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We are planning to prepare Vastu websites in All Indian Official Languages, please serve and support us. There are many service oriented people in our society, we request them please come and serve to successfully complete this project. Please note that our services to Military personal are free, our other free Vaastu Consultancy services applies to Tree Lovers, all Indian Government Offices and Freedom Fighters. Dont cut the trees in the name of Vasthu, trees are the heavenly elements, which provides property a potential development, security feeling, education, peace, money and also trees welcomes Heavenly Elements.
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Vastu Vidya : If you are interested to know about vastu and its secrets, you can contact us for vastu vidya. For that we are taking classes personally. Vastu Shastra is not a religious but it is a vidhya (education) a science takes birth place in India. It has been developed thousands of years ago; in the middle time we have become so modern that we forgot our Vedic culture. Now we are facing all kind of problems, finally we understand and we are coming back to Vedas.

Vastu Vidya

Our ancestors had given us "Yog" but we did not take it seriously, it went abroad, renamed as "Yoga", now we are running after it and foreign countries are making profit out of it. WHY?? Why we cannot respect our own culture. We are following their culture as they are following ours. Vaasthu only teaches us to follow the rules of nature and to balance the five elements from which we all, this universe is made up of. (Vidyabyasa is a different word, which is performed in childhood before God or Goddess in a Temple or in some times some residents are performing in their respected houses only)

The system of Vaastu is an admixture of science, astronomy of astrology; it is covered with the influence of the Sun, Moonlight and heat, the Earth's atmosphere, wind direction, magnetic field and gravitation force on human beings. It gives practical guidelines on site selection, its contouring level, orientation of the building in relation to climatology and micro weather, arrangements of areas/rooms in relation to the different activities of the proposed building. Their proportions as well as rituals for successive stages of house building.

The Vastu science is founded upon the laws of nature. The equilibrium we observe in the nature is easily perceivable by us in all-moving bodies, but unfortunately we are unable to note this equilibrium in static bodies. The basic source of energy of the whole world is stored at North and South Pole. It flows uninterruptedly from North Pole to South Pole in the form of magnetic waves. Therefore Southward portion of every building should be higher than the northward portion so that there may not be any hindrance to the flow of magnetic waves.

Some body says that colors play an important role in Vastu Shastra, is it true?

We are all looking to know about Vastu significance/importance, where to check?

May I get benefits from using Vastu Shastra without demolishing my home?

My friend says that the West and South facing houses or plots are bad?

Would like to know the direction representation in to Vaastu?

Can one visit house-warming function and eat food there if that house has bad vaastu defects?

We are planning to build the restaurant, is vastu is important to follow for an Hotel?

Do you recommend structural changes if the house or place is already selected and built ?

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The above image is fantastic. I mesmerized by seeing the above Guru bhoda to his students. Wonderful collection. In most of the links in this website attracts every body in our office. Generally collectorate is too busy in all working days. After completion of our work and most of the evenings we are all gather ed before one desk and browsing this website, some times we spent nearly 2 or 3 hours per day before this website. Most of my colleagues have developed their knowledge in vastu shastra. In our collectorate other employees have curiosity on our gatherings, actually they thought that we are browsing some other entertainment websites. This site has several sections, wallpapers are marvelous and unbelievable thing is that we can now send free sms to our friends. After knowing this fact most of our employees now registered in sms section and sending free sms. Fun rocks without payment. What a great thought. Shyam (Name Changed) and colleagues - XYZ (District Headquarters not shown here as per request) - Andhra Pradesh State - India.

The team may be well organized the site into a few different sections. There are some principal sections, typically used for browsing through recent additions. Think of these sections like wandering through a bookstore to see what's new book launched. The most recent interested section is added to this website is FRee sms. Every link added in a short period and individual importance is being touched where all the reviews can be found. We have sent our review to this website by request through the administrator of this website. Administrator wait for our review for nearly one month, after he received email from us only, our review came into published. after that only we came to know that all the reviews are genuine. Principled vaasthu website. We shared this website information when we met with friends in evening parties and cultural meetings. - Harinath - Professor - Mumbai - India.

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Write a Review on our website. Or you may write your Opinions or suggestions . If your review is useful for the society we will publish it at our website and your name stands life long here. You may modify your review at any time, for example if you would like to change the city, country of living etc, along with this, you may ask us for change of your name, if you don't like to publish your original name. We respect your privacy, many wrote their reviews on our website, you may check this link Click this link to read some reviews from our website visitors and clients. Thanks in Advance.

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Some body says that Vastu may not applicable for rented houses, is it true to believe, read a brief notes on such questions from Rented House link.

This is the right place to post your experiences with God and heavenly elements, come and share, every body will be happy and it increases spiritual development in society. "God Miracles"

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