform should not touch the Eastern or Northern compound walls.

The spots for digging (drilling) a well:

A well has to be dug in the area as per vaastu. A well or bore well should not be dug on the diagonal line proceeding from the north eastern corner of a house to the north eastern tip of the plot. It should be located either to the right or to the left of the line as per the availability of space in the east or north of the north eastern portion of the plot under no circumstances should a well or bore well be in the angle of north east. If there is a pump set in the north east, it should have roof. This should not touch north or east walls. If well or bore well or any pit is situated in the northern north east the family will be happy, will prosper, and have sound finances and enjoy these benefits for many generations. The situation of well or bore well in eastern north east will make the master of the house famous along with bestowing the above benefits. Some sink well or bore well near the house adjoining it, thinking that it is in north east anyway. (This matter is came from www.subhavaastu.com) But it is wrong. The well or bore well should be in the north east for the entire plot or area. In some cases there are meager chances of digging or drilling a well or bore well. In such cases they can be had in the east. “A well in the east – all good omens feast”. A well in the north is also good. Well in the north all benefits will be brought forth. This will bless womenfolk. See these designs of wells as per vastu. A well or bore well in the south is strictly forbidden. It will lead to the untimely death of women. No well or bore well in the west should be there. Man will become diseased and incurs financial losses. A well or pit in eastern south east will result in the ill health of the matter of the house and children. Further it may cause fire accidents and thefts. By a well in southern south east, women will fall sick, incur financial losses, fall into bad habits and there will be the threat of fire accidents and thefts. If there is a well or pit in the southern south west, the women, folk suffer from terrible ill health. There will be loss of money. There will be indebtedness. They meet premature death. If any well or pit is there in the western south west, the land lord will suffer from chronic diseases and they become bad characters. They may meet untimely death. A well or a pit in western northwest will effect the men. They will be bad characters, they suffer financial losses, court litigation and thefts. They will have no peace of mind. If there is a well or pit in northern northwest enmity will increase, women will have no mental peace or they may leave the house and such undesirable things come up. Some people cite irrelevant matters from ancient books and support the incongruous points as standard in their books. It is a tested and proved point that it is better for the site of construction to be more in the west than in the east and south more elevated than in the north. But some contemporary writes on vaastu suggest that wells or bore wells should be sunk in east, north east or north or even in west by citing old treatises like Kalamrita, Vasishta, Smahita, Sanathakumara vasthu and Vaastuchintamani. It is cited in them the places that the well or bore would be in east, north, northeast and west. But a well in the west does cause a pit there. So suggetsing that a thing is bad in some places and the same thing as good in some places is self contradictory. (This matter is came from www.subhavaastu.com) How should one understand this? We come across such incongruous arguments in some books. The argument that Varuna is the lord of the west and so a well can find place there is meaningless. Suppose a well or a bore well or undesirable pits are there in wrong directions, it is inevitable that they should be closed and covered. But some people cover a cement slab on a well to close it. Some place wooden bars on the well and cover it with earth. But it is wrong to cover the surface without filling the inside with earth or other material. They should be filled with earth or other material and then covered with slabs. But there will be a gap in them with the passage of time. Then again it should be filled and covered.

The Best ideal Place for Water Sump:

Observe this flash file, here the house is at Nairuthi (Southwest) corner, and the Water sump with round shape has came into East Eshan (Northeast) corner of the Compound corner, results is: good health, richness, name and fame. There is one red line running from house to compound wall corner, that means we should not construct the water sump in that place. We have to left that place and construct the water sump at East Eshan place or North Eshan place.

The below is the North Eshan (Northeast) water sump

Here the water sump came into North Eshan place, this is auspicious for well, and the results is richness, always money flow, good health etc

There are some other places for water sump, those are Eshan, East and north sides, before constructing water sump at East and North sides please get a right suggestion from one experienced vastu consultant .

Observe the below images, from this you may understand why we should not dig the water sump at Northeast corner exactly, this explanation will you clarification.

Subhavaastu Water Sump

In the above image there is a compound wall and a house is inside the compound wall. There is a very less space in between the compound wall and house. For your understand purpose we write the "Water Sump" in red colour.

subhavaastu Water sump corner

Here the sump shape has changed, actually this shape of sump may be good, but here it is not recommended.


In the above image the distance between house and compound wall has changed, due to this spacious place in compound we may take a decision to dig the water sump at northeast corner. The distance will save the construction.

Subhavastu water sump

Here the water sump shape has changed, here also you can decide to dig the sump like this, there is a lot of distance in between the house and compound wall.

Water Sump

In the above image, we can clearly observe the distance in between the house and compound corner, so there may not be any damage to the construction, due to this idea, we may dig sump at Northeast corner as discussed in above two images.

Vastu Sump

In the above image we can clearly observe a less distance in between the house and compound wall. So it is not recommended to construct or dig any water sumps in northeast corners. That will be damage to the construction. If the construction is not so secured, bad vaasthu power will raises. So consult one expert vastu consultant before ordering to dig your house, it may damage to your pocket also.

Water sump

After all observations in the above images, it is suggested that without taking any risks, it is better to have the water sump as shown in the above image. But any how its better to consult a competent vaasthu scholar before doing any job in your sweet home.

There are some more information on this sump's section :

1. Sump within the compound and centering positions :

Water Sump from subhavaastu.com

The above image is a one house with compound wall, now we are going to make it 4 parts of this property for water sump purpose, this will helps us to know some more information on this Vastu science. After making 4 parts of the entire property, then we can easily understand where the sump has to come and what the logic to dig a water sump towards northeast corner. Please observe the house sitting position in the compound wall and the empty space inside the compound wall.

Center point of compound wall vastu

Observe the center point of the compound wall with white marks here. This is the right position to evaluate the center point or four parts of the house. "1" represents Northeast corner of the compound wall. "2" represents Southeast corner of the compound wall. "3" represents Northwest part of the compound wall. "4" represents Southwest part of the Compound wall. This is the exact evaluation of parts of the compound wall. Because the residents of this property have rights on the house and compound wall, and both are under one owner (inmate) only. Now we will check up where the sump has to come and which is the best position here to have or dig the sump here. Now we are going to dig a sump at northeast corner i.e., "1" in the above image. Now again make it 4 parts of the northeast corner.

Northeast corner 4 parts Vastu

Now we have done again 4 parts of the "1" i.e., northeast corner of the compound wall. Here the northeast part of the northeast corner namely "1a" , Southeast part of the northeast corner i.e., "2a", Northwest part of the northeast corner i.e., "3a", southwest part of the northeast corner i.e., "4a". Now we got the exact corner to have sump here. The "1a" is the exact position to dig the sump in any part of the property, but there are some more relaxation in some other properties that we will discuss later. Here "2a" and "3a" is also suitable to dig the sump. If residents will dig the sump at "1a " here that means the water is at exactly towards northeast corner of the compound wall, an Auspicious alteration done at this house.

Water northeast part of the vastu house

Now Water sump or water body has came into northeast part of the northeast corner of the compound. This is the exact water sump placement at house. Still there are certain in-depth rules to have water sump here. We will learn all the things here. Any way we reached the exact position of the water sump in a house with compound wall.

east water sump

Here the water sump or water body has came into Southeast part of the northeast corner of the compound wall. This is also a good position. There is nothing to worry about placement of water sump or water body here.

north water sump vastu home

Here the water sump or water body has placed at northwest part of northeast corner of the compound wall. This method is also good, there is nothing to worry about this placement.

Now we will check out what is the position if the water sump has came into southwest part of the northeast corner of a compound wall.

southwest water sump

Here water sump placed towards southwest part of the northeast corner of the compound wall. Any way as per the above image, this water sump has came towards northeast corner in the entire compound wall. But here the "Aya" is too important, while constructing the water sump exactly towards Southwest part of the northeast corner of the compound wall. This sump is almost adjacent to Plinth area.

Now observe a small graph type water sump or water storage places in our properties.

Water storage levels in a property
The entire northeast is marked as white area and red occupied gradually towards southwest area. It indicates that the southwest parts are not good for water sumps. Along with this direction the south, west, northwest and southeast portions and finally the middle part (Brahmasthan) areas we should not construct the water sumps.
Water sump at East facing and vastu shastra effects
Here the entire East is clear with white mark or marked with white in colour and gradually red occupied the entire west part, so the water sump is suitable at entire East here, but it should be finalized by vastu expert only, residents should not take any decision.
North water sump effects
Here the entire North is clear with white mark or marked with white in colour, so the water sump is suitable at entire North here and gradually red occupied the entire South part, but this method of construction should be finalized by vaasthu expert only, residents should not take any decision in the absence of Vastu Expert.
Water storage sump Graph

The above graph indicates the Water storage excellent levels or danger levels in a property White areas marked are excellent in results and red areas are dangerous, regarding north and east total white areas, without expert vastu consultant one should not do construct these directions places as entire water sump area. It should be personally verified by the expert vastu consultant and after that only decision has to be taken. Please note that this is approximate levels, it is not prepared according to scale. The water storage comes to up and downs in a property, so before going to do any alteration in a property please approach one expert vastu consultant and obtain his guidance. Once mistake happens in the name of this dig or drill in a property, it may causes to mental tensions and money loss to rectify the same. Regarding the results already we shown it with red mark.

For your kind information, here is a map showing that the red and blue colors for water tank. Red color area is not suitable for water tank and the blue color area is the water tank area. Some areas both colors are mixed, if you would like to construct the water tank in that area, it is better to approach one expert vaastu consultant and get right recommendation after showing the property. Water Tank Vastu

Another image showing the water tank positions :

Blue colour is the right portion for water sump or tank. But it should not reach the Southwest area, or it should not reach the Southwest area. The red area which is Southwest area "NO" to water sump or Water tank. The Northwest areas and Southeast areas are also not recommended for the water sump or water tanks.

Here we are discussing about the water tank or water sump which is water storage in the ground, we are not discussing about the water tanks above ground levels. Please note this point.

Northeast, Northwest water tank

One property with having full of water sump at East side. The property is rectangular property, which is having 60 X 100 .. in this property the plinth area is 40X40 with duplex house and having total 5 bedrooms. The residents are more healthy and wealthy, these property owners taken experts opinion after showing this plot.

Entire east water sump

Here you may please observe the water sump at East Direction, almost entire east direction is water storage sump. These residents require heavy water storage sump, it is in Rajasthan. If the property is rectangular then we can try to have a large water storage sump at entire east sides, but it should be done in the presence of expert vastu consultant. Why because if there is any street focus / veedhi drishi / sula is hitting the property that to northeast east or northeast or east focus and here the directions say about North, South, East, West are also taken into consideration for doing these method of constructions, otherwise this entire sump may not be advised. From starting we are requesting every body that, it is better to have experts opinion for all of your thoughts and future security.

I have bore well in NE corner. Can balcony of the house covers over the bore well ? The balcony is projected towards both sides of the north & East with a little margin to compound walls sir. Please suggest me the correct way before casting the slab ?

A bore well is for humans utilization purposes. After digging the earth for water, when water is detected and got good water, then Plumber will covers it with case in pipe with motor provided along with pipes. So it will be covered with full protection. Now coming into the point that, why we should not walk on water wells, bore wells, water sumps etc. In olden days antibiotics are not available easily, and if some thing poured on water, cleaning means not so easy, that is why our elders strictly ruled out a new thing that we should not walk on water, it means we are giving respect to water (water is nothing but God symbol as per Hindu system), on those days cleaning means they clean the water with a cloth or heat the water and consuming. You are well aware that most of the deceases are spread with water. Now a days in a small village and a small street also we can avail of antibiotics, and many new systems came to clean the water and many of us are consuming mineral water and this is very general thing. Based on this we may not be serious on this issue and we can have sump under the portico. But still our elders or Pracheena /Prachin vastu scholars never accepts this system. Now every thing is covered and no way to get that water source spoiled with dust, if so we are drinking only purified water only. This is scientific reason. Another reason also there, water source means depression, so children may fall into that deep routes, that may be another reason for our elders not to walk on this water body. Excellent and grateful thought. Our elders always think on our health and wealth. Salutes to our elders.

Is water sump is good in front of the main door :

I have a East facing 35 * 40 feet plot. And I am constructing house in that plot. Now I am planning to dig a sump in front of the house (in North-east portion the plot). Exact location of sump is between east wall of the house and east wall of the compound. I want to know if Sump can come IN FRONT OF THE MAIN DOOR or not - Nadipalli Bharath - Bangalore City - India.

-> Now a days the sites are very very smaller, in previous days house means one acre or half acre. Now sites become like a match box type size. The principles to the acre land may not be suitable to the 30X40 feet size plots. So for each and every thing we have to broadly alter and adjusted, otherwise people never build the houses. Water body or sump or well is good at Northeast, North or East directions. Water is precious and it is the time to store the water in all the places. Based on some restrictions we should minimize measurements. Water sump should not come at Southeast corner, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. Water sump is good at East, North and Northeast.

Please observe the center line at this image, right side part is South direction of the site and left side part is North direction of the entire site. Here the water sump came towards Southeast part, it is not good.

Water sump at Southeast

Water sump is towards East :

Here the water sump is exactly towards East direction of the site. This is not wrong, many houses have such water sumps and inhabitants saying that it is giving good results. Please note that even one inch also should not move towards South direction.

Water Body towards East direction

Water sump towards Northeast bordering to East direction :

Now water sump is came towards North direction, it may also called as Northeast-east water sump. The water sump South part is touching the center line of the compound.

Now coming to the point, the water sump is came into the main entrance door. Now we are using the cement and closing the water sump with proper lid with iron or slab or RCC. Now in this position, it may not harm the residents. Dust is not drive into the water sump. Further more now a days we are filtering this water again and again and after that only consuming. So no problem. If any body is serious on this issue, do the construct like this, and observe the below image. Then the problem solved.

Water sump towards Northeast

Amicable alteration :

See the water sump little bit move towards South direction, now the water sump is called as Northeast-east water sump and it is not obstructing the door and pathway before the main entrance. Your purpose solved and followed the vastu principles.

Please note that without expert vastu consultant don't d any practicals.

Same also applies to the North direction properties. For your kind information we are serving the water sump images towards North direction.

Water sump towards Northeast

Now observe the North direction water sump and door :

Please observe the center line at this image, upper side part is East direction of the site and lower side part is West direction of the entire site. Here the water sump came towards Northwest part, it is not good.

Water sump at Northwest

Water sump towards center towards North :

Here the water sump is exactly towards North direction of the site. This is not wrong method, many houses have such water sumps. Please note that the water sump even one inch also should not move towards West direction.

Water sump at exact North

Northeast-north water sump :

Now water sump is came towards East direction, it may also called as Northeast-north water sump. The water sump West part is touching the center line of the compound. This system is good. Check the below image.

Water sump at Northeast

Water storage sump towards Northeast :

See the water sump little bit move towards West direction, now the water sump is called as Northeast-north water sump and it is not obstructing the door and pathway before the main entrance. Your purpose solved, and followed the vaasthu principles.

Please find the best expert vaastu shastra consultant and get recommendations from him.

Water sump at Northern Northeast

Observe this image :

Protection is important for your water bodies, where ever, they are constructed, otherwise it may harm to kids in the house, generally children play games in compound premises, they are not aware of the surroundings when they were concentrated on games, if there is no lid or protection to the sump ... what happens. Check this image, and secure your loved one's. This protection will saves every body, while in my consultation in one village, I was seen an incident. One dog was fell down into the sump at night, through out night it was barked and catches a small piece of iron rod inside and saved her life over night, morning the owner called some people and they tried to pull up dog with rope, anyway finally it was come out and fell down on floor. I immediately gone to one nearby grocery store and bought 6 eggs, bread, milk and biscuits and served it and her eyes were teared saying regards and thanks to me and all of us, it consumes the food hurriedly once it reaches to be feel that safe from her position, that is also a life, we are all happy when it was saved and secured.

Iron grill protection

Perfect planning is required and too important in vaastu shastra. Based on surroundings, structure, measurements, land elevations, air flow, building age we have to take the decisions in Vasthu shastra. Vastu expert will help you in taking the right decisions. Always approach only one best vastu consultant nearby you.

Question by one Visitor :

Our's is a West facing house, with the back door on the East. On the North-east we already have a bore well. We need to construct an underground sump for water storage. We don't have enough place to construct one, either in the North or in the North-east. We only have place in the East. If we construct a sump in the East, it extends till the edge of the building starting from the compound wall. In that case we would be stepping out of the back door only to walk over the concealed sump. Please guide us in this context, as is this permissible in accordance with Vastu? Thank You - Deepthi Satyamurthy - Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh - India.

Answer by our Vastu Experts Team :

Dear Deepthi Satyamurthy Ji, thanks for your question. Now a days we don't have such a bigger places to follow all vastu principles. Vastu Shastra says that there should be gap in between Water sump and building/compound wall, it should not touch either building wall/bedrock and compound wall/boundary wall. Please note that this rule was stepped in only thousand years back, it was not framed now a days and after the cement invented period. It was written only before cement invention. Construction with mud/lime stone/sand may not provide strengthen to the property, based on those days accommodating material, elders written that the water sump should not touch either main building and boundary wall and they framed.

Question from George from Ernakulam : Hello Sir, I am building a house in Tripunithura and have a question. The earth wire pit is located in Kanni Moola (South west corner). Is it OK to go ahead at this place? Or should I move this pit to some other place? I would appreciate your early answer.

Earthing means the connection of the electrical equipments to the ground or earth. The main cause for this earthing is to get protection from electric power shock and bypassing the maximum or heavy load to reach the ground. This is a semi closed pit, it is not open to see the bottom where the earthing wire was placed at least level at ground. If there is no earth wire system to a property, then there is a high chances for the power shocks and accidental issues observed. Earthing is too important for each and every property. The earth wire is connected to a plate or pipe placed inside the pit and was placed at bottom levels and covering with cement slab or wooden structure to make sure that it was properly placed and not disconnected with the pipe. Later we have to add or filled with salt, water and charcoal, you are well known that the coal powder adds a perfect electrode conductivity & also acts as a anti corrosive agent with this pipe. Salt plays like electrical conductor. The good ratio of water has to be added to this earthing pit often to kept the good process always works earthing resistance in good control.

Now coming to the point that all the above process there is no any whole vacancy in the pit. It was already filled with some items and was not kept open. So you may use this system or place or plan this earth wire pit at East or North, because regularly we are using to add some water to it, though it may not be compulsory but its good if we add water regularly. Northeast is not recommended, because it contains with electricity which is said to be fire in general. You may plan at Northwest or Southeast, if there is no such placement, then plan for South or West, the final one is Southwest. If you already digged the same at Southwest then do one simple thing, close it with one heavy slab or solid rock shown at SubhaVaastu dot com website. Water sump or septic tanks may be dangerous at Southwest as per vastu, but earth wire pit is not such a serious one. Anyway generally we are not recommending at Southwest parts for this purpose.

We are planning to start a Star Hotel, is vastu works for Hotels?

My friend is going to start a Five Star Hotel at Singapore, does we have any vastu info available here?

What is Motels, where are they available, what is the vastu importance in Motels business?

My friend is going to start a Dhaba hotel, is he should follow vastu for all construction?

My uncle wants to buy a plot, which is Northeast extended one, does he buy it?

What is Surroundings vastu and what are its effects on Human beings?

Can I have South facing house plans from this website?

What are the vastu effects and how to prevent some issues through corrections?

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Review on Vasthu Shastra Website SubhaVaastu.com :

I require some clarification about the water sump, I got the answer from your (our) Subhavaastu site. It is really good. Thank you very much, Regards - Keshavan.B - Bangalore - Karnataka - India.

Namaste Sureshji, Season greeting, I have seen your extensive work on position wells and sumps. All the explanation and illustration is really assistive - Shiv Prasad - India.

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+1 #18 Second borewell in the appartment of 7 housesBadri 2015-02-13 11:30

As per Vastu we have laid the first bore-well in the north east. But the water source in this bore-well is less so we plan to have the second bore-well.
Our doubt is for the second borewell also we should see the vastu and should be in 1a,2a,3a,4a of the total building or depends upon the water source in our case it is in North of Noth western side of the total buiding we can put the second bore-well?

Please clarify. thanks.
+1 #17 In front Of North east DoorShankar N Khoday 2014-12-26 13:29
Dear Sir
In front Of North east Door
Under ground water tank is there
is it oK or Not
Inform me in mail
0 #16 location of bore wellRAMA RAO RANGA 2014-12-23 11:06
we are constructing a building on east facing road. we dug the borewell at northeast corner in front of the stair case i.e, stair case erected at southeast corner (agneya mula)is it correct as per vastu or i need to digging of a new bore any other place? kindly give your reply. Thanking you
0 #15 postion for underground water tankanshul 2014-11-27 17:49
i would like to know where can i make my underground tank to store water and my plot is south facing
+4 #14 unused well is at north west corner of east facing housesriram 2014-10-16 06:15
Dear sir.we are planning to purchase an independent house at dammaiguda.at north west corner there is unused water well.but no water.can we buy such property.is it OK if we close the well
+1 #13 Borewell& water sampuMamatha 2014-09-22 12:59
We have independent house east facing,bore well& under ground water sampu north east corner but front main door.

Is dere any big problem please give me solution.
+4 #12 Mr.Subhash S. Dikhale 2014-08-13 07:35
Dear Sureshji,
At my Father In Laws house they have a 'Underground Water tank' in the South East Corner so please tell me some remedial measures to counter the effect of the Water elememt in place of the Fire element. They do not any other place for the same. Looking forward to an early response from your end and thanking you in anticipation. Please help and guide.


Subhash S. dikhale
+3 #11 Water Sump PlacementsBrooks 2014-08-12 18:45
Appreciate all the recommendations at this indian vastu shastra website. Will try it out for peaceful living. god bless u
+1 #10 location of water storage tank on groundmahesh t 2014-07-22 09:51
ours is twin type bunglow built on west of rectangular plot. we stay on east side whereas neighbours stay on west side with one commenwall separating the twin bubglow. we want to place water storage tank on ground. entrance is from north. west side is not available since it is with neighbours. request your guidance. Thanks & regards.
+3 #9 position of under ground water tankhemant mathur 2014-07-12 14:15
my house is west facing and we have under ground water tank in the west north corner. There is no space for tank in north east. space available for tank is only west north to south west and south. Please suggest.

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Just want to narrate my experience with Suresh garu. I had no belief in vaastu at that time and I always used to dismiss my father's emphasis on vaastu. I was always thinking the western way (unfortunately as a result of how we are educated in India) -- my belief was that if there is enough light and ventilation, it should be all good. But reality is different, there are many more things to consider like flow of magnetic energy. I wanted to buy an apartment for my mother in India because I was planning to move abroad. I saw a beautiful apartment in my hometown -- very good location, good ventilation, good design (for the eyes), good facilities, reasonable price etc. etc. I was more than convinced that this was the home I was looking for and was almost ready to pay advance for it. Just before paying advance, I recollected my father's words about vaastu and its importance on happy living and also was wondering why is that only this flat is not bought (on multiple floors) in spite of all good facilities and reasonable price (other flats in the apartment are sold out long back). So, I decided to check on vaastu once before making such huge investment (for most of us -- until it comes to us, we tend to dismiss all good things). What should I do now? How do I find a reliable vaastu expert, being away from hometown? How can I make sure I'm not falling prey to quacks? After doing some research on the Internet, I started realizing the logic and science behind vaastu. I read through many websites and finally landed on subhavaastu.com . It is very evident that this website is the best of class. Each topic is explained very clearly, logically. Free ebooks are a great resource. I learned a lot about vaastu from this website. So, immediately I contacted Suresh garu and sent him the apartment layout. What I was wondering about was confirmed 100% by Suresh garu. The apartment is not following vaastu principles, that is why no one bought it and I was almost buying it. All that glitters is not gold. He explained clearly why it is not good. I checked on that flat after one year of that incident and it's still not sold! Dropped that flat and continued to search. He could have easily asked me to send all properties I visit and pay for them, but he did not. Instead, he educated me about basic things and suggested some pages on his website through which I can eliminate bad houses. I was very impressed by how he takes care of customers -- answers questions patiently, never demands how much I should pay him, always says pay what ever you can afford and feel is correct. Even after initial consultation, I contacted him for small questions and he happily answered them for me. Even when he was busy abroad, he took time to answer my questions. Any one reading articles on this website, I strongly recommend you to consult Suresh garu for your vaastu questions/needs. He is excellent at his job. Do not think that reading whole subhavaastu.com and bunch of books will eliminate the need of an experienced vaastu pandit like him. Knowledge is different from experience and wisdom. There are many things he checks before he recommends a property to you. He does not rush you in to a decision with out complete information. A stitch in time saves nine, you are making a big investment, don't think of few hundreds or thousands you will pay for vaastu consultation. It will definitely pay off in long term and help you live a happy life. From Abdul Kalam's poem 'A message from mother earth': "Beautiful Environment leads to beautiful minds Beautiful minds generate, freshness and creativity" We all need beautiful environment in our homes, offices and cities; only that leads to beautiful minds and thereby other great things in life. Beauty is not only external, but also invisible things that influence the way we live. Start from your home, follow vaastu with out any doubt, live a happy life.Thanks - Satya Ananthu - Seattle - United States.

From past 2 months I am regularly observing your website and daily updations. There is no words to say "THANKS" to you all team members for this social cause. Amazing, astounding, sensational, awesome, breathtaking and remarkable in Indian history. You are GREAT PEOPLE ON THE EARTH. Continuously you are serving our society without any expectations, how great you are. Accidentally happen to see "about us" page in your website, I am extremely happy by reading kalayanasundaram life style, still there is such type of people on our earth?. dear team, i would like to be a part in your services. You have done a marvelous job. Don't hesitate to contact me when ever you require my services. The supreme power almighty be with you always - Hariraj - Singapore.

Suresh Garu, I got Vaastu services from you. Your site is excellent site and the best site in the Internet. I never see such a web site from Internet regarding Vaastu. You are great human being. I learned a lot from you. You have patient with customers. I followed your suggestion and great help for me. I should have contacted before I buy from current house. Any way, now I am thinking move into different house. I need your help. Your analysis on Vaastu is different from other people. You have excellent knowledge and experience in Vaastu. I will tell all my friends to take services from you regarding Vaastu. I admire you have written lot books in Vaastu. Your vision and knowledge on foreign properties excellent. Thank you for your great service. I like your attitude of helping people - Prakash - Virginia - USA.

Hi Suresh Garu, yes I did a mistake that i have thought that this mail is going to me at that moment. I dont know why i access your website but there are some good things and good knowledge that i got it from your website and i shared this website link to my friend and my brother.i felt that lot more things can be learned or experienced by accessing your website irrespective of anybody.Its really amazing awesome and interesting. Thanks aton for maintaining this kind of websites for the sake of human wellbeing - NaniBabu - Johar Bahru - Malaysia

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