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We are planning to prepare Vastu websites in All Indian Languages, please serve and support us. There are many service oriented people in our society, we request them please come and serve to complete this project. Please note that our services to Military personal are free, our other free Vastu Consultancy services applies to Tree Lovers, all Indian Government Offices and Freedom Fighters. Dont cut the trees in the name of Vastu, trees are the heavenly elements, which provides property a potential development, security feeling, education, peace, money and also trees welcomes Heavenly Elements.

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Vastu Shastra for Factories :

Vastu for Factory : Factory (industry, in some areas it may also called as plant, if the plant is small then it may be called as small scale cottage industry) vastu ensures the successful running of business navigation, leading to larger production and better monetary profits, successful among neighbor factories. Applying Vastu for industry can be of great support and also it roots the way for prosperity, security, strengthen in business. There are many more things those have to be considered while setting Vaastu guidelines for industries or factories like selection of site, position of electronic gadgets, location of guard room, quarters for staff, kitchen, office room

Vastu For Factory

for administration, chairman’s room, Managing Partner’s room and placement of raw materials, furnished goods, developing packaged material, readied transport items and many more. One can take recourse to Vaastu and avoid all possible mishaps and any kind of problems. The various problems faced have been often removed with the expert suggestions of Vasthu Siddanthi (Consultant).

A shop feed one person, a big shop feeds few persons. But a factory supports large number of families. The main purpose of a factory is getting profits through production and marketing. So the owner of the factory must look into not only self but many lives also. Normally, factory will have heavy things, materials of raw as well as finished goods, apart from machinery and stocks. These heavy material must be placed only either at west / southwest / south. These are to be placed at zenith places for the stocks, materials, readied items, iron things, finished goods also.

Compound wall / guestroom are also important aspects to be look into with regards to vaastu. The point of putting front door having greater importance and that has to be at zenith place. Last but not least is that mere knowing only certain things like cooking at Agneya (Southeast), sump at Ishan are not serve the purpose, yet so many aspects, dimensions that are to be observed before construction and for which an experienced vaastu consultant is badly required. With his directions one should construct a factory and come up in life and make others to come up.

Normally factories or manufacturing units face severe problems, which are to be dealt with care and caution. Fundamentally the basic reason behind the problems like labour problems, tax problems, market competition, ongoing trends frequent changes of passions and above all government policies etc, are to be recognized. one can tackle the problems with managerial efficiency but one can even avoid to face by following proper vaasthu in construction of factory or manufacturing unit. At times it is also come across that stock disposal becomes a big task and hard nut to crack. If we consult an experienced vaastu consultant, he will show the way to overcome all the problems in an easy manner. Vastu Shastra for factory, industry, factories, industries should be carefully observed, one should not take hasty decision without proper observation before buying a site for constructing a factory or small scale industry. A simple vastu tip may change the benevolent of the place.

How many factories are there in India or in western countries, we planned to develop all factories Vasthu Shastra links, we clearly knows that you want to prove your self as a best entrepreneur in your area, we will help for your development, your development is our development our beloved society development. You are so hungry. Please wait our team is working on these links, at any time you will see the big blast here. Keep in touch with us.

Work is going on this link ., Be in touch with us - Team -

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Mr. Suresh (Founder of this website) has visited below countries for Vastu Consultation :

1. United Arab Emirates. (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah).

2. Bahrain.

3. South Africa

4. Botswana

5. Srilanka

6. Oman

7. Singapore

8. Malaysia (Transit)

You may ask him for vastu consultancy in your living country. You may send requests to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Reviews on our vasthu shastra Website :

Dear Suresh Guruji, I have visited your website and found and gained lot of knowledge regarding Vaastu which are in details described in your website and I would like to congratulate for your free social work towards mankind - SHIVAKUMAR NATARAJAN - Bangalore - Karnataka.

Dear Shri Suresh, I visited you web site contains a very important and useful and scientifically proved information. It really show your hard work and deep study. Mainly the person like you are in India are the personification of co operation and I know that it would help to grow the vastu shastra horizon.Keep it up and help us like a need person. But just I wanna suggest you to create the youngster those who are interested in this subject so that superstitious goes beyond the real picture of the just like this pure thing I know "If we walk or go by our mind then definitely achieve our target or aim, but by our legs only we will cover a distance hence it needs to use the mind.I hope from you to spread awareness or focus on their darken mind amongst the people those who are assuming vastu shastra is the only superstitious. Thanks & Regards Sachin Deshmukh - Rajura Dist - Chandrapur - Maharastra - India.

I first came to know about this website in 2009 while I was casually searching about vastu consultants in Google search engine. Since then I have very good relation with Suresh garu not only on vaastu matters and in personal as well. For the first time when I asked about consultation fee I thought it will be high. But to my surprise the charges were very less and the services are of class in nature. I realized many vaastu consultants who give solution but hesitant to answer in detail for questions and or clarify the doubts on the discussed plan/house. But Suresh garu was kind enough to answer all my queries in detail and patiently. I amazed about his clarity & command on the subject. I also realized that the major portion of his service charges is reinvested in developing the website (subhavaastu) which is useful for the persons like me. After going through this web site in detail, it gives me a confidence that the other vaastu sites neither this exhaustive nor the consultant is co-operative as I noticed there will be only contact details. Suresh garu gives free services to government offices and Army personnel. This approach from him impressed me a lot. Occasionally we feel to get the services in cheaper rates, but it could be catastrophic if the changes made (to the plan/house) could be wrong as we do not have the right information/clarification. Based on my experience with Suresh garu, his services are excellent and the prices are affordable. It is always better to approach a professional doctor when we are in need of a treatment for disease. As mentioned earlier his service charges are very less, for comparison I can say we pay $1 USD for $10 USD worth of services. I do not have any hesitation in recommending him for (y)our needs based on my experience - T. Bharath Kumar Reddy - Rayachoti - Kadapa Dist - Andhra Pradesh - India.

Dear Suresh bhai, u came to us like an angel who has given us the new direction to live. By my heart I say that u are one of the messengers of god who has come to flourish the world with God's golden light. Not only the vastu, even in astrology u r the master. We went to so many places before meeting you spent around thousand of RIALS however the satisfaction we got from ur suggestion we didnt get any where else. I pray to god to send us love and light. Thank u. With Regards - ZainabAbdullah Al kaabi - Muscat - Oman Country.

When I decided to join for a flat, my wife shouted that u r wasting time on Facebook, Twitter etc, and why not develop Vaasthu knowledge etc. After a weeks search I came across an excellent frank, scientifically designed, logically explained vaasthu website and thrilled as though I discovered something like EDISON the scientist. The discovery is that the SUBHAVAASTU WEBSITE. It gives an excellent introduction of vaasthu, its uses, for various uses like, home, business, even for bathrooms, balconies etc. I have never come across such a knowledgeable, useful, technical, scientific, vaasthu website maintaining its original sanctity. Its vast knowledge suitable to today’s younger generation is a boon to the entire world. Its humble designer Mr.Suresh, a non profit, non commercial man is behind the website baffled me, and I am really astonished how he provides such an in-depth knowledge absolutely FREE of COST to everybody to understand vaastu knowledge and his approach is extremely practical with eyes wide open to the environs and appropriate to this fast world with practical low cost solutions, to everyone. I never knew as a private scientist that there is so much knowledge about vaastu where I couldn’t find in any website. Mr.Suresh has burnt a lot of midnight oil to design this vastu website with feed backs, questions and so on. A KARMAYOGI LIKE MR.SURESH should be give due respect and weight not only buy appreciation. But also by recognition, money benefits by the society to pursue his noble research and knowledge in order to refine further knowledge for the generations to come. He should be encouraged by one and all to continue his NOBLE ENDEVOUR...HIS thankless job is a great service to the society. His noble thoughts and works should not go unwept, unhonored and unsung. Entire Indians and the world society should encourage such genius and I wish all the best for this excellent, useful, informative website SUBHAVAASTU, a free informative service never seen in the world and wish Mr.Suresh and all those who have contributed for this wonderful website he should give his contacts by telephone, his email ids and his services to one and all as he is already doing this great service without any monetary benefits a rare personality in our society, when I went with a problem he excellently guided me, with vaastu corrections etc. GOD &LORD OF ALL RELIGION BLESS HIM TO CONTINUE AND FURTHER REFINE THE VAASTU KNOWLEDGE and fill up the knowledge gap - Srinivasa Narayanan - Scientist - Chennai - India

The website is very informative.Sureshji, the founder of this website is according to me a great ¨human who has vast knowledge in vastushastra and his kindness to his clients are appreciated. He listens to his clients problems patiently and gives the appropriate remedies. His main motto is good service and he responses as quick as possible. I spoke to Sureshji as a stranger only, but after one phone call itself , I started feeling that he is a caring well wisher for whoever asks his help. He is a genuine person. He doesn't force you to spend money in the name of vasthushastra, he explains clearly where the problem is and tries to give very easy changes to have a peaceful life. Sathya Priya - Switzerland - (Chennai - India )

Mr.Suresh.,Pranams ., Let me introduce my self I am Rajesh Reddy born and brought from West Godawari Disrict son of Late Venkat Reddy and devotee of Sri Sathya sai,( I hope u can remember me now),i worked for Birla Cements as General Manager Tech (Hyderabad), now settled with my daughter in Italy. With your prediction & with your blessings my daughter & my son got married & doing well,as I am also belongs to satsangan,i decided to give a used vehicle to you for your personal use as respect for you. previously I meet u at your place with my son for vasthu consultation for his company,now he is leading a happy life at Germany with new factory. You are doing a marvelous job in the Vasthu field, giving correct prediction.I pray god to give you Good health to do more to our religion. The details of vehicles are given below 1.Scorpio DLX 2010,cherry red color, with 3yrs extended warranty,7 seated,14000KM Aprx, AP Registered(PARKED AT HYDERABAD). This car is given to me by Birla Cements India in book value for Rs 4,65,000/-,in that i paid Rs 4,00,000/-and 50k has been paid by Mr Sundaram,balance has to be paid. In India there is nobody to use this car also, so i request you to accept this car if u required. I request u to accept this vehicle to serve our religion and our Tradition and it will be comfortable for your services. - Rajesh Reddy - Italy (West Godavari., Andhra Pradesh)

Sir, you provided a wonderful knowledge in this website, even today we have not find any other websites that serves like you. Thank a lot for sharing this knowledge on free of cost to all of us. God Bless you sir - Karunakar Reddy (Name Changed) - Industrialist - Hyderabad - India

It was sheer accident that I got into this site. I am a vastu student and practitioner. I have never seen any such site which has got such authenticate and complete information with sketches and write up. I am going to refer this many of of vastu friends who would also develop and fine tune their learning on this subject. The only thing which made me uncomfortable is, it is not in my mother tongue- Marathi so I had to rely on English. Second important point, in this suggestion box my country name India is not there ? I tried 5 times but it is not seen, so i left my attempt and kept it blank. If we convert this site in Marathi , what can be done from my side , pl let me know, to the best possible means , i will make myself available. Regards and thank you very much team members for giving me this wonderful feast. Deepak Motiram Bondre - Thane - Mumbai - Maharastra

This website content is right or wrong but the thought of free concept is a great concept, I like this nature of service, I will support to this website with two hands. Kumaran Pillai - Silk Business - Madhurai - Tamil Nadu State.

Dear Suresh Garu, I was wonder by having your guidance at our home, I never believe that yourself came to our home premises and suggesting us the modifications. We thought that you may be sending your staff to observe our home, anyway thank you so much for coming. We done all the alterations and as per your guidance we have created south road, several people here said that we are doing wrong step, but, we have a great faith on you and done the changes as per your suggestions. Now all of our problems solved and running all concerns peacefully, now we don't have any litigation from the departments and other disputes are also solved. Its only because of your suggestions. We are recommending your name to our friends who are in need of vastu shastra. Thanks a lot sir. Ravi Kumar - Shamshabad - Hyderabad - India.

This site is very informative - Raju - Hyderabad - India

I started looking for a plot to buy. I found the area which is nice and decided to buy in that area. When we check with the owner of the Plots, he said there are no plots with east facing and only plots available with street focus. Then I started to verify the same in the internet about the street focus. By Entering the Street Focus in Google, I got few links about Street Focus in Vaastu Shastra and I gone through few sites. Every where I observed that, this is according to "subhavaastu". Then immediately I left all those links and directly came to visit the site " ". After going through all the links in this site, I found that it has everything related to Vaastu shastra. This site is very well organized with each topic and with lot of information. We normally see outside as "one stop to buy everything". Similarly, this is the place to get everything related to vaastu shastra. Few Interesting things, 1.FAQ section, it contains more than 100 questions with answers related to Vaastu Shastra. 2. Services, Suresh garu providing a free services to "Military personals, Tree Lovers, all Indian Government Offices and for Freedom Fighters". 3. Response, Providing quick response to our queries. I contacted directly on his mobile for my clarifications and he provided a valuable suggestions to make my decision on buying a plot. Other than these, there are many things to know from " ". Thank you Suresh Garu for providing valuable information through the site and with your services to the public – Venkata Suresh - Software Engineer - Hyderabad - India

I am working abroad in oil company, I seen Sureshji web site more than 2 years ago when I was making my new home in my native place & contacted him for his vaastu suggestion's , to our pleasure he came to our place when construction for new home was going & given his all his guidance which we implemented with out any second thoughts, now after staying in our new home for nearly 2 years I can say that we are getting all desired results, kids are doing very well in there study's after getting admission in best school & college, I got promotion & the atmosphere in our home is very happy, our full family is very thankful to Sureshji, and more thing I want to say that he is very down to earth person. God Bless him - Dhruvakumar Chaturvedi - Muscat and Hyderabad (India).

Thank u for wonderful guidance., we r building 2 houses all your vastu tips r helpful. Thank You & regards - Sachin - Mumbai - India

I thank you very much, for providing us such a website with all the information of vaastu and sub links in each and every section. I would like to appreciate you on giving us such a detailed information without troublesome exercise like registration / login / members / fee etc. Its easy get in and easy access to what ever detail we want. Hope n wish you will continue the same service and provide many others a satisfied life with your advises which will be a great blessings I really take this opportunity thank you once again for your timely responses and being a great pandit great to see the simplicity and respectiveness in answering calls from you thanking you sir - Suresh Boyanapally - Software Engineer - Hyderabad - India.

I read Subhavaastu book and i got impressed with the content and immediately i called Mr.Suresh requesting him to look my flat and luckily he came to see my flat and gave very good suggestions. Mr.Suresh is a genius and he spends more than enough time to understand our problems and he never rushed during his visit to my flat. He gave excellent suggestions and also explained clearly why those changes are required and he made sure that we wrote all those on paper. He is very open and never hides anything , i don't think anybody in this world will write a book like subhavaastu very clearly explaining each and every point with examples and plans.We require people like Mr.Suresh who has got very good subject and experience in Vaastu. I recommend everyone who wants to know about Vaastu for their properties, first call Mr.Suresh and talk to him once , you will know about him very well. If you want Vaastu, we need only genuine people like Mr.Suresh of subhavaastu website - Babu Sudhir - Bangalore - Karnataka - India.

This is Saritha from North Carolina. I got your reference from the , thank you for providing such basic vaastu information it really educated us briefly about vaastu concepts. I would like to inform this website to all of my known Indian contacts in USA. After browsing this website I feel that this is the best vastu consultancy website and seen uncountable links which have strategic and enormous information. Sureshji Dhanyavad.

సురేష్ సిద్దాంతి గారికి నమస్కారం , మీ వెబ్సైటు చూసాను చాలా అద్బుతం గా ఉన్నది. మీరు వ్రాసిన ఒక్క వాక్యం తో మిమ్మల్ని గొప్ప సిద్దాంతిగా చెప్పవచు. అది ఆగ్నేయం బ్లాక్ విసర్జించమని. నేను చాలా చోట్ల పరిశీలించాను . ఆగ్నేయం బ్లాక్ ఎవరికీ కలిసిరాదు. నేనువచ్చే సంవత్సరం ఇల్లు కడధమనుకుంటున్నాను. మీ అప్పాయింట్మెంట్ ఎంత కలం ముందు తీసుకోవాలి - నమసులతో శ్రీనివాసరావు తాడేపల్లిగూడెo

"My name is Rama Moorthy Prasad working as a Supervisor in one American corporation situated in Nigeria country, for my vastu shastra requirements I contacted Mr. Suresh Vastu consultancy for my home vastu consultancy., more than 20 months ago when I was making my new home at my native place (Chittoor Dist) and contacted him for best of vaastu suggestion's and guidance , as per my request he came to our place when construction work was going on and given all his recommendations. One of my cousin is practicing as a Civil Engineer, he was also presented on Mr.Sureshji visit and my cousin noted all of his recommendations and we implemented without any second thought, Sureshji observation on all the civil works and surroundings are greatly appreciated, he never compromises on vastu shastra, he never left even a small bit of work and reaching to all corners of the property for verification, he rounded the property twice for double check of any corrections. Now after staying in our new home for nearly 20 months I can say confidently that we are getting all desired results, I was noticed most of the guests when they enter in to our home expressing that they feel calm and pleasant climate and good vibrations. Now again I am contacting him for my second purchase in Tirupati. All of my family members are fully happy and thankful to his services - Rama Moorthy Prasad - Nigeria - Chittoor Dist - India.

Thank you very much for your response. I have gone through your website. Honestly , not seen a website like this one. Amazingly informational. The one who shares such great deal of information is the one who is the guru and with this hope I am wanting to seek advise from you. Hoping to get in touch with you on your return from Oman Country - Stuti - USA

While I was browsing net for best Indian vastu consultants, I found some websites, out of them I selected the first one subhavaastu website and found excellent information without any registration and hassle free browsing. After getting stepped into site, I feel some homely feeling and thought the site is of mine. I was asked for consultancy fee enquiries with Sureshji, his answer attracts me and I finalized to have his consultancy only for my new house purchase in USA and my own house in India. His knowledge on vastu shastra is marvelous and for a small doubts also his clarification is seems to be scientific. His observation on properties is nothing but magnifying the current situations. We showed 3 lots in my area and he pointed one lot to be the benefit one which we already thought that plot is not good as per vastu. Based on his statement, our family members discussed for two days and coming to the decision to construct the house there only. When house warming completes, the next year, what we feel is peace and attraction in that house. Many of my relatives and friends told me that, some thing goodness is with our property. What ever we touch in that house it becomes gold. For all of our next ventures we called only Mr.Suresh to visit the sites. The astonish thing is that after all of his consultancy, while I was discussing with one of my friend Srinivasa Rao about Mr.Suresh consultancy, he told me that his uncle is also getting Suresh consultancy for all of his properties. It may be coincidence but after knowing this fact I came to know that I am not a one to get Mr.Suresh consultancy, there are many others who got his consultancy and getting succeeded in their ventures. I am proposing Mr.Suresh consultancy to many of my friends who are interesting to build their dream houses or projects. Internet means we may never have faith on some people who runs websites and doing practices, but here I am proud to say that his consultancy is fully secured and responsible. His attitude with our family members are so nice and confidence security. His all moments are filled our hearts with trust. He is not climbing us to the skies with our dreams but his efforts are marvelous to reach to the skies with confidence. No doubt his consultancy raises confidence with us. We can easily understand his genuine consultancy if we have any previous experiences with quacks or so called vastu business consultants. What ever I am getting the results in the future for all of my properties, I should select only Mr.Suresh for future concerns. I have great trust on his consultancy and words. He is one of the best consultant in India. His website brings cheers in many families. The vasthu knowledge which published in many pages in his website are fantastic. I feel great by delivering this review on his site and his vastu consultancy services. His guidance to the public is remarkable and sound. Particularly his knowledge on surroundings of the properties are said to be the best of his mile stone experimentation. He justifies our each and every Dollor. When ever I visit India, on the same day I called Mr.Suresh and wish him. I was so pleased by calling him. When ever you are requiring vastu pandit then think on this website. I am recommending every body that if you want peace in your life then think of Mr.Suresh and his website and his consultancy - Raadhakrishna - (Presently working at USA) - Vijayawada - India.

Hi all, I found this site very useful and founder of this site Mr. Suresh when contacted regarding vaastu gave very factful information and good guidance. Many thanks - Meena - London - United Kingdom.

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Hi there! I simply would like to give you a huge thumbs up for your great info you have got right here on this post. I am returning to your web site for more soon.
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I got this web page from my pal who informed me on the topic of this web page and at the moment this time I am visiting this web page and reading very informative posts at this place.

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No doubt, the Northeast-east street focus is excellent, but some times this may gives only negative results, its only because of the main entrance door to the property may not be opposite to this street focus and it may be towards Northeast and very nearer to the North, due to this it may not attract the Street focus beneficial results. One should select the property only with the help of expert vastu consultant, otherwise he may be the looser.

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