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Ancient System of Prasannam in Astrology of Tamilnadu

Introduction to Prasannam Astrology

Prasannam Astrology is a different type of Astrology in which various worship methods are mostly followed. There are two types of Prasannam Astrology, one is "Sozhi Prasannam" and the other one is "Deva Prasannam".

Sozhi Prasannam is being done by throwing out a few dices and based on the plus and minus signs, the future of a person would be determined. Deva Prasannam involves the offering of puja to the deities in the puja room, and sometimes Homams would also be conducted in order to get better results for future prediction.

Prasannam Astrology is followed since ancient times, and it was mentioned even in some Roman and Greek texts. The great Pandavas were also seen in Deva Prasannam before waging the Kurukshetra war with the Kauravas.

Still now, Prasannam is being seen to know about success/failures in examinations, marriage predictions, starting of new business ventures etc. Few books were also written about Prasannam Astrology and by reading that, we could get more ideas about this wonderful astrology.

It is also believed that our ancient saints and Siddhas have written a lot of texts about Prasannam Astrology in the form of palm leaf manuscripts, but since it was not preserved properly most of the scripts were eaten by the termites / white ants. But, however, still now, with the help of some learned professional Prasannam Astrologers, this type of Astrology is gaining more popularity day by day.

But, before approaching an astrologer or top expert Vastu consultants, we should thoroughly examine about their qualities, or otherwise, we would not get accurate predictions from them as well as we would have to lose our hard earned money.

The details about Prasannam were mentioned in our holy Vedas also, but for understanding the correct meaning of the entire contents, we should seek the help of some learned Pandits who are specialized in Prasannam astrology.

In this type of Astrology, even without the help of a person’s birth Chart, we could determine the future of the person by following certain worship methods, and also by considering the planetary positions in the atmosphere, which prevails at the time of seeing the Prasannam.

Those who do not have a birth chart are advised to approach a Prasannam Astrologer, and even if a person has a horoscope with him, seeing Prasannam astrology is also highly recommended, since by seeing this type of astrology, we could get proper solutions for our problems. Prasannam is used to know about the reasons for our frequent sufferings in life, and also to take suitable remedial measures in our lives.

After seeing the Prasannam, if we get bad results, there is no need to worry about it, just by chanting the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM”, itself would reduce most of our bad Karmas, and we would also get a good future. But whatever methods of astrology we may follow, keeping our sincere faith and bhakti on god and guru is very very essential, since Lord BRAHMA is the one who is considered to be the great Divine astrologer for the entire universe.


Nadi astrology is a practice that has been in existence for thousands of years in Tamil Nadu and its adjacent areas in South India. It is an ancient system for calculating a person's destiny and future. It was believed that great sages were granted a boon that allowed them to look into the lives of mankind. This power was then passed on to a small group of astrologers.

Nadi Astrology

The Ancient System of Prasannam in Nadi astrology is a complex science of divination. While it is difficult to predict the future for anyone, this ancient science still maintains a high level of accuracy. The palm leaves of the sage are read to determine the person's planetary position. The sage then writes a corresponding factual description of the palm leaves.

The Pal scriptures, also known as "Nadis", date back to the Chola era in Southern India. They were written in ancient Tamil, and are comprised of personal information about each person. Since these astrology and Vastu scriptures were written by rishis and sages, they can only be read by linguists who have studied the language. This ancient system of astrology has a rich history. Even ancient system of Vastu shastra also discovered by our Indian Rushis.

The Palm Leaves of the Maharishis are kept in several libraries in Tamil Nadu, and can only be accessed by the entitled keepers of ancient knowledge. In order to interpret the scripts, readers must first study the poetic language of the ancient system. For example, the palm leaves of the "Nadi-Shastra" may take the shape of conversations between the Indian Gods, or they could be a concern for devotees.

The roots of Nadi astrology date back to the time of the great sages of India. Nadi astrology originated in the Southern states and is based on the concept of sages and palm leaf astrology. Nadi astrology is so ancient, in fact, that it deserves a special place in the world of astrology. Even Vaasthu also an ancient and traditional system discovered by our Indian sages, now followed by residents worldwide.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology of Tamilnad has evolved from the ancient systems of sages and rishis. The Hindus use these systems to predict the future in a number of ways, including marriage and love. Some sages even practice astrology & Vasthu in the form of a poem, and many temple palm leaves feature a distinctive style. The astrology of Tamilnadu also parallels the Bhrigu Samhita, which is widely used in northern India. There are many spurious versions of Bhrigu Samhita on the market, however.

This system originated in southern India and was originally called Nadi astrology. The leaves of these ancient systems are still preserved in the Saraswati Mahal Library, and many Brahmin astrology communities in Tamilnadu are known to own them. These leaves are exported to other parts of India, although the most original Nadi centers are in remote rural areas of Tamil Nadu. This is because English and Hindi are not widely understood and it is difficult for common folk to access these texts. Even today some of Vaastu scripts are unearthed slowly and continuously researching.

In Western astrology, the birth chart is divided into houses. Vedic astrologers use a whole-sign system. This means that an ascendant in Gemini would have his first house in Gemini. This system is used to correct discrepancies in birth charts. Vedic astrology also makes use of the ayanamsa system, which is based on constellations.

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, is an ancient system of predicting human affairs through the placement of the planets in the sky. In Tamilnadu, each of the nine known planets (Navagrahas) has its own shrines. Vedic astrologers are commonly employed by rulers.

Vedic astrology of Tamilnad uses the ecliptic plane for calculating horoscopes (Read this exclusive narration on selecting the plot as per name and comment). The planets and the sun move in front of the ecliptic plane. The Earth experiences a wobble once every two thousand years, and the ecliptic plane shifts about one degree every seventy-six years. Vedic astrology uses the new path to determine horoscopes, and Western astrology sticks to the old path that is outdated and symbolic.

Indian Astrology

The Ancient System of Prasannam in Indian Astrology is based on a compilation of astronomy by a number of writers, including the Parthian prince An Shih-Kao in the second century B.C. and the Persian scholar Abu Mashar. These texts, which are both written in Sanskrit, are over three thousand years old and are considered to be the foundation of classical Indian astrology.

The ancient Indian astronomical knowledge was threatened by invasions and social upheavals. Invaders plundered Indian land and astrological manuscripts. Invasions also destroyed ancient observatories and mass manuscripts. Sadly, many of these works were lost, so the Ancient System of Prasannam is now the only source of astrology in India. But thanks to modern science, these ancient sages' discoveries have been made possible once again.

The Babylonian influence on astrology is particularly notable. In the early Buddhist text Majjhimanikaya, Venus is mentioned as the "Star of Plants." Other ancient texts say that the sun and the planets cooperate in their rising and setting. This astrological theory was based on Greek-letter phenomena, and many of the works of Indian astrologers have been translated into Arabic.

The Vedic system of astrology, also known as Jyotish, is based on the constellations of the heavens. The Vedas were interpreted by astrologers as a guide to life and determining the course of events. It is also a method to determine a person's destiny. In addition to predicting the future, Indian astrology can predict the results of various endeavors. In addition, it can predict future wars and governmental decisions. As a result, astrologers were often employed by rulers to help them make better decisions.

The ancient system of Prasannam may have been used in Iran as far back as 2,000 B.C. As it traveled the Silk Roads, the practice of astrology was incorporated into natural philosophy. Scholars from various cultures spent a great deal of time observing the stars and planets in the night sky. Their belief in the celestial bodies made astrology predictions more accurate, but ultimately had many unintended consequences for astronomy.

Indian Astrologers

An Ancient System of Prasannam is a Hindu astrology practice, which dates back to the early 1500s. Its roots are rooted in Hindu mythology and Indian astrology. Astrologers have employed various techniques to analyze a person's astrological birth chart. Today, many of these techniques are used in Western Astrology. This article will explore some of the best-known ones.

Nadi astrology gives details of your past and present but is extremely inaccurate in the future. Because God knows the whole future, it is foolish to expect any form of astrology to accurately predict a person's future. Astrologers believed that the Rishis who crafted these texts had visions of their subjects. They wrote about the future life of a person in an advisory capacity. While the accuracy of the predictions was questionable, the remedies were given more importance.

Astro Kumaran is a top-notch Vedic astrologer who was awarded the title of Jothida Thilagam by the Univercell Research Academy. He has been practicing Vedic Astrology for fifteen years and bases his predictions on in-depth analyses of planetary positions. He offers Astrology consultations in English and Tamil and specializes in marriage and relationships, challenges in business, health problems, financial issues, and immigration.

In the modern world, astrology has taken the form of the yearly horoscope and monthly horoscope. Today's astrology focuses on individual-level predictions, while ancient astrologers sought to divine the will of the gods. It is a popular practice in India, where it is used to help predict the future of human beings.

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