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Leelas and Greatness of Lord Shri Krishna

This article written By Devotional Writer Sri. R. Hari Shankar, Peravallur, Chennai.

Introduction To Lord Krishna

Lord KrishnaTo all, Lord Krishna embodies a mentor, confidant, philosopher, and deity. The revered sage Narayana incarnated as Lord Krishna, alongside the sage Nara who became Arjuna. Prior to their incarnations as Lord Krishna and the valiant Arjuna in the Dwapar Yuga, both engaged in profound meditation within the Naimisharanya forest for millennia.

From his early childhood, Lord Krishna performed numerous miracles, safeguarding the Yadava community. Words fall short in capturing his ethereal allure.

His playful act of stealing butter and cheese from the Yadavas, as narrated in the Srimad Bhagavatha, captivates and fills hearts with immense joy and wonder.

Comprehending Lord Krishna in entirety is an elusive endeavor. It is through the devoted reading of the Bhagavatham and relentless worship that one may grasp a fraction of his essence.

He yields to our unadulterated devotion. It is through unwavering devotion to him that we can achieve our aspirations and desires.

Complete surrender to Lord Krishna's LOTUS FEET is imperative for devotees.

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5. Enhance the positivity and spiritual energy of your space with Vastu for Northeast: Enhancing Positivity. The northeast corner is considered the most auspicious direction in Vastu, ideal for prayer rooms and meditation areas to invite divine blessings.

Renowned temples dedicated to Lord Krishna grace locations such as Dwaraka, Orrisa, Guruvayur, and Udipi.

His sanctuaries extend even to western nations, illustrating his global reverence.

In the BHAGAVAT GITA, Lord Krishna outlines a path to a virtuous life, an essential scripture for Hindus. Despite his divinity, he exhibited respect for elders and sought their blessings.

Even demons, who sought his life, found mercy at his hands, receiving MOKSHA as he vanquished them. His reign over his kingdom was marked by wisdom and efficacy, liberating his companions from demonic grips.

Gathered often around him were the GOPIKAS, his fervent devotees who revered him as divine. To the Pandavas, in their trials, he was a beacon of guidance, ensuring Draupathi's protection from Duchadana.

Despite his ties to the Pandavas as a kinsman and ally, he did not alter their destined hardships, rooted in past misdeeds, yet stood by them, steering them to victory over their realm.

Invocation of his name, KRISHNA KRISHNA, beckons his immediate aid to those in need, his sole expectation being our unwavering devotion.

His bond with his childhood companion Sudhama speaks volumes of his humility, uplifting Sudhama from destitution with grace and dignity.

His interactions were marked by respect and benevolence towards all, embodying kindness universally.

Countless hymns celebrate Lord Krishna, transcending linguistic boundaries.

The Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita stand as seminal texts within Hinduism.

Sree Krishna Jayanthi sees grand observances across India and abroad amongst the Indian diaspora.

Delicacies such as seedai, murukku, and thattai, crafted from pristine cow’s butter, are offered in homage before the idol of Lord Krishna.

In festive school events, children adorned as Krishna partake, embodying his likeness.

Beauty in a child often draws comparisons to ‘Bala Krishna,’ a testament to Krishna’s enchanting visage. Like the Rama Mantra, incessant chanting of Lord Krishna’s Mantra is believed to pave the way to HEAVEN.

In numerous depictions, we observe Lord Krishna enchantingly playing his flute, from which divine melodies flow.

The essence of his flute play is to imbue all of Earth's inhabitants with positive energy and serenity.

As narrated in the venerable Srimad Bhagavatham, every creature on Earth, including trees, birds, animals, insects, and humans, became captivated by his celestial tunes, forgetting their sorrows and basking in joy.

Due to Lord Krishna's benevolent influence and his flute's melodies, cows yielded abundant milk, trees bore luscious fruits and vegetables, crops flourished, and rain blessed every season.

Lord Krishna's incarnation aimed at nurturing all life on Earth and cleansing minds of negativity.

The flute played a pivotal role in alleviating suffering and purifying the thoughts of the masses during Krishna's era.

It is said that even celestial beings and esteemed sages such as Narad, Tumburu, and Bhakt Prahalad gathered in the heavens to listen to Sri Krishna's divine music.

Legend holds that Lord Krishna's flute, embodying his divine qualities, ascended in its divine form to Vaikunta with him, much like Sri Rama (Explore 1000 Lord Rama Wallpapers) who took his divine bow and arrows to Vaikunta at his departure from Earth.

As the ultimate deity, Lord Krishna represents an avatar of Lord Vishnu (Discover 500 Lord Vishnu Laptop Wallpapers).

His birth in the Dwapara Yuga was marked by countless playful misdemeanors and miraculous deeds.

Notoriously, he would pilfer butter from neighbors, rearrange their belongings, yet always maintain the guise of an innocent child.

The residents of Gokulam were fortunate to witness the divine leela of child Krishna, a reward for their righteous actions.

No matter his antics, anger never prevailed against him; his enchanting smile only drew deeper affection from all.

Effortlessly, Lord Krishna vanquished numerous demons, lightening the load on Earth, also revered as Mata Bhudevi.

In Gokulam, Krishna and Balaram charmed everyone, creating an environment where illness ( read illness and Vastu), stress, and psychological woes were unheard of.

Their divine presence ensured a joyful existence for all inhabitants.

Lord Krishna's incarnation aimed to guide humanity towards righteousness, offering profound life lessons through the Bhagavat Gita.

After completing the Mahabharata, Vyasa Bhagavan experienced a lingering discontent.

It was then that Narada Muni suggested the composition of the “BHAGAVATHAM,” focusing on Krishna's youthful lila and wonders.

Following this counsel, Vyasa's creation of the “BHAGAVATHAM” filled him with unparalleled joy and spiritual enrichment.

In Krishna's era, love and courteous conduct prevailed, sparing people from significant hardships.

Contrastingly, in our current Kali Yuga, respect is often accorded based on wealth and status (Discover wealth Vastu), overlooking moral virtues.

In light of this, let us implore the supreme deity Vishnu to grace our world with Krishna's return, ushering in an era of positivity.

Devotion to Lord Krishna brings blessings and spiritual fulfillment.




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