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vastu consultant in djiboutiIndians in Djibouti are very less. The Indian diaspora does not exceed even 1000 also in Djibouti country. There are approximately 600+ Indians who were settled here. Most of them are Gujarat traders.

Gujaratis are the old community who are doing business in Djibouti country. After knowing about this Gujarat family's settlement here some experts in Gujarat also tried to settle here. But the Indian's number is very less, after knowing this message the Vastu consultants in Gujarat canceled their trip to Djibouti country. Their attempts are really appreciated.

Settlement in other countries is not at all an easy process. It requires a lot of work on the present political situation of the country and resources to live there peacefully and further needs some of the same nation people or friends. Otherwise, a peaceful settlement is not at all easy in any other new country.

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Djibouti Information:

Djibouti, officially the “Republic of Djibouti” is a sovereign country located in the “Horn of Africa”. The country has one of the most important and strategic geopolitical locations in the world overseeing all the major shipping lanes bound for Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

This is the reason it serves as a key refueling center for ships and other Naval vessels. The country maintains strong ties with France and USA and both countries had a significant number of troops based in the country for a number of purposes.

The area of modern Djibouti has been inhabited since the Neolithic age. Also, during ancient times the area was considered as “Land of Punts” and was a vital trading partner of ancient Egyptian empires.

The information regarding this region can also be found in Egyptian records. During the middle ages, the area was under the reign of different kingdoms and Sultans (Kings) during their respective periods e.g. Ifat Sultanate (1285-1415), Adal Sultanate (1415-1577) and Ottoman Eyalet (1577-1867).

From 1862 and onwards, the French started to gain their foothold in the region by negotiating with the locals. The French maintained control of the area till 1977 when a referendum took place and the majority of the people vowed to gain independence from France.

The area covered by Djibouti features plains, mountain ranges, deserts, and highlands. The bordering countries of Djibouti include Eritrea towards the north, Somalia towards the southeast; and Ethiopia towards the south and west. Also, due to limited rainfalls, most of the land is dry and rough and the agriculture sector is bounded by small-scale productions.

Services sector dominates the economy of the country and is the largest contributor to the economy. Agriculture and industrial sectors are limited due to a lack of resources, unskilled labor, and infertile land. Due to its strategic importance in the region, the services sector is dominating and is providing a number of services to the shipping lanes and departments.

By the end of the 20th century, the country was torn by Civil War which had a huge impact on its economy but as the war ended, the political and regional situation is stable and the country’s economy is performing more than expected.

Djibouti is a multiethnic and multilingual country. People of different ethical backgrounds live in the country the majority of which are Somalis and Afar. This is the reason a number of languages are spoken all over the country. Although, Arabic and French are official languages of the country, the most commonly spoken languages of the country are Somali and Afar.

Arabic has also great importance in terms of religion and culture for the Muslims. Islam is the state religion of the country and almost 94% of the total population adhere to Islam followed by Christianity whose followers account for 6% of the total population. The constitution of the country also offers freedom to all religious groups in the country.

Important Key Points About Djibouti

  • Country Djibouti
  • Capital City Djibouti
  • Area: 23,200 km²
  • Population: 942,333 (2016)
  • Currency: Djiboutian franc
  • Official languages: French and Arabic
  • Demonym: Djiboutian
  • Government Unitary dominant-party presidential republic legislature House of Assembely of Dominica
  • Religions: Islam, Christianity
  • Time Zone: EAT(UTC+3)
  • Drives on the right
  • Dialing / Calling Code: +253
  • Internet TLD .dj
  • Djibouti National Bird Not Designated
  • Djibouti National Flower Not Designated
  • Important Cities: Ali Sabieh, Portsmouth, Tadjoura, Dikhil, Obock, Arta, Holhol
  • Famous Rivers No permanent rivers
  • Border Countries Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia
  • Spiritual Places Mosquee Al-Hamoudi, Mosquee Al Sada
  • Tourist Attractions: Lake Assal, Lake Abbe, Moucha Island, Day Forest National Park, Maskali Islands, Khor Ambado Beach, Ardoukoba, People's Palace (Djibouti City), Mabla Mountains
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House Models and Construction Styles in Djibouti

To learn more about the house models of Djibouti, read this article. Throughout this article, you'll learn about Somba takienta, Traditional Somba earthen fortresses, and tower houses. And by the end of the article, you'll know the difference between the different types of Djibouti houses. Hopefully, this will help you to make your own decision when it comes to buying a house in Djibouti.

Somba Takienta House Model in Djibouti

The Somba people are known for their mastery of construction, which is reflected in their traditional dwellings. Tata-somba houses are earthen fortresses, typically two stories, with mud walls, straw roofs, turrets, and intricate geometric designs carved into the inner and outer walls. In addition, tata-somba houses are considered to be symbols of fertility.

The traditional Batammariba live in the country's northern region near the border with Benin. This region is home to a UNESCO-recognized cultural landscape, characterized by tower-like mud houses and pointed thatched roofs. These dwellings reflect the harmony between man and nature, as well as the people's socioeconomic status. Moreover, these buildings have become symbols of Togo and are widely recognized in neighboring countries.

Somba Ksour Type Houses

The Somba are renowned for their skill as builders. Their traditional dwellings, known as tata-somba houses, are earthen fortresses, typically two stories tall, with straw roofs and turrets. Similar to the tekyete structures of neighboring Togo, they feature geometric patterns engraved into both the inner and outer walls. The houses are considered to be a symbol of fertility.

Traditional Somba Earthen Fortresses in Djibouti

If you love to learn about ancient architecture from around the world, traditional Somba earthen fortresses are a must-see. These so-called tata-somba houses are typically two stories high with mud walls, straw roofs, and turrets. Similar to tekyete structures in neighboring Togo, Somba houses have designs engraved on the walls and roof. These geometric patterns are thought to be sacred and represent fertility.

Traditional Somba tower-houses of Djibouti

Djibouti country is situated in the Horn of Africa on the Red Sea coast and Gulf of Aden. This country has the lowest elevation and lowest depression on dry land in Africa. The Somba people are skilled builders, and they are best known for their traditional tower-houses, called tata-somba houses. Unlike modern buildings, these dwellings are two stories tall, made of mud, straw, and local wood. These tower-houses, also known as takienta, are regarded as symbols of fertility and harmony with nature.

The two towers are house representatives of international business, retail, and financial sectors. Djibouti has approved the project and allocated the land for the tower-houses. The Djibouti Towers will be the tallest complex of skyscrapers in Africa. They are a must-see for all visitors and Djibouti residents.

The country is a maritime nation and a major transshipment point on the Gulf of Aden. The country is bordered by Somalia to the west and by the Afar Regional State of Ethiopia to the south. Trade relations between these two countries are a central part of the country's economy. The People's Rally for Progress and the National Democratic Party are the main parties in Djibouti. Traditional Islamic Laws are also practiced.

Djibouti is a stable state in the Horn of Africa, with an authoritarian government led by President Ismail Omar Guelleh. President Guelleh came to power in 1999 and is the leader of the ruling coalition. His party, Rassemblement Populaire pour le Progres, has been at the forefront of the nation's political life.

Corruption is a major problem in Djibouti. There is no transparency of state finances, and there are few reports of prosecutions of public officials for indiscriminate use of public funds and for breaking the law. Several residents were forced to stay home during the COVID-19 lockdown, as were places of worship and schools. They were forced to stay at home, as the authorities did not want people to get sick.

Major Tourist Attractions in Djibouti Country

The Arabic and French-speaking Djibouti country is located on the Horn of Africa. The country is home to the low-lying Lake Assal and the Danakil Desert. The country is also home to the nomadic Afar people, who live along the shores of Lake Abbe. The lake is notable for its chimneylike mineral formations. A trip to Djibouti would be incomplete without a visit to one of these sites.

Lake Abbe

The unspoiled beauty of Lake Abbe is hard to describe. The area is mostly inaccessible, with little other than a few small islands and the Lac Assal salt reserve. Nonetheless, it is an exciting place to see. Tours are available for day and overnight trips and start at about 100 USD per person. The price usually includes accommodation, transportation, and food for the duration of your stay, as well as a local guide.

If you are interested in nature and have a love for the wild, you must visit Lake Abbe. It is a spectacular lake that stretches across 450 km2 and has about 110 thousand square meters of salt, adding a completely different color to both the countries. The Hamoudi Mosque was constructed in 1906, with a capacity of 1000. There are hundreds of limestone chimneys that are 50 meters high and rise from the lake's surface. You can even swim with whale sharks while you're in Djibouti.

A salt lake that lies on the border between Djibouti and Ethiopia, Lake Abbe is unique for its geology and beauty. The lake is formed by volcanic activity over the centuries, and it is situated in the Afar Depression, which sits at a triple junction of tectonic plates. The Afar Depression is located in the Horn of Africa, which is a hot region. It is surrounded by vast salt flats and is home to nomadic shepherds.

The city of Djibouti is a bustling hub for tourism. The capital offers westernized comforts and cultural phenomena, but much of the real beauty of this country lies outside of the capital. There are many shimmering lakes and mountains, and many activities to keep tourists busy for days. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Djibouti is the crater Lake Assal, which is the lowest point on earth. The waters are 10 times saltier than seawater.


If you are looking for some of the most famous and interesting destinations in Djibouti, you must explore Obock. This historic town is one of the oldest settlements in the country and was part of the Adal and Ifat Sultanates. During the early 20th century, Obock became part of the French protectorate of Somaliland. The town is surrounded by beautiful whitewashed buildings and has black sandy beaches. Obock is also a popular destination for historical sites.

Visitors to Obock will be able to enjoy the sparkling waters of the lake, which are surrounded by sky-high limestone chimneys. The lake is interconnected with several smaller lakes and is also a popular tourist spot. Parts of this lake were used in the movie "Planet of the Apes."

The Day forest is another popular destination in Djibouti. This vast, forested area is popular for hiking and is located about 20 km from the Gulf of Tadjoura. There are a number of bird species, including baboons and gazelles, and a large variety of tree species. The major dominant plant species is the East African juniper, which grows up to 20 meters.

Yoboki National Park is another major destination. This park is a popular destination and receives visitors throughout the year. The park was originally a French military base. The park is home to many different species of birds and is a must for bird watchers. Steppe eagles, Egyptian vultures, and European roller birds are just a few of the many creatures you can see here.


The Djiboutian capital of Tadjoura is situated in the north-central part of the country. The city is the capital of the Tadjoura region, the country's largest. It's a mix of semi-desert mountains and deserts. To the north and southeast, it's bordered by Eritrea and the Gulf of Tadjoura. To the northeast, the Obock region is located.

The Djiboutian economy is based on tourism and the country has many attractions to offer visitors. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports, go whale-watching, or take part in cultural activities like dancing and arts. Tadjoura is one of the main tourist attractions in Djibouti. Other major attractions include the Grand Mosque, the Fujairah Fort, and the Day Forest National Park.

The Gulf of Tadjoura is a great spot for diving, and there is plenty of fish to observe. Sharks and whales can be found in the waters. The sea is surrounded by the Goda Mountains, which rise to over 1,300 meters. The Gulf of Tadjoura is just a few kilometers from Tadjoura Town, which is a great place for diving or snorkeling. Also, 20 kilometers from Tadjoura is the Day Forest National Park, which is home to an impressive collection of flora and fauna.

Tadjoura is also known for its beautiful sea vistas. Located on the east side of the country, the Gulf of Tadjoura is home to one of the world's richest fish and coral reefs. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and other water sports from the beaches of Tadjoura. Tadjoura also boasts seven national mosques, as well as the Gulf of Tadjoura and Obock.

Arta beach

In Djibouti country, you can visit Arta beach and the nearby city of Djibouti. Arta is famous for its sea monster, Goubet Al-Kharab. This sea monster is actually a mythical creature from the Neolithic period, but it's true. Its legends are intriguing, so don't miss the chance to witness it.

If you're a big fan of diving and adrenaline sports, Djibouti is the place to be. The country is home to several popular diving spots, including Arta beach. Arta is rated as the world's second-best snorkelling spot, right after the famous Barrier Reef in Australia. The best part of Arta Beach is that it costs a fraction of the price of snorkeling in Australia!

If you're planning a holiday to Djibouti, Arta should be on your itinerary. This region is one of Djibouti's six regions. Arta is situated in the south-central part of the country and borders the Tadjoura and Djibouti regions. The capital of Arta is Arta, while other towns in the region are Wea and Damerjog. The highest point of Arta is Loyada.

The most important airport in the country is located in Djibouti City. It handles international flights from a number of countries. The midpoint of Arta is around 35 kilometers from the airport. The region is well-connected to other major cities in Djibouti. You can also hire rental cars and go around the city. The Arta beach is the most popular destination in the country.

There are a few national parks in Djibouti country. The largest park is Day forest, which has a lot of wildlife. The park is home to a variety of plant and animal species, including the Grevy's zebra and gazelle. There are also numerous kinds of antelopes in Djibouti, including warthogs and gazelles.

Place Menelik

The most important landmark in Djibouti is the ancient capital, Place Menelik. By day, this historic place is a lively mix of old buildings and modern structures. Its ambiance is relaxing and perfect for leisure pursuits. At night, it turns into a bustling nightlife hub. A tour of Place Menelik will give you a feel of the country's history and ambiance.

The historical center of the city is Place Menelik, which is home to the country's tourist office. This building is filled with special architectural details and is an excellent place to snap pictures. A walk through this place is also recommended if you want to see some of the many sea creatures living in the Red Sea. In addition to its historical value, Place Menelik features a modern aquarium that features various creatures found in the Red Sea. You can spend an afternoon here, either indoors or outdoors.

A trip to Djibouti should not be limited to the capital. The other major cities of Djibouti include the capital, Randa, and the European and African quarters. For a complete tour of the country, a guide is recommended. While you can do it alone, you should consider hiring a guide to show you around. It is not inexpensive, but you'll be amazed by the country's beauty and charm.

Other popular attractions in Djibouti are the Decan wildlife reserve and the Tropical Aquarium. The Aquarium features rare and exotic marine creatures and is open daily from 1600 to 1830. The Presidential Palace is also worth a visit. While you're here, you can also explore the bustling Marche Central. You can also spend time in the country's historic district, Place Menelik.

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