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We are planning to prepare Vastu websites in All Indian Official Languages, please serve and support us. There are many service oriented people in our society, we request them please come and serve to successfully complete this project. Please note that our services to Military personal are free, our other free Vaastu Consultancy services applies to Tree Lovers, all Indian Government Offices and Freedom Fighters. Dont cut the trees in the name of Vasthu, trees are the heavenly elements, which provides property a potential development, security feeling, education, peace, money and also trees welcomes Heavenly Elements.

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Free Vastu Shastra Consultancy services to Indian Military

Free Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services to Indian Army :

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One software engineer from Mumbai told me that he is working as systems analyzer at one reputed company. His family resides at Pune (Poona). Weekly once he meets his family and spends 2 days and 2 nights there, he says that this is horrible thing by leaving his family members for 5 days 4 nights in a week – we understood his problem.

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One Medical Representative working in a famous pharmaceutical company by name Gowalkar Subhash from New Delhi, once he left home, reaches after 3 or 4 days, he says that he want to change his job, his company provided with a car with full TA and DA with star hotel facilities, he earns a monthly salary of Rs.50,000/-, also extra income he saves from his TA and DA is nearly 20,000/- , over all he is getting 70000 per month. Nice job, now he wants to change his job, because of pain by leaving his family for 3 to 4 days in a week – Great, we are accepting his pains and troubles.

We thought that we feel leaving our family members a painful issue, does any one thought over about our Military personnel, does they enjoy their duty days with their family members, no, it may not be possible. They will have permission leave only once in a year. How much pain they bare leaving their family for one year. Oh God.

With all of your blessings is serving free Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services to our Troops, from 1992 we are doing free vaastu consultancy services to Military people. Site, Building, Farm fields, House, factory, Mill, Stores, any property, Vastu "email" observation is totally FREE. If you feels that our men rendered services to our Nation, then please pass this website information to your known Military personal, soldiers, Jawans, then this website may reaches atleast one of the men working in Indian military services. Service to the Nation is a Great thought, now it’s an opportunity for us to do a small favor to our beloved forces who served to our Nation. Act now, spread this website in Military areas or to your contact lists or to your friends.

While we are discussing this thought with Sri. Sridhar Nallmothu Chief Editor of "Computer Era" (Famous and Popular Telugu Monthly Computers Magazine) , he done a great work by spreading our website to all of his contacts list of nearly 12,000, we (Team of sincerely appreciate his great support and service, Shall we remember Mumbai massacre and Kargil, please remember our Military, they die for us, but what about us ?????, shall we have a small and little patience to spread this website to atleast one of our force, does we have time to do this small favour to them ? God Bless our India, our planet. Sarvejana Sukhinobhavanthu.

Dear Officers, no need to submit any of your credentials here. We respect your security, be free here. We never asks your department, your section, your cader, posting or any other information including your phone number or your security code etc etc. We don't require any such information here. Some people are trying to get our free services by saying that they are working in Indian army. To filter out those hooligans, we require to get your plans on your official notepad, that is enough for us to notified that you are working for our Nation India. What we are looking here is we need to serve to only Indian Heros, to filter out hooligans we are looking to have house plans on any notepad, or otherwise you may attach any of your officer note that you are still working for India. Hope you understand. Have a Great Time.

It is great opportunity for us to serve to our Nation, India. We are always looking to serve to our Government of India, all Government properties, Indian Army, Air Force, Navy,  all freedom fighter properties, old age homes, Association Buildings etc.

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Their blood is shed, their lives are taken, their families suffer for our freedom, support Indian troops.

"Are you Indian, PleASe seNd this link to your contacts, they will forward to their friends, finally at least one of a National service person may receive email, so your 5 seconds time may utilize to our Nation India. Thanks in Advance for your services to India"

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!"

Sainath says that one should not show our front or back to Sun while discharging at toilets, is it right?

Can we place the Jhula chair at master bedroom, your answer is highly appreciated?

Which is the best location about the house was constructed in our boundary premises?

Is Island in kitchen is recommended, in some homes we found that they built islands at kitchen?

How many windows are there, inform their names through some images?

Which exact location of the toilet or bathroom is good for fixing the bath tub?

Is there any particular places are there to keep overhead water tanks on terrace, is North is good?

Ours is East facing home, we have more backyard, is there any wrong for this pointing?

Is there any easy to understand evaluation procedures are there for house vastu?

Which direction shops are good, which one I have to select for good business?

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Write a Review on our website. Or you may write your Opinions or suggestions. If your review is useful for the society we will publish it at our website and your name stands life long here. You may modify your review at any time, for example if you would like to change the city, country of living place etc, along with this, you may ask us for change of your name, if you don't like to publish your original name. We respect your privacy, many visitors wrote their reviews on our website, you may check this link Click this linkto read some of the reviews from our website visitors and clients. Thanks in Advance.
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