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El Salvador | Sonsonate | Suchitoto | La Union

vastu consultant in el salvadorWe are eager to offer Vastu consultancy to the Government of El Salvador. Utilizing Vastu Shastra principles can enhance peace and progress for its people. Our intention is to provide the citizens of El Salvador with complimentary Vastu advice.

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Types of Houses in El Salvador

El Salvador, a gem in Central America, stands out for its diminutive size yet remarkable beauty.

Often referred to as the “Land of Volcanoes,” the country boasts an impressive number of these natural wonders.

Besides its volcanic landscapes, El Salvador features verdant forests, picturesque beaches, and numerous other attractions. Despite these, it grapples with high population density, rampant violence, economic challenges, and rising inflation.

A significant portion of its populace struggles with poverty.

Furthermore, El Salvador's vulnerability to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, often results in considerable damage to its fragile housing infrastructure.

Economic hardships and inflation compel many Salvadorans to reside in impermanent dwellings. This article categorizes the types of housing into two main groups: rural and urban dwellings.

Rural Homes in El Salvador

In rural regions, construction materials vary, including mud, wood, bricks, or straw, with occasional use of aluminum or bricks, contingent on the homeowner's financial capacity.

Typically measuring 20 by 20 feet, these homes might have a partition if they include two living spaces, which is an infrequent layout.

Additionally, many rural households lack access to sewage systems, relying instead on pit latrines for sanitation.

Urban Homes in El Salvador Country

Urban areas see a notable improvement in housing quality and materials, with bricks, cement, and aluminum being more prevalent, alongside better sanitation facilities.

Urban residences vary, including "casa de Pasaje" or alleyway homes, designed for those on a tighter budget.

These structures, while modest and stable, cover roughly 480 square feet and typically contain a dining area, living space, and kitchen. These single-story homes are economical to construct. Another prevalent form of housing is in the slums.

Referred to locally as “zonas marginales” or marginalized zones, these homes are erected by impoverished or homeless individuals using makeshift materials like scrap, plastic, cardboard, or aluminum sheets.

Although cities also house grand villas, apartments, and luxury accommodations, such options are primarily accessible to the wealthy or expatriates. Our investigations reveal that luxury living is beyond the reach for the majority of Salvadorans.

El Salvador Overview:

El Salvador, officially known as the “Republic of El Salvador,” is a sovereign state in Central America.

It's among the smallest yet most densely populated countries in the region.

Despite making strides in the human development index, El Salvador continues to battle with issues like poverty, unemployment, and crime.

The nation also endured severe devastation and loss of life during the civil war, which concluded in 1992.

Like its Central and South American counterparts, El Salvador was historically inhabited by various indigenous groups.

The Inca, Maya, and Mesoamerican peoples were among the most notable, living in traditional harmony and relying primarily on agriculture and hunting until the arrival of Europeans.

Discovered by the Spanish in the early 16th century, the region offered little in terms of gold or valuable resources, leading to Spanish disappointment.

Spain's rule lasted until 1821, a period marked by the introduction of plantations, notably for indigo and later coffee.

Additionally, a significant portion of the indigenous population succumbed to diseases or the harsh conditions of forced labor. In 1895, El Salvador united with Honduras country and Nicaragua country to form "The Greater Republic of Central America," a federation that dissolved in 1898.

Despite gaining early independence, El Salvador experienced periods of political instability, military takeovers, and civil unrest that persisted into the mid-20th century.

The nation was embroiled in a civil war from 1972 to 1992, which resulted in the loss of approximately 75,000 lives.

El Salvador is located in one of the world's most seismically active zones.

With 20 volcanoes, two of which are active, the country also has a history of devastating earthquakes that have significantly damaged its infrastructure.

El Salvador shares its borders with Guatemala country and Honduras, featuring a landscape dominated by mountain ranges and plateaus that constitute about 85% of its territory.

Prior to independence, the economy was primarily agriculture-based, known for its production of indigo and coffee, which served as the main economic drivers.

Over time, efforts have been made to reduce reliance on the agricultural sector by diversifying the economy.

Currently, the services sector, industrial sector, and agricultural sector are the pillars of the economy, with services playing the most significant role.

Tourism stands out as the most dynamic and dependable economic sector.

Key industrial products include beverages, petroleum, food processing, furniture, textiles, fertilizers, and chemicals.

Frequent natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes, often inflict substantial damage on the nation's infrastructure, representing significant economic setbacks that require considerable time to rebuild.

Spanish, the official language, is widely understood and spoken across the country.

Local languages are preserved and spoken by various indigenous communities.

Christianity predominates, with Roman Catholics and Protestants comprising 47% and 33% of the population, respectively. This is followed by a secular group that accounts for 17%.

Other minority religions, including Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism, are also practiced within El Salvador.

Furthermore, the aftermath of World War II saw a notable influx of immigrants from countries such as Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and others.

El Salvador Information:

  • Country El Salvador
  • Capital City San Salvador
  • Area: 21,041 km²
  • Population: 6.345 million (2016)
  • Currency: US dollar.
  • Official languages: Spanish
  • Demonym: Salvadoran
  • Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic legislature Legislative Assembely of Dominica
  • Religions: Christians, Others
  • Time Zone: CST(UTC-6)
  • Drives on the right
  • Dialing / Calling Code: +503
  • Internet TLD .sv
  • El Salvador National Bird Turquoise-browed motmot
  • El Salvador National Flower Flor de Izote
  • Important Cities: Sonsonate, Suchitoto, La Union, Antiguo Cuscatlan, Acajutla, Usulutan, Metapan
  • Famous Rivers Lempa River, Torola River, Goascoran River, Jiboa River, Sumpul River, Paz River, El Guayabo River, Sirama River, Pululuya River, Copinula River
  • Border Countries Guatemala and Honduras
  • Spiritual Places Catedral Metropolitana, iglesia Santa Lucia, Hospital Divina Providencia, Basilica de la Ceiba de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, Union Church of San Salvador
  • Tourist Attractions: Coatepeque Caldera, Tazumal, Joya de Ceren, El Boqueron National Park, Izalco, San Andres, Lake Ilopango, National Palace, Cerro El Pital, Museum of Art of El Salvador, Montecristo National Park, Casa Blanca, Los Volcanoes National Park, El Imposible National Park, Santa Ana Volcano, Puerta del Diablo, Chorros De La Calera, Furese, Plaza Libertad
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Special Variety Foods in El Salvador

1. Restaurante Don Li Celebrated for its array of Asian cuisines, this venue is a standout for those craving Chinese and Japanese dishes, marked by its cozy ambiance .

2. Cadejo Brewing Company A brewpub that pairs its craft beers with tasty dishes like shrimp tacos in a pet-friendly setting, ideal for craft beer enthusiasts .

3. Faisca do Brasil A Brazilian steakhouse known for its succulent meats and attentive service, offering an authentic Brazilian dining experience .

4. Brutto El Salvador Merges European and Japanese culinary traditions, featuring a sophisticated menu within an elegant setting, perfect for special evenings .

5. NAU Lounge Offers a cozy atmosphere for enjoying Japanese dishes, emphasizing sushi with a focus on variety and quality service .

6. Picasso Stone Flame Oven Though details are scarce, its name suggests a specialization in dishes prepared in a stone flame oven, promising a unique culinary experience.

7. Pollo Real Focuses on South American cuisine, especially chicken dishes prepared using traditional methods, showcasing local flavors .

8. Viva Espresso Known for its high-quality coffee and welcoming environment, it's a great choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a relaxed café experience .

9. Ooh~lah~lah and Café La Casona - S&P Coffee Alongside other cafés such as Mokaffe and 4 Monkeys Coffee Roasters, these spots offer a pleasant ambiance for coffee and café fare, ideal for any time of the day.

10. La Pampa Argentina This Argentinian steakhouse is renowned for its Argentinian-style barbecue, serving a wide range of perfectly grilled meats that capture the essence of Argentinian cuisine .

El Salvador's dining landscape offers an array of experiences, from traditional Salvadoran eateries to international cuisine, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. Each restaurant highlighted here brings its own unique flavor to the country's rich culinary scene.

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