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Vastu Bedroom | Arranging the bed at Bedrooms and Head positions While Sleeping - SubhaVaastu.com

Vastu for Bedroom: It is nearly impossible for any construction complain with all the principles laid down in the vastu shastra science. This being the case endeavor should always be to adhere to as many principles as their convenient.

In any house, the residents spend maximum time in their bedroom at night times, so better to read some bedroom vastu tips. This being the case it is but natural to consider alignment and placement of the bedroom in as best possible manner as is practicable.

For the least but one can do is at least minimize to the extent possible adverse effects of non compliance of vastu principles.

It is best accomplished to consult a competent vastu scholar even prior to planning the construction to avoid unnecessary expenditure at later date. For one can understand Vastu principles easier than astrological calculations.

However, compliance to vastu principles is more expensive and so people avoid and succumb to the adverse effects albeit willingly.(SubhaVaastu.com) It is for this reason that one can take precautions beforehand.

This is equivalent to taking precautions in health care rather than spending in hospitalization. Knowing the residential constructions as stated above when it is near impossible to comply with all the requirements of vastu, the next best option is at least comply with the vastu principles of that part of the house in which one spent most time. This naturally is the bedroom in our home.

Northwest bedroom accessing Southeast walks, so not recommended, Southeast bedroom accessing Northwest walks so not recommended, Northeast bedroom accessing Southwest walks so not recommended, Southwest bedroom only accessing Northeast, so the first preference is Southwest masetr bedroom (MBR).

North bedroom accessing South walks, not recommended, East bedroom accessing West direction so not recommended, West bedroom accessing East direction so recommended, South bedroom accessing North direction so accepting. All these are discussing about inhabitants only, not for other members in the home. We will discuss pointwise below.

As an example we study a house of a family of 10 members, this will give adequate explanations to various situations in different families having nuclear or joint family situations. We presume that a five bedroom house would suffice for the 10 people and discuss this point only. One of the bedrooms obviously would be occupied by the head of the family or the eldest family members. This should invariably be the Southwest room.

Joint families bedrooms in a house 1. In effect there should be a bedroom in this southwest corner of the house and this shall be occupied by the eldest or the head of the family.

2. The next elder people (obviously eldest progeny) should occupy the bedroom in the South or West direction bedroom.

3. The next progeny should best occupy Northwest or Southeast bedroom.

4. The next progeny should best occupy rooms in North or East.

5. The youngest of the family namely the children should occupy the East, North bedrooms.

in case if no one occupied the Southwest bedroom, then the couple who occupied the East bedroom may face problems.

This is part of the battle only. The next point to be considered is how the bedroom is occupied. This is an important aspect often neglected. Most of the furniture that is placed in the bedroom like cots, shelves, tables etc are near-permanently fixed in the bedroom, thus attracting the principles of vaasthu (there are no moving items kept in the house which need least attention.

Bulk of the furniture is near permanent in all cases. One may change the furniture but the functions would remain unchanged). If shelves are placed in such a way that the cots cannot come in the favorable area of the room one would be further adding negative vastu effects. This often happens.

This can be avoided only from the beginning. It is for this reason that it is urged once again that please consult a vastu expert consultant even in the beginning itself.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseIn every room complying with vastu principles would greatly help in reducing the adverse effects of such vastu principles which could not be complained in construction. We shall now discuss this aspect so as to complete the study comprehensively. For ease of understanding in the bedroom two colors have been used. The "red" color is an adverse location for placement of cots and the like. The "green" area is favorable for the cots and the like.

While sleeping one should not keep head towards North direction:

In several websites, many people have confirmed that sleeping with head towards North is an adverse situation and should at all times be avoided at any cost. Scientific study also seems to have confirmed this view. Ancient wisdom coming down for generations also state the same perhaps this is not without a deep and comprehensive study. It is for this reason that we emphasize this aspect viz never sleep with head towards North. In vastu shastra south is reigned by Yama, the king of death. Ancients advised that when one gets up, he should sleep and an ennobling face and not death. Since North is reigned by Kuber, the lord of prosperity (which we all seek and Vaastu shastra is basically aim that prosperity and happy living). Vastu urges sleeping with head towards South.

One Raadha Vaidehi has sent us this notes on North sleeping:

It is to be noted that some facts while sleeping, head with the directions. It may effect on physical and mental well-being. It is further noted that placement of the head refers to the direction the top of your head points when lying down. Our elders said that we should avoid sleeping head faces towards North and West directions. Now we are discussing what the reasons behind it are. We all know that our planet has a MAGNETIC POLE stretched from North to South with the positive pole at the North and the negative pole at the South. Positive pole means automatically it has a greater attraction on many things. Health scientists tell us that we too have a similar magnetic stretch head is the positive pole and the legs are the negative poles.

It is a very common knowledge that like poles repel and unlike poles attract not only scientific but also in social spheres. When we lay our head on the North side, the two positive sides repel each other and there is a struggle continuously between the two. Since the earth has a greater magnetic force, we are always the losers when the head is towards North direction, and get up in the morning with a headache or stress or heaviness feeling.

But when one lays their head towards the Southern direction, there is mutual attraction and get up with the fit, fresh and free.

You are well aware of the fact that our planet revolves/ rounds itself from West to East, and sun's magnetic field entering into the earth from East side. This magnetic force enters our head if we lie with head on the East and exits through feet, promoting cool heads and warm feet as per the laws of magnetism and electricity. When the head is laid towards the West, cool feet, and hot head, resulting in an unpleasant start of the day/morning.

Now we may realize why the ancient people said, that our intellect improves by East facing head or house, and life lengthens with the head facing south. Head towards North sleeping brings disease and head towards West sleeping dulls the brain. They gave us a few more healing hints for healthy sleep. Never lie on one side for long. Keep changing.

Getting benefits if one has sleep head towards East direction is totally auspicious. Always make sure you put your head in the East direction as much as possible. Please note that your body placement in the room, the entire body has to be as much far as from East direction and near to West direction.

Take very light food at night times and add honey to milk and have at night before sleeping, luke warm milk is safe. Avoid reading serious or sensual literature, it always reflect nerves. Repeat a few mantras to relax your mind before you sleep. Keeping head towards South direction and feet pointing towards North direction is the ideal sleeping positon.

Head facing towards North not good. Never sleep with the top of your head pointing to the North and feet pointing to the South direction, it may bring terrible dreams and disturbed sleep. One may feel miserable, frustration, irritability and emotional instability will develop. It may suck positive vibrations, you may lose half of the willpower, soul power will not increase. Physical and mental health may suffer. Doctors also confirmed that keeping head towards North damages health. What is the reason why we should not sleep keeping head towards North, everybody almost knows that magnetic fields covered towards North direction, if we keep head towards North. This the reason we should not keep our head towards North.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseNorth facing bed, here the head is towards North direction, its wrong sleeping position. Please read the article on North facing head while sleeping at almost top of this page. Is there any problem in keeping head towards South West direction? - We should not keep our head towards Southwest direction. South is very good to keep the head. If the property is coming with 90° then we can find out the East, West, North and South directions, if the property is 35°/45° or 115°/135°, 225° or 315° at that time what we have to do.

Where should we keep your head while sleeping as per vastu:

Sleeping odd/skewed shape in the bedroom and keeping the bed in odd shape is not at all good and it is not suggested by vastu consultants.

Only at this time find out the exact North point and keep the legs towards North point and the head automatically comes towards South.

Further, if the property is not aligned, only at that time our head may come towards either South-Southwest direction or West Southwest direction.

There is no any option except to keep the head towards Southwest, in such scenario, our legs will be towards Northeast.

Let us discuss further on this subject. If the master bedroom directions like this way. Corners are East, South, West, and North then the sub-directions automatically like Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest.

At this moment, where we have to keep our head?.

Keeping our head towards Southeast is not recommended. Keeping our head towards Northwest is also not recommended.

Keeping our head towards Southwest is the only one which is the utmost final option.

Keeping head towards Southwest direction is the only one which is possible in this kind of skewed rooms.

If there is any other option to make the bed tilted, then one can easily keep their head towards South, but it seems to be ugly and we are also not recommended of such inclination bed positions.

We seen one bedroom in Bangalore city, the resident kept the bed skewed, it means, his head came towards exactly South direction and legs came into North direction. His room has Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Northwest walls. Later he changed the bed cot, because of some troubles which he never wishes to experience.

Please note that all residents require sound sleep only. If the bed is arranged as per vastu principles then residents will get sound sleep. Sleeping towards favorable directions always makes residents have good sleep.

All the effects may not be noticed within a day or two, it may have resulted when continuity of sleeping in a particular direction.

Pranams to Rushis (sages) who delivered these facts to the society without any expectations. They discovered many things, out of them this is also a piece of notable information for a happy living.

Keeping head towards North direction is not at all good. Most of the doctors/scientists never accept to keep head towards North. Please read the top paras, why north direction is not good to keep our head.

However, in the case of East and West, the situation is slightly different. East is reigned by Indra (the king at heaven), So somebody explained that we should not keep our feet towards East direction.

But in our researches, nothing bad happened when residents kept legs towards East direction.

After all, we finalized that, we should not keep our head towards North direction, 2nd worst place is Southeast and 3rd worst position is Norffiwest direction.

If there is no option then we can keep head towards Northeast.

Please make ensure that the head is more towards East direction only, for example, one home is 65° or 75°, then we can keep the head towards Northeast and legs towards Southwest (245° or 255°).

In case the house is skewed like 25° or 35° then keeping our head towards Northeast is not recommended, because this may be very near to North direction.

The best direction to keep our head as per vastu is South direction.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseObserve the bedroom maintenance here. Cleaning and well-organized way of maintaining the bedrooms are too important to expect vastu results in the foresee time. Hope you heard about one hint if the house is kept too quality maintenance and utmost quality then you may suppose to receive results within the time. Observe a mirror was fixed next to the bed. Some couple likes this system, let them enjoy. But don't go fix the mirrors towards Southwest, South and West directions.

Now we are discussing about Single and Double cot :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseThis is the double bed and using the couple. One double bed sharing by the couple in the house. This cot is towards Southwest, there is the good pitch of East and North for this bed. Please note that this image is only for your kind understand the purpose, the husband has to occupy the West direction or he has to sleep towards West direction and wife has to occupy the East direction or she has to sleep at East direction.

Observe the single beds in a bedroom :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseA model of two beds in a room, it's not double bedroom, single beds, not good for the couple, it may be used by students or brothers or sisters in a house or hostel or hotel etc.

Couple using the single beds at their bedrooms :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseLife is more beautiful, wife and husband should sleep only in one cot bed. Double cot is good for family life. Single beds are not advisable at couple bedroom or master bedroom.

How to solve this issue: If both cots were used with as attached then no issues. We are also strictly waiting from the people who are using the two single cots and the double cot, we have taken almost 65 reviews on this issue. Only less percentage of people told me that they are using two single cots and getting some disturbances in family life. On the same way, the residents who are also using the double cot said that some disturbances. We want to visit many houses, but almost all are very far from our place like from Indore, Assam, USA, Indonesia, Australia, Chennai, Jaipur, Thiruvananthapuram etc. In this case, we found some simple technique.

If you are using the two single cot beds, and no way to change these two single cots then try to buy the single double bed, then it solves this issue and uses only the double bedspread, don't use the single two bedspreads, hope you may understand this simple logic.

Some may have two single cots and two single beds, some residents may not have money to buy things, for them use the double bed spread, this may also solve the issue. In this case we do not guarantee for the best results.

If you came to taste any good results then please inform us with your ideas which you followed in your house, your idea may useful for the people in the society. Serving human beings is nothing but serving to God.

Some model beds, we collected these photos at Oman Country in the month of June, 2012.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseAnother model bedroom, this is double cot bed, but a smaller one. This cot is from one furniture shop at Oman country.

Another model:

Joint families bedrooms in a houseThis is another model and double cot bed . This cot is from one furniture shoppe at Muscat city, Oman country.

Using furniture at bedrooms :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseMany visitors are asking that using the sitting furniture is good or bad at bedroom, no problem, you may have it, but don't allow others excluding your family members to bedroom or on this furniture. What is the reason, you know it after using for some days.

Using garden Zula or home Zoola chairs at bedrooms :

Joola chairUsing Jhula/Jula chairs are allowed at bedrooms, but it requires lots of space, if the bedroom is wide, then using the Jhula chair is not a problem. Keep it at South or West directions, if not possible to keep it at these places, then keep it at Northwest or Southeast directions. If there is something items occupied at Southeast then you may keep hang this Jhula chair at East. If there is something occupied at Northwest then you may use Jhula chair at North also. Keeping it at Northeast is not recommended.

Using cloth or rexine work sofa sets or Sofa's at bedroom :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseNo issues for using furniture at bedrooms. This is only for your information and a model.

Using computer at bedroom :

Bed room is the place where the body takes rest, the climate should be peace and calm, if you are using your computer only once in a day to check your emails and time span may be below 10 or 15 minutes then keep it at your bedroom, otherwise it may be avoided to keep the computer at your bedroom, it disturbs lot to you and your family members, if you are doing typing, sounds may disturb your wife and children. If you are master in typing and type in high speed then one day your wife may through your keyboard into the dustbin, be careful and lock your system with one keychain. Don't use the electronics at the bedroom.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseKeeping the computer table is not wrong at bedrooms, but electronic appliances may not be used at bedrooms, because it may disturb you.

Usage of the TV at bedrooms :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseUsing of TV is prohibited at Bedrooms, it may disturb you sleep, one may lose their sleep at bedrooms, if you feel it compulsory then hang is towards North facing wall.

Bedrooms sofa sets sets or furniture :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseThis is the furniture model and using of the furniture at bedroom. You may place the furniture at your bedrooms, but it should be used by your family members, not others.

Can we use the wood flooring or wood tiles at bedroom:

Joint families bedrooms in a houseDefinitely, you may use the wood flooring for your dream bedroom. It multiplies our confidence when we use the home shoes or home chappals or home foot ware. Please note that when you planned for wooden floor, then don't forget about South and West parts of the room, these two directions should also cover with wood floor. Care should be taken regarding fire. If you know any body in USA, ask them about fire and termites, they get fear by hearing of these two in the home. Most of their constructions were be with wood. Regarding wooden flooring, the look and feel is fantastic.

Don't use the box type cots, air has to flow under the cot, that is better than the box type beds. If air flow chance is there under the bed, then its OK. More open more good results. Have you any time seen our elders beds at villages, the legs are very very high almost 4 feet and from then the cot floor starts after then only spreading the bed on it, finally it comes to an height of 4 feet or 4'.6" inches etc.

See the mirror at this image.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseYou may use these type of mirrors in your bedroom, but please note that in which place you are planning to arrange this mirror, if the mirror is too weight with wood racks then you may place towards North to Northwest parts based on the situations of your home surroundings, if there is no weight with the mirror then you may use it towards North, Northeast, East. In this present image, the mirror is having heavy wood racks and this mirror is not 6 feet height, so you may use it towards Northwest or Southeast sides. Anyway it has to be clarified after getting one expert advise and place the mirror.

Using the full mirrors at bedrooms :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseCheck this taller mirror, it is good to have at North, Northeast or East portions. There is no wood racks with this mirror, it is affixed to the wall only, no heavy weight with this mirror. So better to use towards Northeast parts of your bedroom. Now in this mirror we can see the bed and one reading light reflection.

Can we use the curtains in bedrooms :

Yes definitely you may use curtains in your bedroom windows, see these below images for your more information.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseHere you may observe the curtains to one window. Looks good and attractive.

3 hanging curtains at bedrooms :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseGenerally curtains means there is only one curtain hanging rod, but here it has total 3 hanging rods, what is the use of it. Please check the below image.

Side view of 3 hanger curtain :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseFrom this 3 rods you may use the transparent curtain, light weight curtain and thick cloth curtain. This is useful and many residents are now using it to their homes. This is very general thing is western countries, even in five star hotels also we may observe this type of curtains.

Full view of 3 curtains :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseNow it here we are showing total 3 parts of the curtains, here you may observe the 3 parts of the cloth using for this curtain. Hope this system may be giving you more comfort at your bedrooms, full thick cloth provides you total privacy and the light weight or transparent cloth provides you from sun light.

Side view of 3 curtains :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseObserving the curtain from another angle. Latest designs and styles have came into market, you may select which one is good for your taste and facility then select that one. Generally light colors are good at bedrooms. Thick cloth color may be according to your bedroom color, so good combination of colors setting over at your own heaven place.

Single curtains using at Southwest bedrooms :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseThis is a single curtain, you may use it for your South or Southeast windows at Southwest bedrooms. Small windows are good for your southwest bedrooms.

Full view of arch with different styles of curtains and hangings :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseThis is the full width curtains and good hangings to the arch, this arch may be leads to the main inside entrance to the house or it may be towards Bedroom. One client set up this system for his grand bedroom at second floor. This is the entrance of his personal bedroom. This picture is not showing his taste and quality. Anyway we updated the photo for your information purpose. Clean, colors, rich and good maintenance brings positive powers to the family.

Using refrigerator or fridge at bedrooms :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseCan we use the mini fridge at bedroom, yes you may use it, but its better to place towards South or Southeast. Some are using this mini refrigerator for drinks purpose, using small quantity is not danger, but I am not recommending you to have the drinks at your home, its bad nature and it impresses badly on your children. If your children are using your bedroom, then hide your alcohol bottles. It is not good to visual openly.

Mirror opposite to Bed Is Good Or Bad:

We seen in many foreign countries that in some bedrooms they are using a bigger mirror opposite to their bed or some where else in the bedroom, no complaints on this bigger mirror. We are not proposing for mirrors, but we did not heard any complaints on live size mirrors in bedrooms, no one complained till today. As some expressed in the internet and some science authors and psychological experts says that "Good sensual relations" also maintained with this mirrors. We are collecting more information on this mirrors at bedrooms, if you found any bad results with this mirrors in bedroom let us know your experiences. We published one image on this mirror at top, please check once. Any way don't keep mirror towards South wall and West walls. We are not at all recommending mirrors towards southwest areas.

Vastu Bedroom TipsNow we are little bit coming into right positions. Here bed reaches towards southwest corner, which is very suitable position as per vastu. The head is towards south side, good..But we have some more good position than this. Read the below articles.

Vastu TipsHere the bed is towards Southwest corner, this is said to be good position, but head is towards West direction, recent researches explains that nothing bad happens while keeping head towards West direction while we sleep on bed. Some vastu people stated that keeping head towards West direction is not good. Many has their own opinions, we respect their ideas, but in our experiments we found nothing bad was happens when people kept their heads towards West direction.

Best vastu tips regarding bed positionThis is the very best sleeping position as per vastu. Keep on sleeping like this way. From this position you will get more benefits from East, North, Northeast corners, as we are giving more spaces at these positions. Here please observe towards South and West sides we given less space than East and North sides. This sleeping position is the top most preferable and priority sleeping position.

Suitable Vaastu tips for bed positionThis is also a very good position, this position suits for students, employees, politicians etc at this place also South and West sides are less space and North and East directions have more space. very good sleeping position. This position is very good for the residents.

Arranging the furniture at Bedroom :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseOnly some residents have such facility to arrange the furniture at their bedrooms. The bed has to come towards Southwest and the furniture has to come towards South or Southeast corners. The residents or owner of this bedroom may occupy the Southwest of this furniture, facing towards East or North. If there is more open space towards North then the owner may sits facing towards North, i.e., he may sits at South corner of the sofa here.

Don't allow outer into your bedroom, its not good tradition.

Care has to taken on bed bugs.

Now observe the furniture towards Northwest :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseThe furniture shown here he, towards Northwest direction and the bed is towards Southwest direction. More open space towards East for both bed and furniture. If one house is having North to South measurement is more than East to West then this facility of setting facilitates to inhabitants.

If outer enters and sits in the bedroom, your family ladies may suffer lot. So understand their pains and don't allow others into your bedroom. But remember your close friends and close relatives are 100% allowed into bedrooms and they may sit here.

Using the wash basin in bedrooms :

I visited one house is New Delhi, the resident is trying to install one wash basin in his bedroom, attached toilet is having one wash basin, but he requires another wash basin at his bedroom, I said that don't fit the wash basin at Bedroom.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseWash basin, we are using it for face wash and cleaning the mouth and the like, so it is not good to install in the bedroom, the vibrations may disturbs your life partner. So don't use the wash basin. If you particularly requires wash basin, then use it at your toilet or construct one personal room with wash basin.

If you feels that wash basin is compulsory at your bedroom, then place is towards North or East. Please note that again we are telling you that wash basin is not good in bedrooms.

Joint families bedrooms in a houseWe would like to publish some positive power bedrooms, what is positive power at bedroom, once plan for good lighting, maintenance, putty painting, decoration, appearance, furniture, mattress, Plaster of Paris (POP), color combination, ventilation etc are the positive powers. When you visiting foreign countries, most of their bedrooms are full of such above positive things. Here with we are publishing some good nature of bedrooms, please check them.

This is a hotel bedroom suit. Its a sofa set in the suit room. Please observe the walls, furniture, lighting, photo frame etc, more good looking means more good results.

Some another bedroom you may like :

Joint families bedrooms in a houseCheck the lighting of this bedroom, this is also one of the good lighting bedroom, look and feel is different when we enter into this property. Viewing the photos is purely different when compare with physical attendance.

Sleeping under beam is not at all suggested. Some times big beam exactly above the head or above the bed may also observed in some homes, which may cause many problems. If the beam is inevitable and you may not do any corrections then start POP of that room, (plaster of Paris), then the problem will solve, if you are renting in that home, do like this way to fix card board to the room top, this may also help to solve this problem temporarily. If using the card board is also not possible then you may prefer to go for cloth, in this course one has to do the simple step is cover the entire top position with cloth then beam cannot visible and its negative power may spreaded to the entire walls.

Most of the families kids slept with couple. At this moment some body may raise the question that where children has to sleep with parents. If kids age is smaller, then they may has place to sleep in the parents bedroom. If they cross 8 years, its good to have a separate room for them.

The system of sleeping kids is good in center of both mom and dad, so parents both will protecting them and children feel security in their life. Please note that kids should feel security at that age. If they did not get of such qualities from parents, then their entire future life will be misery.

When your kids are in the room, make the atmosphere more pleasant and happy. Should not quarrel before the kids, its most dangerous for the kids future, knowledge and improvement. Upto 10 years children will have very good internal storage of the events in the home and with parents. If they got negative impacts their future may also has such impressions with like features. If there is differences in between parents, don't exhibit before kids, when kids are with you at bedroom, make them more happy and show them how you are living with affection.

If it's not possible to show love and affectionate before your kids then atleast do act before them. Their carrier is too important for the parents. Kids may sleep in center of the parents, or otherwise, father has to occupy the South, then mother and then kids and then protecting bolster. Second is father has to be taken West direction and mother and kids and then protecting bolster. Finally kids towards South or West then mother and thereafter father has to take placement for sleep.

Some reference came regarding principles of vastu applicable when one sleeps with a mosquito net as covered.

Vastu is concerned with the positioning of fixed assets, like doors, walls, windows, trees and not with movable things like the mosquito net, blankets etc. Covering oneself with a blanket while sleeping is also included in this category.

However, position of sleeping vis-a-vis directions is important and not what you sleep with. Similarly, there may be questions regarding where to sit and sit in which direction while taking food or reading books etc. Any position convenient to you is acceptable for shorter periods, Vastu does not rob you of simple pleasures of life. It is aimed at enhancing your’s level of happiness.

Sleeping Inside Bedroom Which Is Opposite To The Bedroom Door Is Good?

Bedroom Cot Opposite To Bedroom Door Is Considered To Be Good Or Bad?, Yes, one can happily sleep like in this position, only thing is that we should observe what is there opposite to our legs. For example, if there is a pooja room opposite to the bedroom door then we need to check it with one expert then only take the decision whether this position is good or bad.

Another Version on Is It Acceptable If Placing Our Head In South & Legs Towards North And In Front Of The Bedroom's Door?

Actually the legs towards bedroom door may not be bad, but nowadays the rooms are too tiny and we don't have much space to manage everything in the home according to home vastu and convenience. The most important thing in the present days is convenience and thereafter following vastu principles. By seeing many homes, flats we came to this decision, otherwise, our first vote will be only on Vastu and the secondary vote will be on convenience.

As much as possible try not to keep legs towards the bedroom door. If there is no choice then try to don't keep any God's photos or pooja room in front of the bedroom entrance.

Sleeping Head Towards Northwest Is Good Or Bad

Keeping our head towards Northwest means it might be the Skewed plot or inclined property or otherwise the house may be constructed as per the taste of residents with such style.

Generally keeping our head towards Northwest is not a good idea. If possible check the below links to change the bed accordingly, if there is no option to change/move the bed, then keep one heavy reading table at Southwest and maximum try to keep drinking water in a very small pot or a bowl place at Northeast.

Is Wall Mounted Folding Bed Is Ok as Per Vastu Rules?

Smt. Nilima Ji, we never come across any negative impacts reviews with wall mounted folding beds. We found such wall mounted folding beds, but they never express any evil effects of wall mounted folding beds. Anyway, try to arrange the wall mounting beds towards either South or West walls only. Don't keep wall-mounted folding beds at the North wall in the bedroom.

+4 #18 Sleeping directions - head towards southwestKalpesh chawda 2018-05-05 20:39
Not all bedrooms or buildings are strictly vastu compliant. I’m sleeping with head towards southwest, can someone advice if it is good bad or what changes to be done. The other option available is northeast, northwest and southeast.
+3 #17 vastu for north east facing homeKEVIN PETER 2017-09-06 17:35
Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is kevin peter ,i want know about vastu for my house, it is north east facing we sleep in north east facing room keeping head towards east legs to west is it ok,my children sleep in east south head towards south leg to north is ok. we have two doors for north said main entrance from hall and one door at north east said,kindly request you to advise us. with Regards kevin peter
+9 #16 Vastu for badroom in north sidePradosh 2017-05-29 12:51
Kindly advise me what precution i can take if our bad room which we are constructing in north side as we dont hve any option but we hve one small bad room in southwest corner.
+2 #15 head of bedroom towards 36degree northeastchakshu sharma 2017-05-08 06:12
Hi, In our construction two of the bedrooms are facing the head(Pillow side) towards northeast. Please guide will that be ok. or we have to change the situation.
+1 #14 remedy for south facing bedNeha Kurani 2017-03-28 04:15

We are a young couple considering buying a particular home. The entrance faces northeast and the master bedroom is on the top floor in the northwest quarters of the home. The only place to position the bed is on northeast wall, with feet facing southwest. What are some remedies we could put into place?

If you could please advise at your earliest convenience, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,
+1 #13 hall and masterbedroomsandeep kudturkar 2016-12-24 04:05
Is it possible For a plot of 40*15 east facing. With hall and master bedroom on ground floor and kitchen on 1st floor above hall and bedroom above master bedroom .. And Solution for NW projection.. And underground tank at entrance in east ( not square or rectangle bit projected..
+6 #12 Vastu For Master Bedroom and CommodeNehal 2016-10-27 01:24
Sir, I use master bedroom, and have attached bathroom. In that, commode is facing south. And I want to keep my almirah just opposite to commode, facing North. Is that ok? And to sleep, head is on east.
+2 #11 re : reviews on bed roomNaresh Mohan 2016-08-20 06:24
Sir, your details and explanations on bed room vastu was excellent, one should easly understand, you have explained to people in these modern days in a nice way with a scientific approach.

All this information should know each and every individual. We appreciate you work and contribution to India and its people on Vastu
+7 #10 seating positionVidyadhar 2016-02-26 16:16
A old building with west side main entrance door is alloted to my office. I am the in charge of this office (Stores keeping bulk no of technical items . for distribution for a Govt organisation) It is kindly advice the seating positions .
+2 #9 MrsSunita 2016-02-09 08:44
My bed can only be placed so that my feet face east and head west. What can I do to minimise bad vibes
+15 #8 right sleeping directionpriyanka 2015-05-08 10:27
Our bed's head is on west direction but our head is on east direction while sleeping...is it right direction for couple to sleep..??
-4 #7 girl bed room entrance doorSantosh Gupta 2015-03-05 15:53
Our daughters bedroom is at northwest of our house. Can we keep her bedroom entrance at south east(SE)corner on east wall of her bedroom?
+2 #6 cot placementM.RAGAVAN 2015-02-03 11:31
In my house bedroom is in south west part of house. But in south west of bedroom corner we have a fixed wooden almirah with a mirror on one of the doors. Where do i place the cot . Presently we sleep on the cot with head facing east and leg facing west. please advice.
+1 #5 south west roommalathy 2015-01-23 18:07
i have south west room at ground floor and first fllor, can i let my small daughter to use the first floor south west room and i use the ground floor south west bcoz her north side room is very small for her.
+4 #4 BedroomMonal 2014-12-31 15:08
my entrance of the house going inside is 311˚NW and coming outside is 147˚SE and so is my master bedroom direction. So what should my headboard/head face. Again in southwest direction is our master bath
+3 #3 query on sleeping position on master bed roommail4anil 2014-12-29 18:00
can we sleep under the loft on south - west wall fron south to north position(head is towards south) head or East to west (head is towards East) position in master bedroom?
+6 #2 Bed DirectionMonal 2014-12-22 14:52
my entrance of the house going inside is 311˚NW and coming outside is 147˚SE and so is my master bedroom direction. So what should my headboard/head face. Again in southwest direction is our master bath
+9 #1 mrssapna 2014-04-20 12:50
How to place cot if the room directions for south and west are corners? Is south west better or south east for placements?
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