We are planning to prepare Vastu websites in our All Indian Official Languages, please serve and support us to help to your mother land. There are many service oriented people in our society, we request all of them please come and serve in  successful completion of this project. You are well aware that our services to Military personal are free, our other free Vaastu Consultancy services applies, all Indian Government Offices and Freedom Fighters. Dont cut the trees in the name of Vasthu, trees are the heavenly elements, which provides property a potential development, security feeling, education, peace, money and also trees welcomes Heavenly Elements.

Vastu Tip of the Day

When West direction is at heigher level than East direction, it bores well for the male folk, they enjoyed name, fame and status in society. They have recognition by virtue of their integrity and status. They would have progeny and progeny also would progress well in life. Where there are no issues in a family, raise the level of West side by having stones, mud etc so that the derired effects come to fruition in good time. Residents would have status, name and fame in their place of work and also command respect from others. While talking they are firm of what they say and don't dribble with words and expressions. Click here for more Daily Vastu Shastra Tips

Vastu Shastra Consultant Website SubhaVaastu.com offers Vastu Shastra  World wide Consultancy Services:

Vastu Consultant Services Website India : Your interested place for all of Best Vastu Shastra Consultancy services and needs as well as best Vaasthu tips with proper recommended vasthu solutions. Through our website you may expect Vastu consultant direct and personal services available to each and every part around entire India and the Globe. We urge you, not to follow our recommendations without appropriate consultation by our competent vastu consultants. Our recommendations published here are based on many surrounding supports that you may not have such support by nature. So better, not to follow our suggestions without obtaining our clear written responses or replies.

For each and every problem there is a strategy to clear off them. God has given us an natural ability opportunity and talent to overcome from these artificially created and natural issues or problems. We may face all these perplexity conditions due to erratic planning of the constructions. Almighty has given us the Vastu Shastra, which enable us overcome from all the distress, which we face in our day to day life, now start reading our articles on Vastu Shastra. Today we are proud that millions have sought our counseling and they are fully satisfied and gained peace, wealth, popularity, affection, love, business, money etc by following suggestions and advices on their constructions. We are confident when you experience the effects of vasthu shastra, it is sure that you will convey the message of your victories to your known contacts including kith, kin and others of the benefits of this most popular Indian traditional construction science Vastu Shastra.

What is Vastu?

As per our Indian ancient literature "Vastu" means "Vasathi" or "Vaasa" it means living under one roof. Later this word has been stand as Vastu Shastra, some literature says that Vastu means "Vaasthuvu", i.e., items kept at home, in some areas the spelling is also been used as "Vastu" or "Vaastu" or "Vasthu" or "Vaasthu" in Bengal area it is called as "Bastu" or "Baastu". But most commonly known as "Vastu Shastra" only.

From the time of Tretayug (Thretha Yuga) the vastu shastra has been come into being existence, during the period of kings, rulers, this subject has been utilized and got success in their ruling periods. But there was no information revolution as of today, only the kings & rich people has been observed to safe guard (vastu) the richness as well as their kingdom. Unfortunately the poor & drown-trodden people have no idea of present Vaastu Shastra system. But as time passes the kings & Kingdom had ruined, the democracy came into force, being by advent of democracy everyone has own idea of this science. Here we should know what is vaastu?. For instance the meaning of sorrow is either pain or difficult, similarly we have to define what is vaastushastra ? dwelling the constructions with nature principles, when we have to say in ordinary language to understand even for a layman then a construction providing the peaceful atmosphere.

You may learn more about this science, Vaastu Shastra from here, Wealth does not provide us mental peace. We can't buy everything with money, like…. Mother's love, affection etc. Many people of this kind had not following the vaastu Shastra advice from a right person. Due to that there was much criticism of vasthu. If you follow the vaastu instructions from a Famous Expert Vastu Shastra Consultant then you may be benefited more. We may earn money but we cannot avail peace of life. Vasthu for home and Vaastu for the property is the important as its proved many times in various researches done by so many vastu experts.

The influence of vasthu is no doubt the peace of mind for the house inhabitants. Those who are suffering from ill health and debts , quarrels, court cases, property loss, misunderstandings, facing troubles at family life, disputes, frustration and tension and they look forward towards only peace. The people who have frustration & negative outlook will crave for present Vaastu Shastra……The ultimate answer is vasthu. Those who follow principles of vasthu on basis of construction will attain their desired goals & perfect happiness. If the property is according to Vaasthu Principles or integration rules, then infertility issues will also solved and residents get children, baby born in that property. Please note that our Vastu Tips and suggestion services to Military people are free and also our free services applies to Indian Government Offices, Freedom Fighters etc. We also offering reliable and responsible free vaasthu consultancy services to army people for their home, Plots, Flats, Apartments, Hospitals, Institutions, Colleges, Hotels, Factory or Industry and other properties and suggesting proper vaasthu solution tips, no need to pay for our services.

This website main vastu consultant is regularly visiting for Vastu consultation in Dubai , Sharjah, Abu Dhabi (UAE). This website is having many visitors from many countries like, India, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, USA (United States of America), Bay Area, NJ (New Jersey), DC, Dallas, New york, Canada, Australia, Great Britain (London - UK), Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nepal, New Zealand, France, Norway, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan (Tokyo), Fiji. Qatar, Mauritius, Oman, Sweden, China, Bahrain, Kenya, Ireland, Russian Federation, Botswana, Sri Lanka (Colombo), South Korea, Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Middle East Countries, Trinidad and Tobago, Southern Hemisphere etc and in India this website is very familiar in many states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab (Chandigarh), West Bengal, Nagaland, Tripura, Maldives, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Goa, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Orissa, Assam, Sikkim, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in Indian cities like Mumbai (Bombay), Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, NCR (National Capital Region), Kolkata (Calcutta), Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore (Bengaluru / Bengalooru), Hyderabad, Pune, Thane, Chandigarh, Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), Cochin, Kottayam, Pondicherry, Bhopal, Nagpur, Sholapur (Solapur), Gurgoan, Noida, Jammu and Kashmir, Mysore, Baroda (Vadodara), Surat, Ahmadabad, Tirupathi, Bhubaneswar and Guwahati, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur etc. Corporate companies also interested to regularly visiting this vasthu website. Industrialists, Factory owners, share trading (marketing) people, Cine actors or Film or Movie Stars, Politicians, Real Estate Companies, Leaders, Political Parties are much interested to get Vaastu information from this website. Vaasthu Tips through this website helps in Home improvement or home development and all parts of the home covers including garden also.

This website is having a concept to serve public in our society and sharing the knowledge is also one among them. Along with free Vaasthu this website provides Free SMS to users who registered in Free SMS section. Shortly we are introducing Vaastu information in all Indian languages like Telugu, English, Assamese, Hindi, Chhattisgarhi, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Mizo, Oriya or Odissi, Punjabi, Nepali (most parts of the Sikkim area is speaking Nepali language) Tamil, Bengali, Rajastani languages, already we launched Vaasthu information in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English languages.

In olden days only Hindus are usually following this traditional science. Now this great Vaastu Shastra is followed by all religions and religious people, the religions like Islam (Muslim), Christian, Sikh, Jews, Parsi (Parsee), Buddhists, Jains, Bahais, Shramana etc. Thanks to the communication revolution for spreading this vaastu science to entire world. Finally this Vasthu Shastra subject and Indian Rushi's thought was, public has to enjoy the peace, harmony, happy living, development, security etc. Thanks and Pranams to Indian Rushi's and Vaastu Shastra. From 1992 we are conducting Free Vaasthu Consultancy Services to the Indian Military personnel, still it is continuing.

Dear Vastu Shastra Expert Consultants we urge you to submit your recent researches or practicals please submit us to enable residents to get latest information on Vaastu science. We request all leading Vaastu Shastra experts, Vaastu shastri, Vaastu scholars, siddanthi, Vastu specialists, Vastu Pandits, to share your experiments / tips / knowledge here, we are pleased to publish all of your Vaastu suggestions. Vaastu Siddhi is not an easy way to learn, hard work is the only best way to learn Vaasthu Education or Vasthu Vidya. In some occasions we are providing free online vastu consultation services to our respected visitors particularly like Indian festivals or Republic Day or Independence Day etc.

Need a Online Professional Vastu Consultant reach us at - 9848114778 (Calling from India Dial like : 098481 14778 from other countries call : 00 91 9848114778) call if you require any personal visit or compulsory needs to talk, for any common enquiries send only email subhavaastu (at) gmail (dot) com, this Vaastu Shastra website is yours, make this website a successful and useful to our society.

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Vastu Shastra : This link explains what is about traditional Indian science and what exactly it was, when it was came into force, and some thing more interesting information is available with this link. If you are looking to learn some about this subject, then this link may serves you.

Vastu Shastra Purusha

House : Generally this Indian science provides us peace. Small corrections to our properties may makes us happy. This link explains how to build a house, pooja room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, staircase, toilets, store room, swimming pool, front yard, back yard, dining room, how to place doors, windows etc were elaborately expressed here.

Vastu for Home

Vastu Tips : Available thousands of Vastu Tips. Hope this website serves the best tips on this subject, day by day our scholars are adding more tips after discussing on many issues/matters. Step by step easy tips published in this link. Don't forget to visit daily vastu tips.

Vastu Home Tips

Office : Which property is better to have your office, CMD/ Chairman/ Managing Director chambers, seating arrangements, staff tables and their work station placements, secretary sitting place, office racks, how to manage your office files and where to place the office seating arrangements, office cabin, entrance, seating, interior, kitchen, idols, files storage place.

Vastu for Office

Bedroom : The place for relax, get more relax after reading our articles on master bedroom, where to sleep, which place is good to have cot, what about furniture at bedroom, windows and doors arrangements etc were discussed here.

Vastu for Master Bedroom

Factory : This link explains how to build factories or industries, placement of machines, where to place the doors or gates, seating arrangements, labor quarters, placement of generators or Electrical transformers, office for managing director or chairman, discussion chambers (Meeting Hall) , cabins for staff, kitchen, dining room, every thing belongs to factories are discussed in this link.

Vastu for Factory

Street Focus or Road Thrust : You are well aware that we have published almost 275 pages book on street thrust subject. East, West, North, South, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, which street focus is good, is there only eight street focuses or more, this link helps us to know more content with images on road hits to properties or plots. Also we published one English Book on this subject. DOn't miss it.

Vastu street Focus Information

Shortly we are publishing "Temple Vasthu Shastra" and Prachin (Pracheen) Vaasthu. It require time to update into your beloved SubhaVaastu.com website. We planned to release Vastu Yantra or Vaastu Tantra link. In this link we reveal the facts of Vaasthu Shastra Yantras or Tantras or Vaastu Mantra etc and also interested to release "Vasthu for Banks", from this link it is easy to understand how to develop Bank business and how to attract customers (depositors) with the help of vaasthu shastra, where to build the safe room, where to place cash counters, customers seating arrangements, bank manager cabin, Gold loan cabins, meeting room, staff room, rest rooms etc.

Some Questions on this Vaasthu subject :

Can I get Health and general hints though this website?

Which link serves with best and latest Vastu Tips in this website?

We are looking for an office in Dubai / UAE, is it compulsory to search only vastu properties?

How to improve our carrier with this Vaastu Shastra website?

Which direction room in a house is best suitable for master bedroom?

Where can I get those info like Gomukhi and Shermukhi sites, where can I get good info?

We are looking for a home in USA, Swimming pool at Northwest, can we buy it?

Is island is good in Kitchen, some says its not good, is there any explanation?

Some body says that this Vastu Science is not working in Apartment/ flats, is it true?

Inform best vastu tips to get more attraction and good business for our newly opened hotel?

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0 #38 VaastuReshma nilesh 2014-12-07 15:36
I making new house my inside house staircase means for duplex house internal staircase are going anticlockwise from south north to South is that fine plz give me answer urgently if not than what should I do
0 #37 room walls sizesumati 2014-11-27 11:50
namaste sir

room wall size 4inches vundavacha
+1 #36 room walls sizesumati 2014-11-27 11:48
Suresh garu namaste

Rooms wall size 4 inches vundavacha
+15 #35 all vaastushenbagadevi 2014-11-25 13:00
Superb website for vaastu..really no such website is like this..wonderful .good job sure sh suresh sir.
+1 #34 position of septic tankmahendra s shekhawat 2014-11-14 02:36
Dear sir

My plot is south facing. I start construction of my house. I want to your guide line. My plot size is 60'×30'. I want to construction of triple story.
Pl.give me advise of vastu.
+2 #33 tipsshravani 2014-11-10 09:57
Sir plz send me the tips about career
+1 #32 tipsshravani 2014-11-10 09:56
Sure plz tips about fianc
+1 #31 Description of propertyParameshwaran 2014-11-02 10:13
Dear Sir,
Our house build in northbedroom, northliving rm, north kitchen, northbathroom, north one small room, south east toilet, gate facing west, sump in front of the house, what are the problem we will face, main entrance towards south, till now i have no proper job, and not married
+24 #30 Home | SubhavaastuMarcia 2014-11-02 02:05
so nice. helpful website from indian land
+1 #29 remove vastu dosh in north east cornersanjay kumar choubey 2014-11-01 00:58
How to remove vadtu dosh in north east corner without any construction.

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This is Saritha from North Carolina. I got your reference from the subhavaastu.com , thank you for providing such basic vaastu information it really educated us briefly about vaastu concepts. I would like to inform this website to all of my known Indian contacts in USA. After browsing this website I feel that this is the best vastu consultancy website and seen uncountable links which have strategic and enormous information. Dhanyavad Sureshji.

We are Software Professionals in USA, Initially to buy a home we searched internet, sent floor plans to India, then one of my friend suggested subhavaastu.com site, I was very impressed going through the site, lot of information was provided, I contacted immediately Suresh garu for consultation. Being so busy he always responds to my emails and phone calls, clarified my doubts, He is so expert in giving consultation to USA properties. I feel him like a family member very frank, genuine and most of all patience. He do have immense knowledge in abroad properties, Indian properties by default. Anyone can give guidance, but he gives consultation with practicality not just some text book guidelines. He knows in and out how the structure, layout works and will give simple alterations, genuine Consultation. I have to salute to the tremendous work and efforts he puts in subhavaastu.com site.
- Sangeetha - New Jersey - USA.

It's very generous of you Mr. Suresh that you have placed all the books about vastu on your web page totally free. But they are in Indian Language? Is there possibility that these books will be written in English. Your web site is great. Thank you - Sasa - Zagreb - Croatia.

Thank you very much for your response. I have gone through your website. Honestly , not seen a website like this one. Amazingly informational. The one who shares such great deal of information is the one who is the guru and with this hope I am wanting to seek advise from you. Hoping to get in touch with you on your return from Oman Country - Stuti - USA.

Thank you very much for your response. I have gone through your website. Honestly , not seen a website like this one. Amazingly informational. The one who shares such great deal of information is the one who is the guru and with this hope I am wanting to seek advise from you. Hoping to get in touch with you on your return from Oman Country - Stuti - USA.

Dear Mr Suresh, I have been reading articles from your Website this evening (16th July 2010) and Sir you are a Legend !! What you have disclosed in your Website is nothing short of amazing and it shows what a powerful human being you are to share your knowledge of Vaastu Shastra so openly with the people of this world. God bless you Sir - unfortunately we do not have enough people like you in this world. Best wishes, always - Raveen Bhairo - Australia.

I had gone through several books written by Shri Sureshji on Vastu shastra. I saw the utilitarian information contained in the books. Though not being a computer buff one day I chanced upon the Subhavaastu.com website containing so much information that I was afraid to open and browse even. When I had nothing else to do I opened this website and gone through. From being a vaastu shastra consultant I became an admirer after browsing this website. The information contained is so very exhaustive that I felt that I knew nothing till I surfed this website. I was amazed at the details of such small things as nails and hinges even. I was equally amazed that in the zeal to be exhaustive he might have missed the comprehensiveness of the subject itself. This compelled me to go through further more. The more I read the more I got fascinated. The website has not ignored any detail in vastu. At the same time it has not omitted any topic either. It is both expansive and comprehensive too. I also find that the website is constantly updated. A thing I am not used to. I chanced upon meeting Sureshji once in Bangalore city. I saw him busy updating website. The contents of website were those that we had been discussing the morning before. His logic was that he found the discussion interesting and educative and this should not go away with him, if the same is available in the website many people would benefit by it. Truly admirable way of living. I felt thrilled that our discussions did not degenerate into coffee shop gossip. I was glad to know the discipline to which he had submitted himself. Perhaps I felt this was his tribute to the vasthu science itself.Shorn off commercial interest the website purely deals with vastu subject. A person with elementary knowledge and an interest to know more can easily get what he needs to do or not do in his design/construction venture, so as to derive maximum advantage. A person with average intelligence can come to reasonably sensible conclusions and firm up his mind to the problems facing him with reference to his own house, office etc. While this is true one cannot ignore the knowledge that may be available with him beyond what could be contained in the website upto that point. It is for this reason that every time he advocates consulting a competent vaasthu scholar, even when the answer is simple and apparently visible too. I believe this website makes one a knowledgeable student so that he has got an opportunity to learn more. I have no hesitation in recommending this website to one and all even though I am also practicing vasthu consultant for I believe that spread of knowledge is the foremost duty of any person and that this website does this job admirably. My job would be easier when a knowledgeable person comes to me for solutions - Ram K Chetluru - Vaasthu Consultant - New Delhi.

I am really very much impressed with Suresh garu for his valuable vastu guidance. Generally I never believe any vastu consultant, there are many vastu consultants but most of them are all commercial vaastu consultants. But Suresh garu really a nice person who doesn't think in commercial angle. Also he answers all your questions with patience. Subject wise, he is having very good knowledge on vastu and he doesn't treat it as the religious, he says it is a science, which is true as per my knowledge and experience. To say there are lot of things about the site and Suresh garu. I know no body reads my feedback if it is lengthy. In short he is superb and one stop solution for all your vastu related questions and inquiries - Mannem Janardhan - New York - United States of America.

Vaastu for Plots and sites
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Vastu Shastra Questions:

How to locate a best vastu specialist, remunarate him properly?
What are vastu effects and how I am affected by them?
Which is the good direction for you to repose while sleeping?
How to get comprehensive information of all the states in India?
Does vastu help in achieving reputation in hospitality industry?
Where do I get vastu shastra tips, which link explains more info on home tips?
We are looking to buy a house in USA, in which direction swimming pool is benevolent
Please guide us regarding the placement of the island in kitchen?
Krishnarao, my friend told me that this site is daily updated, show me daily tips?
Do the principles of vastu shastra affect hospitals too, guide us?

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