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Columbia | South Carolina (SC)| Charleston

Vastu in South Carolina

Top Vastu Consultant in South CarolinaMaybe the reason is unconventional, but most of our NRI's are not having much interest to settle in South Carolina. SC is one of the good and ideal locations for visit seashores, but work-wise it may not be a sufficient route line provider.

Coming with Indian vastu shastra, this is an ancient and traditional science which works on every structure, which is convenient for humans' happy living.

Incorporating ancient science Vastu principles can enhance harmony and prosperity in a home. Aligning the kitchen to the southeast according to Vaasthu can optimize energy flow. Placing the master bedroom in the southwest, as advised by Vaastu, supports stability and peace. Moreover, ensuring that the entrance faces northeast can invite positivity ( get complete details on Doors in Vastu from this article), aligning with Vasthu ideas for a serene living environment.

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There is an enormous possibility to find good homes by following simple vastu tips. Only the basic thing is that one should first contact a best vastu consultant and get advice from them to buy a property.

Selecting the good vastu plot is most important. The second important point is the observation of the house floor plan. Both were consequently suitable and co-ordinate then residents will get peace and development in that home.

We understand the concern, finding honest vastu expert in South Carolina is not an easy task. But residents can get online vastu consultation services and can able to find the good property.

If residents searching for a single floor home, then make sure that the kitchen should not be at Southwest direction, if it is a North facing home or East facing home.

If the home got large open backyard then the Southwest kitchen and Northeast master bedroom may not be that much disavowal.

Anyway, get recommendations from Vastu pandit before entering into the contract or finalizing the home.

When a resident finds a very big plot and needs to buy that plot, then don't plan home construction at Northeast corner, for more info read content from this all about Northeast direction in vastu link. The best placement for house construction in that big plot is Southwest quadrant. If residents have interest then they visit complete details of Southwest direction in vastu post.

When trying to buy a West facing homes with vastu principles then visit this page to know details on West.

Trying to look for South homes then best to all about South facing homes vastu. It has comprehensive details. Leave feedback to improve the page.

నేను వివరంగా తెలుగు లో గృహవాస్తు గురించి ఎక్కడ తెలుసుకోవచ్చు.

వాస్తవంగా వాస్తు శాస్త్రంలో వీధి పోట్లు అనేవి ఉన్నాయా?, ఉంటే ఎక్కడ వీటి గురించి తెలుసుకోవచ్చు.

Let me know Is Southwest Car driveway is acceptable as per Vastu, know full information.

నేను తెలుగు బాషలో సంపూర్ణంగా తూర్పు దిక్కు గురించి తెలుసుకోవాలి అని అనుకుంటున్నాను. సంపూర్ణ సమాచారం ఎక్కడ లభిస్తుంది.

Types of Houses in South Carolina

South Carolina features diverse home styles including Charleston Single House, Plantation, Low Country Cottage, Colonial, Cape Cod, I-House, Contemporary, and various modern adaptations.

1. Coastal Style Beach House

The coastal-style beach architecture in South Carolina resembles apartments, yet consists of independent homes. Typically, these buildings are two to three stories tall, with the ground floor designed for parking and recreational activities. These unique homes are found only in coastal areas, particularly near beaches. Influenced by both plantation and Charleston-style homes, these residences feature expansive balconies at both the front entrance and the rear. However, they lack lush green surroundings due to their proximity to the beach. The interior design is modern, characterized by stark, functional architectural elements. Glass windows are abundant, especially around the staircases, ensuring panoramic beach views from every corner of the house.

2. Colonial Style Homes

Colonial architectural style is marked by symmetrical fronts and saltbox roofs. This style often features a single front-facing gable, and the ceilings may include ornate turrets with multiple-paned windows and side gables that add contrast to the upper part of the house. Typically, these residences employ contrasting colors to highlight their symmetrical facades. In South Carolina, colonial-style homes are commonly one or two stories tall with expansive exteriors. Some feature exterior decorations like classical statues centrally placed in the unsegmented front yard. The fronts of these houses prominently display tall, multi-paned rectangular windows spaced evenly apart. Heavy, textured circular columns frequently line the pathways along the front walls, often seeming out of place. While most of these homes lack porches or balconies, a few include a defensive structure at the end of the front yard.

3. Low Country Cottage Style Houses

The low country cottage-style residences of South Carolina are inspired by traditional cottage architecture, yet they deviate significantly in design. These homes are elevated, featuring a basement below. A modest staircase with simple, unvarnished wooden railings leads to the main entrance. A single front-facing gable extends over the staircase, enhancing the house's apparent width. Typically, these homes include an attached garage and are painted primarily in shades of white and brown. Inside, the design embraces the warm, cozy essence of cottage style. Architecturally, these homes boast raised foundations, wrap-around porches, hipped roofs, French doors, and a spacious entry leading to a parlour. Additionally, unlike typical cottages, these homes often feature prominent chimneys that extend through the roof.

4. Cape Cod Style

In South Carolina, there is a strong preference for the Cape Cod housing style. Known for their practicality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, Cape Cod homes feature a straightforward and unpretentious exterior. These homes are characterized by front-facing gables and gabled dormers, giving the roofs a substantial appearance despite the overall delicate house style. Typically, these homes are limited to one or one-and-a-half stories, yet they offer ample space to comfortably accommodate two large families. Centralized chimneys and shingle sidings enhance the upper part of these houses, while side-hung doors and symmetrical elements such as windows and additional doors set Cape Cod homes apart from other residential styles. In South Carolina, Cape Cod houses often include extensive exterior spaces adorned with elaborate decorations on their outer surfaces.

5. Plantation Style Homes

The plantation architectural style in South Carolina is heavily influenced by French and neoclassical designs. This style is distinguished by its remarkably large and intricate porches and balconies, making it a highly sought-after residential type in the region. Typically, these homes are rectangular in shape, featuring expansive exteriors. The porches and balconies are embellished with subtle yet elegantly geometric wooden railings and square-shaped columns. Large, prominent chimneys rise from the corners of the roofs, complementing the gabled and multiple-paned windowed turrets that are more substantial than those typically found in other house styles.

6. Contemporary

Contemporary architecture maintains a pristine appearance despite incorporating various architectural features over the years, such as sculptural forms and advanced technologies. Modern homes exhibit a sleek, straightforward facade, yet they are sophisticated high-rise structures equipped with all modern amenities, and both their interior and exterior elements are practical and functional. A common feature is high-rise glass panels used as entire walls on one side of the building. These houses break away from traditional practices, embracing asymmetrical curves, roofs, windows, doors, and free-form shapes that define the contemporary style. Typically, these buildings rise two to three stories and feature stylish staircases and metal finishes.

7. Charleston Single House In SC

The first residential style you'll likely encounter in South Carolina is the Charleston single house, unique to the region and not aligned with any specific architectural tradition but rather an amalgamation of various styles. These homes are typically two to three bays wide but have a narrower frontage. Charleston single houses are usually two to three stories tall, featuring a triangular front gable and expansive side balconies. They are characterized by metal railings that fortify the structure, with exteriors constrained within these boundaries. The front of the house showcases mid-sized, multi-paned windows with wooden frames, symmetrically aligned up to the top floor. Unlike other styles, the porches on these homes are situated on the sides and supported by slender, sharply shaped columns that are symmetrically and equidistantly spaced along the porch's length. The balconies replicate the design of the ground floor porch, and while the exterior appears fortified, the terraces are wide and inviting.

8. Duplex House Construction in South Carolina

In South Carolina, duplex and triplex homes are popular options, featuring an unadorned spiral staircase positioned in one corner of the interior. Externally, these residences resemble bungalows, complete with plantation-style gardens and spacious backyards. These properties often include swimming pools, seating areas, an outdoor lounge, and a kitchen in the backyard, creating ample space for outdoor entertaining. However, unlike other duplex houses, these homes use glass windows sparingly. Architecturally, they are distinguished by front gabled roofs with an additional gable over the entrance. These houses are rectangular in shape and feature wide, covered front porches. The terraces on these homes are sometimes customized to individual tastes, potentially including terrace gardens or swimming pools. A distinctive feature is the square-shaped windows divided into four equal sections, with each segment further segmented into multiple panes, defining the visual character of these homes.

9. Low Country Cottage Style

Low country cottage-style homes are a popular architectural trend in the rural areas of South Carolina, celebrated for their warm and inviting interior and exterior designs. These residences typically extend to one or one and a half stories. The first floor features a flat, unadorned roof, while the top floor has low, side-gabled ceilings with a tall and substantial central chimney. The entire structure is encircled by extensive exterior spaces that resemble a forest setting, complete with tall trees enveloping the property, offering a serene escape from urban life. The roofs are enhanced with turrets featuring multi-paned windows that add an ornamental touch. A broad, covered front porch with evenly spaced circular columns is a coveted spot for relaxed evening activities. Additionally, a wide driveway flanked by plantations on either side of the front yard leads to the main building, adding to the home's aesthetic appeal.

10. I-House

The I-House is a common architectural style found throughout South Carolina, bearing a resemblance to duplex homes in the area. These houses feature front-facing low roofs and a prominent, tall chimney on the side. The ceilings are often painted in contrasting colors. Built on an elevated base, these homes boast wide front porches that are unfortified, paired with tall rectangular glass windows and delicate columns lining the porch. The exterior surfaces of these homes are plain and unadorned, with a restriction that they cannot rise above two stories. The primary materials used in their construction include bricks, concrete, and wood.

11. Shotgun

These constructions are built with heavy wooden planks or metal bases. They are straight and long with no horizontal expansion. With zero outdoor space and terraces, balconies, or porches, these houses are instant shelters for the poor and workers. Although they are limitedly functional, they are not as practical as other residential styles in South Carolina in the USA. People with humble lifestyles can occupy these houses, but they are not resilient to extreme weather conditions. No special architectural features or elements or opulence features in these houses. However, the houses are narrow in interior spaces with tall entrance doors and very few windows across the houses. Some homes use concrete and are built with a bit of extra space. These alternate accommodations are decent for optimal living.

12. Art Deco

Art deco architecture is an embodiment of luxury, grace, and glitz. These buildings look like Dubai’s top erections with a legion of glass windows and colour lights. They are square in shape with soft corners, and the dimensions grow to confine as they grow up. They are mostly sky scrapes with domes and arches on their roofs. Some art deco structures are purely square in shape with sharp corners and bald roofs, but arches are a standard feature. Art deco architecture is mainly used for religious and government building constructions or particular purposes. Very few people own these residential-style houses. The walls are mostly engrossed with tiny glass windows, which reflect with lights a zillion times to shine as bright as a diamond during nights. The remaining space on the walls is filled away with geometrical designs that are as shiny as the windows in the building. This architectural style first appeared in France and has been famously used for recreational spots, theatres, and other fun spots for wealthy and affluent people.

South Carolina Information:

South Carolina is a US state located in the Southeastern part of the country. The state is known for its beautiful shorelines, civil war museums and remains, forts, museums, gardens and much more. The state only borders two other US states, North Carolina towards the North, while Georgia lies toward its South. The state is named after the Royal King “Charles I”. In terms of area, South Carolina is 40th largest and 23rd most populous US state. The state has a progressive economy and has been developed in all sectors.

It is predicted that the regions of the modern state of South Carolina are inhabited for 40,000 years ago. The earliest people arrived in the region were hunters and food gatherers. They also hunted gigantic mammals that are extinct today.

At the time of the European arrival in the region, Native American tribes of Yamasee, Cherokee, Yuchi, Catawba, Apalachee, etc. were present in the region. Upon their arrival, conflicts between the Europeans e.g. Spanish, etc. started which resulted in the deaths of thousands. Spanish were the first to explore the region and maintain permanent colonies.

Their main mission was to found gold and other precious minerals. Gradually, French and British interests in the region increased followed by their arrival. Finally, South Carolina became a permanent British colony and settlers of British origin started to settle in the region and started plantations. Soon, the state became one of the richest colonies.

By 1775, the American Revolution started and the state declared itself to be part of the newly created United States. Similarly, during the times of “American Civil War”, South Carolina aligned with Union and participated directly in War. This resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and infrastructure destroyed.

The geography of South Carolina features beautiful and green plains, coastal belts, lakes, mountains, forests, and swamps. Some of the regions are also protected by the government as National Parks or reservoirs.

Economic sectors of South Carolina include Industries, agriculture, services, and finance. Industries play a major role in having an output like aerospace, engineering, electronics, automobiles, recycling, and biotechnology. While agricultural products are rice, cotton, tobacco, corn, hay, swine, soybeans and poultry. Some of the largest US companies e.g. Boeing and BMW have their production facilities in the state.

Christianity is the largest single religion in the country which is further divided into several sects.

If you want to visit the state, it is recommended that you must visit and explore the historic city of “Charleston” which is famous for old streets, museums, parks and beautiful colored houses. It is also ranked as one of the best cites not only in the US but also worldwide. Furthermore, the beaches and the islands of the state are one of the most peaceful and unique in the US.

Key Points of South Carolina State

  • South Carolina State Capital City: Columbia
  • Area 82,931 km²
  • Congressional Districts7
  • Population 5.024 million(2017 est)
  • Language English, Spanish, Italian
  • Main Cropsrice, cotton, tobacco, corn, hay, cotton, soybeans
  • State Bird Carolina wren
  • State Animal white-tailed deer
  • State Flower Yellow jessamine
  • State Tree Sabal Palm
  • Popular Rivers Pee Dee River, Saluda River, Catawba River, Congaree River, Chattooga River, Littler Pee Dee River, Edisto River, Broad River, Pacolet River
  • Spiritual Places Hindu Temple & Cultural Center Of SC, 5704 Bush River Rd Columbia. Columbia Zen Buddhist Priory, Arrowwood. Hindu Temple And Cultural Center Of Orangeburg. Baps Shari Swaminarayan, Magnolia. Swaminarayan Temple, Furys Ferry. Masonic Temple, Crawford, Hindu Temple Society, Luke. Santidham Temple Of Augusta. Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, The Diocese of South Carolina, Grace Church-Pelham, New Spring Church, First Baptist Church (Columbia), First Presbyterian Church, Seacoast Church
  • Important Cities Columbia city, Charleston city, North Charleston city, Mount Pleasant town, Rock Hill city, Greenville city, Summerville town Sumter city, Hilton Head Island town, Florence city, Spartanburg city
  • Border States North Carolina, Georgia
  • Tourist Attractions Broadway at the Beach, Fort Sumter, Magnolia Plantations and Gardens, Congaree National Park, Historic Charleston City Market, Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row, Patriots Point, Brookgreen Gardens, Barefoot Landing, Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens, Middleton Place, The Sea Pines Resort
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