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Vastu in Nebraska[NE]:

The constantly changing environment and circumstances have significantly affected human lives. In earlier times, people tend to be happier and were living simple and peaceful lives. In modern times, the changing ecological conditions, tough working-hours, pollution, and inflation have made our lives miserable and depressing.

Due to this people often seek medical attention or do other things, but we have an answer to all their problems with the most effective “Vastu Shastra”, the most effective used science, which is serving humans for thousands of years. Originally originated from India, and this traditional science Vastu has made its way to every corner of the world and is now being used in multiple continents.

Vastu is mainly related to construction techniques and its scope include Houses, factories, schools, offices, kitchens, and other properties. In the beginning, this Vaastu science may be tricky to understand, but as you will proceed, you will find it surprisingly comfortable, understanding and effectively productive.

The main goal for our Vastu website is to serve mankind and done many Vastu Services here. One can observe bulk amount of Vaastu information and data presents on our website. Also, after underthing, one may visit the daily updated “Vastu Tips”.

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Southwest facing house vastu, this article helps to understand the precautions need to be taken before selecting this direction property.

Similarly, Southeast facing house vastu will give you deep insight regarding this direction.

Northwest Facing House Vastu, suddenly residents bought the site or house and thereafter searching for remedies, once we got the right advice from vastu consultant before buying the plot or house then no need to worry on it.

Somebody bought South facing home and finally searching for South facing house vastu remedies, it's very easy to take vastu guidance from the experts. Approved by the experts is always safe for your cheerful future. Vastu for directional plots and vastu for vidisha plots is purely different.

Some are asking questions like vastu for home entrance in USA please note that when vastu of the property is good then any entrance will be OK particularly in USA.

Many residents searching for vastu remedies for home, it's only because they did not take consultancy before buying the properties, otherwise, there is no need to go for remedies. One resident contacted vastu consultant in vizag for the vastu products for wealth that Vizag consultant referred them to vastu consultant in Vadodara, here this Vadodara consultant sold many items and stated that those items are for wealth development and health improvement.

Actually, Vizag consultant did not know about these tactics before referring to Vadodara person. He thought that those items may belong to the traditional items which are available with only few people. Later he learned that all these are bogus. Do not buy anything from any vastu consultant unless you know him very well. Don't waste your money for waste things.

Types of Houses in Nebraska

1. Eastlake stick Homes

Eastlake stick homes are pretty scarce in the USA but Nebraska is a pleasant exception.

As soon as you enter Nebraska, you will be welcomed by an Eastlake stick homes on almost every street.

Eastlake stick style architecture employs decorative art. A mix of white and other vibrant colours often distinguishes Eastlake stick homes from other styles.

Covered front porches with elaborate columns are one of the common architectural features. It can be one or more stories depending on the owner's requirements.

A small staircase leading upto the front door is a defining feature of these residential buildings.

Roofs are dominantly steep, low-pitched, triangular in shape, and cone-shaped.

The windows of Eastlake stick homes are rectangular with soft corners.

Eastlake homes have expansive exteriors running across the length and breadth of the home.

2. American foursquare Houses in Nebraska

American foursquare homes are a perfect fit for nuclear and large families.

These residential homes are simplistic and minimal in style. They are mostly limited to a single floor.

Covered front porches with overhanging eaves differentiate American foursquare architectural style. These buildings have one turret on the top middle of the roof.

A mini staircase leading upto the front door with railings is a common characteristic feature of these dwellings.

American foursquare residential-style deploys a lot of square-shaped multi-paned windows in the building plan to allow a lot of natural light into the house.

The windows, floor, and front railings are often heavy woodwork.

3. Craftsman Style Houses

Nebraska proudly flaunts the abundance of craftsman-style homes on its streets.

There is no uniform structure or architectural style for craftsman residential-style homes because they attempt to blend into the surroundings seamlessly. However, covered front porches and plenty of windows are some of the must-features of craftsman dwellings.

There is heavy woodwork: columns, railings, windows, turrets, doors, and roofs.

Craftsman-style houses are one or two-storied but not more than that.

Large windows on either side of the front door make the front of the house look beautiful.

While some craftsman homes have attached garages, a few others don’t. Architects use contrasting colors to accentuate their distinct features.

4. Colonial revival Architectural Style

Nebraska locale is a huge fan of this architectural style.

This 18th-century residential-style uses white, brown, indigo blue, and cherry red as the most common colours in the construction.

Railings and columns are often intricately carved with steep and low-pitched roofs.

Multiple turrets distinguish colonial revival styles from others. Colonial revival-style homes have a lot of windows by nature.

These windows are either rectangular or square-shaped but they are bizarrely multi-paned. They can be one or more stories.

A narrow entryway leading upto the house's front entrance is commonly seen in colonial revival style architecture.

5. Commercial vernacular Style Homes

Commercial vernacular-style homes are not-so-popular in the USA, but Nebraska is an exception because you will find at least one commercial vernacular for every street.

They are simple, affordable, and rich in architectural design. This architectural style is relatively unique and new since it can be traced back to the 20th century.

There is no fixed architectural style, but this residential-style embraces whatever comes in its way. However, it suits the needs and tastes of modern house owners.

These houses have an uncanny resemblance to contemporary or modern homes, but they have their own vibe and personality.

Commercial vernacular homes are often restricted to a single floor, but they can be extended to one or two floors. These residences are built in an expansive area.

6. Italianate Type of Houses in Nebraska

Like the entire world, Nebraska locale adores the Italian culture and architectural maturity.

These dwellings can be predominantly seen in Nebraska. They are mostly square or rectangular. They can be one or more storied.

Elaborate front porches and lengthy and wide balconies on top floors are common features of Italianate dwellings.

Curved columns, turrets, and other geographical elements often create an illusionary effect that makes these structures look curved.

Large rectangular windows with slopes give a royal look to these residences.

7. Late gothic revival Dwellings

Gothic revival architecture is unique, and you will not find even one common feature concerning other dwellings.

The columns are decorative and heavily ornamented. Covered front porches look even more elaborate due to these decorative columns.

Low gabled roofs with pointed arches are another feature that can’t be found in any other residential style.

Bricks, wood, or concrete are the dominantly used construction materials in these buildings.

8. Neoclassical Kind of Homes

Neoclassical buildings are strictly restricted to single or one-and-a-half stories.

They are highly sophisticated in both looks and the construction process.

The exterior surfaces of these houses are smoothened with concrete.

Plane and mammoth-sized circular columns of neoclassical architecture resemble government buildings.

The roofs of these residences are mostly flat, but sometimes they are triangular and low pitched. Although these buildings are limited in height, the interiors are as commodious.

The front porches are very narrow. The windows are rectangular with curved tops.

9. Prairie Architectural Style in Nebraska

This 20th-century architectural style is every Nebraskan local’s first choice.

These houses are highly functional and comfortable. They are super affordable. They can be one or more stories with neatly stacked windows that are rectangular and multipaned.

The roofs are either flat or flat with low pitched at the corners. Turrets, dormers, and chimneys often contradict the entire architectural style.

Prairie-style homes in Nebraska resemble contemporary and modern-style homes.

They have swimming pools with tall windows running from the surface to the roofs on one side.

10. Queen Anne-style Homes

Queen Anne-style homes are a perfect embodiment of royalty.

Pointed arches with cone and triangular-shaped roofs distinguish Queen Anne-style homes.

The roofs are low pitched. These dwellings are ornamented with plenty of large windows.

Although the exteriors are not intricately carved, many windows themselves create a royal look. They most commonly use royal maroon or blue in their constructions.

Concrete, wood, or bricks are the commonly used construction materials.

11. Romanesque revival

Romanesque revival style architecture is pretty easy to spot.

Bricks and red colour exteriors are the primary determining features.

Although the exteriors look similar to Queen Anne architecture, upon close observation, you can spot many contrasting architectural elements.

Windows are sparsely dispersed across the length of the buildings.

Bricks are the common construction material used in these buildings.

A mix of cone and triangular low pitched roofs are similar architectural elements.

12. Spanish renaissance revival

Spanish renaissance revival homes look similar to Italianate houses, but there are subtle differences if you observe closer.

They are mostly square or rectangular, with the middle part raising above the rest of the building.

Pointed arches and curved windows are mandatory features of this residential style.

Turrets and dormers with pointed arches are other unique features.

They can be one or more stories with elaborate balconies and plenty of rooms.

13. Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern residential style is residents’ dream in Nebraska.

They have a close resemblance to the contemporary housing system. They have swimming pools, balconies on the top floors, and large windows spanning from surface to roof.

A mix of wood, glass, and concrete materials is employed in the construction process. They can be one or more stories.

White is the dominant color adoring these residences. These houses focus on natural light, simplistic design, efficient functioning, and minimalism more than anything else. These dwellings have expansive back yards.

Nebraska (NE) Information:

Nebraska is a US state that sprawls in the “Great Plains” region, in the Midwestern United States. The state is known for its terrain, plains, rocky formations, and towns. Bordering states of Nebraska include Wyoming towards the West, South Dakota towards the North, Arkansas towards the West, Calorado towards the Southwest, Iowa towards the East, and Missouri towards the Southeast.

The state is generally covered by plains and hills and most of the coverage area is fertile. This is the reason agriculture is done best in the state and is flourishing from the start.

Different Native American tribes in modern-day Nebraska. These people relied on basic agriculture and hunting of Bison, etc. Some of these tribes included Ponca, Omaha, Pawnee, Otoe, Missouri.

As the European exploration started in the region, the activities and living of these people were affected significantly. French was the first to explore the region followed by the Spanish.

Both of these empires struggled for a long time to gain control of the region, until the “Seven Years War” when France ceded the territory to Spain.

Afterward, the US, British, and Spain struggled to gain control of the region but Spain and British withdrew soon. Nebraska became the 37th state of the US on 1 March 1867. Native tribes were forced by the US government to cede their lands to the US governments and shift in the reserves.

Afterward, settlements started in the state and thousands of people from other US states and Europe settled in Nebraska. Farming was their main source of income and due to suitable conditions and advanced techniques, agriculture thrived in the state.

Native American tribes of the state are officially recognized and have their own centers, colleges, etc. to preserve their culture, traditions, and history.

The geographical features of Nebraska include hills, plains, grassy lands, steppes, forests, reserves, and trails. The terrain is divided into two main features, “The Great Plains” and the “Dissected till Plains”.

The Great Plains region is mostly rough, hilly and features lakes and wetlands, while Dissected till plains region includes grassy lands and most of the farms are located here.

Agriculture is the main economic and one of the largest sectors in the state and includes the production of soybeans, sorghum, beef, pork, and corn. Other sectors include telecommunication, manufacturing, technologies, and transportation.

Some of the renowned US industries which include Duncan Aviation, Valmont industries, Mutual of Omaha, West Corporation, and Union Pacific Railroad are also based in the state. Also, Nebraska has the lowest unemployment rate among all of the US states.

White Americans dominate the population of the state followed by African Americans, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Native Hawaiian, etc. while German, English, Irish, Mexican, Czech are the largest ancestry groups of the state. Christianity is the largest region of the state. Religions other than Christianity include Hinduism, Buddhists, and others.

Nebraska Overview

  • Nebraska State Capital City: Lincoln
  • Area 200,356 km²
  • Congressional Districts3
  • Population 1.92 million(2017 est)
  • Language English, Spanish, German
  • Main Cropssoybeans, sorghum, corn
  • State Bird Western meadowlark
  • State Animal white-tailed deer
  • State Flower Goldenrod
  • State Tree Populus sect. Aigeiros
  • Popular Rivers Missouri River, South Platte River, White River, Little Blue River, Keya Paha River, Nishnabotna River
  • Spiritual Places Capitol City Christian Church, Lifegate Church, United Church of Christ, St Benedict Catholic Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, First Christain Church, Hindu Temple (Omaha), Nebraska Islamic Foundation, Islamic Center of Omaha, Islamic Foundation of Linclon, Masjid Al-Huda
  • Important Cities Omaha city, Lincoln city, Bellevue city, Grand Island city, Kearney city, Fremont city, Hastings city, North Platte city, Norfolk city, Columbus city, Papillion city
  • Border States Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota,
  • Tourist Attractions Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Scotts Bluff National Monument, Carhenge, Eugene T.Mahoney State Park, Old Market, Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, Lauritzen Gardens, Lake McConaughy, Durham Museum, Fort Robinson, India Cave State Park, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Heartland of America Park, Joslyn Art Museum, Nebraska National Forest, Oglala National Grassland, Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum, Pioneers Park Nature Center, Stuhr Museum, Arbor Lodge
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