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Vanuatu Country Information:

Vanuatu, authentically the “Republic of Vanuatu” is an island nation composed of approx. 80 islands. The nation is located in the South Pacific Ocean and nearby countries include Australia, Fiji Islands , New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia.

The island is known for its astonishing beaches, Museums, World War 2 remains, scuba-diving, resorts, recreational centers, and lagoons. The country maintains good relations with other countries as well as the European Union.

An accurate history of the local people of Vanuatu is not much known, but archeologists estimate that people arrived on the islands approx. 3,300 years ago.

Some of the elements including tools, pottery, etc. were also found. The Islanders first came in contact with the Europeans in the 17th century.

They maintained a short settlement and left. By the mid-18th century, the British expedition returned under the famous “Captain James Cook”. The British claimed the island and maintained the permanent colony.

The British also introduced the plantations of coconuts, coffee, bananas, and cocoa.

Gradually, the French interest in the region also increased, and soon a commission was made to jointly govern the islands.

They maintained their hold on the islands till 1980 when finally, Vanuatu declared independence.

The islands of Vanuatu offer countless features. Numerous volcanoes are also active in some of the mountains. The population is also growing fast on the islands due to which resources are dwindling.

Forest is being cut down, water polluted and soil is degraded. Also, most of individuals rely on fishing which has caused a tremendous reduction in the fish population. The animal and plant species on the island are limited to some extent.

Economic activities of Vanuatu are dependent on agriculture and services. Agriculture employs approx. 80% of the workforce and some of the major products include cocoa, coffee, coconuts, beef, and several fish products. Tourism also plays a vital role as thousands of tourists visit the island.

Bislama, French, and English are the official languages of the country while Bislama serves as National language. Christianity is the major religion of the country and was introduced by British and French missionaries.

Key Points of Vanuatu Country

  • Country Vanuatu
  • Capital City Port Vila
  • Area:12,189 km2
  • Population: 2.7 lakhs
  • Currency: Vanuatu Vatu
  • Official languages: English, French, and Bislama
  • Demonym: Ni-Vanuatu
  • Government Unitary parliamentary republic
  • Religions: Christianity
  • Time Zone: (UTC+11)
  • Drives on the Right
  • Dialing / Calling Code: +678
  • Internet TLD .vu
  • Vanuatu National Animal Dolphin
  • Vanuatu National Flower Hibiscus
  • Important Cities: Avire, Bunlap, Butmas, Forari, Ipikil, Ipota, Isangel, Lakatoro, Lamap, Loltong, Longana, Lorevilko, Luganville, Lenakel, Norsup, Port Olry, Port Vila - Capital, Rovo Bay, Sola, Sulphur Bay, White Sands.
  • Famous Rivers Lololima River Sarakata River.
  • Border Countries Island country, sharing the maritime borders with Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau.
  • Spiritual Places Saleh Mosque,Al-Khair Mosque,The Great Mosque of Sana'a.
  • Tourist Attractions: Blue Lagoon, Millenium Cave, SS President Coolidge, Mount Yasur, Nanda Blue Hole Nanda Blue Hole, Port Olry Beach.
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House Models and Construction Styles in Vanuatu

There are several house models and construction styles in Vanuata, including cyclone shelters and traditional custom houses. Learn more about them in this article. Vanuatu's houses also feature a variety of unique features, including centralized heating and cooling systems. Modern homes, on the other hand, are largely one single building with separate rooms for sleeping, happy eating in the homes, and relaxing.

Traditional Kastom Houses

In the early 20th century, Vanuatu's first missionaries sought to convert the Pacific Islanders to Christianity. This conversion process transformed their beliefs, which were already deeply rooted in the local culture. In this context, Melanesian kastom emerged as a counter-narrative to the colonial-era cultural change. Today, alternative archaeological interpretation frameworks are emerging to challenge mainstream narratives.

Kastom houses are symbolic buildings that house ritual objects, as well as stories, and myths. The kastom symbol is often used to mark and define island culture, and it is an important discourse in its own right. Kastom embraces a variety of practices and beliefs that are specific to the islands. In particular, it distinguishes between communal and reciprocal relationships and those based on personal gain and profit motives.

The modernization of Vanuatu's traditional culture has been accompanied by a parallel process of modernization and conservation. These goals include improving education and health, gender parity, and global connectivity. But the dual approach to modernization has created a disregard for tradition among the younger generation. Consequently, the promotion of Kastom in Vanuatu is seen as a way to preserve traditional values, such as agriculture, the arts, and architecture. In addition to this, the traditional chiefs are supportive of the customary local government.

In addition to their customs, traditional ceremonies are an important part of their life. They are often held in celebration of various events, such as weddings and funerals. During these ceremonies, men prove their wealth through elaborate ceremonies. These ceremonies involve feasting and ritual pig killings. In addition, the traditional kastom on Tanna is unique, with only men taking part in the ritual. Although most visitors opt not to partake in the ceremony, many choose to do so as a way of appreciating the culture.

The museum is not without its critics, however, opponents typically hold Christian perspectives and see the project as a step backward. However, Longdal insisted that women and children be allowed into the kastom museum, despite the protestations of some members of the community. In addition, the Tambu room was once restricted to certain men. In recent years, however, women have had the opportunity to enter it and enjoy the beauty of the traditional kastom culture.

As the population of Vanuatu grows, it is transforming, and traditional materials such as wood and bamboo are being replaced with more modern materials. Compared to traditional materials, CI sheets last up to 15 years and offer greater protection against rain. This change in mindsets is an indicator of growing urbanization in Vanuatu. Increasing cash reserves and non-agricultural livelihoods are increasing the demand for housing that is durable and sustainable.

Traditional Cyclone Shelter Houses in Vanuatu Country

Many guidelines are available for cyclone-resistant housing, but the cultural context of Vanuatu limits their application and dissemination. This article aims to address those challenges by examining cyclone-resistant house models and construction styles in Vanuatu. The island nation is presently in a precarious position, having just suffered from the devastating Cyclone Harold. Additionally, a COVID-19 pandemic is making recovery even more difficult.

Many rural villages of Vanuatu are increasingly embracing modern construction methods. While the ease and durability of concrete construction can be appealing, the status of living in a house made of synthetic materials could outweigh the benefits of natural materials. However, it is important to remember that Cyclone Pam wreaked havoc on Vanuatu's Tanna island, destroying up to a quarter of the island's population.

The traditional construction of cyclone shelters is still practiced, even after the devastating cyclone Pam. The traditional cyclone shelters, known as Saeklon houses, are traditionally built and can house up to 30 people. Despite the fact that modern homes have been built in Vanuatu, Saeklon houses have continued to stand in some locations.

While modern approaches are often more affordable and convenient, many remote islanders still value their local materials. Building skills have been passed down through generations and are an important part of kastom, the local culture. It is critical that these house models and construction styles be protected and recognized to ensure that their communities are prepared for cyclones. Without it, they'll be vulnerable to extinction.

In addition to surviving Cyclone Pam, some of the best house model Plans in Vanuatu are those with curved roofs. Curved roofs are aerodynamic, so they're more resistant to lateral forces. Despite the fact that curved roofs are expensive, they have been proven to withstand Cyclone Harold. And the curved metal roofs of Vanuatu's most traditional cyclone shelters may be the ideal solution for those with limited budgets.

The post-Harold response to the cyclone has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact on international aid and monetary resources has delayed response. The government and humanitarian organizations are largely focused on the immediate post-cyclone response. The majority of Shelter Cluster member organizations focused on training and emergency shelter assistance for affected households and distributed non-food household items to tide them over the emergency period. After June 2020, reconstruction can begin.

The cost of a three-bedroom house with all the accompanying amenities costs from $25,000 to $250,000 - depending on the design and features. In this bracket, the amount of investment is directly related to the durability and long-term maintenance of the structure. At the upper end of the price scale, the house is built by an experienced contractor using a qualified architect or engineer.

Vanuatu has traditionally built houses known as Saeklon houses. While most are designed to sleep six people, some are larger, accommodating 30. These traditional homes are constructed by physically supporting the house posts from the inside. The island's traditional building methods are based on materials found on the island. However, modern construction methods are making inroads into the rural villages, which may be a good thing.

The majority of Vanuatu houses are single or double-story, detached structures with the main entrance. While multi-story apartments are rare in the island nation, rural housing is often grouped together. Typical house structures consist of a sleeping room, a separate kitchen, and an outhouse including the Western commode toilets. House construction styles vary, but most homes are traditional and can be easily repaired.

In recent years, modern construction techniques have become more popular. Buildings constructed with traditional materials such as wood and bamboo are quickly becoming unpopular due to rapid urbanization. Traditional house models often require maintenance and leaks, and CI sheets offer better protection from the rain. The island's population is also increasing as it seeks non-agricultural livelihoods, and housing that lasts is important to them.

In addition to using sustainable building techniques, traditional houses are often constructed of organic materials like bamboo and rattan. These traditional styles of construction are common in rural areas and outer islands, where there are fewer urban developments. While some people have built modern houses to be cyclone resistant, traditional house models are the norm in rural Vanuatu. If you want to learn how to build traditional houses, try to learn about the traditional methods of construction in rural Vanuatu.

Rebuilding after a cyclone has many challenges, including cultural dimensions. A building may be a failure in the eyes of Western building professionals, but if it is designed for Vanuatu, residents may not consider it as such. In addition to identifying the most vulnerable households and communities, the rebuilding process will take longer than in other places.

Despite the many benefits of traditional construction methods, some advantages of modern construction methods cannot be overlooked. Traditional houses are more resilient to cyclones and are cheaper to build. Moreover, they are more durable, lighter, and easier to repair. They are also available locally, which is an additional benefit. So, when building a new house in Vanuatu, don't forget to take these things into account.

Research conducted in Vanuatu has identified five main themes. They include the impact of cyclones on housing in Vanuatu, the most critical challenges for post-cyclone reconstruction, and the most promising opportunities for future development. By combining these themes, the study provides insight into the role of traditional and modern approaches in housing reconstruction. It helps to provide context-sensitive solutions. Few chain Five star hotels also interested to start their business in Vanuatu.

Major Tourist Attractions in Vanuatu

The South Pacific Ocean nation of Vanuatu is home to eighty-one islands that stretch for more than 1,300 kilometers. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving, underwater caverns, and even WWII-era troopships. A highlight of this city is the Vanuatu National Museum, which explores the country's Melanesian culture.

Mele Cascade Waterfalls

The Mele Cascades Waterfalls are a must-see in Vanuatu. These waterfalls were formed by a river flowing over limestone terraces. They are approximately 35 meters high and have a natural swimming hole at the base. The waterfalls are surrounded by moss-covered rocks and thick jungle. Be sure to check the water flow before you go!

Located on the main island of Efate, the waterfalls are a quick drive from Port Vila. Visitors can walk or wade to the top of the waterfall. There are even waterfall-drop projects that require participants to take a training course. They must first climb to the top of the waterfall and tie a safety landing rope before they can descend. The thrill factor is quite high for people who do not like heights!

The waterfalls are accessible from the capital city, Port Vila. Most hotels will assist you in organizing a tour of the Mele Cascade waterfalls. You can also spend some time swimming in the pools. The waterfalls are a popular tourist attraction, so plan your trip accordingly. If you plan to visit the waterfalls during the day, try to arrive early to avoid crowds.

Mele Cascade waterfalls are located about ten kilometers from Port Vila on Efate Island. The waterfalls are accessible by boat from Port Vila, which is the main island of Vanuatu. Hideaway Island Resort is located on Mele Island and is a growing summer holiday destination. Once you've visited the waterfalls, you may want to stay in one of the local hotels.

Champagne Beach

The country of Vanuatu has many incredible attractions and beautiful scenery. Champagne Beach is one of the most popular. This beautiful, sandy beach gets its name from a series of underwater springs. The beach is located 50 km from Port Vila. You can reach Champagne Beach by car from nearby Luganville or the Lonnoc Beach Bungalows resort. Taking a short walk will take you to Champagne Beach.

You can reach the island's main attraction by car. If you're on a budget, you can easily get to the beach without paying the entrance fee. Otherwise, it will cost you a few dollars to enter. Otherwise, you can opt for an entry fee and help the local economy. Aside from the beach, there are many other attractions in Vanuatu to explore.

If you're looking for a unique tour, you might want to consider the Millennium Cave Tour, where you'll be taken through a cave and canyon. This all-day tour departs from Luganville and includes an overnight stay in a traditional Vanuatu village. You can also take a helicopter tour of the island. There's a good selection of hotels, restaurants, and kava bars in the town. Moreover, the market in Luganville is a great place to get food, drink, or do some shopping. The town is also a great base for tours around the town of Santo.

While the weather in Vanuatu is amazing, you should plan your activities accordingly. This will determine the best time of year for you to visit the island. Some people may find the wet and humid conditions to be too humid, while others will find the tropical climate tolerable. Regardless of the weather, Vanuatu will offer a wonderful vacation. It has beautiful weather and world-class resorts.

Mount Yasur

A volcano on the Tanna Island of Vanuatu, Mount Yasur rises 361 meters above sea level. The summit crater is almost circular, and the pyroclastic cone is largely unvegetated. Visitors will find a variety of wildlife in and around the crater, and can even learn about the local history. There are numerous tours available to visit the crater.

The crater is one of the most famous attractions in Vanuatu, and it is 360 meters high. From the crater rim and visitor viewing area, visitors can watch ash and smoke rise into the sky. They can also follow the spewing magma-covered rocks. The crater is one of the most popular Vanuatu tourist attractions, and it's definitely worth a visit.

A pyroclastic cone is a typical type of volcanic formation, and Mount Yasur is no exception. Standing at the rim of Mount Yasur can be a terrifying experience, especially if you've never been to a live volcano before. It's possible to walk up to the rim of the crater and peer into its fiery belly. But be warned: standing too close to the crater's edge can be dangerous. Massive explosions deep inside the volcano's crater often cause the ground to tremble and debris to shoot high into the air.

While visiting Mount Yasur is always a risk, visitors should check with locals before heading up. The volcano is a volcanic cone that's active year-round. Although crater tours are not recommended due to the risk of ash explosions, visitors can still visit Mount Yasur for a unique and unforgettable experience. If you can brave the bumpy road and the occasional eruption, you can visit Mount Yasur in the crater.

Eden on the River

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Vanuatu, you must not miss out on Eden on the River. This theme park located 17 kilometers from Port Vila on the island of Efate offers the Eden Experience for the entire family. The park includes a crystal clear river, tropical gardens, an 18-hole tropical mini-golf course, a kids' playground, an exotic fruit tree farm, a cafe, and more.

This theme park is the best place for families to spend the day because it combines animal attractions and outdoor activities. Children and adults can enjoy activities like swimming and floating down the Rentapao River. Adults can also visit the animal park and play mini-golf. For those traveling with kids, the park also offers mini-golf and guided tours. This park also offers a playground for kids and a cafe that serves delicious treats.

The park is open daily, but the best time to visit is early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Visiting early in the morning or purchasing an all-day admission ticket will ensure you can get in before the crowds. Guided tours start at 9:30 am, noon, and 2:30 pm, and they usually last about two hours. If you prefer, you can arrange alternate times with the park's staff.

Other major tourist attractions in Vanuatu include the volcano and the sea. Mount Yasur is the most active volcano in the country, and it's 361 meters high. The island of Tanna is also home to several museums that teach tourists about Melanesian culture. Those interested in ancient cultures can book an overnight trip to the island. In addition to the national parks, there are also local villages and fishing villages where fishermen can practice traditional crafts and catch fish.

Diverse Diving Sites

The islands' varied marine life makes them excellent sites for scuba diving and snorkeling. A large amount of WWII-era war machinery was disposed of here, making the islands a great diving and snorkeling destination. Visitors to the islands can expect to see a variety of reef animals and fascinating wrecks. You can also find a PADI Dive Shop on one of the islands.

While visiting the island of Vanuatu, you should also explore the various wreck sites. These sites are an excellent way to photograph marine life. A number of different kinds of tropical fish live in the water in these wrecks, and the wrecks also hide a variety of less common marine creatures. You might even encounter crocodile fish or scorpionfish lurking in the wrecks. The islands have even developed artificial reefs in their waters.

The diverse dive sites in Vanuatu are among the world's top-quality. You can find excellent sites for every level of diver, from beginner to expert. The islands are popular for their pristine dive sites, and you can dive right off the shore or on a day boat. In addition to world-class diving, Vanuatu has also added an underwater post office.

Another exciting activity in Vanuatu is snorkeling. Hundreds of varieties of fish and coral live here. You can even get a letter delivered underwater! There are several resorts to choose from. Aore Island Resort, for example, features a variety of bungalows. The bungalows are constructed with local timber and feature hot showers. Aore Island is the perfect place to go snorkeling or to enjoy a dive trip in Vanuatu.

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