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Vastu Street Focus from Northeast ( Eshan or Ishan ) :

Northeast Street focus | Ishan Road Thrust : Now we are discussing about the Northeast Street focus. We had also observed that whenever a new thing is thus revealed several people jump up and corroborate the same. About two decades ago, perhaps not many people would have even heard the term “vastu”. first one writer brought a volume on this subject and soon several came on the scene publishing several books professing over forty years of experience in vastu even though just fifty years old. In this scenario genuine vaastu scholars have not ventured openly.

Northeast Street focus

There are several features in neighborhood vastu and this is already elaborated earlier. Of these street thrust is significant. A benevolent street thrust may turn a pauper to an aristocrat and a malevolent vice versa. These street thrust are visible and some times invisible too. Some are even called stealthy.

For your understanding purpose herewith we are publishing the short codes :

NE : Northeast

NNE : Northern Northeast

ENE : Eastern Northeast

SE : Southeast

ESE : Eastern Southeast

SSE : Southern Southeast

This is a flash file, to understand about the street focus of a property. This is only for your kind information purpose. This file may not be open in tablet pc  or cellphones or in some browsers.

Let us first examine visible street thrusts. In this case remedial measures where ever are to implemented are indeed possible, these street thrust are

1. Northeast street focus (NE)
2. East Northeast street focus (ENE)
3. East street focus (E)
4. East southeast street focus (ESE)
5. Southeast street focus (SE)
6. South southeast street focus (SSE)
7. South street focus (S)
8. South southwest street focus (SSW)
9. Southwest street focus (SW)
10. West southwest street focus(WSW)
11. West street focus (W)
12. West northwest street focus (WNW)
13. Northwest street focus (NW)
14. North northwest street focus (NNW)
15. North street focus (N)
16. North northeast street focus (NNE)

Some benevolent Thrusts :

Benevolent street focuses:
1. Northeast street focus (NE)
2. East Northeast street focus (ENE)
3. East street focus (E)
4. South southeast street focus (SSE)
5. Southeast street focus (SE)
6. West street focus (W)
7. West northwest street focus (WNW)
8. North street focus (N)
9. North northeast street focus (NNE)

Malevolent street focuses :

1. South southeast street focus (SSE)
2. Southeast street focus (SE)
3. South southwest street focus (SSW)
4. Southwest street focus (SW)
5. West southwest street focus(WSW)
6. North northwest street focus (NNW)
7. North northeast street focus (NNE)

Caution: With a little carelessness even south and west street thrusts which otherwise could be benevolent may turn malevolent, only a competent vastu scholar can identify it.

Good results of this Eshan street focus are leadership qualities, supremacy to the individual, total satisfactory life with full length of enjoyment, pleasant trips, busy with currency calculations, success rate is increasing year after year, grand jackpots, fun with friends, relatives, foreign trips, easy life, easy works, good education, name and fame in the society, noble life, enormous funds, bank deposits, heavy flow of good means, nice character, royal look, good behavior, total family on pleasant trips, good alliance to the daughters, right job for the sons, far distance jobs available and extracting good name and money from them, funds overflow than expecting, authority on all aspects, all amenities in the house, successful hand in everywhere, the head of the family controls all the members of the family and nearby his partners or relatives or friends etc.

These houses are also available for purchase, but the owners of that house may gone too far away for transfers or doing new business or gone to foreign, only these are the reasons for selling of that house, there is no other reason. If you find any other reason than the above, there might be very strong disturbance at the house as per vastu shastra. If you find any house of like this Ishan street focus is for sales, don’t leave them, just buy them later have your lunch.

Let us first find out about NE. When a street thrust is observed whether for a house, plot or factory or any other construction we should first examine the source of such thrusting streets, if such source is from benevolent side this is a good thing. For this purpose we may assume it to a pipeline as water is transported via a pipe line so are good or evil as the case may be.

Let us examine how Northeast ( NE) thrust is :

Here the Northeast street thrust is distinctly visible. If a street strikes a corner of East and North sides such a situation is called Northeast street thrust. As told earlier let us first examine as to what northeast is all about. We should recognize the worth of NE to appreciate the same adequately. If north is extended it would mean that our journey to prosperity is started. Northeast denotes prosperity and progress. This may be in any thing such as progeny, economical, name and fame, education or happiness quotient, pleasures of life, health, business, political gains, external journeys, vehicles, increase in prosperity or any such other things. The seeds for such developments are sown by the NE.

Northeast Focus

I am writing as exhaustively on the subject as it is really helpful to the readers. It is said Lord Shiva himself is the lord of Northeast. Hence it is best to pay special attention towards this. The whole vastu shastra is partial towards this. Figuratively speaking this corner takes care of all other seven sides (and corners) of the house. Of the three pantheon of Hindu Gods Shiva is easily appeased. Just as mother is indulgent towards her children so is said lord Shiva and northeast is one aspect of His. As such it is nearly impossible to completely evaluate northeast fully. In vastu it is indeed truly said – even if all the directions are defective not to sleight northeast of the house.

Development and progress starts from northeast, it attracts the benevolent grace of Goddess of prosperity – Lakshmi. If such a part of the house is defective it would mean that we have discarded the very progress and prosperity of home and every thing that is accompanied with it.

The corner of North and East direction of the house site is called as Northeast corner.


Northeast Focus

Another Northeast focus image :

Here even though the NE street is not straight and has bends etc it bestows its full effects on the house. The final destination is towards Northeast corner of the site and started from the Northeast corner of the house plot. So it bestows the Northeast results to the residents.


Northeast curve road formation

Another Formation :

There is “Y” shape street thrust. This is extremely beneficial to the residents as if with one stroke several events are concluded successfully. There are 3 components in this NE street thrust. These are
1. ENE (East Northeast)
2. NNE (North Northeast)
3. only NE ( Exactly Northeast)


Y shape road formation

Northeast Street focus :

In the Northeast both NNE and ENE are co joined or else it will be either ENE or NNE only. In this image NE street thrust to the house appears. One half of the street thrust is crisscrossed and other half is plain brown color. The crisscrossed portion is NNE and the plain portion is ENE. Both act as excellent to the house. the results on the residents are exceptionally good. In this image every thing was written, the crisscrossed portion is Northeast-north and plain portion is Northeast-east.

East and North roads

Y shaped thrust :

This is yet another type of NE street thrust. However this house would not enjoy its benefits. See the arrow mark on Southeast and Northwest side of the house causing ESE and NNW street thrust. Far ahead of the home (not adjoining) the house spare formed as traffic island makes the street thrust as ESE and NNW and not NE street thrust, with the results that the house would suffer negative effects of ESE and NNW street thrust. Some may thought that this is Northeast Street focus. Be cautious when selecting the property. We are strongly disclosing that if one has buy the property without any Vastu Consultant advise, may loose his financial resources in the future.

ante Y shaped road thrust

Another Property :

The street thrust is fully Northeast only. In this specific case, in addition to Northeast street thrust, there are streets on northern and Eastern sides of the house, these are hugely beneficial. Here the residents are most lucky people. If you found such type of properties you may plan to buy this property, please note that there should be houses towards South and West parts, no water ponds should be towards Southwest, South and West parts of this property. Better to approach one best Vastu consultant before buying any properties.

Good Northeast Street focus property

Cautious about some street focuses :

This street is also came from Northeast corner of the house, but it is touching the Southeast corner of the house, so be cautious when buying these type of properties. Better to approach one expert Vasthu Consultant and then only take the decision.

acting street focus

Another acting one :

This is seems to be the Northeast Street thrust, but it is touching the Northwest of the property. We are strongly urge you to show these kind of properties to one Best Vastu pundit before consideration. We have to check many things on these properties. If the thrust is exactly like this then we have to double check before consideration. Better to leave these kind of properties.

duplicate street focus

Full of thrust to the property :

Here one road is hitting entire house, we shown it with two parts of the road where exactly the road is hitting points of the house. This may also called Northeast Street focus, but we should be very cautious before buying this plots. Generally many sites may have different kind of shula, some times, some may have freak focuses. Buyers should always search for expert vasthu consultant and show the property and then only has to decide. Many residents are planned to buy properties and asking through phone call like one road is hitting the property, now if they seen all the above information, may not raise the question, they will first search for one good vaastu expert and may decide later.

full width road focus

There are many more Northeast street focus properties that we can later discussed.

The Northeast focus effects are :

Generally only very fortunate people are favored with such street focus, if such houses come up for sale, purchase the same immediately even if a bit expensive. Generally such houses do not come up for sale. The residents of such houses (even tenants) shall enjoy benevolent situations. Some people apprehend that they are only tenants and thus may not be subject to vastu consequences. This is fallacy. The residents of the house whether owners or otherwise shall enjoy or suffer the consequences of vastu effects. In case of northeast street thrust the results are beyond one’s own imagination even. Northeast means progress which can be in any field, such as progeny, finances, name and fame, education, happiness in life, health, business, political gains, external travels, increase in family assets and the like.

Higher education

Travels to distant lands and prospering there.

Foreign Country Visits, Journey to Overseas, Travels, Holiday Trips, Enjoyment.

Mental happiness.

Becoming God fearing, agnostic.

Increased earnings.

Name and fame in society

Intelligence, knowledge, competence and good disposition of heart.

Exalted status

Employees working under doing the work with devotion

In all endeavors contemplated – successful completion and happiness there of.

Fair earnings and not knowing or be a victim of earnings of unfair means

Fair mindedness

Proper relation with nobility in the society

Good eating habits

Generally pleasant disposition in life.

Some times people thought of Northeast Street focus by seeing some likely road thrusts, becareful before buying the properties, all Northeast thrusts are the same, there are lots of differences in these kind of roads and focuses. Observe some below images.

Now check this focus, it was not exactly touching the house at Northeast corner, it was touched the North-northeast part only, this may not be the bad one, but too much care has to be taken to buy these kind of properties, alert is most important in observing these kind of focuses and etc.
Cross Northeast thrust

Observe the touching point to the house property part, we have many experiences with these types of thrusts. Many people thought that this is also Northeast street thrust, but we have to confirm where it was touching the property, what results it is going to left to the property and what exactly degrees of the land and is there any changes in degrees when we reach to the street ending point has to keenly observe and then only finalize things.

Once we got a call from one client and said that exactly the property was like this and he enquired whether to buy or left this property, he was not satisfied with our alarming reminders to show it to one nearby expert, he did not heard what we repeatedly said cautions. Finally he went to one quack, he was accepted this land and done some poojas and given Yantra, after 1 year, why this client asked us to check this property on urgent basis. What is the reasons behind it. The land is 113 degrees. Does the quack checked all these details? What about the fate of house buyer here. Where should he go now?

Thrust touching northwest north
Still many people and including many vastu consultants has opinioned that this would be the Northeast street thrust, though it was traveled from Northeast, but touching the Northwest of the house, it may never provide good results to the property. Alert please.
thrust to Northwest from northeast
Observe this image and above image, the change appears here is only North road, this is little bit good than the above image. There are many other sites, impressions, roads, system, we may not publish every thing here, but we tried our level best to inform atleast some basic information including some important content with images. Hope this would help you to find only the B E S T house for your happy living.
north road and northwest touching road

The curved focus to an property, is it called as Northeast street focus or Northern northeast street focus?

Some times dilemma creates by observing the roads touching properties on paper or photos, even in videos also. The responsible system is personal observation, this could only help to decide about the nature of the street. In this case we should observe the street length, how far it is going towards Northeast or North, is it turned to Northeast inclined or is there any diagonal bent is there in between of the road etc info is too much required, after observing many other things we have to finalise future of this property.

Curved focus
Many residents are in hurry, they require to know whether the land/house/villa/site/factory is good or bad after seeing all these kind of road shula, many says that the plot is having Northeast dristi, but they failed to take care of their own interested properties, some intelligent people never enter into this science, they will approach one experts to get the right idea/recommendation. Before saying about the results of this property you may pleased to read the above image para once again, sorry for bothering you, but without proper observation and clear vision, we may not deliver any thing points or results of this image. Simply says this would be good, but observation is too important in delivering the decision. We may not ready for uncertain issues in our life, becareful when your interested property is having thrusts.
Crossed focuses on house

Many have their own opinion that this would be the exact Northeast street focus. This may be a Northeast street focus, but it is touching the East part of the house, so we should be very careful in diagnosis of this thrust. Now a days every body is busy, many are taking this as an chance and taking advantage of other people needs and intimating them with false statements. Innocent people dropped into their spider net. Our entire team is trying to save people hard earned money by publishing atleast some important information here.

How can we come up with final decision after seeing this image here, its very tough to say whether it provides good results of bad results, it has to be decided only at location, most of the times these thrusts provides goodness only, but has to decide only after verification.

Northeast to East part
Can we treat this as a Northeast street thrust, just forget about this site/house plot. We may not guarantee if this would provide good results. Very very lesser chances in providing good results. But in some case it may provide good results for some time, not a long time frame. If some body requires only urgent basis on temporary requirement, then they may thought about this site or residence, our sincere request is, the decision should be taken only after showing this property with respectable experts.
Touching Southeast part

Some observations required while buying or rent purpose of this focus properties:

Here this property is having North road and having Northeast street focus/road shula, this is more additional benefits to the property shown here.
Northeast road with East road
This property is also having additional benefits than the ordinary Northeast road thrust. Above we have shown with the North and East roads and having NE thrust. East or North roads passing properties are always better properties.
North passing road with Northeast focus

Buying the North or East properties are good or bad:

General saying in vastu shastra is buying the North or East properties are good and most of the vastu consultants are recommending. Some times this could be more dangerious, see why it is acting like so. .

Now one person bought the "Newly Bought Plot" land adjacent to his "House", generally buying the North plots are good, but if there is street focus then we should be more careful, otherwise we may loose many things.
North plot buying

Here residents bought the East plot, due to this the NE focus may become damage the entire structure, so inhabitants should be very careful when they are buying the plots /houses, particularly they should be very careful when they are doing like with. To understand better on this image, please go through with the above images, then you may have clear idea on this extension buying and why we are alerting you.

If you compulsory requires to buy the East plot, then approach one competant vastu scholar and obtain his best recommendation only after showing your present property and interested property to buy. He may guide you with best advise.

buying the east plot

Round shaped room constructed at Southwest area :

The round structured construction towards Southwest will behave as a most supportive to the main house if the house is having NE street thrust. This could be one of the significant portion which a property is having NE thrust. Anyway this may be good for all houses, but here it acts as the best magician to help inhabitants in all means, particularly this may make the good things more strengthy and standard with security. .
round house

Water Sump :

In case of NE road thrust, we are not recommending residents to go with water wells towards Northeast, though this is good idea to have water storage sumps towards Northeast, but here we are not recommending, its only because the house is having NE street thrust, so it may affect on inhabitants.
water sump

A great logic may always function with all sciences. The same was applicable with this vastu shastra science also. We urge every body contact only the intelligent vastu pandits. Don't approach with quacks who are always intelligent to drag money from the residents by saying that they are vastu pandits.

Towards which direction the head should be placed while sleeping ?

In which direction the walls should be higher ?

How to fill the well, when it exists in prohibited place ?

How to arrange the Almira inside the house ?

How to construct a staircase in or outside of the house ?

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