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Vastu Consultant USA | Vastu Expert in USA Homes:

Call India for Vastu Advice : 00 91 98481 14778

Vastu Consultant in USA (Vastu Expert in USA) : Once upon a time it is so silly by hearing vastu consultant for USA properties, but now it is very common word of vastu consultant in USA in between many NRI (Non-Resident Indian) groups, most of our Indians in USA are very much interested to show their properties with one Vastu Expert to buy homes in USA. In the year 1993 one locall resident person/doctor from AtlantaAmerica (United States of America) came to us and asked about Vastu consultancy in States about a property which he interested to buy. He is the first visitor in America (USA) who approached us for vastu consultancy. We were really wonder, one has came from overseas for our Vastu suggestions. No doubt he came to India on his children annual holidays and later he approached us for Vaastu Consultancy. We informed this consultancy information to almost all of our known persons and customers/clients. Now daily particularly at mornings and evenings we are getting calls and online plans observation from United States, specifically at mornings we are almost busy with USA home vastu plans. That Doctor shown one home floor plan and asked us to verify vastu compliance. He practiced as a doctor in USA and he knows that Indian Vastu Shastra which blessed the residents with peaceful living. He is rich and planned to buy a built bungalow. Doctor told us "everything has come to me without looking for anything" It indicates us  that he is living in a rich vastu living premises. He shown his present living house and shown the new premises bungalow plan also. The below is the house which doctor previously resides.


In the above house the entire back yard ( East ) is totally open and being used for lawn and daily and regularly all family members are used to play here and sitting for chat, swimming pool is also placed at exactly east side and it covers almost Northeast corner. (This content belongs to www.subhavaastu.com). This is perfect vastu that doctor also does not know this information before purchasing it, this may be called as fortune or fate. His main entrance is West. Before consulting us, in his discussions with some other so called vastu consultant pandit in his father-in-laws house in Hyderabad, they called/finalised that this house is merely waste, as this house is West faced. But doctor is well settled in this house and enjoying full of satisfaction and noticed excellent development in this home, he doubt on accomplished surrounded so called vasthu consultants and later he requires and looking for vastu experts advice. In his searching with his friends, some body pointed us for right solution to his next requirements and present living property predictions, any way he came to us and asked some issues on present living structure and planning to buy new property / residence. Now Indians are more in USA and buying the properties there. If you visit USA, then you may find many Indians settled at New Jersey (NJ) and Bay Area and many other places/states. Now almost Indians spreads entire United States of America. Some areas are called Little India etc, this name came only because of settled heavy NRI's in that region. Our Indians are hard working people and honest ones, feel responsible and doing the job work what  was promised and committed.

Coming to the point, doctor planning to buy property (plan is an approximate image) :

American Vastu HOmes

This house is near to his children educational institutions and he wants to change home. This house was individual construction and many times it was altered for owners facilitation. This house owner sold away his backyard with swimming pool to adjacent house owner as he is one of his business associate and their understanding purposes. Due to that this house does not have spacious backyard, otherwise in USA we may easily observe the more open backyard than the front yard. By mistake done in doing the bifurcation (matter from www.subhavaastu.com) both owners lost their business and dissolved their partnership and both were planned to sell their properties. Actually we did not shown the photos of these two properties, this was very bigger than the doctors present living own property. Only for his children education purpose he would like to change his present home. Now come to little analysis of this property.

We rejected him to buy this new home premises property. In the above house there is a road on West side which Doctor is too interested on West road facing homes only, previously he lives on West road facing house., in the above house i.e., new property there are some defects, the southwest part is permanently open space, and the house is situated on East side, the total West is vacant. He saved from future troubles. (Matter from www.subhavaastu.com) (There is a good proverb in Telugu language is there,  ”Adhrustavanthudini evvaru chedapaleru – Duradrustavanthudini evvaru baaguparachaleru”). Doctor feels that all West facing homes are blessing with good chances. The old and present living home is constructed/occupied on West side so he enjoyed the bigger open space and positive energies from East direction, and particularly it has Swimming Pool towards Northeast and East directions. The second property is occupied/constructed East direction and total West is open space. So we rejected that new home, not to buy. He decides not to buy. He never care for vastu fee. He requires his future should be peaceful. What a great personality, how many people are thinking like that, now some residents plans how to avoid paying money to vastu specialist in usa for homes finding. This may leads to troubles in future. You are spending almost half million to one home in usa, why should check for 100 or 200 usd to find a good property there. Its not advisable to avoid payment to vastu consultant and taking decision by reading some vastu books or vastu shastra information in some websites. Almost most of the websites published Indian vastu shastra, please read again, Indian vastu shastra, 99.99% websites failed to publish American Vastu Shastra?. . . is there any American Vastu shastra, no, but vastu in usa is a little different and vastu in india is a different when compare with main door and car garage, basement etc.

He is a lucky person. Otherwise how can he approached us at that situation., so he escaped from the new property fate. What the exact meaning here is, he came from such a long distance and met us to confirm about the property and facts of the home. But unfortunate thing is that, now a days a great revolution happens in communication, still there are several residents wants to save their money by avoiding consultation from Vastu Experts. They read some books and evaluate themselves on their new plans of buying properties and sharing their family members drag them into in their dark dreams. Fortunate people would like to take decisions with Expert Vaastu Consultants only. (This content belongs to www.subhavaastu.com) They wont take risks. That is why some people in the society are reaching mountain heights with this simple logic. Hope you are a fortunate and kindly take advice from the expert vastu consultants near by you. We are not directing or suggesting you to have only our consultancy for your dream projects. You may take any vastu expert in USA for suggestions before buying the properties, then it will be good to your family members, don’t write their fate and drag them into miserable black depths.

Vastu Home Sites:

Generally in USA the homes are not built according to Vastu Shastra, but in India in most states, several builders are being advertised in their brochures they printed as their constructions are 100% vastu. (This content belongs to www.subhavaastu.com) The nature of a site or plot can be determined by the direction of the road or the roads that border it. There is much debate regarding the accuracy of the ordinary compass. In Vastu true North is the direction towards the North pole, however there are only a few places on earth where the compass will point to true North and there can be a difference between the true north and the magnetic North. Ancients practiced a method of shanku sthapana to find true North. On those days compass are not available.

A site with the road on the south can cause problems....?, especially if the road is at the lower level than the house., then it may causes troubles to the residents. This defect will be solvable, if one expert visited the place, he will guide balanced systems to reduce the maximum bad effects of this lower at South side. Observe some images below :

Vastu Shastra USA

In the above image, The home is situated in center of the place and road is on south side. So this house is called South facing house. This house model is from America / USA. Generally these whites not interested to follow vastu shastra, majority of the whites does not know about our vastu shastra and its effects on constructions. In the above image, The home is situated in center of the plot and road is on south side. So this house is called South facing house. (Just think that this house model is from USA). Generally these whites (Americans) not interested to follow vastu shastra, majority of the whites does not know about our vastu shastra and its effects on constructions. So these people are always thinking on facilitation according to their living town municipal (city, province, corporations, authorities, council, county, city county) regulations. Honestly speaking their system is good according to privacy peaceful living style. US Government followed excellent system for residents on privacy issues. In a street there are some houses, in between two houses, their regulations provide excellent privacy to each and every residents. (This content belongs to www.subhavaastu.com) They may not accepts for the windows opposite to each house, due to this privacy will be protected and secured, we feel comfort from this system. But it is a bad in case of not fixing windows towards East or North walls. Windows must be fitted to north and East walls. US rules particularly in some "city" rules never accepts this changes. For this we must amend some simple techniques, down the ground floor towards East side to minimize this effect.

In the above home the entrances are too wrong according to our vaasthu knowledge. The main gate is towards southwest and the entrance to the house is also towards Southwest. The auspicious ways to enter into South face house is Southeast. But here the entrance door or gates are towards at Southwest directions. (This content belongs to www.subhavaastu.com) In India we can do changes by permitting from municipal corporation authorities. But in many countries including USA it is not so easy to do alterations outside. But they accepted for inner modifications. If it is so then do alter the entrance gate to enter into house. This may helps and we notice some little bit changes in our day to day life. The main entrance has to be changed towards Southeast or atleast possible to change towards South.

Vastu shastra usa

In some houses there is a small portico or a sit out or porch or front porch or lobby or balcony will be provided in front of the house, just check the above image. Here the main house is taller than this sitout area. (This content belongs to www.subhavaastu.com) This method is not said to be right. So before going to buy the properties or constructing your dream projects, better to observe all the constructions or will be more better if you did get advice from an expert vaastu consultant. Shortly we will discuss on Canopy, Porch, Portico, Gazebo, Laundry, servants quarters, service area, terrace, basement, roof, pavilions, ceiling, portico, fire place, concealment, ventilation, furniture placements, vineyard, orchard, ward robes, Barbecue in the houses.

When we plan to purchase properties in USA or other Western Countries, for each and every thing or each portion of the home we should not be serious when compare with Indian vastu principles. Property developer or builder or property owners may not know about Indian vastu principles and they are constructing the properties according to certain norms and facilitation and standards, they are not looking for Indian Vastu shastra. So when we want to buy the properties in such lots, we should first check the surroundings and there after we have to check the floor plans of the property. For example if a swimming pool constructed towards Southwest of any house, then it is better to leave that property, or one street focus is hitting the house from Southeast exactly then we have to leave that property. Even some Vastu pandits in USA also failed to inform the facts of the properties, most of these Vastu Siddanthis thought how to collect more money from residents and planning to drag money in the name of different meaningless and worthless poojas. If there is no such serious problems, then we have to check the inside property. For example, if there is a bedroom towards Northeast, it is better to leave that property. Observe carefully whether there is a opportunity to do any other simple techniques if Kitchen is towards Southwest. If there is a Southwest bedroom, it is better to select this property, but we must check all other rooms in that property. Ordinary layman cannot find all the perfect positions of the property, here Vastu consultant helps lot and it is advised to get vastu expert consultation on that property and then only you may decides whether it is good to buy or not. If one property is good as per vastu principles and there may be slightly Southwest place development, then it is better to do some alterations to this extension and we can go for sign that property. The point here is we have to check that extended measurement with the property measurement. If there is slightly extension towards Southwest of 6 or 7 feet and your property measurement is about 60 or 70 feet then, it is considered as a minor and do the alteration like reducing this southwest extension by constructing the wall or plant the crotons, here wall is recommended, in some conditions residents may not build the wall, at that time, then go for plant crotons or creepers with wooden partition wall. All may be done only before one vaasthu expert or with his clear advise.

The new word Condos has arrived now. Condominium or Condo is just like a House tenure where some area or specified part of the construction area is individually better owned by the legal owner and they may access to many facilities like heating system, hallways, exterior areas, elevators is executed under legal rights associated with individual ownership and controlled by that association of owners of the properties. This is supposed to be said to be just like apartment type.

You are aware of the fact that there are 8 directions, they are namely :

1. East

2. West

3. North

4. South

5. Northeast

6. Northwest

7. Southeast

8. Southwest

Some times we may get the perfect directional properties in other countries. Some times Skewed properties are heavier than the directional properties. At that time it is better to leave the Southeast or Northwest direction properties that to leave the Female properties, some times the male properties may also harm to the residents. To know more about these properties, click the directions link on top of any page or click this vastu directions. Regarding the Ranch Style Houses, large custom ranch house, wide eaves of a typical ranch house, some features are considered good elements or key elements of the ranch house style, but all ranch houses may contain all of these features. Single story, Long or low roof line, Simple, open floor plans, Asymmetrical rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped design, Living areas separate from the bedroom(s) area Sliding glass doors opening onto a patio, Attached garage, Large windows, often decorated with shutters Exteriors of stucco, brick and wood and glass, Vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, Large overhanging eaves, Cross-gabled, side-gabled or hip roof, Simple / rustic interior and exterior trim, now, latest technology came into force like Neo eclectic homes etc may have vastu defects, those may be fixed with some small corrections based on neighborhood vastu settings.

Please note that if such Southwest extension is in India, we should be serious on such properties and should take proper action immediately to minimize such bad effects, why that serious in India and negligible in other countries ?., any vastu expert can easily explains about this tip.

Always solutions available to each and every problem, we have to change the track of thinking to reach them. Just read this below, its in Telugu Language.

Estate Homes :

We urge all NRI's to be very careful while taking the Estate homes or luxury Estate Villas. What wrong generally people are doing here with half knowledge vastu shastra tips.

Generally some vastu specialist consultants suggests people to buy only East or North facing homes. Though this rule may be suggested for Indian properties but some of these principles are not applicable for other country properties. You are aware that estate properties means very bigger in size either plot and estate house also. Generally rich people can afford these estate properties  and those who are doing business or having very good position in job, others may not afford this five star tariff. Here we have to discuss one resident wrong calculation.

One person by name Kumar (name changed) enjoying good life in community property, he and his wife both are working and getting fancy number of revenue and he entered into one software business and got abundant income to his company. By seeing this fancy revenue he thought to change to one estate property which is near to his friends property who is richer in their friends circle. By seeing friends richness Mr. Kumar also taken decision that he wants to shift to estate home as it is a bigger one and sumptuously rich. There are some homes which is having all direction homes like North, East, West and South properties, East and West has only 12 properties and North and South are 10 properties. He contacted one vastu consutlant and got information that East is the only good as per his name and he searched one East facing property and finalized it. Within 2 years he plans to shift from estate homes to one small house. What happens ?.

Why he requires to change from estate home to small one, what cause to made him to take this decision. Is East is not good for him? or he committed any other mistake?

Very simple.

he was taken East property. This plot is very lengthy and constructed at near to East, this is very common in USA, the vastu expert in India inform the local vastu rules, he does not know about how some home constructing rules are different in USA. If Kumar was taken consultation from one vastu consultant he would not suffer. Not counting money to pay for lesser vastu quality homes but counting value of the money for vastu consultants, that creates this situation, how is behind this situation, Mr. Kumar should not point that vastu consultant opinion, if Kumar was taken consultation from an experienced expert then no chance to worry lot.

The funny thing is that Mr. Kumar is very serious on furniture selection, paint selection, expensive home selection, floor selection, mats, corpets, wall mounting collections every thing he was alert and cautious to buy only the brand items,  but failed to have best vastu experts opinion. He searched for a vastu consultant who collects a nominal cheaper tariff, believe it or not, he paid 5 USD for this consultation, yes that vastu expert asked 5 USD. We got all the information from Mr. Kumar's wife. She said every thing, as she was insulted in between her relation and her friends. With Mr.Kumar blind decision his family lost many things including confidence.

Actually what Mr. Kumar has to do here. He has to bring one vastu consultant from India and has to show the property, because he is spending such a huge amount on this property. He should not do practicals with his life and hard earned money.

The best vastu specialist in India may be ZERO in knowledge in other country vastu consultation services. So residents has to search for the vastu consultants who is expert in USA properties. Otherwise one to bare the pains. Even some times expert vastu consultants are also fails, because virtual consultancy is different when deal with personal consultancy. In vastu personal consultancy many facts may come out. This is the most important thing in vastu shastra consultancy services. After knowing the facts only any expert can take the decision how to move further, otherwise he may also getting struggle how to finalize the decision,  that you know well.


Some residents likes to have pergola towards Northeast, this could damage your developments. It may harm your life style. The best placement of this pergola is Southwest part of your property. It should not touch your main home. There should be some gap in between your home and this pergola when it was planned to place towards Southwest part of your property. Northwest and Southeast pergola may not provide good results. Some times these placement pergola may not damage residents, because some residents not regularly using this placement pergola. Usage is also counts. When you have pergola towards Southwest parts then you may use it on regular intervals. Pergola towards East and North is also not recommended. Pergola towards South and West is not so very good, but good. When coming to the Southwest pergola the floor level may be higher than the main home floor levels. This is good idea. Its  in your hand to maintain such a height floor levels for this pergola planned outside of the main home. Some residents covers with sheets, tarpaulin or heavy-duty waterproof cloth, originally of tarred canvas, this is also a good idea, this technique may be used only towards Southwest, South and West directions of your home.

Some residents plans to have pergola on terrace. Please note that the standard pergola should not be planned towards Northeast parts, East parts or North parts. Some body may have a structure like pergola and covering it with canvas umbrella as a temporary basis, then it may not harm where ever it plans on terrace. Count starts only on permanent structures or placements.

Crawl Space: This is general in USA by having crawl space to make repairs in future, this feature is very common in usa. Some times the crawl space is heavier then we should check the breadth of the crawl space of the direction, and some times this could be only 2 feet. If the crawl space was above two feet then it has to be verified in which direction it was arranged and what effects it creates to the residents. So better to inform to the vastu consultant before buying the property.

Contour Map: This is very useful when observing the property, online. If you are looking for a online consultation better to provide the contour map of the property. Generally online consultation is a challenge to decide the property. In vastu shastra there is no Online consultation in olden days, its almost impossible to success in this scenario, but the experts can easily understand the position of the property and can guide better. The perfect system is personal visit. Residents in USA cannot ask vastu consultants in India to visit their properties, because its very costly and visa problems. So residents can plan for online consultation. Residents should take consultation only from the experts in this field, should not check the consultants payments. Now a days there is  some cheap vastu consultants came into market and they are taking only 5 USD to 10 USD only, by seeing their cheap consultancy payments some residents shows interest to show their property with them and getting lots of troubles later. Home is not available for 1000 USD ot 10000 there in USA, particularly in USA NRI residents never go with this cheap vastu consultants as they came from educated family and knows who is who and how this cheap payments will work out, they never attract with this cheap technic peopl, great with NRI's who lives in USA, so residents should not check their properties with cheap vastu consultants, instead of going with this cheap vastu consultancy payments,  residents may search for free vsatu consultancy, if you are looking for free consultation, some times we are offering free vastu consultation, at that moment you may provide complete information of the property and then expect our services. . 

This below text is not belongs to vastu, but an attempt to rejuvenate humans how knowledge is great and our attempts on vastu shastra to have peaceful life.

ఒక ఇంజనీర్ కి ఉద్యోగం దొరక్క ఒక క్లినిక్ మొదలుపెడతాడు. జనాల్ని
attract చెయ్యడానికి బయట ఈ విధంగా బోర్డ్ పెడతాడు.
'ట్రీట్ మెంట్ ఫీ : 300, బాగవ్వగపోతే 1000 వాపస్ '.
ఒక కుర్ర డాక్టరు ఈ బోర్డు చూసి తనకు 1000 రూపాయలు సంపాదించే
అవకాశం వచ్చిందని సంబరపడుతూ ఆ క్లినిక్ లోకి వెళతాడు.
పేషంట్(డాక్టర్) : నా నాలుక రుచి కోల్పోయింది .
ఇంజనీర్ : Nurse, box no 22 లో medicine తీసుకొచ్చి
మూడు చుక్కలు పేషంట్ నోట్లో వెయ్యి.
పేషంట్(డాక్టర్) : చీ ఇది పెట్రోల్ కదా
ఇంజనీర్ : కంగ్రాట్స్. నీ నాలుకకు రుచి తెలుస్తుంది. 300 ఫీ ఇచ్చి వెళ్ళూ.
డాక్టర్ కి కోపం వస్తుంది. 300 ఇచ్చి అక్కడ నుండి వెళ్ళిపోతాడు.
కొన్నిరోజులకి తను పోగొట్టుకున్న డబ్బులు తిరిగి సంపాదించుకుందామని మళ్ళీ
వెళతాడు. ఈ సారి
పేషంట్(డాక్టర్) : నాకు ఏదీ గుర్తుండటంలేదు .
ఇంజనీర్ : Nurse, box no 22 లో medicine తీసుకొచ్చి
మూడు చుక్కలు పేషంట్ నోట్లో వెయ్యి.
పేషంట్(డాక్టర్) : అది నాలుకకి రుచి తెప్పించే medicine కదా?
ఇంజనీర్ : కంగ్రాట్స్. నీ మతిమరుపు పోయింది. 300 ఇచ్చి కదులు.
డాక్టర్ కి మరింత పట్టుదల పెరిగి కొన్ని రోజుల తరువాత మళ్ళీ వస్తాడు.
పేషంట్(డాక్టర్) : నా కళ్ళు కనపడటం లేదు.
ఇంజనీర్ : hmm , నా దగ్గర దీనికి medicine లేదు. ఈ 1000
రూపాయలు తీసుకో.
పేషంట్(డాక్టర్) : కానీ ఇది 100 రూపాయల నోట్ కదా.
ఇంజనీర్ : వావ్. కంగ్రాట్స్. నీ చూపు తిరిగొచ్చింది. 300 ఇచ్చి కదులు.
Doctor shocks, Engineer rocks.

నిరాశ మనిషిని సర్వనాసనం చేస్తుంది, ఆశ మనిషిని ఆశాజీవిని (ఊపిరి పోస్తుంది) చేస్తుంది, ఈ మా వాస్తు ప్రయత్నం  కూడా అదే.

Hello Sir, Can you please suggest a solution for pooja room. We had pooja room in the bed room on second floor until now. We came to know pooja room should be on ground floor and in the north east corner of the house. We have a room in ground floor we are using as study in north east corner which we could change to pooja room ,there is just one problem on the top floor above this room will be our master bed room bathroom coming right above the pooja room on ground floor. My question is is it okay to have a bathroom over the pooja room on ground floor? Thanks - Mohan - Ashburn - USA.

Is Car parking area is suitable at Northeast corner of a house?

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+1 #5 VastuLatha 2015-11-30 06:37
Hello sir,
We are looking to buy house and need help on Vastu. Please let me know your consultancy fee and process. We need to make quick decision on the house and have less time.
+5 #4 Homes at USABert 2014-08-10 17:25
Hey there! just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren't loading properly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I've tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results, anyway your observation of our country properties are appreciated, would like to have dinner with you, when are you visiting our country, can you make a call when planning to step in to united states, cheers.
+4 #3 Remedies for north east bathroomRamaM 2014-06-12 18:14
Hi We have bathroom in north - east direction please let me know is there in remedies.
+7 #2 GoodManoj Kumar Saxena 2014-05-22 09:40
Yes, it is a very good article and narration of experience.
+5 #1 Vastu Consultency at USALacey 2014-05-13 10:36
I have one Indian friend, who is always searching for houses with vastu compliance, after discussing with him I visited your website. Wonderful narration, I really like this particular service to human kind, your orientation is most appreciated, appears to become you're posting Indian specific technical home strategies for obtaining cerenity and peace towards the humans, and released with our country houses construction system with integration of some character that was not most widely used and unknown or unfamiliar to all of us. Your time and efforts never loose, you might have almighty benefits. many thanks suresh for all of your documents here.

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We are Software Professionals in USA, Initially to buy a home we searched internet, sent floor plans to India, then one of my friend suggested subhavaastu.com site, I was very impressed going through the site ,lot of information was provided, I contacted immediately Suresh garu for consultation. Being so busy he always responds to my emails and phone calls, clarified my doubts, He is so expert in giving consultation to USA properties. I feel him like a family member very frank, genuine and most of all patience. He do have immense knowledge in abroad properties, Indian properties by default. Anyone can give guidance, but he gives consultation with practicality not just some text book guidelines. He knows in and out how the structure, layout works and will give simple alterations, genuine Consultation. I have to salute to the tremendous work and efforts he puts in subhavaastu.com site - Sangeetha - New Jersey - USA

The website Subhavaastu.com is very informative.Sureshji, the founder of this website is according to me a great ¨human who has vast knowledge in vastushastra and his kindness to his clients are appreciated. He listens to his clients problems patiently and gives the appropriate remedies. His main motto is good service and he responses as quick as possible. I spoke to Sureshji as a stranger only, but after one phone call itself , I started feeling that he is a caring well wisher for whoever asks his help. He is a genuine person. He doesn't force you to spend money in the name of vasthushastra, he explains clearly where the problem is and tries to give very easy changes to have a peaceful life. Sathya Priya - Switzerland.

We stay in USA, I was initially Searching Google for some vastu help,one of my friend recommended subhavaastu.com website. Very useful information indeed, I found lot of good and valuable information, as got more motivated I contacted Suresh garu through phone. First I would like to mention he is a such a wonderful person, talking to him is like reading different knowledgeable books, he is a mobile Library always with a patience, a kind heart. He being so busy attended my each and every call immediate response to emails and clarified all my doubts. Especially I am amazed with his knowledge in vasthu with USA properties,its easy for some vastu specialist to tell vasthu with standard guides, but Suresh garu tells vasthu according to the place and country. My sincere suggestion for all the people who are wandering for a good Vaastu person or site, www.subhavaastu.com contact Suresh garu take his consultancy - Sarvani - Massachusetts - USA.

Our recent interactions with SubhaVaastu and Sureshji have not only been insightful but also extremely educational. Having a home is a matter of great virtue - having the home Vaastu compliant ensures that the investment and the future of the family in the home is secure and ensures progress. Having gone through the website gave us a tremendous amount of insights on bring about improvements to enhance positive energy and ultimately ring in progress. In the US, most home builders do not consider Vaastu and hence most occupants/ home owners are unaware of the benefits. In my dealings with Sureshji and the website, I have found insights and resources that can be helpful for almost everyone in the US. I highly recommend Subhavaastu and Sureshji to the broader NRI community. I wish SubhaVaastu and Sureshji the very best. Regards - Sneha - Florida - USA.


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There is five powers other than that of the vastu like, cleaning, Colorful looking, Frangrances, Lighting, airflow, if possible try to arrange mild music in the home may improves the positive powers. Doing homas, Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratham is also one of the richest thought in getting positivity. To throughout the negativity from home doing pavaman homa is also suggested. For more Vastu Tips : http://www.subhavaastu.com/daily-vaastu-tips.html

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