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As Per Vastu Honey Bee Nest In A Home Is Good Or Bad?

Bee-hive In The House Is Good As Per Vastu?

Honey bee nest in home is good or badIn some apartment flat corridors and in some homes we will observe honey bee nest. Whether this beehive nest is good or bad, it should not be safe for our family members. At any time they may sting, who knows the expected time when they sting.

If Honey bee nest is good as per vastu, can any resident dare to breed them. No one can dare to raise honey bee in their homes, whether this could be good as per vastu.

Please note that logic is most important in everything in vastu shastra. Raising honey bee in the home is a profusely deadly matter. Better to remove them.

Bee Hive at Southeast Corner Is Good Or Bad?

Honey bee nest in house VastuNeighbor is having bee-hive at his Southeast corner, it comes to our Northeast corner, is it good to keep. My neighbor, respects my words, shall we keep it or remove?

Please listen, bee-hive is not recommended in the dwelling, a bee may harm your children, so first remove it. If at any time due to children playing if the bee-hive disturbed then what is the position, then, even thinking of that scene may also create panic.

Children safety is most important than following Vastu principles. Every best Vastu website always aiming to explaining the same.

Don't check whether the bee-hive is towards Southeast or Northeast or Southwest or Northwest or East or West like this. Where ever the beehive nest, there may be a chance to hurt your family members.

How To Remove Honey Bee Nest From Homes

vastu tips for honeycombLit the coal on a bucket or any bowl and blowing the smoke to this honey bee nest, they will go away. Once they checkout from that place, then immediately clean everything of that beehive, after that take a waste cloth and pour some kerosine and rub on that honey bee hive area. They never come back again.


Beehive In Balcony Is Good? - Ramakrishna - Visakhapatnam

Hi, I am Ramakrishna living in Bangalore city, in my room, I have many friends, some are Kannada people and some are Tamil people out of them one is speaking the Hindi language. My Tamil friend says that beehive in the house is a bad omen. My Kannada friend saying that as per astrology beehive is good. Please clear my doubts. Is keeping Beehive good or bad in the home?

Dear Ramakrishna Sir, removing beehive is always recommended if this nest is in our home or balcony or corridor. Some build nest at under the staircase which is mostly at the terrace. If you are not, usually, not using the terrace then leave it. Otherwise, removing is always a good idea.

If a honey beehive is not giving any trouble to the residents then let them live there. Otherwise, removing is a good idea.

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+10 #1 Honey bee on Amla tree at house South sideBhaskar 2022-07-24 11:05
Namaste sir, it is an amazing experience by browsing your website. It is an encyclopedia. By seeing this site, I understand how much trouble you faced all the way by preparing this site and content. Tons of content. God bless you. How Is it if honey bees are constructed their nest on a tree is the South direction to the home. Can I remove them from that tree. Let me know sir. Have a wonderful day.
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